Book 1 – Chapter 12- Gathering of Immortals

Author notes : Hi guys, gsdreddy here. Sorry for the late update and I have news for you guys. After discussing with my family and friends I came to a conclusion. I will be implementing two changes to my writings from this chapter.

1) I am increasing the chapters length. So the new chapters will be twice as longer as old chapters (hurray!)

2) I will try to increase the quality of my writings to please my readers and make my story a better one. Since I want to achieve that I will be lowering the release rate by a small degree. But I guarantee at least three chapters every week.

Without further ado……

Gathering of Immortals:

             I was meditating quietly in my cave, three and a half years has passed since the beginning of my training. During the past six months I was entirely engrossed in training, my spiritual energy and mage force are increasing at high speed. I was constantly practising the different combination of spells I thought of during my free time. My control over choas is increasing over time.

         One afternoon I was meditating when I felt a enormous surge of energy. Carefully I came out of my cave and maintaining a low position I observed my surroundings. I was trying to find the  source of that energy but what I saw stunned me. I could not even take my eyes of the sky, at the same time I was very scared.

         Flying in the sky were at least a hundred immortal who were spread out in a circular formation trying to contain a enormous immortal black snake with wings. The snake was at least a kilometre long and had massive wings along with a massive body. It had multiple wounds on its body, must be the result of its fight with those immortals.

           Suddenly the snake started talking  ‘ Is this how you fight Mycroft. Don’t you have shame, if you truly think you have even a bit of honour come fight me in a fair fight.’

     A golden haired gentleman wearing a deep red long robe with a smile on his face came forward and said in a calm voice ‘ Why should I honour your words Black Gerald, you will die today at any cost. Any person who has seen the true nature of us  Retribution church shall die. We can’t let any information regarding our church to leak.

           I will give you a choice Gerald, hand over the divine treasure you have in your possession and I will let you die a peaceful death. There is no way for you to win or flee, so submit to your fate. ‘

    The  black snake let out a long Hiss and spoke ‘ What makes you think I am in possession of a divine treasure, you are mistaken Mycroft ‘

       The one called Mycroft let out a small laugh then his eyes turned murderous  ‘ Our information is definitely true, you do have a divine treasure in your possession, you have been evading us for a hundred years. The losses our church incurred chasing you are huge, many of our experts perished fighting you, after we finally managed to injure you do you really think I will let you live ‘

        Gerald let out a mocking laugh and said ‘ So this is your true nature, Mycroft I wonder what those innocent people will do if they knew the real you ‘

    ‘ Yes this is is my true nature so what, as long as no evidence is left there is nothing to worry. I will also erase any and all evidences present here as well ‘

      I came back to reality after hearing those words, there are at least a hundred immortals directly above me so it is impossible that they haven’t sensed me yet, all immortals possessed frightening senses and it is impossible to hide from them unless you are extremely talented in concealing techniques or an immortal yourself.

       So the one called Mycroft realised that I was watching here at the very beginning but he did not do anything. Of course there are at least a hundred immortals by his side so he can kill a mere fifth rank mage like me at any time. I have to get away from here as soon as possible maybe they won’t chase me as they are still fighting the black snake.

      Realising my thoughts Void said ‘ Riddick, your reasoning is correct, you have maintained your cool even after realising that you are in a grave situation. The solution you thought of won’t save you though, the distance you travel in a whole day can be trans versed by them in mere minutes so they can catch up to you easily ‘

     I frantically asked Void ‘ Is there any other way to survive then ‘

    Void answered with a smile ‘ Originally this is a dead end and you would have died for certain, but your luck is good Vera thought that you may encounter an immortal when she is absent so she casted a camouflage spell on you. If you are static, then people can’t even realise that  you are a life form, even if you use your magic others can only see you as a fifth rank magical beast ‘

       I groaned after he explained me this ‘ Why can’t you say such crucial information earlier I thought that I was done for ‘
    Void laughter rang out in my mind ‘ It is not possible to place you in such situations too often so young one thoroughly register the state of mind you had a moment before, that should be the calmness you have to maintain in front of your opponent ‘

       ‘ ya ya Void sensei is very intelligent, I will definitely remember the wisdom you imparted to me for the rest of my life ‘

       ‘ Don’t make those sarcastic comments kid, now forget about our problem and closely look at what is happening over there. It will give you an idea of the world of immortals kid ‘

     ‘ Void I have a question, how are there so many immortals here I thought that immortals could be counted on fingers ‘

   Void said ‘ That is just the thinking of mortals, true the immortals are rare here on Asgard continent because it is left as the living place of mortals but that is only limited to this plane there are other planes in this world where you can only enter after becoming an immortal. That is the place where the true rulers of this world reside. ‘

       ‘ But how can these people accept them as true rulers, may be they are strong but all of them are still immortals ‘

        Void laughed loudly and said ‘ Riddick, it is not surprising that you know nothing about immortal ranking system, very few mortals have knowledge about it, after all what use will they have knowing about something they have no use for. It is possible that your father knew about this but he never explained it to you as you were very young when you left your house. Kid, the immortals are divided into many ranks, the system of their division is much complex than mortal rankings ‘
      ‘ Really, then tell me about it ‘

Void explained ‘ The plane of Asgard is connected to three other planes, all of them exist in one world but they exist in different dimensions. It is highly possible that Asgard has existed for countless millenniums so even if it produced only few immortals every century the number of immortals would be ridiculous.

      All people who have reached the  tenth rank in as warriors or mages are called immortals because they can now train in the true way of nature not because they can’t be killed. The immortals are divided into three stages in  mortal planes they are beginner divine disciple, divine disciple, peak divine disciple.

     All these stages have power difference   that is immeasurably large. A single divine disciple can most probably kill a hundred beginning divine disciple without much effort. So the hierarchy of immortals is absolute.

       There are three planes for these disciples, each corresponding for each their level of their strength. There are however some rules they have to follow, which are set by the peak divine disciples.

    The planes by them self’s are one way passages. So you can’t return to lower planes unless you reach the limit of training in that plane . So it is like this
A peak beginner disciple can come back to Asgard continent from his plane but if he goes into next rank then he can only come back after becoming a peak divine disciple and it is the same for peak divine disciples as well.

     Even though they are named peak.    divine disciples there are quantitative differences between them, they can come back to Asgard continent only after reaching the absolute limits a divine disciple can reach.

            It is set in this way because the three higher planes are individually connected to Asgard and a plane can only support the passage of a disciple of its corresponding strength. If a higher disciple tries to go through a lower level passage way it can’t support him and will collapse leading to his death. Also it requires a person to be at peak of ones level to open a passage way in that plane.

         There are however no restrictions for a higher disciple from going to a lower plane. So a divine disciple can travel to lower plane at his will. The same goes for peak divine disciples. Do you understand everything thing until now? ‘

    I listened to all that Void said in amazement, I thought becoming a immortal is already the peak of what one can become through training but according to Void the immortals of this continent are nothing but low level disciples. Then I suddenly realised that Void said that this is the limit of what one can reach in mortal plane.

       I asked Void ‘ What lies above the limits of peak divine disciples Void? ‘

Void answered ‘ After one reaches the limits, a divine disciple can reach then he undergoes a complete change in soul and body. He then gains a true divine body and has to go to divine planes to further continue his training. Information regarding the divine planes is not necessary for you at this stage. Now carefully carefully observe the fight ‘

   ‘ OK, Void ‘

     Although the dialogue between sounds long it was finished in only a few minutes. The talk between the two groups was going on when I got a doubt.

I asked Void ‘ So at what level are these people Void ‘

‘ I do not know that, I can’t send my spiritual energy to sense them because it is highly possible that they can discover us. I can however estimate that they are at least divine disciples or higher. ‘

      ‘ I see, Void if these people can move between planes why don’t they conquer the Asgard continent. It should be very easy for them ‘

     ‘ Conquering the Asgard continent is simplicity in itself but you should know that they are people who have embarked on the road of immortality so the attachments they have for mortal possessions are bare minimum also there is an unmentioned rule among all higher planes that immortals can not interfere with mortal world too much and disturb it.

           Going too overboard will lead to unwanted attraction from the true rulers of this world, the strongest people present in each plane. They are people who have lived for millenniums and getting into their bad sides will only result in death of every one involved. So these people generally don’t interfere in mortal affairs. ‘

             ‘ I see, then what is that black snake it is too huge. I have seen many magical beasts but none of them can compare with this snake it is also a powerful immortal which can still stay alive after being confronted by hundreds of immortals ‘

      Void answered  ‘ That is an immortal God beast. God beasts are magical beasts of higher rank usually magical beasts who train into tenth rank can become a immortal but god beasts are different they are born immortal and have far higher strength compared to ordinary beasts. It is extremely difficult to deal with them as they are born with very high life force and are hundreds of times stronger than ordinary immortal beast. So it is generally considered that a immortal can never win against a god beast if they are of same rank. ‘

      ‘ Oh! I never knew that there are so many different kinds of beasts in nature, but can these god beasts be tamed like magical beasts. ‘

      ‘ It is already difficult to tame a magical beast of high rank so it is almost impossible to tame a god beast as they choose death instead of serving others. So even among divine planes it is rare to see a person with a god beast as his mount.

          It is however not rare to see a strong immortal and a god beast in collaboration as companions ‘

    ‘ So at what level is Vera big sis? ‘

‘ You need not know that for now so quietly observe them and enough with your questions ‘

      I nodded my head and saw that immortals and god beast Gerald have entered into a fighting stance there is nothing I can do at my current power so I will quietly observe them and hope everything goes for best

     The fight began as God beast black snake unleashed a world shaking roar strong enough to make cracks in dimensional layer.           


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