Book 1 – Chapter 15 Sylvie

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Sylvie :

           Two months have passed since Sylvie’s birth. The past two months were exciting as I always watched Sylvie and played with her. I also understood much about her and god beasts in these two months from Void.

              When I first started talking to Sylvie I got an impression that she was very shy but her attitude took a complete turn in just two months. If I had to describe it, at first she was probably shy and fearful of me because I was her master but after understanding my nature  she started showing her playful side to me.

            I also came to know of god beasts  particularly snake type’s physiology and growth cycle during these past two months. The god beast snakes are all born normally even if they belong to different sub species but they start diverging and change their morphology after the first five years of their life.

           A god beast though born immortal cannot make use of its complete powers like a adult immortal for two reasons. First is that they are not fully matured physically so they can’t use their own inborn gifts. For example the winged snakes use their wings for various purposes, they are used for achieving very high agility and control in air and also use them for various attacks. Supposedly a very poisonous snake is born which is a sub species of normal snakes, it will develop its unique poisonous sacks only after its body completes its basic growth for five years.

              The second reason is that all higher ranking beasts train in their attributes and develop their own attacks unlike low level magical beasts whose attacks are naturally amplified because of their attribute but they lack intelligence to train in them.

         This nature of developing their own attacks can be seen even in magical beasts of eighth rank. Generally speaking it is very rare for a lower ranking beast to develop its own unique attack contrarily it becomes more common as rank of magical beast increases. Almost every immortal beast have their own attacks developed based on their attributes.

            All magical beasts are born with an affinity to some attribute, they can of course train in different attribute but their training speed will be very slow. It is like a person with an affinity to fire attribute trying to become a water style mage then his training speed will be hundreds of times slower than the speed at which he can train in fire attribute.

              A god beast snake’s body is initially very fragile and only has a toughness of a magical beast of seventh rank. This body can’t sustain the divine energy of their attribute so their attribute is innately suppressed to prevent harming themselves. They grow by taking  nutrients and natural energy as nourishment and after completing their basic growth in about five years time then they can use their innate powers and can also begin training in their attribute. So Sylvie is currently in a fragile state compared to her original status as a immortal.

            From the time I came to this mountain I rarely stepped outside. I was always training but after Sylvie’s birth I almost stopped my training and decided to take a break. I already achieved the target of reaching the sixth rank as a  mage so even if I train now I can not possibly have any breakthroughs in such a short time.

       Instead I decided to polish my skills hunting the magical beasts. Sylvie is a very good predator and doesn’t like to eat the prey I bagged, Void calls it bestial instincts. Even if she is a newborn she still has power of a seventh rank magical beast so it is not possible for her to encounter a magical beast which can be threat to her because big sis Vera casted a spell to prevent magical beasts of eighth rank and above to reach near the mountain.

           Sylvie though acts very cute in front of me is very vicious in front of her prey. She is a natural born killer who needs no training on how to hunt. Void reminded me again that she is a snake and that too belongs to the epitome of that race, a god beast. So of course she has good killing instincts.

          Along with Sylvie I spent the past two months hunting and practising near the mountain range. In just two months we completely annihilated all magical beasts above fifth rank surrounding the mountain range.

              Two months passed and I was waiting for big sis Vera’s arrival so that I could return to the my home. Void said that she is will return in a few days. I decided to do something,if it is only a few days I can wait but I was bored so I decided to take the task big sis Vera asked me to do when we first reached the valley that is to take down a seventh rank earth dragon.

      At my current level, defeating a seventh rank beast is not that difficult. I have done it before, the surroundings of this mountain had quite a few seventh rank magical beasts but now they are all dead because they became mine and Sylvie’s sparing partners. So I decided to challenge a eighth rank beast but to avoid any unnecessary troubles both Sylvie and me will challenge it at once.

           Since the surroundings of this mountain has a spell preventing eighth rank magical beasts from entering it we had to leave the mountain range. Big sis Vera warned me to not go out of the mountain surroundings but it has already been a year and a half since that incident also we were at least ten thousand kilometres away from that valley so there should not be any trouble in a few hours we will be away from the mountain.

             Deciding on this matter we started preparing for the upcoming battle. I started sharpening my sword and Sylvie simply went to have a meal. Sylvie grew to about one metre long and a little thick in these past months. I always wondered how she can eat so much but decided against asking her, Void explained me that she is different from me and can break down food swallowed directly into energy so she has no problem regarding capacity.

         The next day we set out of mountain to search for our prey. We were out of mountain for just half and hour and about three kilometres from the mountain border when we encountered the perfect prey for us, an eighth rank magical beast of earth attribute ‘ one horned mud boar ‘.

               This magical beast has a single horn on its head which differentiates it from normal boars. It is only slightly larger than a normal boar of fifth rank. It still did not perceive us and was relaxing in a shade. Confirming with Sylvie we made our move at once.

                   We decided to attack separately. I unsheathed my katana and immediately electric sparks started congregating on it. Stamping my foot on ground near the now surprised boar I sent a electric slash directed towards it neck. The boar though surprised immediately jumped back avoiding majority of the damage.

        It was furious of this sudden ambush. I simply laughed in my heart and said to myself, sorry buddy but this world is cruel, fair or unfair the winner will be the only one left standing.

       The boar immediately started a wild rush towards me but it was different to the rush of a hell hound. The ground started trembling at the rush of boar. It wanted to trample me under its foot after making me loose my balance but it was not so lucky because Sylvie bit onto its torso when it was not observing.

            A God beast snake’s poison even when it is not fully developed is very poisonous. The boar standing there simply fell in just a few seconds. Not a very good climax but that’s what you get for having a god beast as your partner.

           Releasing a sigh I thought that this has been too easy, my only work here was giving a chance to Sylvie by diverting the boars attention. Maybe I should try fighting a eighth rank magical beast on my own.

             ‘ So that god beast was the treasure Gerald was protecting so loyally ‘
A voice came from the sky. Hearing this voice my face lost all its colour this was a voice I knew very well, this was the voice of Mycroft.

        I turned around to see a group of about ten immortals flying towards me from far away with Mycroft in their lead. I immediately shouted inwardly ‘ Void ‘

Void voice resounded in mind ‘ Shit, I was too naive, that Mycroft actually used a divine treasure to track you. Inside the magic formation there should have been no response but still he was tracking you for a whole year.

                You have no chance of victory against them, keep them busy till Vera arrives that is the only way you will survive ‘

      He again shouted ‘ Vera, come here quick ‘

           Thinking quietly of what Void said I decided to talk because it should be the only way in which I can even have a hope of surviving. I bowed deeply and said in a respectable voice

‘ Senior, what can this junior do for you ‘
Mycroft upon hearing my voice laughed in a twisted manner ‘ Kid, stop your farce. I already know that you were inside that formation near that mountain for a year hiding from us.

         I don’t know which expert he is but currently he is not here so give that god beast to us and die a peaceful death ‘

        I was instantly alarmed and said ‘ Senior, this god beast has already imprinted on me so there is no use capturing it besides my master is very powerful and proud. He will definitely not allow any one harming me get away with their life ‘

     Mycroft instantly became angry and said ‘ Kid you are nothing but an insect in front of me but you dare threaten me saying that your master will kill me if I harm you. Stop speaking nonsense, even in the three upper planes no one dares say a word against me.

        Your master is some one who is still in this material plane and you dare say that he can kill me, a person who has reached the limits of training as a peak divine disciple ‘

          I was instantly frightened. Shit! Looks like my gamble of making him cautious of my master back fired. Now what should I do, I don’t have much time I hope big sis Vera makes it in time.

      Mycroft continued ‘ I don’t know how your master had the God beast imprint on you without you having any divine power but this makes it easier for me. I can simply control the god beast by making you my puppet.

         A master’s order is an order even if that master is a puppet with no will so that God beast will have no choice but obey us if we were to give orders through you.  Dowen sieze him ‘ he barked at one of his subordinates.

      Noticing that the situation is not at all good I immediately turned to flee but was caught in just a second by that expert who was now beside me. Sylvie immediately hissed loudly and was about to attack him but I ordered her to stop, after all what can she do now, she is just an infant.

       Mycroft laughed menacingly and said ‘ Tear of the kids arms we only want him alive, tearing his arms will not kill him ‘

      The expert called Dowen smiled likewise and was about to tear my arms when a voice thundered from heavens ‘ What do you think you are doing Motherfucker ‘

       All people turned their heads to stare at the owner of the voice. It was big sis Vera but she had nothing in common to the person I know. Big sis Vera was usually a calm,cold beauty but the person here was emanating a killing instinct so powerful that the all beasts of forest were fleeing with loud screams away from us and she had blood shot eyes which were intently looking at Dowen.


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  1. At the part during the fight with the boar..
    “Different to the rush of hell hound”
    I feel should be
    Different to the rush of ahell hound
    Different to the rush of hell
    What do you call it? Reading it didn’t flow well.
    I’m not sure just my suggestion.


  2. The expert called Dowen smiled likewise and about to tear my arms when a voice thundered from heavens ‘ What do you think you are doing Motherfucker ‘

    Not really an error I think but for clarity?
    and WAS about to tear my arms


  3. Don’t worry about mistakes here as you want royalroadl and japtem ratings so let us (is it only two people so far?) help you (I’m just here for the fast releases). It makes me happy to good novels being written and getting good reviews from others.

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