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Hi friends, This is reddycreations, the place where my creativity is brought to life. I have been dreaming ever since my childhood. The April of 2015 was a huge turn in my life as I decided to let you all into my world. Since then, I have experienced much and learned much. I am here to entertain you all in the form of my works. The below works are my pride and my everything. Hope you enjoy them.

Rigel :

Table of contents

Synopsis :

Our lives depend on our dreams. We live for them, we depend on them and when they shatter, they shatter our spirits. Love is a dream and the most important of all. When it shatters, it shatters more than just our spirit. It shatters our souls.

Born a slave, Rigel still dared to dream of love. Stripped of his rights, he lost his love to the fate and then he lost himself avenging her. Thrown into a hellhole, he once again meets his inner demons as he is pitted against the worst of the society.

Dark emotions riddled his heart and violent thoughts plagued his mind. Follow Rigel as he conquers them all in his life’s journey where he tries to regain everything he ever lost.

Tags – Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Xianxia, mature and martial arts.

Update frequency – 4 chapters/ month

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Riddick/ Against the Heavens :

Table of contents

Synopsis :

In a world where magic and magical beasts are omnipresent, the nature’s law of strong preying over the weak is followed everywhere. Controlled by Immortals who transcended the limits of mortality, this world has mages and warriors as its elites, all with the same goal of becoming an immortal. In the vast universe, this world is an unremarkable one with no treasures but countless dangers where mortals are seen as nothing but cannon fodder for the strong.

Riddick was born in this world as a son of a mere mortal. Join him in his journey as he paves a path to the epitome of immortality. He starts his journey with a small dream but will soon realise his destiny as the fate shows its cruelty.

Tags – Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Xianxia, mature and martial arts.

Update frequency – 8 chapters/ month

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New Readers :

New to this site, why are you still waiting? Jump right away to any one of the above works. Riddick is my first work and thus isn’t quite good in the beginning. However, if you can read past the book 1, then you will enjoy it a LOT.

Rigel is my best work till date. Check it out immediately and then tell me, you aren’t interested.

Rigel – Prologue


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