Book 1 – Chapter 7 First Fight

Author notes : Hi guys, I am still new to writing fight sequences so I had some trouble. But no worries I did my best in this.



‘ Thenadier, Diee ‘. I froze upon hearing these words, did uncle just said that he would kill my father, the Duke. But my father had an amusing smile on his face contrary to the savage expression on my uncles face. He spoke,

‘ So you are no longer trying to act Ganong ‘

‘ Yes, that’s right I am fed up with it. I will now kill you and take everything that belongs to you ‘

My father who was smiling till then suddenly shouted ‘ Don’t get cocky Ganong just because you are still allowed to talk ‘

‘ Humph, do you really think that you can win against me Thenadier. Even if you have the support of elders they can never interfere in a fight between family members, that is the rule laid to prevent division of elders into two factions ‘

‘ So you think I can’t defeat you in a fight Ganong ‘

‘ Of course you can’t, I have been in countless battles as a commander, my experience will guarantee me victory even if we are both peak stage seventh rank warriors ‘

‘ Enough talk, you will die today Ganong ‘

‘ I can say the same to you Thenadier ‘
As if waiting for the talk to end both of them leaped on the table at the same time. The elders who were sitting quietly suddenly  transformed into blurs and appeared near the wall opposite to us. My father roared

‘ Die, Ganong ‘

Both my father and my uncle drew their weapons at the same time, my father wielded a slightly curved long sword while my uncle had a giant war blade. They moved for a split second followed by a thunderous sound formed because of their clash.

After the dust cleared I noticed that the dining table which has been in the family for who knows how many generations was completely powdered to dust while the ground had massive cracks travelling all the way to the walls.

I was afraid that my father might be injured or even worse. But Void’s voice suddenly resounded in mind ‘ Don’t worry kid, your father has a advantage in this fight ‘

As if answering my question my uncle said in a trembling voice ‘ Thenadier, you have reached eighth rank as a warrior ‘

My father spoke in a cold voice ‘ Yes, I have ‘

My uncle’s expression suddenly changed from confidence to one full of fear. No matter how much confident he was in his abilities there was no way for a warrior of normal ability to win a fight against a higher rank warrior in a fair fight.

Not giving him a chance to escape, my father charged and slammed his fist to the raised war blade held as a defence.

My uncle was slammed to the wall on my left side partially shattering it, it was followed by a kick  of my father which completely destroying the walls. My uncle was thrown out of castle.

My father in rage went after him,  enveloping his sword in a layer of Ki, made a sword slash aiming at my uncle. The sword slash flew towards my uncle who was still in mid air like a great curved arc and hit him. He flew like a meteor completely shattering the garden below and making a crater in its centre.

Seeing the destruction of the garden I involuntarily turned towards my mother because I heard from servants before that my mother who is usually very forgiving is very strict about the matter of this garden. It had many exotic  plants which were very difficult to raise in our mountainous area and it is my mother’s hobby and personal relaxation spot.

Noticing my gaze my mother said in a slightly forced voice don’t worry about the  garden son, this matter is more important. I am sure my father will pay for it later.

My uncle who looked like he was gravely injured coughed up a bit of blood, but he still looked with a menacing expression towards us. My father spoke in a commanding voice

‘ Ganong give up your struggle, you can’t win against me. Surrender quietly then I will spare you. You will spend the rest of your life in prison but you will live, unlike you I don’t want to kill my own kin ‘

My uncle kept looking at us for a while then hanging his head down he maintained silence, seeing this my father lowered his sword. Suddenly my uncle…

Ganong inner POV :

‘ Shit,shit why is this happening, I should have been relaxing after my dinner but I am here fighting for my life, why did this happen. I started thinking of all events pertaining to this.

I ordered assassination of Elizabeth and her son to gain the Hall territory. It was successful and I was very happy. Now that James was seventeen, in one more year he will become the official heir to dukedom thus essentially making me the ruler of west Reinfield.

Everything was fine until today when all of a sudden the filthy third son of my brother returned after the testing ceremony, Humph, what if he underwent the testing ceremony,what affinity will he have as a mere son of a loose woman. I was thunderstruck when the results came, followed by my brothers words.

He said that I will die today, you are dreaming brother I will kill you and rule this dukedom,I will annihilate your entire family that was how it should have been but when did he reach eighth rank.

I can’t win against him, it is of no use. He is giving me a choice to spend my entire life in a prison. What does he think he is, even if he kills me I will never bow to him. That’s right, I will burn my own soul, it is a forbidden technique I once came across. It will give me a huge boost of power but I will most probably die  two minutes after initiating the technique.

I will use it to strike back. If I use it against Thenadier I will most probably critically injure him, even if I kill him his son will take over the dukedom and banish my family. No Thenadier I will let you experience hell on earth, I will kill your third son  ‘

Riddick POV:

Suddenly my uncle flew with an astonishing speed towards me. My mother was holding me in her arms, my father immediately reacted while my eldest brother who was standing right beside us came in between us to block the attack.

As my uncles fist hit my brother a clear crunch sound was heard from my brothers arm as it broke and he was smashed to a wall behind us. Then he rushed towards me but was intercepted by my father who was pushed back with a strong punch. Before he could react I was dragged away by my feet to about ten metres distance from my parents.

Uncles hand tightly grabbed my throat and squeezed it tightly, I was completely engulfed by fear that I would die today.

My father shouted

‘ Ganong, don’t do it. You can take anything you want but don’t hurt him ‘

My uncle laughed in a menacing manner and said ‘ Now experience hell Thenadier ‘

He was about to kill me by tearing my throat off, when suddenly a slight surge of energy entered his body from mine and he suddenly loosened his grip on me and fell like a puppet whose strings ate cut off.

When that energy entered Ganong, he suddenly heard a chilling voice incomparable to his own ‘ Die ‘. The next moment his soul was shred into a million pieces and he lost his life.

Deep in a pitch black plane a ghostly voice was speaking ‘ I can’t let you kill the boy, can I bug ‘

He spoke again ‘ Vera ‘

Tens of kilometres directly above the fight, a black clad woman with pitch black hair was staring at the fight that was going on the ground as if the clouds cannot obstruct her view.

As she was observing the fight, a pair of immortals were flying in the same area, only when they reached to a distance of  about  hundred metres did they notice the woman. As those who trained for hundreds of years they  had senses which can even notice a bird from tens of  kilometres away. They were very scared of this woman, who they could not even sense.

When she glanced at them they noticed her scarlet eyes, they instantly understood whoever she was, she can kill them with just a thought. They bowed deeply and flew of in opposite direction as fast as they could. Even if they were so scared they couldn’t help but take a look at the heavenly beauty they came across. Her charm was so heavenly that any man cannot resist taking a look at her, ignoring the life threat they felt. She was Vera.

Suddenly a voice resounded in her mind ‘ Vera ‘

‘ Yes, my lord ‘

‘ You have seen the boy. This is an order guide him ‘

‘ Your servant will oblige, my lord ‘

‘ Good, go make preparations ‘

‘ Yes, my lord ‘

Her figure which was present till then suddenly disappeared without a hint of trace.

Near the castle after Ganong’s death Riddick was surrounded by family members, directly above them there was a minute crack in space from which Void was viewing the scene.

He suddenly said ‘ How was the experience of your first fight boy ‘,this was directly transmitted to Riddick’s mind.

He said after a while ‘ I thought I was going to die, but the fight was ……. awesome. Can I become strong like my father ‘

‘ Of course you will, only much much stronger ‘ ha ha.


9 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 7 First Fight

  1. Btw “just a thought” is a used when offering an idea or a suggestion. You don’t have to come with us. It was just a thought. Suggestion is to switch “with just a thought” to “just with a thought” or just delete “just”. Also I am waiting for your reply to my question in Chapter 3.


  2. But my father had a amusing smile on his face contrary to the savage expression on my uncles face.

    an should be used instead of a

    But my father had an amusing smile on his face contrary to the savage expression on my uncles face.


  3. he suddenly loosened his grip on me and fell like a puppet whose strings ate cut off

    you should change ate to were

    he suddenly loosened his grip on me and fell like a puppet whose strings were cut off


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