Book 1 – Chapter 18 My Decision

Author Notes : Hi guys, gsdreddy here with an unexpected development. This will look like a unique development but it will make the story more exciting.

Note : So I am asking you guys for an opinion. I want to reedit my initial chapters because I know they have a shit load of mistakes, so should I reedit it later or reedit it by taking a small break.

IMP NOTE : I am sorry guys there will be no chapter this Thursday because of a physiology test I have on Friday. I may or may not release a chapter tomorrow.

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My Decision :

           We flew towards the Restia kingdom and reached it by daybreak. The imperial capital was surrounded by troops on all sides, all the walls and mountains surrounding the capital were heavily guarded by soldiers. We flew through the sky undetected and landed near the noble residencies.

           Asking a bewildered guard who saw the great eagle about the residence of Elsevier family, we quickly headed in that direction. The house allocated to my family was just a guest house built for the use of visiting nobles, it’s grandiose doesn’t even come to a tenth of Grand Marshal Castle.

          I walked straight into the house ignoring the remarks of the guards and saw my family eating breakfast on an unremarkable table. Upon seeing me my father was instantly alerted and stood up with a hand on his sword but soon he realised who I was and trembled greatly. I could see tears in my mother’s eyes as she saw me. I immediately went forward hugging her I said ‘ I’m back Mom ‘

           Sobbing gently she hugged me back, my brothers and my sister were also moved to tears. After a while they composed themselves and invited me to eat breakfast. I turned to see Vera, it was only then that they saw her and were instantly dumbfounded because of her beauty.

       My mother seeing her was very shocked and asked in a weak voice ‘ Riddick, she is not your girlfriend right. You are only thirteen this year, no matter what, don’t you think it is too early for you to be in a relationship’

         My father and my brothers seeming to agree with my mother were seeing me with questioning looks on their faces, while my sister was seeing Vera with a jealous look on her face. Seeing their expressions I laughed out aloud and said ‘ No mother, she is not my girlfriend. She is my teacher who have taught me all these years ‘

Then I said  to Vera ‘ Vera, she is my mother Catherine ‘

‘ Mother she is my teacher Vera ‘

       After I explained who she was, my family had an amazed expression on  their faces. My father suddenly asked ‘ So miss Vera, I hope there is some explanation as to why we were not given any information regarding the whereabouts of Riddick for the past five years ‘

      Vera answered in a monotone ‘ He was in my place to prevent any interruptions in his training. As to why I gave no information regarding his whereabouts to any of you is because I did not want  his family to worry about his safety ‘

     My father angrily said ‘ Prevent his family from worrying about his safety, we had no information regarding his whereabouts for three years except that he was with a teacher who has taken an interest in him and was training him personally. Do you have any idea how much we suffered all this time since we had no idea how he was ‘

       I intervened in the conversation between them because I am fully aware of how powerful Vera is, I know that she won’t harm my family but I should not take any chances, who knows when her patience will run out.

‘ Father, Vera did everything for my own benefit so you should forgive her. Besides you have to talk with her carefully, she is not known for her patience so I don’t really want to anger her ‘

     My father visibly calmed down but he still said in a rough tone ‘ Very well, but don’t think I am afraid of your teacher Riddick. Its not like she is an immortal so why would I fear her? ‘

I signed slightly and said ‘ She is an immortal ‘

My father and my family was startled when I said that Vera was an immortal. My father’s attitude took a complete turn and he respectfully said to Vera

‘ My lady, I had no idea that you have reached to such a stage in your training. I accused you only because of my love towards my son so please forgive my inexcusable behaviour.

               I should also thank you as Riddick’s father for your kindness of taking Riddick as your student. If you have any thing you wish from me, I will do anything in my power to fulfill your wish as soon as possible ‘

         I sighed in my mind seeing my fathers behaviour. It is not his fault, in Asgard continent the immortals are viewed as ultimate experts who have transcended the mortal limits. Also it is considered a great kindness if an immortal takes a disciple because the disciple will receive the guidance of the expert from the very beginning.

     Vera replied ‘ No it is my fault for taking Riddick away for so long. So I won’t hold anything against you ‘

        ‘ Thank you very much lady Vera ‘

‘ I have some thing to do so I will be leaving. Riddick come to a conclusion soon, I will come to hear your answer three days later ‘      

I answered seriously ‘ I understand Vera ‘

                 Afterwards Vera disappeared from the room in a split second. Turning around I saw the amazed faces of my family, my father said

‘ Riddick your luck is incredibly good, I don’t know why lady Vera took an interest in you but this way you will definitely become a mage of seventh rank in less than two decades and you may even become a higher ranking mage.

       Due to our bad luck we lost our territory, many people belonging to our family died in the war. Our most formidable soldiers were slain in the battle. Even seven elders died, we are currently in a extremely bad situation.

          Fortunately I have broke through eighth rank five years ago so I am a valuable asset to the alliance. Since I had commanding experience before I was given a post of commander for the troops I managed to escape with. This is the reason why they have not abandoned our family otherwise things would have been quite grave.

        But the lord has blessed me with wonderful children, James is already a sixth rank warrior and Gates recently became a fifth rank warrior so we already had promising warriors who will once again stabilise the family.

            Now that you have a wonderful teacher, you have to work hard and try to become a higher ranking mage as soon as possible. A eighth rank mage is considered a very valuable asset in war, then our situation will definitely be better ‘

         I listened to my father’s words and started thinking deeply. Before I always considered territory to be unnecessary. If my family was well then  I did not even care if we lost all our territory but now that we have lost our territory my father and brothers are forced to work in the imperial army. War is a place where death is a constant visitor, it doesn’t matter how powerful my father is  if he ever encounters an enemy in a disadvantageous position then he will surely fall.

           My father seeing me in thinking deeply released a sigh and said ‘ I am sorry Riddick, you were supposed to inherit Hall territory after you grow up. You are almost an adult now, but because of your useless father you lost everything. I stole everything from you, your childhood and now even your inheritance. I am in position to ask anything from you whether for myself or the clan, I will accept whatever decision you make.

        Actually I am grateful that you never held any hate towards me and your mother for what we did to you. If there is anything I can do for you say it, if it is something I can do I will do it without a question. ‘

       I helplessly shook my head and said ‘ Father, I am not at all thinking of the lost territory and I can never hate my own family. Forget the past and think about future and Yes, father I want you to do something for me.

       My father hearing my answer  was surprised but asked me ‘ Tell me Riddick what can I do for you ‘

I answered ‘ Leave Great alliance and live elsewhere father ‘

My father was stunned at my request he said ‘ What are you asking Riddick, Our family has been in Great alliance for more than a millennium how can we leave it and live elsewhere ‘

    ‘ Father the situation is now quite grim for Great alliance, two great empires have joined forces to take it out. In this situation you will be sent to desperate battles, luck won’t  always be on our side so sooner or later you will die in this war.

        So I want our family to leave Great alliance at least for a decade then we can return if you guys still wish for it. I will have enough power to protect all of you by then For now my power is still not enough ‘

   My father said sadly ‘ Riddick, what you say may be true. I may lose my life in the war but if we desert the Great alliance now why would they honour us with the title of duke when the war is over. Besides Riddick the power you will gain in ten years won’t change anything ‘

   ‘ Father I am pleading you please listen to this request of mine, I don’t want to see any of you in harms way. I have already reached sixth rank as a mage in these five years. Father I will definitely work hard to become stronger in the future so listen to me ‘

    My family was dumbstruck at my answer, my mother who has been quiet all this time said ‘ Riddick, you reached sixth rank as a mage in only five years. How can this be possible, you did not even take one year for each breakthrough. No I must have heard it wrong, isn’t mage training more difficult than warrior training ‘

‘ It’s true mother, I entered into sixth rank only about three months ago. Also I  have Sylvie to help me’

                 Saying this I called out to Sylvie who has sleeping peacefully all this time coiled around my body under my shirt. Sylvie slowly crawled out of my neck and peeked at the surroundings. My family cried in alarm at the appearance of Sylvie and my sister even fainted on spot. I calmed them down by explaining that Sylvie is my magical beast.

                I did not tell my family anything regarding Sylvie’s birth because they would be worried about me, slowly after a long while I managed to convince my father to leave the Great alliance. My father went to talk to remaining family members and elders concerning this matter.
              Vera would come back in three days so we should leave with her. I will take them to a quiet place where they don’t have to fear about anything and I can quietly train. When I have enough power I will take back everything that belonged to us and more.


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    BTW an unique=> a unique
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