Book 1 – Chapter 11 Three years

Author notes: Hi guys, nothing much this marks the beginning of second arc. As promised this arc will be spicy so look forward for the chapters.



         A lush forest which is teaming with life, many  magical beasts could be seen if carefully examined. In such a place only the strong or cunning survive, many fights are fought each day. The loser becomes the food of stronger, here life and death follows the perfect natural cycle. In this forest in front of a certain cave one could  see a fight going on between a two headed hellhound and a seemingly young boy.

           The boy had a slender yet tough build. He is about 1.3 metres in height. He was wielding a long Japanese sword in his hand, the sword was almost as long as himself. Any one looking at him wonders how can he wield such a long sword.

         He is closely observing the hell hound, the hell hound is a magical beast of sixth rank. Usually it can kill such a young human child easily but it was watching him with a alert gaze because somehow it could sense danger from him.

       Suddenly the beast started a mad rush towards the boy as if aiming to crush the boy. The boy parried the rush with his long sword. If one observed carefully then one can see a faint electric current passing through the sword.

        As the beast took the sword strike it howled in pain as the electric current passed through its body. In rage it swept its claws clad in fire towards the boy, the boy leapt into the air and somersaulted before falling. As he fell he planted both his feet on one of the beast’s head.

        The beast head suddenly exploded with bright current and it staggered back. This was the result of the an advanced magic called ‘ Twin ion induction ‘. When two currents with positive and negative charges are passed through two points. The current is circulated in the body and cancels itself becoming a neutral charge which essentially super charges the ions already present in the body thus exploding the body part from inside.

      It was followed by a diagonal down slash of the boys sword aiming at the remaining head. The sword suddenly became engulfed with flames, it struck heavily against the beast’s neck. The beast was not afraid of the fire because it was a fire style magic beast so it had a very high resistance for fire element. It disregarded the sword slash because it wanted to kill the boy when he got closer to it as the beast was thinking about such things the sword struck against its neck and cleaved it like a tofu. Even after its death it had a unbelievable look in its eyes.

       The beast was intelligent but it underestimated the opponent, the fire on the sword was just a diversion to confuse the opponent, how can they realise that the sword had both lightning and fire energy in it. This was one of Void attribute application ‘ lightning fire sword ‘ That boy is Riddick.       

         Riddick after taking a long look at the beast sighed and said to the dead beast ‘ You were weaker than me so naturally you will become my prey. Thank you, I definitely won’t waste you, you will become a nice barbeque ‘

          Riddick started collecting meat from the now dead hell hound and took it towards his camp which is present on a small hill. He lived in a cave at a height of two hundred metres above the ground level. After climbing to the cave he stored the meat in a rack he made in the cave and started making a fire.

          Roasting the food he began thinking about his future as well as his family. It has been three years since he saw them. Seeing the lush forest from his elevated position he released a heavy sigh. He began thinking of events that happened it the past three years.

   ‘ I wonder where big sis Vera is ‘

  Void spoke ‘ She has no reason to be here, you already got the incantations of spells up to ninth rank while you are still far behind, useless ‘

‘ Don’t call me useless Void, I reached fifth rank as a mage and third rank as a warrior in just three years. I know there might be some people who are better than me but I still worked very hard ‘

‘ That reminds me kid, you always train extra hard when Vera is around. Don’t tell me boy you fell for her, If you value your life then forget your desires ‘

‘ What .. what are you talking about, it is nothing like that I just want to show her that I am a hardworking student ‘

‘ ya ya I understand, remember you still only have two years to complete the task given by Vera other wise you will at least take a decade before you can go back to your family, by then they would most probably assume you dead ‘

‘ Humph, I understand. I will continue training though I want to end this now I will die for certain if I fight against that earth dragon now. I just have to reach to next mage rank in two years ‘

‘ Don’t talk about it so easily kid, by the time you started your mage training you already had a first rank mage force and spiritual power. Then you took three months before you reached second rank six months to reach third rank, ten months to reach forth rank and a year and half to reach fifth rank kid.

      As you can see the difficulty will continue to rise for each rank you gain. The chances of you defeating the earth dragon at your current power is close to nil. So work hard Riddick. ‘

‘ Huh, I understand ‘

      After talking with Riddick and completing my dinner I sat in a meditating posture and started meditating. I thought of the reason why I have to defeat the dragon and why it will take ten years to reach my home.

       That day after leaving my house,the carriage traveled peacefully for about ten days and we entered into the Restia kingdom. One afternoon as we were travelling I was peacefully reading my book when the carriage stopped. Taking a look at what caused it to stop I saw the the most beautiful woman I have ever seen standing in front of me.

      Even though my mother is very beautiful still she can’t compare to heavenly beauty in front of me. I was seeing her in a daze when suddenly she opened her mouth and said in a charming voice to the guards ‘ Go back  and tell the duke that Riddick safely reached the  Restia academy ‘

All guards instantly responded ‘ yes ma’am ‘ and they started going back after putting my luggage outside the carriage. Only after they started going back I realised that I was alone with her but wait why did the guards leave me, did she cast a instant hypnosis on them.

   Void’s voice resounded in my mind ‘ She is Vera, your big sis ‘ I  instantly calmed down at least she is not an enemy.

She lifted me in an instant and my luggage disappeared at the same time. we flew in the air and I was astonished that she was an immortal. We arrived at a seemingly ancient temple, she flew directly to the top most floor where a old man was sitting in meditative posture. Upon seeing her he immediately bowed deeply while she ordered him

‘ Baldy, you will tell anyone who come for this boy that a great mage has taken interest in the boy and decided to personally train him so no can meet the boy without the masters permission, by the way the master will be me so without my permission don’t make any promises to any one understand ‘

‘ Yes, my lady ‘

  After saying this she travelled at a speed   much faster than before and after travelling for ten minutes we finally reached a valley. Though I say valley it is more like a huge crater from the sky. Vera big sis said

‘ This valley will be your assignment. In five years you have to conquer it. You have to kill or subdue the strongest magical beast of this valley the Earth Dragon of seventh rank. I will leave after teaching you the training methods and I will also give you all spells till ninth rank.

        I will come to check upon you from time to time to see your progress. Any questions? ‘

‘ What happens if I can’t complete your assignment big sis Vera ‘

‘ Nothing but I will leave you here and won’t bring you back, just so you know we are more than ten thousand kilometres inland from the beginning of Great Northern Wilderness also you have to cross the entire Northern empire before you enter into the Great alliance ‘

‘ That… that is at least Twenty thousand kilometres, it will at least take ten years on foot ‘

‘ Yes, so work hard ‘

        I inwardly thought that This is insane.


9 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 11 Three years

    • Katana is also an earth term but I agree. A single bladed Curved sword or a sabre could also be used? Even though the sabre is not the same, at least it better fits the setting.


  1. Meh, Void seems like such an idiot for being all you need a instructor to cover for my teaching and then ‘oh Vera got you into a academy well shit.’ And then we aren’t even going to the academy.

    What’s even the point of the academy thing other than for you to go “You thought you were going to get some interesting school stories? Well you were wrong! Hahaa!” So far this seems to be just getting worse and worse, maybe it’ll get better later on.


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