Book 1 – Chapter 10-Departure

Author notes: Hi guys, this marks the completion of first arc. I apologise for the short chapter and for the long author notes that is below. I recommend that you read it because it answers the common question of majority people.

Question :  What is this novel, I thought the MC is OP. Oh yeah he finally acquired a OP cheat in chapter 4,WTF he is crying in his mothers arms in chapter 6, he is a coward in chapter 7 and that cheesy BL(Brothers Love) in chapter 8. This is shit I’m dropping it.

Answer: OoO guys,hold your horses. I knew from the very beginning that the first arc will be slow and shows the various sides of our MC. The first arc essentially shows our MC as a eight year old kid, so he behaved as a kid. Some story may have a one year old kid born with super powers destroying stars and making a harem but not mine.

                 I knew that many people won’t like it so I hurriedly completed it in just 4 days. The real story starts only now, but the arc one of this story is very essential for the future of this novel as any story without a basic storyline will definitely lose its charm at some point.

           I promise you that we will have a blast in the next arc. Oh yeah, I said that you guys can easily guess what the next phase will about in last chapter, well I was kidding you are in for a major surprise. If you can guess please comment.

As a side note I only used that rough tone because I thought you guys will like it, if some of you feel offended please PM me I will definitely change it.


          I was in my personal study reading a book on mana properties, Void was explaining me many things as I read through them. It has been almost two months since the fight, I was doing my best during this period by gaining the knowledge about mages and magic which I severely lacked. Void told me no matter how much affinity I have I can never become strong before conquering the basics.

            Suddenly a servant came informing me that my father summoned me to his chambers. I immediately started going to my fathers chambers. This was the first time he actually summoned me during the past two months, usually he never disturbs me. I came to a conclusion that this should be related to my mage instructor who will be arriving in a few days.

       Upon reaching my fathers study I was surprised to find my mother along with my brothers in a serious discussion with my father. I could see a single envelope on the table between them. Upon seeing me  they stopped their talk and asked me to sit down. Understanding the serious nature of topic I silently sat down.

  My father started talking first
‘ Riddick, Do you know about Restia Academy ‘

‘ Yes father ‘

‘ Last month I sent a letter asking a instructor for you. We received their reply today ‘

‘ Ah, so who will be my instructor father? ‘

‘ There will be no one coming ‘

‘ Impossible did they refuse? Father you are a Duke how can they refuse your request ‘

‘ They did not refuse us but they gave us an offer ‘

‘ what offer father ‘

My father very hesitantly looked at the envelope then towards my mother, my mother nodded as if asking my father to continue He then said

‘ You are being offered a seat in Restia academy Riddick ‘

‘ Really! It is a wonderful news but how can it be possible I only have high affinity ‘

I was excitedly thinking when I suddenly realised the reason for their sad expressions. If I have to attend the academy I have to leave the house. I don’t want to leave but I also want to attend the academy.

       I became quiet after realising the meaning of attending the academy. The distance between my home and academy is too large. Even by using the best mount’s it will take at least a month to travel to and fro from the academy. So I definitely can’t visit frequently. It will take a minimum of three years before I can come back by taking a long leave.

  ‘ So Riddick What did you decide ‘

‘ Father, I really don’t want to leave you but……..’

‘ Riddick what ever your decision is we will respect it. So speak ‘

‘ Father I want to go to the Restia academy ‘

‘ ……… Very well, I understand ‘

‘ You have no problem having me go to the academy, you won’t oppose my decision ‘

‘ Riddick, we as your parents toyed with your life for too long. We don’t have any right for stopping you. It is a decision you made so we will respect it ‘

‘ Thank you father ‘

‘ You don’t have much time the academy classes will begin in just a month. To make yourself comfortable in the new environment you will leave the day after tomorrow so that you can have  time to prepare yourself  before the classes begin. Now go make preparations ‘

  ‘ Yes, father ‘

     After the my talk with my father I returned to my inner chambers. I asked Void whether it was his job that I was invited to the institute, he said it is most probably done by big sis.

        I packed my belongings along with my practice sword I had for more than three years. Two days passed in a blink while I was busy doing many things.

         Early in the morning I was in front of the castle ready to embark on my journey. My family was there to send me off. I bowed to my father for his blessings, kissed my mother, shook hands with my brothers and patted my sister. Finally I will be going to the academy.

    Void’s voice suddenly resounded in my mind ‘ Kid tell them that you will not be probably back for five years ‘

‘ Isn’t it three years ‘

‘ Do it ‘

  I told them as I was instructed and bid them good bye.

       The carriage moved forward and with it my motivation. I will soon begin my mage training, I wonder how the academy would be like.

I asked Void ‘ Do you think I will like the academy,Void ‘

‘ I don’t know about the academy but you definitely will not forget these upcoming five years ‘

  ‘ Why do I feel that there is a underlying meaning behind your words ‘

‘ ha ha soon you will know it ‘


3 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 10-Departure

  1. for gods sake he’s only 8 years old and hasn’t gone through any training what so ever so why are people giving you a hard time about your story when it hasn’t even hardly started yet. thank you very much for the chapter

    Liked by 1 person

    • Too many people are accustomed to over powered todlers who have twenty people living inside them with the savageness of a serial killer and families who all want to kill them… I loved it when he was protected by his brother and mother. It is realistic especially when he had a pie fall from the sky that is Void and Vera. Whatthe heck is an ordinary eight year old supposed to do? Suddenly spit fire at his uncle when he hadn’t even trained once? Some people need to chill out.


  2. Does the sister have any relevance at all? Other than mentioning her and the second son, they have nothing to do with the story. People can complain all they want, this isn’t a reincarnation, and this isn’t Close combat mage, which is so unrealistic with the MC. Nice to see character development slowly, not just in 10 chapters.


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