Book 1 – Chapter 23 Gates Elsevier

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          The man spoke tremblingly   ‘ Sir Gates Elsevier was executed by his highness Gazel, the second prince of Great Rock Tribe. His highness later ssued an order to assassinate all members of Elsevier family ‘

          Hearing this I felt numb to the core while I faintly heard my mother’s loud wailing followed by my sister’s. Looking back I noticed my father who fell to his knees, I was instantly engulfed by memories of my brother.

     My brother Gates was a man of great values and he never lowered himself to insult even a servant. He always lovingly talked to me even when we were still in Reinfield territory, I still remember his great accomplishments in the war of Great Alliance. When I proposed to flee the Great alliance, he believed in me and supported me. How can he die just like that, this year he should only be 22 years old. At the prime of his youth he had enough experience to work as an emissary, why did he die. No this man said that he was executed on the order of the second prince. Why?

I growled in a menacing tone ‘ Why? ‘

The man sincerely said ‘ My lord, I have no idea regarding this matter. Please believe me ‘

    I was enraged at this answer but thinking calmly I knew that this man is my most important source of information so I can’t kill him for now.

I asked Void inwardly ‘ Void, How can I  extract all information this man possess without a single lie ‘

Void answered ‘ This man is a professional assassin so it is virtually impossible to obtain all information without a single flaw. They are bred and brought up in this manner, they have no families and weaknesses to take advantage of.

             So it is impossible to obtain it normally but we can obtain it in a different way ‘

I immediately asked ‘ How can I obtain it Void? ‘

Void answered ‘ Ask Sylvie to make him a poison addict ‘

‘ What is a poison addict? ‘

‘ Female God beast snakes are a very special race which posses illusory powers, they can make a male of lower strength an addict to their hormones which upon entering their bodies give them an illusion that they are madly in love with the godbeast. They will obey them till their death.

       Many Godbeasts and divine disciples possess ways to make a slave out of someone, this is one of them ‘

         After listening to everything Void said I immediately ordered Sylvie ‘ Make him a  poison addict ‘

  Sylvie hesitated for a moment and then bit him again, this time the change was monstrous. The person initially started getting spasms as well as vomiting uncontrollably. Void explained ‘ This will take a while ‘

             After watching this for a while I looked at the surroundings and saw many people who were watching the scene with astonished faces. I loudly ordered

‘ Everyone get out of here. All information known to you will stay with you, any leakages will lead to me, executing all of you. For the next few days the walls of the Sirius tribe will be closed with no contact to any territory. Not even a rat will escape this town nor a bird will enter it. All delegates who have come to attend the ceremony will stay here till the issue is resolved. Do you understand? ‘

       The people were stunned at this command of mine but the people with most fearful expressions on their faces were delegates because they could always be killed to prevent leakage of information.

     After digesting the order they slowly left the garden leaving only  me and my family. A hour later the process was completed and the man woke up with a dazed expression. Now I growled again ‘ Tell me everything you know regarding my brother ‘

      The man bowed and answered ‘ My lord according to the information collected by my organisation Gates Elsevier came to the capital of Great Rock tribe about a year and half ago. For the first one year Lord Gates was entirely concentrated on his work. He became friends with the officials of the court and other delegates very quickly thus earning a good name for the Elsevier family.

       About half a year ago he met a girl named Elle, she was a commoner whose father was a merchant. Their family was not too rich but could be considered average in the imperial capital. Their meeting was coincident when he came to visit their store on the request of her father.

            Apparently he fell in love with her and frequently visited the store for her. Her father was not opposed to their relationship but the lady herself was reluctant at first but after a few months of wooing he finally managed to get her approval. To prove that he was serious about this matter he even announced their engagement to the public.

       All was well and the plan was to return to the Sirius tribe to explain the situation to his family and attend his brother’s Coming of age ceremony. A party was conducted in the imperial palace about a month ago to commemorate the established of the tribe. Lord Gates along with madam Elle attended this party because he wanted to tell the minister of foreign affairs that he will be leaving and won’t return for a while because of his marriage.

             His highness Gazel Rock was attending the party as well, he was intoxicated by madam Elle and ordered his servants to find out about her. He was mad with fury that a mere emissary was engaged to her and ordered to capture them on their way back.

           The carriage of lord Gates was seized and he was captured along with madam Elle. His highness Gazel Rock gave an ultimatum to Gates Elsevier ‘ Forget about her and I will spare you ‘

      Lord Gates rejected his highnesses offer and asked him to release both of them because she was already engaged to him and can be consider his half wife. His highness in his rage took madam Elle forcibly in front of lord Gates and ordered an infinite imprisonment on lord Gates.

      A few days ago a news reached his highness that madam Elle was pregnant, which totally made him lose himself to anger because the report determined that madam Elle was in her third month of pregnancy, meaning the child belonged to lord Gates.

           In his anger he ordered an assassination on all members of Elsevier bloodline and went to kill lord Gates himself. Our organisation sent me as I am best in long range assassination because of my wind magic ‘

             I listened quietly to everything the man said and was thinking quietly.  Void interrupted my thoughts by saying ‘ Everything this person spoke is true but it is only what he considers as truth. It is not necessarily correct that your brother is already executed after all this incident happened only a few days ago ‘

         I asked Void inwardly ‘ What should I do now ‘

Void answered ‘ Your tribe’s strength is currently very low so you can’t use them for a frontal attack. We have to do everything by ourselves ‘

   I thought ‘ Father is powerful but he definitely can’t save the entire family by himself what if they attack when I am not around ‘

          ‘ Don’t worry about people attacking your family. The eagle ‘ Sebastian ‘ will protect them so concentrate on the task at hand. Though your power increased quite a lot in these past two years don’t forget that you have only recently reached seventh rank as a mage so even with mine and Sylvie’s help you can’t face an army by yourself ‘

               ‘ Very well, I will take care of this matter by myself ‘ Turning towards my grieving family I announced loudly so everyone including branch members could hear.

      ‘ Everyone please refrain from going anywhere outside the Rexes town until I say otherwise. This manor is the safest place for now so when you find yourselves in any danger immediately rush towards the manor ‘

       Turning towards the eagle I ordered ‘ Sebastian protect my family at any cost ‘

     The eagle rose and instantly changed its form to become a middle aged man with sharp eyes and answered ‘ As you wish, my lord ‘

          Sebastian later turned into his eagle form and quietly sat again. Turning towards my father I said ‘ Father I will go to check on what happened to big bro Gates and will do whatever necessary when I find the actual truth from the person responsible.
        Please don’t worry about  me, I can take care of myself and will return as soon as possible ‘

          My father reluctantly agreed to my plan. After bidding farewell to my family I went next to the person captured by Sylvie and asked ‘ What is the name if your organisation and where is your headquarters ‘

    ‘ Our organisation is named Maria and our headquarters is in capital of Great Rock tribe ‘ he answered in a monotone.

    I see, this person can no longer be killed as he is very valuable for my future operations. I immediately transported him to my bracelet and thought

‘ Time to go to imperial capital of Great Rock tribe ‘


Book 1 – Chapter 22 Coming Of Age Ceremony

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              It was the day of coming of age ceremony. That day the city of Rexes was decorated grandly to welcome the guests, all markets were shut down and people were enjoying the holiday declared by the lord. Many delegates from different tribes near the area of Sirius mountain came to attend the ceremony.

              The carriages were parked in the extensive grounds of the lord’s manor. The guests were slowly entering the garden for attending the ceremony after being warmly welcomed by James. After entering the gardens they were instantly startled to find an enormous eagle quietly sitting in a corner.

       The excitement of the guests was instantly boosted and they were now discussing non stop regarding whether the immortal expert who resides on the Sirius mountain will make her appearance or not.

An Elder’s  POV :

            My name is lagos moss. I am the current clan leader of moss clan, our clan is among the three great clans of Sirius tribe. In just three years our position in the Sirius tribe changed dramatically. We, the three clans actually held more power than the ruling clan three years ago but everything changed after Elsevier clan came into power.

            I was already extremely dissatisfied that someone who did not even belong to the tribe came to power but I did not dare voice my opinion because I personally witnessed the power of the immortal backing them. No matter how powerful I was what could a mere mortal like me do against an immortal.

              At first it was just them becoming lords but soon they introduced the elder system completely sealing off the illegal dealings in their territory and now they have started controlling the markets preventing anyone to reap enormous profits.

        At first we tried to oppose them but Thenadier simply killed the opposing leader of merchant union thus declaring that he wouldn’t take an opposition in a kind manner. The town developed enormously this past two years almost to an extent where it can now be called a city.

          Today all delegates of surrounding tribes have arrived for two reasons first is concerning the immortal guardian of the Sirius tribe and secondly to get close to  Thenadier because they recognised his skills as a ruler.

       Everyone along with the Elsevier family were patiently waiting for the arrival of lord Riddick when suddenly a villager cried out ‘ What is that? ‘  . lifting my head I saw a fire ball falling from the skies, leaving everything behind I started running along with many others who were frightened  by the incoming fire attack.

          Standing near the boundary I looked up and suddenly realised that the attack should have landed long before I managed to escape but why is it still slowly descending. Finally I realised just like many others that the fireball was not an attack but was something which was being controlled by an expert.

       Soon the fireball landed in the centre of garden and instantly exhausted itself revealing an extremely handsome boy about 185 cm tall with a strong yet slender build carrying a whip which was bound around his waist as well as a red sword on his back. The boy was clad in lightning sparks which occasionally will emit a small current and his eyes were like a predator quietly scanning the people assembled here.

         Although the appearance of the boy shocked them very much there was another thing that made their knees weak with fear. An extremely beautiful snake about two metres long was floating around the boy and would occasionally glance at the audience making a low hissing sound. The snakes themselves are frightening magical beasts but seeing that the snake was floating in the sky even a child with some knowledge understood that the snake has reached the immortal stage.

       After glancing at the crowd Riddick left the garden and walked towards his family. Seeing his family standing there he smiled broadly, upon reaching his father he immediately touched his fathers feet showing his utmost respect and veneration he held towards his father.
      Everyone present were quietly watching the scene in front of them without making a single sound. Thenadier hugged his son with moist eyes. After which Riddick hugged his mother and brother also he patted his sister who resisted by pouting ‘ I am no longer a child so stop patting me big brother ‘

            After the greetings were finished the ceremony immediately started because Thenadier didn’t want people to wait for too long. Some of the crowd let out dissatisfied sighs because Thenadier announced that the guardian immortal of Sirius tribe will not be attending the ceremony after asking his son.

       The actual ceremony was simple, it didn’t actually even need five minutes time. It was simply officially giving the  individual the right to use the clan’s name in his words. The real event comes after the ceremony, here the individual is bestowed with gifts as well as power.

      The coming of age ceremony is an event which declares that a person is now an adult and everything he does can be blamed at the clan he belongs to. Contrarily the person is given rights after the coming of age ceremony, a person given the position of clan leader will be the next clan leader after the present clan leader gives up his position thus his words will be directly taken as the clan’s words.

       Thenadier after completing the ceremony gifted his son a rectangular gold plate containing the symbol of Elsevier clan  ‘ Osthamus tree ‘. He later started announcing to the crowd in a loud voice

‘ My son Riddick has always been selfless and made me proud at every movement in his life. I always think that I never did anything for him so today after asking my other sons. I, Thenadier in my position of the clan leader am declaring that Riddick will be the next clan leader of Elsevier clan also I am bestowing upon him the right to choose the next ruler of Sirius tribe ‘

     All people in the gallery stood still for a movement before a loud whispering could be heard everywhere because it was unheard that a third son will receive that position but what was too shocking was that the eldest son actually agreed to this decision.

       While this discussion was going on Riddick stared at his brother and then said to his father ‘ Father I am really thankful that you that you thought me worthy for this position but I can’t really accept this. This is too much, everything should belong to big brother James I can’t accept it. Besides I have no interest in ruling I just want to train peacefully ‘

      Thenadier hearing his son’s words smiled and said ‘ Riddick this idea was proposed by James himself so you don’t have to feel bad about it. Even if you have no interest in ruling over a territory maybe your children can rule in your stead so please accept your fathers words ‘

     Riddick wanted to retort again but suddenly he felt a killing intent emanating from the crowd which was directed towards his father. He immediately brought his whip out just in time to block an arrow that was enhanced by wind magic. The whip was like a snake which immediately twisted around in the  wind simultaneously blocking another two arrows directed towards his brother and his mother.

      A figure wrapped in dark cloak instantly flew out from the crowd seeing that the his assassination attempt failed. Seeing him escaping I immediately growled ‘ Sylvie ‘. Sylvie moved like a lightning and was instantly in front of him. The man tried to attack her with a dagger but Sylvie instantly expanded to about 10 m length coiling around him and bit him.

       I immediately transmitted to Sylvie ‘ Don’t kill him yet ‘ Sylvie  lowered her toxicity letting the man to barely keep his consciousness.  I approached him in a split second and drove my sword straight into his thigh and said

‘ Answer my question else I will torture you till you die of it. Who sent you and why? ‘

He was already completely terrified because of the immortal snake and his mind was nearly at the point of breaking . So he answered truthfully ‘ I was sent here by the his highness, the second prince of the Great Rock tribe. My orders were to kill all the members of Elsevier bloodline ‘

     ‘ Are you here alone? Who else is with you? Speak, it is impossible for an eighth rank warrior such as yourself to kill all of us ‘

     ‘ I am here alone, please believe me. It was never considered that you people can even resist me as normally any low tier tribes highest strength is usually about sixth rank only.  I would have never accepted the mission if I knew of the immortal guardian of the Sirius tribe. I only knew about this matter after arriving here today so please forgive me. I have a family to feed ‘

     ‘ You say this yet you attempted to kill my family why should I show mercy to you ‘

‘ Please I will tell you everything I know so please spare me ‘

‘ Right, why did the prince of Great Rock tribe order an assassination on us? I definitely don’t think we are a threat to him at this stage and I am sure that we never offended him either ‘

‘ It is because of your big brother ‘ Gates Elsevier ‘

Startled I looked at the faces of my family but was only greeted with their terrified faces. What does this have to do with Big bro Gates?

I spoke loudly ‘ Speak and don’t leave a single detail. What relation does big bro Gates have with this second prince? ‘

‘ Sir Gates Elsevier……

Book 1 – Chapter 21 Sirius tribe

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Sirius tribe :

              A mountain named Sirius stood tall among its sister mountains in the Great mountain ranges, at its foot there was a large town bustling with people. A merchant caravan arrived at this town after a period of three years. The head merchant upon seeing this town was shocked and couldn’t help but exclaim
‘ How did this town develop so much in such a short duration ‘ The town was called Rexes.


          It has been two years since I assumed the position of the lord, these past two years were busy for me to a severe extent. The town was in a mess, there was no particular governing method implemented in the town. All problems can never be solved by the lord himself so I started implementing the elder system in the tribe.

      The elder system is a very elaborate system which was in application in the Reinfield territory for a very long time. All three original elders along with two leaders of our clan form the core part of the elder system. More than ten elders are appointed from different clans present in the tribe randomly, these people are also given the status of elders possessing the power to directly give orders regarding minor problems while any major problems are brought to the notice of the great elders

        All major problems are at least viewed by three great elders and the decision of majority is implemented to prevent any errors in judgement. This system is thus divided into three stages of power, the great elders can directly overrule all decisions of elders while the lord can in turn overrule them thus it creates an efficient way of ruling.

         Though said easily the process of implementation is very difficult. After much consideration it was decided that the way of choosing elders is decided by lottery while the three great clans of Sirius tribe who have the most influence among the tribe has a seat reserved for them.

          As this system was being implemented, slowly I started trying to control the merchants of the town. Controlling the market prices by limiting the supply of goods is a common way in which merchants gain profit. This is usually prohibited in any major provinces but here the merchants were doing anything they want at their will.

       The previous lord was satisfied as long as he received some money and let them do as they wish. When I announced that the market will now be controlled by elder system. The merchant clans made a strike against my order. It escalated to the point where I had to go to the merchant district to deal with the problem myself.

       I simply went and killed the current leader of merchant association with a sword slash later I announced that this will be the punishment to all leaders and elders who doesn’t follow my orders. This immediately concluded all resistances against the ruling house.

              The wall surrounding the town was also in a poor state, which has not been repaired for at least three decades because of lack of funds. I immediately ordered the reconstruction of wall at the fastest speed possible. In but a short time I understood the structure of this society, here there are no rules prohibiting any clan or tribe to wage a war against others and occupy their lands so I have to be extra vigilant regarding other tribes.

          With commerce and ruling system established I then started doing things which are very essential for the future development of the tribe, this town Rexes is a major town in the surroundings so it is the centre for all the small clans spread near the Sirius mountain. The mountain occupies an extremely large area with the town being only on one side, the other sides are claimed by other smaller tribes.

              I decided to increase the speed at which the development of tribe takes place by introducing a colony system. This system introduces the concept of colonisation in the tribes. The smaller tribes are always suffering from the lack of essential resources like food and medicine so they buy them from larger tribes at a great price. The colony system will be a great relief for them.

            I appointed my first son as my representative who will visit smaller tribes while my second son will be in the capital of ‘ Great Rock tribe ‘ who control the whole of east Great mountain ranges. He will act as my representative as well as an emissary of Sirius tribe. This way Sirius tribe can maintain good relations with the Great Rock tribe.

           The system of colony works like this , all tribes are given an offer to join the Sirius tribe as a clan and they are promised fair treatment and given  importance equal to the original clans. They are even given rights to participate in the elder system. The elder system is such that the elder is changed once every three years and no person can stay as an elder for more than two terms, to participate again he has to wait for three more turns. It means that an elder who has been in power for six years can only return to power after nine more years.

           Many small tribes who are nomads started joining our tribe at a fast pace. I have to praise James for his great conversational skills otherwise it is very difficult to convince others to come under a different ruler. This also started increasing the problems faced by me because increase in population will always leads to problems but it will also slowly increase the speed at which the tribe will develop.

            A manor was recently constructed for  my clan. It was a huge manor constructed near the border of the town facing the mountain. It was constructed with a  huge garden surpassing the manor itself because it housed the nest of the giant eagle of lady Vera. The eagle simply made a huge crater near the mountain and started living in it, it also hunts its own food and patiently waits for its master. The reason the manor was constructed near the mountain was because the eagle rarely leaves the family alone and always keeps an eye on us so we decided to make its work easier by constructing the manor near its nest.

        The rumours of the eagle were spread wide and far by the people who have seen it, the near by powerful tribes also sent their spies to learn the truth. It is commonly believed that the eagle is at least a ninth rank magical beast or may be even an immortal otherwise why would lady Vera keep it. The other tribes were scared shit of our tribe because of the information that an immortal decided to make the tribe her home, even if someone disregarded this matter there was an unquestionable evidence in the form of the eagle right in the tribe so they silently decided to never provoke us in any manner The tribe was developing at a rapid pace and I was looking forward to the upcoming month because Riddick will return from his training. These past two and a half years Riddick came back only once, that was briefly after my assumption of power. He said that he will be undergoing closed room training and will return for his sixteenth birthday.

       I am looking forward for the day, I am going to announce him the rightful heir as well as bestow him the title of clan leader. His brothers have no opposition to this idea of mine in fact this was proposed by James himself. I was contemplating on what to do because with an immortal as his teacher he will definitely not have much desire for mortal possessions but James said that it is only considered right for us to give him the right to rule, if he doesn’t want it then he can bestow the power to some one of his wish maybe his own son.

           With preparations undergoing the Rexes town was preparing itself for the grand event which will be hosted by the ruling clan of Sirius tribe. James was back and Gates should be back soon, the tribe was in a uproar because they are expecting to see Lady Vera on this occasion. All major tribes were sent invitation to attend the ceremony, usually it was not at all a grand event because it was the coming of age ceremony of the third son but everyone was looking forward to it because they wanted to see how the person who was accepted by an immortal looked like.

            All preparations done we were quietly waiting for the arrival of my son Riddick.

Book 1 – Chapter 20 Inevitable

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Inevitable :

             The leader shouted angrily ‘ Who the fuck do you think you are woman? I am Baleda, the  leader of Sirius tribe. Take one more step forward then I will feed you to my hounds ‘

             Standing behind Vera, both me and my father were watching the man known as Baleda with an astonished expression. This man is definitely a fool, how can he still not understand his position even after seeing us drop from the sky or did he still not comprehend the situation because he refuses to believe that she is an immortal.

       Vera standing before us listened to the man and was calmly observing the surroundings. By now all strong warriors and elders were gathered around us. Vera with a calm look on her face suddenly made a sweeping motion with her right hand. The entire house of the clan leader along with everyone gathered around him were directly turned to dust leaving behind Baleda who was now shaking with fear seeing the power gap between  them.

Vera calmly said ‘ Baleda, I killed all those people just now because of your earlier words. I already said to you once that we are going to be your new rulers. Do you understand it yet ‘

            Baleda gulped at those words and said hesitatingly ‘ My lady, this tribe has been ruled by my bloodline for countless generations so how can we give up the right to rule just like that. You are an almighty being who has reached  the peak of training in the way of heavens so please spare us, a poor tribe and choose a tribe which can support your needs ‘

          Vera was fuming at the words of this man and she said ‘ Very well Baleda you have shown me that you can’t understand my good will, so die ‘. Saying this she killed him with a sweep of her hand. Turning towards the now frozen leaders of the tribe she said in a loud voice.

‘ Heirs of Baleda and previous lords of the tribe assemble here and I promise I won’t kill you. Don’t even think of hiding else I will kill you all ‘

                  Soon some ten individuals assembled beside the leaders who were watching us from a distance. Seeing the assembled individuals she said in a menacing tone

‘ I am giving you a choice, leave this tribe or die in my hands. You are to leave this tribe along with every last infant of your bloodline and never return to the tribe. What you will do later is none of my business but any action you take against this tribe indirectly or directly will result in me killing you all. Do you understand ‘

      The people were watching Vera with an ashen face and after hearing her their faces became pale and some women in the back even started sobbing. I was  unfazed by this because just recently we lost everything that belonged to us, now some body is loosing everything to give us their everything. This is how the world works I have long since given up on the ideal image of peaceful coexistence between humans. Greed being a part of human nature we can never exist without any trouble so we have to be steel hearted otherwise sooner or later we will be crushed again.

           That day the entire family of Baleda along with several of their loyal servants left the tribe. We let them take their valuables because we felt some pity for them. After they left Vera called for an assembly of all the clan leaders of different clans present in the tribe, soon a large ground was covered with people ranging to about a few hundreds.
        Vera spoke in a loud voice ‘ The matter regarding the ruling clan is now concluded ‘ Pointing at my father Vera said ‘ This person is Thenadier Elsevier. He will be the lord ruling over you people from now on, he is a capable warrior of eighth rank and holds plenty of experience in maintaining a territory so you guys will prosper under his rule.

            I will be training in seclusion in the mountain beside us, so you are prohibited from entering into the higher regions of the mountain. My sessions of training can range to a hundred years at a time so my disciple, the third son of Thenadier will hold the highest authority in my absence. His authority exceeds the authority of Thenadier and can directly overrule it.

          The higher regions of the mountain will be my abode and anyone is prohibited from entering into it including you Thenadier. The only exception is my disciple who will be training along with me. Enough, I said everything I want to say, you can talk to them regarding mortal affairs Thenadier ‘

          After saying this she took my hand and directly flew to the top of the mountain and landed near the top, the mountain was not too large but was at least 5000 metres high so this was considered a fairly large mountain. She then touched a rocky part of mountain and the mountain gave way for her by opening a large tunnel.

         After a few minutes a large complex cave system with many rooms and an entrance on the top which directly opened near the peak of mountain was created. She then went on to draw complex magical formations inside the cave system which nearly took a day even for her. After completing her work she then took out a shiny stone out of no where, again carving some formations on it after which she directly inserted the stone into the centre of magical formation.

          The entire formation brilliantly lit up and later started emanating a dim light, finishing her work she released a sigh of relief. Seeing me intently observing the formation she began explaining me about its purpose.

‘ Riddick, this formation is an advance magic formation with multiple purposes. It is definitely not possible for any person in this dimension including the higher planes to decode or construct it. This formation has two major purposes, first purpose of this formation is that it totally isolates this cave from this world thus no one can sense you unless you leave this cave.

              The second purpose is that this formation has been integrated with a few properties of Void making it an ideal place where you can train to your content. This formation has supplementary support  for your attribute,  all its benefits will be explained by Void as you become strong enough to use it.

       This formation also naturally accumulates natural energy making this cave a high energy concentration zone. So with this you have all tools needed for your training, the higher level spells will be explained to you by Void ‘

       I became confused by Vera’s words she was speaking in a different way, I could understand that she was leaving again but somehow it felt different so I asked her ‘ Are you leaving again Vera ‘

           She spoke in a sad voice ‘ Yes, I will be leaving and won’t return for a long time. This is the reason why I made such an extensive formation, I am sorry Riddick but you have to be on your own for a while ‘

       I was instantly startled at this confession because I always thought that she would always be with me, protecting me and helping me with my training. Guess I was too naive, I always knew that this day was inevitable but I was too foolish and thought that she would always be with me.

       I was honestly a little angry at her but I knew that none of this is her fault so I asked in a calm voice ‘ Why are you leaving so urgently Vera and where are you going? ‘

       Vera replied thinking deeply ‘ Riddick I have some things I have to do as soon as possible so I have to leave immediately. I will be going to the divine planes so you can meet me as soon as you can advance past the peak divine disciple stage. ‘

      I was stunned at this answer and asked ‘ Vera how long do you think this will take? I am not even a beginner divine disciple yet, It will take many decades before I reach that stage then how many hundreds or thousands of years should it take before I enter into divine planes. Why can’t you come here in between Vera? If you can come once can’t you come later ‘

       Vera sadly said ‘ There are certain circumstances which prevent me from taking frequent trips. You need not concern yourself regarding this. I will give you some advice, follow it.

        ‘  Riddick train hard and always remember that only hard work pays you back. That whip I gave you is a very special weapon named Yama and it has power which can’t be compared to any weapon so meditate and train with it. Void has many uses which you can utilise only upon reaching certain level of strength so become strong quickly.  Never despair that you will take eternity to reach the peak of power, you won’t because you have strong support in the form of Void, you can reach it quickly with diligent training. ‘

        I was listening quietly to everything Vera spoke and said in a calm voice ‘ Thank you for your advise Vera, I will follow it diligently but I will ask you a question and you have to answer me honestly Vera ‘

‘ Alright, I will ‘

‘ Why did you kiss me Vera? ‘

She answered with a lovely expression on her face ‘ Because I love you Riddick ‘

‘ Why do you love me? I mean you have no reason to actually love me, we have  known each other for only five years we have no……….. ‘

       Before I could finish my sentence my lips were locked with her lips, tasting her sweet scent I kissed her in a daze. Removing her lips she answered me
‘ Don’t think seriously about this matter, everything will become apparent when time arrives ‘

‘ Good bye Riddick ‘ saying this she vanished in a second.

          I began thinking excitedly ‘ So you are not going to answer Vera. Don’t worry I will find you soon enough to obtain my answer ‘

Book 1 – Chapter 19 The Tribes of the Great Mountain Ranges

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The tribes of Great Mountain ranges :

                 A giant eagle was soaring in the sky. If  carefully observed from a high altitude then we can see many human figures on its back. At least a hundred humans can be seen along with several large crates on the eagle’s back yet it was flying at an amazing speed.

             I was flying towards the Nygar empire along with my clan members. Most of the clan already perished during the war, the clan actually had at least a thousand descendants but now there were less than a hundred people. When my father proposed that we should flee from the Great alliance and live a peaceful life until the war is finished, unexpectedly there was no opposition to the idea.

       Most of the clan members lost many people dear to them so they were in a depressed state. The war was a nightmare which can take anyone and anything, at any time. So the idea of fleeing from war which was proposed by the clan leader himself caused many a people to sigh in relief. They could not desert the clan and flee from war but now that the entire clan was fleeing they were no longer afraid of the shame they would feel from fleeing the war.

              All remaining elders of the clan along with other leaders immediately assembled to discuss the matter. I was present along with my brothers at the meeting. My father who presided over the meeting said in a grave voice

‘ Fellow clansmen we the Elsevier clan are facing a dire situation now. Most of our clan perished in a short period of five years, we have lost our Reinfield territory to the enemies and are in a terrible situation. We have never faced a situation this dire since the establishment of our clan, even in the war of five hundred years ago where we lost many clan members we were not in such a situation, we still had our strong hold Reinfield territory with us so we slowly revived to our former glory.

              This time however we have nothing to rely upon, the war will surely take everything from us. Even if we win the war, Great alliance has no reason to simply give back our territory to us. The war has many kings, generals and other commanders participating in it. Surely they will be more suitable to be crowned as duke of Reinfield than us, a fallen clan with no power.

            So I have decided to abandon the Great alliance and flee to a peaceful place where we can preserve our remaining strength. My son Riddick proposed this idea to me, he will explain the further details to you ‘

          I stepped forward and said ‘ Elders and fellow clan members we are in a dire situation as explained by my father so I want us to leave and lead a peaceful life. As to where I want us to go, I want us to go to the Nygar empire ‘

       An elder suddenly questioned ‘ Why the Nygar empire? Shouldn’t it be the worst choice ‘

       I answered ‘ That seems correct when  thought in an ordinary way, the Nygar empire is a unique empire among all the empires. It is also the youngest of all empires which has been in existence for only about a millennium.

         The vast majority of Nygar empire is covered by Mountain ranges which made it difficult  to colonise it, though it has area much greater than Great alliance, majority of it is covered in mountains making it unable to utilise the large area to increase it’s productivity.

           But the largest factor is because of the resident tribal clans spread all over the mountains and surrounding forests. Some of these tribes have been in existence since the founding of Asgard empire. Though called as tribes, some of them have strength rivaling an entire kingdom, so even the Nygar empire can’t do anything against them.

                 The mountain ranges act as a natural barrier against the Nygar empire preventing them from using their forces. The total area covered by this mountain ranges far exceed the mainland of Nygar empire, even the total area covered by the mountain ranges cannot be calculated giving it the name of Great mountain ranges of South.
          The total number of tribes present in the Great mountain range is immeasurable. The tribes can have population ranging from several hundreds  to several millions. The larger tribes rule larger areas and the smaller tribes only occupy a small area. The mountain ranges being their home, all tribes participate in war against the invaders.

         This is the reason why Nygar empire never succeeded in occupying the mountains so they instead decided to support the Northern empire in its conquest because they were promised two out of eight kingdoms upon victory which will largely benefit them.

         My idea is that we occupy an area with a moderately large tribe and rule it. This will give us a chance to rebuild our clan also we can easily increase our power in that place. The war is a distant thing in that place, so we will be safe ‘

    The elders and leaders listened carefully to my words, later another elder spoke ‘ I can see that you thought carefully regarding this matter and investigated it properly. It is indeed true that this will be a good choice for the survival of our clan, the mountain ranges are like an empire containing numerous cities and villages in it.

        But your plan has a major flaw in it, these tribes are very strong, even a ordinary farmer will be a warrior of second or third rank so in time of need they can become a soldier. At our current strength forget about a moderately large clan even occupying a clan with hundred people in it will be difficult. So how do you think we can rule over a large clan ‘

       I said ‘ That will be the case if we fight them ourselves but we won’t. I will ask my teacher for her help ‘

       The elder snorted and said ‘ I know that you studied under a teacher but how can a single person make a difference ‘

      My father answered instead of me ‘ Elder, Riddick’s teacher is an immortal. Do you really think she can’t solve such a problem for us ‘

        All the clan members as well as elders were gobs smacked at my father’s words. They were looking at me with a confused face, how can a person with only a high affinity have an immortal as his teacher. That was the common question floating in their minds.

           Ignoring the looks on their faces I answered ‘ Indeed my teacher is an immortal. She will be here in three days, we have to prepare everything so we can leave as soon as possible. I guarantee that she will definitely help us.

                 We can talk about everything at a later time, for now time is precious so please inform others of our decision and ask them to prepare immediately. The luggage problem is immaterial so bring as much as you want ‘

        The clan members after some final talks dispersed to their respective homes. The entire clan was in a very favourable mood as having an immortal on your sides solves many problems.

        The next three days passed in a blur. The clan members took everything they need and packed it in the form of large crates.  Gold was bought which can be exchanged anywhere in the world for the local currency. All preparations being done they were assembled in our house. The servants already shifted the luggage of all people to the court yard. The people who will be going with us were about fifty clan members along with fifty of our most loyal servants.

      After a few hours of waiting Vera arrived as promised earlier. Seeing many people and the crates packed in the court yard she understood majority of the situation and ordered the eagle to standby so the crates could be loaded on it.
                I explained the problem and my decision to Vera who only accepted my decision. After some consideration we decided to go towards the east side of Great mountain ranges because it had less  internal conflicts between the tribes.

      Boarding on the eagle who grew to almost triple its size to accommodate the increased number of people on it we flew towards the Great mountain ranges.

                  Passing the borders of the Great alliance we entered into Nygar empire, after travelling for more than a day we finally entered into the Great mountain ranges. Vera after travelling for some more hours pointed at a large mountain with thick overgrowth in the lower part of it. The eagle flew in that direction and we finally reached it after a few minutes.

       Vera said seeing the surface which many of us could not differentiate from the high altitude ‘ There is a large town at the bottom of the mountain. It should have a population of about twenty thousand people so this should be enough.

       As to why I selected this tribe is because of the mountain. This mountain has an very high amount of natural energy which will be useful for your and Sylvie’s growth so I selected this mountain. Now let us go and conclude this matter.

   Saying this she grabbed me and my father and flew straight to the largest house of a the tribe which most probably belongs to the chief of this tribe. As we fell a large crater was formed in front of the house and all the nearby houses along with the chiefs house were partially destroyed.

        A middle aged person hurried out of the house and upon seeing us he fearlessly pointed his sword and shouted ‘ Who are you bastards? ‘

Vera answered in an amusing voice ‘ We are your new rulers ‘

Book 1 – Chapter 18 My Decision

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My Decision :

           We flew towards the Restia kingdom and reached it by daybreak. The imperial capital was surrounded by troops on all sides, all the walls and mountains surrounding the capital were heavily guarded by soldiers. We flew through the sky undetected and landed near the noble residencies.

           Asking a bewildered guard who saw the great eagle about the residence of Elsevier family, we quickly headed in that direction. The house allocated to my family was just a guest house built for the use of visiting nobles, it’s grandiose doesn’t even come to a tenth of Grand Marshal Castle.

          I walked straight into the house ignoring the remarks of the guards and saw my family eating breakfast on an unremarkable table. Upon seeing me my father was instantly alerted and stood up with a hand on his sword but soon he realised who I was and trembled greatly. I could see tears in my mother’s eyes as she saw me. I immediately went forward hugging her I said ‘ I’m back Mom ‘

           Sobbing gently she hugged me back, my brothers and my sister were also moved to tears. After a while they composed themselves and invited me to eat breakfast. I turned to see Vera, it was only then that they saw her and were instantly dumbfounded because of her beauty.

       My mother seeing her was very shocked and asked in a weak voice ‘ Riddick, she is not your girlfriend right. You are only thirteen this year, no matter what, don’t you think it is too early for you to be in a relationship’

         My father and my brothers seeming to agree with my mother were seeing me with questioning looks on their faces, while my sister was seeing Vera with a jealous look on her face. Seeing their expressions I laughed out aloud and said ‘ No mother, she is not my girlfriend. She is my teacher who have taught me all these years ‘

Then I said  to Vera ‘ Vera, she is my mother Catherine ‘

‘ Mother she is my teacher Vera ‘

       After I explained who she was, my family had an amazed expression on  their faces. My father suddenly asked ‘ So miss Vera, I hope there is some explanation as to why we were not given any information regarding the whereabouts of Riddick for the past five years ‘

      Vera answered in a monotone ‘ He was in my place to prevent any interruptions in his training. As to why I gave no information regarding his whereabouts to any of you is because I did not want  his family to worry about his safety ‘

     My father angrily said ‘ Prevent his family from worrying about his safety, we had no information regarding his whereabouts for three years except that he was with a teacher who has taken an interest in him and was training him personally. Do you have any idea how much we suffered all this time since we had no idea how he was ‘

       I intervened in the conversation between them because I am fully aware of how powerful Vera is, I know that she won’t harm my family but I should not take any chances, who knows when her patience will run out.

‘ Father, Vera did everything for my own benefit so you should forgive her. Besides you have to talk with her carefully, she is not known for her patience so I don’t really want to anger her ‘

     My father visibly calmed down but he still said in a rough tone ‘ Very well, but don’t think I am afraid of your teacher Riddick. Its not like she is an immortal so why would I fear her? ‘

I signed slightly and said ‘ She is an immortal ‘

My father and my family was startled when I said that Vera was an immortal. My father’s attitude took a complete turn and he respectfully said to Vera

‘ My lady, I had no idea that you have reached to such a stage in your training. I accused you only because of my love towards my son so please forgive my inexcusable behaviour.

               I should also thank you as Riddick’s father for your kindness of taking Riddick as your student. If you have any thing you wish from me, I will do anything in my power to fulfill your wish as soon as possible ‘

         I sighed in my mind seeing my fathers behaviour. It is not his fault, in Asgard continent the immortals are viewed as ultimate experts who have transcended the mortal limits. Also it is considered a great kindness if an immortal takes a disciple because the disciple will receive the guidance of the expert from the very beginning.

     Vera replied ‘ No it is my fault for taking Riddick away for so long. So I won’t hold anything against you ‘

        ‘ Thank you very much lady Vera ‘

‘ I have some thing to do so I will be leaving. Riddick come to a conclusion soon, I will come to hear your answer three days later ‘      

I answered seriously ‘ I understand Vera ‘

                 Afterwards Vera disappeared from the room in a split second. Turning around I saw the amazed faces of my family, my father said

‘ Riddick your luck is incredibly good, I don’t know why lady Vera took an interest in you but this way you will definitely become a mage of seventh rank in less than two decades and you may even become a higher ranking mage.

       Due to our bad luck we lost our territory, many people belonging to our family died in the war. Our most formidable soldiers were slain in the battle. Even seven elders died, we are currently in a extremely bad situation.

          Fortunately I have broke through eighth rank five years ago so I am a valuable asset to the alliance. Since I had commanding experience before I was given a post of commander for the troops I managed to escape with. This is the reason why they have not abandoned our family otherwise things would have been quite grave.

        But the lord has blessed me with wonderful children, James is already a sixth rank warrior and Gates recently became a fifth rank warrior so we already had promising warriors who will once again stabilise the family.

            Now that you have a wonderful teacher, you have to work hard and try to become a higher ranking mage as soon as possible. A eighth rank mage is considered a very valuable asset in war, then our situation will definitely be better ‘

         I listened to my father’s words and started thinking deeply. Before I always considered territory to be unnecessary. If my family was well then  I did not even care if we lost all our territory but now that we have lost our territory my father and brothers are forced to work in the imperial army. War is a place where death is a constant visitor, it doesn’t matter how powerful my father is  if he ever encounters an enemy in a disadvantageous position then he will surely fall.

           My father seeing me in thinking deeply released a sigh and said ‘ I am sorry Riddick, you were supposed to inherit Hall territory after you grow up. You are almost an adult now, but because of your useless father you lost everything. I stole everything from you, your childhood and now even your inheritance. I am in position to ask anything from you whether for myself or the clan, I will accept whatever decision you make.

        Actually I am grateful that you never held any hate towards me and your mother for what we did to you. If there is anything I can do for you say it, if it is something I can do I will do it without a question. ‘

       I helplessly shook my head and said ‘ Father, I am not at all thinking of the lost territory and I can never hate my own family. Forget the past and think about future and Yes, father I want you to do something for me.

       My father hearing my answer  was surprised but asked me ‘ Tell me Riddick what can I do for you ‘

I answered ‘ Leave Great alliance and live elsewhere father ‘

My father was stunned at my request he said ‘ What are you asking Riddick, Our family has been in Great alliance for more than a millennium how can we leave it and live elsewhere ‘

    ‘ Father the situation is now quite grim for Great alliance, two great empires have joined forces to take it out. In this situation you will be sent to desperate battles, luck won’t  always be on our side so sooner or later you will die in this war.

        So I want our family to leave Great alliance at least for a decade then we can return if you guys still wish for it. I will have enough power to protect all of you by then For now my power is still not enough ‘

   My father said sadly ‘ Riddick, what you say may be true. I may lose my life in the war but if we desert the Great alliance now why would they honour us with the title of duke when the war is over. Besides Riddick the power you will gain in ten years won’t change anything ‘

   ‘ Father I am pleading you please listen to this request of mine, I don’t want to see any of you in harms way. I have already reached sixth rank as a mage in these five years. Father I will definitely work hard to become stronger in the future so listen to me ‘

    My family was dumbstruck at my answer, my mother who has been quiet all this time said ‘ Riddick, you reached sixth rank as a mage in only five years. How can this be possible, you did not even take one year for each breakthrough. No I must have heard it wrong, isn’t mage training more difficult than warrior training ‘

‘ It’s true mother, I entered into sixth rank only about three months ago. Also I  have Sylvie to help me’

                 Saying this I called out to Sylvie who has sleeping peacefully all this time coiled around my body under my shirt. Sylvie slowly crawled out of my neck and peeked at the surroundings. My family cried in alarm at the appearance of Sylvie and my sister even fainted on spot. I calmed them down by explaining that Sylvie is my magical beast.

                I did not tell my family anything regarding Sylvie’s birth because they would be worried about me, slowly after a long while I managed to convince my father to leave the Great alliance. My father went to talk to remaining family members and elders concerning this matter.
              Vera would come back in three days so we should leave with her. I will take them to a quiet place where they don’t have to fear about anything and I can quietly train. When I have enough power I will take back everything that belonged to us and more.

Book 1 – Chapter 17 Returning home

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Returning Home :

           It has been a few days since the fight between Mycroft and Vera. Yes, I was ordered to call her as Vera leaving big sis aside. I was filled with doubts as to why she kissed me but I was told again that everything will become apparent when I become an immortal.
             I was questioning my self as to why I was kissed by Vera. True, I am technically her student but the time I spent with her during the entire period of five years were only a few months. She never showed any emotions on her face before that day. I always thought her to be a cold beauty but unexpectedly she had a different side to her.
            Today is the day I would finally return home after a long duration of five years. I wonder how my father is, did he make another breakthrough. My brother James should be married by now, noble marriages are very early. Big bro Gates should have joined the imperial army of Great alliance by now. My sister Sasha should be all grown up by now, she did never talk much with me during my stay at home because she was very shy at that time. My mother I wonder how she is, is her health fine? She was always a person with a weak body.
          Vera called me this morning and said ‘ Riddick you achieved your goal of reaching the sixth rank as a mage. I am very satisfied with your hard work for the past five years, it can be considered extraordinary that you reached to this stage in such a short time but don’t become full of yourself because even if this is considered extraordinary there are many geniuses who have achieved this much power at your age if not more. So you have to work even  harder from now on. Always remember that your target is to reach immortal stage as soon as possible.
              Here these are my gifts for you, use them wisely ‘ saying this she brought three items out of nowhere. She then put them on the table in between us.
         One of the items was a slender sword made up of a red metal. Vera said while I was observing the sword ‘ Riddick, this sword  is made from the core of ‘ fire  metal ‘. It is a rare material in divine planes but it is considered a treasure in this material realm by those who know of it, so treat it carefully. It is much harder than any metal present in this material plane, also it has an unique property of conducting both fire and lightning to a excellent degree. So this sword will be useful for you.

            The bracelet is an item imbued with my divine energy, it will constantly monitor your life signs and will notify me if it becomes weak at any point. It also has the function of a storage space. The storage space is registered to you and can only be opened by injecting your own mage force.

                 The third item was a pitch black whip, which instead gave the image of a rope because it had no grip. Vera was looking at it sadly and said ‘ This is a whip but you cannot use it yet. Keep it with you at all times, also inject your mage force and meditate on it whenever you can ‘

            I was intrigued about the whip because unlike the majestic red sword or the useful bracelet it had no use for me, still Vera has asked me to take extra care of the whip so It must be important. Since I cannot use it yet,  for now I will follow her advice regarding the whip regularly.
        After Vera gave me the items, she asked me to prepare everything so we can leave immediately. I went back to my room and stored all the items which I had decided to leave behind due to transportation problem in the bracelet. After changing into an acceptable attire I was to ready to go back.
                I thought we will fly again so I was looking forward to it but  after coming back I was amazed to see a giant eagle in front of the cave entrance. I climbed on its back at her command and the eagle  though not as fast as her still flew at an astonishing speed. At this speed we will reach my home before sunset.
            I maintained my silence because I could sense that Vera was not in a good mood. Time passed on and we entered into the Northern Empire, the empire was a lot more chaotic than what I remember from five years ago, some how I had a bad feeling regarding this. The northern empires boundary was extended by a large amount and troops bearing the flag of northern empire extended all the way into Reinfield territory.
       My heart was beating non stop as we reached Reinfield city. The city was completely occupied by the troops of northern empire. Destruction and slavery can be seen all over the city. I was  thinking nonstop about what could have happened on the Asgard continent that made the Great alliance lose one of its dukedom. My father’s dukedom was destroyed and occupied by forces of northern empire but my father and my family should have escaped before enemy forces made their way into the city so they should be fine.
                  I have to know about the situation clearly before I come to a conclusion. I looked at Vera asking for her help, she eased her frowning expression and directly flew down to the city. In a minute she was back with two soldiers of northern alliance. The soldiers were terrified of her and did not even move from their positions. I started questioning them

‘ My patience is limited so answer to the point. Don’t even think of lying to me or I will kill you both without a second thought Understood? ‘

Both soldiers ‘ Yes, my lord ‘

‘ What happened in the past five years that led to this war? ‘

Soldier 1 ‘ My lord, the Northern empire’s prince was assassinated by the assassins of the Great alliance leading to an all out war between the two great empires ‘

‘ How are they be so certain that the prince’s assassination was done by Great Alliance ‘

Soldier 2 ‘ We have no idea regarding this matter my lord but the inside rumours state that the Northern empire has been bitter of its defeat in the previous war and simply used the death of the third prince as an excuse to start a war my lord ‘

‘ How can the war escalate to this degree in such a short time? The Northern empires forces can’t push Great alliance to this degree on its own. What are the other forces involved in this war? ‘

Soldier 2 ‘ My lord The Northern empire made a coalition with Nygar empire to win this war. The Nygar empires role is to simply station its troops near the southwest region of Great alliance and attack it if the troops ever fall to a degree where they can easily penetrate them.  ‘

Soldier 1 ‘My lord, this weakened the main force of the Great Alliance. Among the other empires the largest and most strongest empire Asgard maintained its neutral position. Britannia is in support of Great alliance but it will only provide war supplies and won’t directly send its armies in fear of throwing the entire empire in war ‘

‘ How long it has been since Reinfield territory fell and what happened to the ruling family of Reinfield ‘

Soldier 1 ‘ My lord it has been almost two years since Reinfield fell to Northern empire. The ruling family of Reinfield territory are supposed to have escaped to the Restia kingdom, no news regarding them are known to us ‘

I thought for a while inwardly happy that at least my family was safe, I did not care much for the territory but I have to meet my family as soon as possible otherwise my mind won’t be at ease. I asked a question again

‘ Who was in charge of the Assault on Great Marshall castle ‘

Soldier 1 ‘ Commander Fades my lord ‘

‘ Where is he now? ‘

Soldier 2 ‘ He should be in the castle my lord ‘

I turned towards Vera who was silently observing till now and said ‘ Let’s go Vera ‘
   The eagle flew towards the castle and Vera again brought a man of great stature. The soldiers seeing him bowed and said ‘ Commander Fades ‘. This person was a little better than the ordinary soldiers but I could still see the fear in his eyes. He bowed immediately and said ‘ My lord what can I do for you ‘

‘ Fades, were you the one who attacked the castle and took it under your control? ‘
With a pale face he answered ‘ Yes, my lord. I was the one in charge of attacking the castle ‘

‘ What happened to Elsevier family ? ‘

He answered respectfully ‘ My lord the Elsevier family already fled by the time we captured the castle. According to the intelligence reports they are currently in the imperial capital of Restia Kingdom, the duke is reportedly working in the imperial army as a commander of the army he managed to escape with, my lord ‘
‘ I see, you have given me vital information. Thank you, now you are of no use to me ‘

His body trembled and out of fear he was going to jump from the airborne eagle but the next moment I called out ‘ Vera ‘ and all three people present on the  eagle were directly burnt to ashes.

       I am sorry that you guys had to die so unjustly but I cannot risk any information regarding me or my relation with Elsevier family known to others. The strong always survive so you were just devoured by me, this is the law of nature.

   I was deep in thought and was worried that my family might have suffered too much during this past two years. My father lost the dukedom which was passed for more than a thousand years in his reign so he should be grieving in his heart. I have to set everything back, I don’t have enough power yet but I have strong support from Void, Vera and Sylvie. I will definitely revert back everything to how it was.

      Vera interrupted my thoughts and said ‘ let’s first meet your parents, you can decide your course of action afterwards ‘

I nodded and replied ‘ Yes,let’s go. We will understand everything perfectly after we talk with my father ‘

      The eagle changed its direction and started flying in the direction of Restia kingdom. For the second time in my life I was heading towards the imperial capital, the impregnable fortress of Great alliance.