Book 1 – Chapter 9 The Letter

Author notes: Hi guys, soon the story will enter the next phase. I know you can all guess it after reading the chapter. So look forward for the upcoming chapters.



       Imperial capital of Great Alliance is located in Restia kingdom. This city is always bustling with people. It is incomparable to the Reinfield dukedom. Many prominent clans as well as organisations have their headquarters in this city.

         Imperial capital is located in a mountain valley surrounded by four great mountains which act as its natural fortresses. The gaps between the mountains are blocked by great walls which can be compared to small mountains thus essentially making the city an impregnable fortress.

      The area covered by this circular walls is very large, large enough to construct at least five imperial capitals. So various industries along with farmlands and all other necessities are produced within the walls making it totally self sufficient.

      The four great mountains act as bases for four great organisations of the alliance, they are

North mountain – Military Headquarters
South mountain – Magic Headquarters
East Mountain – Great alliance Headquarters
West Mountain – Restia Academy.

          Located in between the the city is the grand imperial palace. The Restia kingdom holds so much importance because it is the strongest of all eight kingdoms as well as it was the kingdom which proposed and made the alliance.

           Restia academy is named in honour of royal family of Restia kingdom. This academy is called one of the four great organisations despite being just a school because of three immortal masters who reside there. It is known to every one that one of them is immortal mage while the other is a immortal warrior. The matters regarding the third master who is called great master by the other two are not known to many people.

            This academy is also responsible for the education of all capable warriors or mages and only allows superior individuals to study in it. Only talented individuals are accepted into it every year yet the number of students in the academy is very high.

    The academy can’t cater to all students by itself so they send their numerous students as instructors when a request is made by powerful or rich people. This is permitted by the academy because this will increase the number of mages in the Alliance even if they are only of low rank and to discover any hidden talents so that they can be given better education in the academy.

         Duke Thenadier when approached by Riddick to have a mage instructor decided to apply for a mage instructor from Restia academy because he wanted his son to have the best education possible. He could have asked the mages in his army to teach Riddick but he didn’t.

      The letter written by Duke Thenadier reached Restia academy in ten days. Since the letter was sent by a Duke of Alliance, it was considered a medium recommendation letter. Only a letter by King will be counted as a high level recommendation and a mage of at least seventh rank will be sent as a instructor. So it was decided that a fifth order mage will be sent as an instructor for the Duke’s son.

       That very day when the letter reached Restia academy. Inside the great temple, a quiet room on the top floor a man of great presence was seated in a meditative posture. He was the great master of Restia academy Alfred . He suddenly noticed that his brothers the two immortals were coming to meet him from a distance of about a kilometre. He smiled and waited for them.

          After discussing some matters with them he went back to meditation while his brothers returned, he rarely involves in the matters of academy. His two brothers act as directors for mage and warrior departments. After a long while he finally ended his meditation and opened his eyes only to see a woman standing near the door.

Alfred’s POV:

        I opened my eyes only to see a woman standing near the door, long years of training as well as experience prevented me shouting out of fear. I was considered as one of the strongest in the world yet I couldn’t even sense her when she entered. I have no way of knowing how long she has been here, why is she here. I don’t think I ever angered the true rulers of this world, is she here on their orders.

          Even if I knew that my life is no longer in my hands I couldn’t help but notice that she is very beautiful, after calming myself I asked with a respectful voice

‘ My lady, who are you? ‘

She upon hearing me released a sigh and said ‘ I thought you will sleep till my patience ends so I was thinking of killing you ‘

I shivered upon hearing this because I knew that this was definitely not a joke. I hurriedly asked ‘ How can this humble being help you My lady ‘

‘ Alright baldy, listen carefully to everything I will say now, I will not repeat and I will not tolerate any interruptions ‘

‘ I understand My lady ‘

‘ My name is Vera, For the next few years I will be residing in this academy. I want you to send a letter to the Duke of Reinfield of Darci Kingdom. A letter should have arrived by now asking a mage instructor for his third son, you will send a letter offering his son a seat in this academy. You will at any cost have him accept your invitation. Understood? ‘

‘ I will personally make a trip at your command ‘

‘ No need, just send the letter and it will be enough, also you are forbidden to speak about me to anyone including your brothers. I will stay as invisible as possible here my only concern will be about that boy. Understood ‘

‘ I understand my lady. What are your further instructions? ‘

‘ Make a house for me in the forest behind the academy and prohibit anyone from entering into the forest ‘

‘ Understood my lady ‘

‘ You will never speak of anything I discussed till now or anything I will tell you in the future  to any soul in existence or I will kill you along with your family to the last infant. Do you Understand ‘

My throat clenched and I answered ‘ Yes, my lady ‘

‘ Also you will call me Vera if you ever come across me in front of anyone. Say whatever story you want to your brothers but keep them out of my way ‘

‘ I understand my lady ‘

      After saying this she disappeared in an instant I could not even see her movement. Only after she disappeared that I relaxed a little. Why was she so interested in that kid but it is of no concern to me, a person should know his limits it is out of my power to stop her. So I will just do everything ordered by her and hope it all goes for best.

            Later the great master ordered the chief of the instructor allocation department to do as he says and keep quiet about it. The chief was baffled but he did as he was ordered, who was he to ask the great master.

       A month later a letter came to the Great Marshall Castle from the Restia academy. This letter will be a turning point in the life of Riddick.


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  1. Ya a proofread would be nice, it’s only a small things here and there, but it’s tedious to figure out the word and re- read the sentence. By no means is this bad, believe me i have seen hell with grammar before, so this isn’t bad, just as a reader, it would be appreciated.


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