Book 1 – Chapter 13 Raging battle

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Raging battle:

            The god beast black snake unleashed a world shaking roar, and it swept his its tail towards the immortals who were present at its rear. A tail of any snake is usually very muscular and moves with a speed second only to it’s head. As a god beast  it had strength millions of times greater than ordinary snakes, the tail moved with lightning speed and struck against the ten or so immortals present at its rear.

       Four of the six immortals dodged the tail strike barely while others were not so lucky. The powerful tail strike took the life out of four immortals in an instant, while the two others who were struck retreated at high speed as they were most probably heavily injured.

          All this happened in an instant while at the same time other immortals started their attacks, their leader Mycroft ordered a continuous barrage of spells from the immortal mages while warrior immortals were ordered to prevent the God beast from reaching the mages. A traditional attack pattern with focus on ranged attack and using close combat forces from reaching the ranged attackers.

     Void asked me ‘ What do you think of this strategy Riddick? ‘

    After thinking for a while I answered      ‘ This seemingly ordinary strategy is called basic because it was used countless times and succeeded in many cases, It is a low risk high gain strategy. Mycroft has advantage of high numbers so there is no reason to take risks by ordering a blind barrage of attacks, he can effectively use the high number of people at his side to completely suppress the enemy and kill it in a systematic manner.
               Also seeing the first attack of the God beast we can see that it still has enough power to at least kill the low tier members of the immortal group. So if they attack blindly it is possible that they will suffer huge losses in this fight. So this strategy is highly suitable to ruthlessly deal with the god beast without letting it use its advantage ‘

             Void nodded and said ‘ Indeed, you have correctly deduced the advantage each group possess also the advantage  immortal group gains by using this strategy. Remember, strategy is always important when dealing with your opponents. A lion can be killed by a group of weak humans if they successfully capture it where it can’t exhibit any of its power so never underestimate an enemy.

     Conversely it is also true that you can prevail against a stronger opponent if you make correct preparations ‘

         While we were talking spiritually, the black snake fed up with the formation where it was constricted  immediately increased its speed to the limits and started escaping in opposite direction, for the sake of strong formation and to avoid unnecessary casualties all members of formation were gathered in one location.

           When the god beast started fleeing all warriors who were using close combat hit and run tactics started chasing it. The god beast who was retreating at high speed suddenly turned around and breathed a huge flame engulfing several immortals chasing after it in the fire. The fire breathed was very powerful and directly reduced some immortals present very close it to ashes while several others were burned severely.

  Watching the fight Void spoke ‘ Riddick did you watch the move the black snake made just now, objectively speaking it should have died without doing anything against that army of immortals but it faked a move of retreating at its highest speed thus successfully fooled them.

             You move at your highest speed in an instant at a critical junction of fight only. This is possible in two situations, one when you are going to make a critical move which will shift the fight in your favour. Second, when you are fleeing from a battle.

           Suddenly using your Max speed in a battle takes a lot of toll on your body. So it is usually not done unless there is no choice. So by using this move the black snake fooled them into  believing that it was fleeing, making them to follow it blindly. Thus it successfully escaped the situation where it would have certain death ‘

     I asked Void ‘ Even with that surprise attack the Immortals killed by the black snake number only fifteen. The immortals won’t be fooled again by such tactics, why do you say that it has successfully escaped the situation ‘

       Void answered ‘ Indeed, even after loosing fifteen individuals Mycroft’s  group still hold an advantage but the greatest blow the black snake struck was not physical but psychological. They believed that they had an absolute advantage over the black snake and will kill it without any difficulty.

             The black snake however completely shattered their idea by killing a few immortals in its counterattack thus making everyone present here fear it without them realising it themselves remember a psychological advantage is still an advantage in a fight ‘

     ‘ I see, that’s how it is but still the counterattack increased its chances by only a slight amount so the situation is still grave for it ‘

    ‘ Yes, it is but we can only watch for now. At your current level of power you can not intervene at any cost ‘

     ‘ Don’t worry I don’t want to intervene myself, I know my limits besides I have no reason to save the black snake ‘

    ‘ True ‘

          The immortals after getting counterattacked were grouped together at one place and some mages were healing the people who have escaped with their life, the face of Mycroft was ugly to behold. He shouted loudly.   

          ‘ Geraaald! You scum how dare you. I thought of giving you a peaceful death but now I am going to make you suffer to the point where you wished you were rather dead ‘

         The black snake Gerald spoke ‘ Stop your worthless provocations Mycroft if you have guts come fight me ‘

        Mycroft growled some orders under his breath and then brought an object wrapped in cloth out of nowhere. He then said ‘ Gerald listen closely because it would be last time you would feel any thing ‘

              He then unwrapped the cloth covering the object revealing a old bone. He then started reciting something under his breath. All people whether they were his followers or black snake started to immediately retreat at high speed.

      Suddenly the incantation ended and the bone started glowing in a eerie black colour. Mycroft released the bone from his hand and it started floating, he pointed his hand at the black snake and the bone flew at incredible speed and attacked it.
     An incredible  explosion happened in the next instant near the black snake and it released shocks which made a crater  below it. Fortunately I was far away from the explosion so no harm was caused to me.

       After the dust cleared up I could see the still alive god beast but it had wounds far worse than before, most of its tail was gone looks like it sacrificed it to lower the damage. The wings were completely destroyed and it looked like it was at the deaths door. It looked at the direction of Mycroft and laughed a self mocking laugh

‘ So you used the divine treasure death bone to kill me, I see so you are
willing to go this far to kill me but I won’t even let you have a single scale of mine nor the treasures I possess ‘ saying this it started chanting something

            I was too far away and my hearing was not sensitive enough so I could not hear it but Mycroft who listened to the chant became pale and he shouted ‘ Everyone flee, that Gerald is using the forbidden technique ‘ Vengeance of Soul ‘. Every immortal flew in separate direction as if their life depended on it.

        I was going to ask Void what  Vengeance of Soul is but the answer was given to me directly by black snake Gerald. His body exploded and the tremendous explosion engulfing every thing in its path, the explosion this time was not like any thing I have ever seen.

         Even that divine treasure did not cause any thing like this, it was incomparable. The entire valley of hundred kilometres was engulfed by the explosion. It reached me within seconds and I thought that this time I am definitely done for but a strange energy came out of my chest completely engulfing me just before the explosion reached me.

          I am definitely alive because of that strange energy that is surrounding me. Everything around me is burning and I could see the source of explosion the black snake’s corpse burning at a distance. I asked Void

‘ Is this black energy yours Void ‘

‘ No it is not mine it belongs to you, it is generated from the day you started training in choas attribute but you can only control it after you enter into immortal realm so I am controlling it for now.

             By the way go to that god beasts corpse i sense something over there ‘

       I carefully started going through the now burning forest. I was far away from the corpse and it would take some time before I reach it so I asked Void ‘ What is Vengeance of Soul Void ‘

‘ Vengeance of Soul is a technique where a dying individual gives up his right to enter into the cycle of reincarnation and instead decides to kill his enemies.

      A flame glows its brightest right before it dies out similarly a soul which used Vengeance of Soul will gain tremendous power in last moments  of its life ‘

   ‘ I see, so his soul has been shred out of existence and he will never reincarnate again ‘

           We reached the corpse of god beast it was already completely burnt off leaving only bones which were still burning but what attracted my and Voids attraction was not the the burning corpse but the golden glow emitting from the head of dead snake. Looking closely it revealed a large rock which came up to my knees in height.

          Void suggested me to bring the rock out of the burning corpse. The flames did not hurt me as apparently the golden glow is an aura not a flame. With much difficulty I bought back the rock  to my original cave and started examining it.

       After much examination I came to a conclusion that it  must be some sort of divine ore which can be used to make divine artifacts.

     I asked Void what kind of ore it was but Void said that it was just a rare rock present in higher planes so it should not emit any golden glow. I was also not convinced that the black snake would protect a simple rare rock till its death.

         Suddenly i realised that the flames of explosion will die down soon and that Mycroft could return. I have to get away from here quickly. My thoughts were interfered by Void and he said

‘ Currently this is the safest place for you. The Vengeance of Soul is also a curse which prevents the enemy from coming anywhere near its death for at a few days.

       This battle was huge so Vera should have noticed by herself also I have informed her so she will be here in a few days. Hence it is better to stay here for the next few days ‘

          Over the course of that day we tried examining the rock several times but failed to find anything regarding it. We even tried to blood bind it and also used mana force and spiritual energy to see if these had any effect on it but they had no result.

        The next afternoon I was taking a nap when suddenly Voids voice rang out in my mind ‘ Wake up Riddick I found the reason we could not determine what the rock was yesterday ‘

  I was instantly awake because I was exited to learn about the rock the black snake has protected with its life.

     Void said with a laugh ‘ Think about it Riddick the immortals and black snake every one of them uses divine power how can you sense anything from it when it is a divine object and you are using your    mage force and spiritual energy to test it ‘

   ‘ But I don’t have any divine power Void ‘

‘ Remember the black flames from earlier they are a made of divine energy ‘

‘ Ah! I see hurry up and do it ‘

‘ Here it comes ‘ Void said that and a black surge of energy shot forth from my chest, when it came into contact with the golden aura the aura shuddered for a moment before resuming its glow.

      A small amount of golden aura entered me and I felt some thing click in chest at the same time the rock cracked revealing a golden rock of oval shape

    I excitedly asked Void ‘ Is that the real divine treasure ‘

  Void answered with a voice full of excitement ‘ No it is something more valuable ‘

    I asked impatiently ‘ What is it then? ‘

Void answered with a laugh ‘ It is an egg of a God beast ‘



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