Book 1 – Chapter 17 Returning home

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Returning Home :

           It has been a few days since the fight between Mycroft and Vera. Yes, I was ordered to call her as Vera leaving big sis aside. I was filled with doubts as to why she kissed me but I was told again that everything will become apparent when I become an immortal.
             I was questioning my self as to why I was kissed by Vera. True, I am technically her student but the time I spent with her during the entire period of five years were only a few months. She never showed any emotions on her face before that day. I always thought her to be a cold beauty but unexpectedly she had a different side to her.
            Today is the day I would finally return home after a long duration of five years. I wonder how my father is, did he make another breakthrough. My brother James should be married by now, noble marriages are very early. Big bro Gates should have joined the imperial army of Great alliance by now. My sister Sasha should be all grown up by now, she did never talk much with me during my stay at home because she was very shy at that time. My mother I wonder how she is, is her health fine? She was always a person with a weak body.
          Vera called me this morning and said ‘ Riddick you achieved your goal of reaching the sixth rank as a mage. I am very satisfied with your hard work for the past five years, it can be considered extraordinary that you reached to this stage in such a short time but don’t become full of yourself because even if this is considered extraordinary there are many geniuses who have achieved this much power at your age if not more. So you have to work even  harder from now on. Always remember that your target is to reach immortal stage as soon as possible.
              Here these are my gifts for you, use them wisely ‘ saying this she brought three items out of nowhere. She then put them on the table in between us.
         One of the items was a slender sword made up of a red metal. Vera said while I was observing the sword ‘ Riddick, this sword  is made from the core of ‘ fire  metal ‘. It is a rare material in divine planes but it is considered a treasure in this material realm by those who know of it, so treat it carefully. It is much harder than any metal present in this material plane, also it has an unique property of conducting both fire and lightning to a excellent degree. So this sword will be useful for you.

            The bracelet is an item imbued with my divine energy, it will constantly monitor your life signs and will notify me if it becomes weak at any point. It also has the function of a storage space. The storage space is registered to you and can only be opened by injecting your own mage force.

                 The third item was a pitch black whip, which instead gave the image of a rope because it had no grip. Vera was looking at it sadly and said ‘ This is a whip but you cannot use it yet. Keep it with you at all times, also inject your mage force and meditate on it whenever you can ‘

            I was intrigued about the whip because unlike the majestic red sword or the useful bracelet it had no use for me, still Vera has asked me to take extra care of the whip so It must be important. Since I cannot use it yet,  for now I will follow her advice regarding the whip regularly.
        After Vera gave me the items, she asked me to prepare everything so we can leave immediately. I went back to my room and stored all the items which I had decided to leave behind due to transportation problem in the bracelet. After changing into an acceptable attire I was to ready to go back.
                I thought we will fly again so I was looking forward to it but  after coming back I was amazed to see a giant eagle in front of the cave entrance. I climbed on its back at her command and the eagle  though not as fast as her still flew at an astonishing speed. At this speed we will reach my home before sunset.
            I maintained my silence because I could sense that Vera was not in a good mood. Time passed on and we entered into the Northern Empire, the empire was a lot more chaotic than what I remember from five years ago, some how I had a bad feeling regarding this. The northern empires boundary was extended by a large amount and troops bearing the flag of northern empire extended all the way into Reinfield territory.
       My heart was beating non stop as we reached Reinfield city. The city was completely occupied by the troops of northern empire. Destruction and slavery can be seen all over the city. I was  thinking nonstop about what could have happened on the Asgard continent that made the Great alliance lose one of its dukedom. My father’s dukedom was destroyed and occupied by forces of northern empire but my father and my family should have escaped before enemy forces made their way into the city so they should be fine.
                  I have to know about the situation clearly before I come to a conclusion. I looked at Vera asking for her help, she eased her frowning expression and directly flew down to the city. In a minute she was back with two soldiers of northern alliance. The soldiers were terrified of her and did not even move from their positions. I started questioning them

‘ My patience is limited so answer to the point. Don’t even think of lying to me or I will kill you both without a second thought Understood? ‘

Both soldiers ‘ Yes, my lord ‘

‘ What happened in the past five years that led to this war? ‘

Soldier 1 ‘ My lord, the Northern empire’s prince was assassinated by the assassins of the Great alliance leading to an all out war between the two great empires ‘

‘ How are they be so certain that the prince’s assassination was done by Great Alliance ‘

Soldier 2 ‘ We have no idea regarding this matter my lord but the inside rumours state that the Northern empire has been bitter of its defeat in the previous war and simply used the death of the third prince as an excuse to start a war my lord ‘

‘ How can the war escalate to this degree in such a short time? The Northern empires forces can’t push Great alliance to this degree on its own. What are the other forces involved in this war? ‘

Soldier 2 ‘ My lord The Northern empire made a coalition with Nygar empire to win this war. The Nygar empires role is to simply station its troops near the southwest region of Great alliance and attack it if the troops ever fall to a degree where they can easily penetrate them.  ‘

Soldier 1 ‘My lord, this weakened the main force of the Great Alliance. Among the other empires the largest and most strongest empire Asgard maintained its neutral position. Britannia is in support of Great alliance but it will only provide war supplies and won’t directly send its armies in fear of throwing the entire empire in war ‘

‘ How long it has been since Reinfield territory fell and what happened to the ruling family of Reinfield ‘

Soldier 1 ‘ My lord it has been almost two years since Reinfield fell to Northern empire. The ruling family of Reinfield territory are supposed to have escaped to the Restia kingdom, no news regarding them are known to us ‘

I thought for a while inwardly happy that at least my family was safe, I did not care much for the territory but I have to meet my family as soon as possible otherwise my mind won’t be at ease. I asked a question again

‘ Who was in charge of the Assault on Great Marshall castle ‘

Soldier 1 ‘ Commander Fades my lord ‘

‘ Where is he now? ‘

Soldier 2 ‘ He should be in the castle my lord ‘

I turned towards Vera who was silently observing till now and said ‘ Let’s go Vera ‘
   The eagle flew towards the castle and Vera again brought a man of great stature. The soldiers seeing him bowed and said ‘ Commander Fades ‘. This person was a little better than the ordinary soldiers but I could still see the fear in his eyes. He bowed immediately and said ‘ My lord what can I do for you ‘

‘ Fades, were you the one who attacked the castle and took it under your control? ‘
With a pale face he answered ‘ Yes, my lord. I was the one in charge of attacking the castle ‘

‘ What happened to Elsevier family ? ‘

He answered respectfully ‘ My lord the Elsevier family already fled by the time we captured the castle. According to the intelligence reports they are currently in the imperial capital of Restia Kingdom, the duke is reportedly working in the imperial army as a commander of the army he managed to escape with, my lord ‘
‘ I see, you have given me vital information. Thank you, now you are of no use to me ‘

His body trembled and out of fear he was going to jump from the airborne eagle but the next moment I called out ‘ Vera ‘ and all three people present on the  eagle were directly burnt to ashes.

       I am sorry that you guys had to die so unjustly but I cannot risk any information regarding me or my relation with Elsevier family known to others. The strong always survive so you were just devoured by me, this is the law of nature.

   I was deep in thought and was worried that my family might have suffered too much during this past two years. My father lost the dukedom which was passed for more than a thousand years in his reign so he should be grieving in his heart. I have to set everything back, I don’t have enough power yet but I have strong support from Void, Vera and Sylvie. I will definitely revert back everything to how it was.

      Vera interrupted my thoughts and said ‘ let’s first meet your parents, you can decide your course of action afterwards ‘

I nodded and replied ‘ Yes,let’s go. We will understand everything perfectly after we talk with my father ‘

      The eagle changed its direction and started flying in the direction of Restia kingdom. For the second time in my life I was heading towards the imperial capital, the impregnable fortress of Great alliance.



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  1. First 🙂 I must say I only started to read your novel today, but from the first line you had me hooked on it 🙂 Can’t wait to see what becomes of Ridick and the choices he will have to make.
    Thank you for sharing this world.


  2. Thanks for the chapter it’s awesome.
    I just hope Vera didn’t kiss him because of Void, which also wouldn’t make sense because she didn’t seem to be talking about Void and wouldn’t take so much time to express her feelings.


  3. did he make another breakthrough.
    did he make another breakthrough?
    I’ll find some more before you post this chapter elsewhere (hopefully there aren’t any)


  4. the soldiers, even the commander seems very amateur and it seems forced… maybe its better if they were brainwashed instead?

    thanks for the chapter


  5. I dont think void lives in him but can communicate with him through the contract…well i hope so kinda reminds me of luo feng from peerless martial god with the super bodyguard meng quing


  6. I’m not sure how it is supposed to be pronounced, but I would recommend possibly renaming the Nyger empire. It looks and seems as if it would be pronounced very similarly to the racist term for black people.


    • Whoops, I spelled it wrong. But if you use text to speech, Nygar empire is spoken with the same pronunciation as the N word.


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