Book 1 – Chapter 14 Nurturing

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          Void answered ‘ It is an egg of a god beast ‘

   I was stunned at that answer. So this treasure was actually an egg of that god beast. I asked Void ‘ So that black snake chose to kill its own child instead of handing it over to Mycroft ‘

         The Void laughed and said ‘ No this  is not its egg, if this had been its egg then the matter would be simple. Do you remember when I said that the God beast servants are rare? ‘

     ‘ Yes I remember why do you ask that ‘

       ‘ In the divine planes there are two ways to make a God beast obey you. First method is by making the god beast  submit to you by defeating it and forcing the beast to become your mount by forming a contract. This method is the most common one also the least effective one because the stronger the god beast is the more it will resist to become your servant and instead chooses death.

        The second method of taming a god beast is by obtaining an neutral egg and raising the beast from the stage of infant ‘

    I listened carefully and asked ‘ What is a neutral egg? ‘

‘ There are different methods for forming a contract with adult beasts and eggs. The adults are intelligent and thus they can form a contract with conditions contrarily the egg itself imprints to the first divine energy it encounters as its mother.

       Later when the beast develops  intelligence it will understand that the person it imprinted on is not its biological mother but it will still follow the person as its own parent since he has taken care of it since birth.

      You are incredibly lucky that you encountered a neutral egg, think of it like this why would a mother god beast wait and not use its own energy for nurturing the egg. The black snake was most probably protecting this egg for some one so it never let the egg imprint on it. He also choose to not give this egg to others and destroyed its own soul to prevent others from obtaining it. If the egg was in the burning beast’s body for a few more hours it would have been destroyed.

           Luckily the Vengeance of Soul was directed at Mycroft and his group so the flames did not prevent us from reaching the egg ‘

    I listened to Void and asked ‘ The egg already imprinted on me so when will the egg hatch ‘

Void answered with a sigh ‘ That is not something I can answer, usually all god beast egg’s have different incubation time, Also a god beast foetus has a unique property of not at all growing till it imprints.

     We do know that this egg is at least hundred year old from their conversation before but that is only the information we know. We have no way of actually confirming the age of egg.

         It is known that an egg’s incubation time reduces as time passes, usually a god beast’s incubation time can range from ten years to hundred Years. So we can only hope that this egg hatches quickly. Till then you have to supply this egg with your divine energy ‘

      I sighed dejectedly ‘ So it may not hatch for many years I wanted to see it soon ‘

    Void answered ‘ No need to hurry, you are now only a mage of fifth rank you still have a long way to go before you become an immortal ‘

   I started thinking of everything that happened today this is a day that I would never forget all my life. I saw my first immortal fight today and almost died twice also I got a god beast as companion at least its egg.

       That day passed quickly and big sis Vera came early next morning, seeing the state of valley  she determined that it is no longer suitable for training. I was excited upon hearing this because I thought I can go home now but my plans were shattered by big sis Vera because she decided to take me to her own house so that I can train in peace for the next year and a half.

      She again took me at high speed to the deeper parts of northern wilderness till we reached a small mountain with thick over growth, nearing it I noticed a large cave in the middle of mountain. She directly flew into it.

         I was astonished at the sight in front of me because the inside was nothing like I imagined. I imagined a somewhat large cave with minimum necessity like the one I lived till now but this one was like an enormous palace, the entire mountain was hollowed out from inside and had numerous rooms.

          Big sis Vera let me down and said ‘
The entire area near this mountain is my territory so you should be safe here. Choose any room in the east wing and train quietly ‘

     I answered seriously ‘ I understand big sis Vera. Do you know about the egg I obtained big sis Vera? ‘

     ‘ Yes, I learned it from Void. I was surprised about that but that’s about it. It should not interrupt your training also the egg will help you in increasing your training speeding ‘

         I wanted to ask big sis Vera how the egg will increase my training speed but was answered by Void ‘ The egg needs a constant supply of divine power since you cannot generate any yet so the divine energy produced due to your training in chaos attribute will be used.

      This will lead to usage of divine energy which was simply stored till now stimulating the body to produce more divine energy thus increasing the overall compatibility of your body for chaos attribute this will increasing the rate at which you can absorb the mage force thus increasing your overall training speed ‘

       I listened intently and asked ‘ So my training speed will increase because of the egg, I can now  reach the sixth rank faster ‘

     ‘ Yes, so have to train hard ‘ Big sis Vera answered me. Looks like she listened to my conversion with Void. ‘ I have some things I have to attend to, so train quietly here ‘ saying this she disappeared in a blink of an eye.

          I was somewhat disappointed that I could not spend more time with Big sis Vera.
   After I settled in the mountain I started training quietly, the only thing that changed from my before was that I had to supply divine energy to the egg. As time passed I could sense that the speed at which I was absorbing the mage force was increasing slowly.

            From time to time I trained in the different combination of spells as well as the sword stances I thought of during my training. The chaos attribute development because of usage of divine energy made it a bit easier for me to use different combinations as well as it increased the effectiveness of combinations.

       Time passed in this manner and in just a year I reached the sixth rank as a mage and third rank as a warrior. I halted my training for a while and started experimenting with the spells of sixth rank. The number of combinations I could think of were many but I had to study every combination to discover the best way to draw maximum power from different spells.

             Three more months passed and there are only two more months before the period of five years is completed.

           One day I was in meditation when I suddenly felt a presence of a different soul beside Void in me. Startled I opened my eyes and started scanning the presence it was intelligent but in a dreamy state.

        As I was observing the presence I suddenly felt movement from the egg which has been static for more than a year. It started cracking very slowly, I was  silently observing it and in a few minutes the creature successful broke the shell and crawled out of it.

         It was a golden scaled snake which is half a metre long and an inch thick. Usually snakes are seen as fearful creatures with poison and their sly nature of hunting but I could not help but think that this snake was very adorable with its entire body clad in golden scales and having golden pupils as if it was completely made with gold.

      After crawling out of the egg it raised its head and looked at me with its adorable eyes and started crawling towards me who was just a metre away from it slowly. I let my hand down to the ground providing it a path.

      The golden snake crawled on my hand  and coiled around my hand. It looked at me again and transmitted to me directly a feeling of asking me what was its name.

      I was suddenly dumbfounded that it has asked its name right after it’s born I did think of few names but I didn’t know its gender yet.

       Void answered my doubts ‘ Riddick, it is a god beast even as an infant it has intelligence far greater than ordinary beasts so it asked you for its identity also it seems to realise that you were not its mother but its master.

         So treat it kindly, by the way that snake is a female so give it a female name ‘

         I thought for a while contemplating between different names and finally chose one. I answered her mentally ‘ Your name will be Sylvie ‘

       She accepted my decision and crawled all the way to my neck, coiling around my neck she fell asleep.

     I was worried and asked Void ‘ Don’t I have to feed her, she just fell asleep ‘

   Void answered ‘ No you don’t have to worry about feeding her, as a god beast she can absorb the natural energy of the world so she can nourish her self now. When she wakes up try feeding her some animal meat ‘

        ‘ I see, Void what kind of god beast is she. She is very beautiful with golden scales and pupils ‘

   ‘ The snakes are a very large race so I  do not know. It is not yet determined if she is even a normal snake. The winged snakes like black Gerald are also born like normal snakes and grow into a winged snakes as they mature ‘

    ‘ I see, so all we can do is wait ‘ speaking such I looked at my neck and saw her sleeping peacefully like she was in her mother’s lap. Hmm I should work hard otherwise the gap between us will grow wider since she is born an immortal she will become strong very soon.

              I started thinking of what to do when she wakes up as time slowly passed.


10 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 14 Nurturing

  1. This is exciting !
    I love wuxia novel and particularly how they describe the training and their repercussions (the development of Qin Yu’s diantian) .
    I will keep an eye on your blog.
    Just want Moar. ^^

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  2. Hey i was wondering around what time of the day would you be posting a new chapter on your blog? Really enjoying this novel, many thanks from Australia!


  3. I cant put this down :).
    Small Correction:
    The second method of taming a god beast is by obtaining an(a) neutral egg and raising the beast from the stage of infant ‘


  4. When i read the summary you wrote i was really exited for the novel. Chinese( xianxia) novels have some áreas that is lacking too much: in general we have the bland MC with almost no redeem feature, other than his talent or something phisical(like how handsome he is) ; we have characters with zero personallity ; we have plotholes almost everywhere just to help the MC be it gain a few powerups or survive something that logically should kill him; well that is a few more but I will stop for now. So when i first heard about your novel i was exited because i imagined a xianxia which would correct this mistakes. But no. From what i read util now it fits just like all other novels which is disapointing.
    P.S 1 I don’t know if the writer is going to even read this but my intention in writing this review is just só that you can improve. I will keep reading and in later chapters i plan to write another
    P.S 2 Personally i belive that douluo dalu is the best novel to showing what i meant by my points(even though this elements are still there)
    P.S 3 thank you very much for you hard work on the novel


    • Welcome to reddycreations Yaroltar. Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, my novel has plot holes and originality in some areas. The reason, this is the first time I am writing something and you can call it a mistake by inexpensive.
      However, I am trying to improve as we speak. I won’t brag, but you will see the improvement in book 2, again in book 3 and finally in book 4. I will improve in whatever areas I can. Riddick is good but I hope to write something surpassing it with the experience I gained by writing it.
      GSD REDDY.


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