Book 1 – Chapter 8 New life

Author notes: Hi guys this chapter cools down the heated up things of previous chapters. I think this kind of chapters are important as well because they contribute very much for story development.



After that fateful day my position in the clan took a complete turn. My father called a general clan meeting to announce the truth to everyone. Everyone were initially shocked and suspicious but how could they talk back and ask questions about some thing the clan leader announced.

My father changed my living quarter from clan mansions to inner chambers, I was provided with a dozen maids as my personal servants and was seated right next to my father at the dining table.

All this changes initially made me  uncomfortable, I was too accustomed to my quiet life. Now that I was declared as the next Duke of west Reinfield many nobles visited me, they were obviously trying to get close with me.

I was showered with love by many people but I decided to not believe in any except my family as I already had a thorough understanding of human nature.

The Elders kept quiet about my  matter as ordered by my father. The branch family was bitter about the death of their leader but what could they say, it was their leader who was the main instigator. They were already very vary of me because my father announced  that very day that whoever the offender is, whether they are elders or brothers they will be executed in case of any harm directed towards me.

Branch family was ordered to serve as my subordinates for a century after my assumption of Dukedom as their punishment. They were furious of my father’s decision, a person who will most probably become their next leader shouted that they were not going to allow this injustice. He was shouting that my father has lost his mind in asking the branch family to serve a eight year old kid.

He most probably did this to win the favour of members of branch family, only to have my father order the soldiers to arrest him. My father gave him a three years imprisonment as punishment for going against his orders. This made the branch family members to shut their mouths.

The situation completely changed after the meeting. My position in the clan skyrocketed becoming on par with my eldest brother James.

Brother James who was injured in the battle was healed by magic, but he was still recuperating so he did not attend the general clan meeting. After adjusting to the changes that happened in my life I went to give my greetings to my elder brother.

I went to his inner chambers, a maid in waiting informed of my arrival to my brother. He asked to immediately show me into his bed room, after going into the bed room I bowed and said

‘ Greetings big brother. Is your condition good ‘

‘ Riddick, you will never bow to me again, understood ‘

‘ ……. Understood big brother ‘

‘ So how have you been Riddick ‘

‘ I am fine big brother ‘

‘ I see, is there anything you are dissatisfied with ‘

‘ No, Not at all ‘

‘ To tell you the truth, both me and gates knew about your matter long ago but we were ordered to keep quiet about it ‘

‘ ……. I see ‘

‘ About the matter concerning your exam, no one knew about it except us. We were afraid that they might attack you on the way out of suspicion. When I saw the results I was so thrilled that I immediately returned to inform father who had been eagerly waiting for the results.

Brother you suffered much these past few years, I am ashamed to even call myself your big brother when I just stood and watched as you were insulted  by those people. I could not do much in the past but I will definitely protect you in future. Promise me Riddick you will come to me when you want help ‘

I was feeling surges of various emotions when I heard this from my brother as someone who never had a brother to rely upon, I was moved to the core. So my brothers loved me this much, my family loved me this much I was living in nothing but an illusion that I was at least not hated by my family while in reality they loved me so much. I answered my brother

‘ I promise brother, I will come to you when I am in need of anything ‘

‘ Thank you for forgiving this worthless brother of yours Riddick ‘

‘ No brother why should I forgive you. You never did anything wrong ‘

‘ This answer only shows your pure nature, anyway now that the you are free of all shackles you should enjoy yourself ‘

I beamed happily and answered ‘ Yes, brother ‘

After I returned from my brothers place and retired to my chambers Void started talking to me

‘ So how are going to enjoy kid ‘

‘ I don’t have time to enjoy ‘

‘ Ho, why don’t you have time ‘

‘ I want to become strong, I have to become strong soon . Void teach me ‘

‘ Why are you in such a hurry kid, you can take a break of few days. I know it is my contract that you have to fulfill a wish of mine but you can still take a break you know ‘

‘ Who said I wanted to become strong to fulfill your wish, I wish to become strong for myself. Your wish is only some thing I will fulfill on my way to become strongest ‘

‘ ha haha hahaha a kids dream to become the strongest, truly a ridiculous dream but I like it so I will help you ‘

Void’s inner dialogue   ‘ Become the strongest he says that is some thing said by only two kinds of people either fools or kings who stand above all. Who would you be kid ‘

‘ So what should I do Void ‘

‘ For now ask your father to hire a mage instructor for you ‘

‘ Why? Can’t you teach me yourself ‘

‘ I can but my existence should remain hidden so a instructor will be a nice camouflage under which I can teach you magic ‘

‘ But won’t that instructor find about chaos, it will be a problem right ‘

‘ Don’t worry about unnecessary things kid your big sis will take care of them, for now go and ask your father to hire a instructor ‘

‘ My big sis who is she? ‘

‘ You will soon see her, now go ‘

‘ Alright, I understand ‘

Who is this big sis Void talked about well no use thinking about her, Void said I will soon see her. I should now go and ask my father I wonder who will be my mage instructor.


5 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 8 New life

  1. they were obviously trying to get become close with me.

    you should use either get or become not both

    they were obviously trying to become close with me.

    they were obviously trying to get close with me.


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