Book 1 – Chapter 19 The Tribes of the Great Mountain Ranges

Author notes : Hi guys, I know I said that I might not do a chapter today but I really wanted to give you guys a chapter today so here it is.

    We are only one chapter away from the beginning of volume 3 so look forward to it. The next arc will be completely based on our MC.

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The tribes of Great Mountain ranges :

                 A giant eagle was soaring in the sky. If  carefully observed from a high altitude then we can see many human figures on its back. At least a hundred humans can be seen along with several large crates on the eagle’s back yet it was flying at an amazing speed.

             I was flying towards the Nygar empire along with my clan members. Most of the clan already perished during the war, the clan actually had at least a thousand descendants but now there were less than a hundred people. When my father proposed that we should flee from the Great alliance and live a peaceful life until the war is finished, unexpectedly there was no opposition to the idea.

       Most of the clan members lost many people dear to them so they were in a depressed state. The war was a nightmare which can take anyone and anything, at any time. So the idea of fleeing from war which was proposed by the clan leader himself caused many a people to sigh in relief. They could not desert the clan and flee from war but now that the entire clan was fleeing they were no longer afraid of the shame they would feel from fleeing the war.

              All remaining elders of the clan along with other leaders immediately assembled to discuss the matter. I was present along with my brothers at the meeting. My father who presided over the meeting said in a grave voice

‘ Fellow clansmen we the Elsevier clan are facing a dire situation now. Most of our clan perished in a short period of five years, we have lost our Reinfield territory to the enemies and are in a terrible situation. We have never faced a situation this dire since the establishment of our clan, even in the war of five hundred years ago where we lost many clan members we were not in such a situation, we still had our strong hold Reinfield territory with us so we slowly revived to our former glory.

              This time however we have nothing to rely upon, the war will surely take everything from us. Even if we win the war, Great alliance has no reason to simply give back our territory to us. The war has many kings, generals and other commanders participating in it. Surely they will be more suitable to be crowned as duke of Reinfield than us, a fallen clan with no power.

            So I have decided to abandon the Great alliance and flee to a peaceful place where we can preserve our remaining strength. My son Riddick proposed this idea to me, he will explain the further details to you ‘

          I stepped forward and said ‘ Elders and fellow clan members we are in a dire situation as explained by my father so I want us to leave and lead a peaceful life. As to where I want us to go, I want us to go to the Nygar empire ‘

       An elder suddenly questioned ‘ Why the Nygar empire? Shouldn’t it be the worst choice ‘

       I answered ‘ That seems correct when  thought in an ordinary way, the Nygar empire is a unique empire among all the empires. It is also the youngest of all empires which has been in existence for only about a millennium.

         The vast majority of Nygar empire is covered by Mountain ranges which made it difficult  to colonise it, though it has area much greater than Great alliance, majority of it is covered in mountains making it unable to utilise the large area to increase it’s productivity.

           But the largest factor is because of the resident tribal clans spread all over the mountains and surrounding forests. Some of these tribes have been in existence since the founding of Asgard empire. Though called as tribes, some of them have strength rivaling an entire kingdom, so even the Nygar empire can’t do anything against them.

                 The mountain ranges act as a natural barrier against the Nygar empire preventing them from using their forces. The total area covered by this mountain ranges far exceed the mainland of Nygar empire, even the total area covered by the mountain ranges cannot be calculated giving it the name of Great mountain ranges of South.
          The total number of tribes present in the Great mountain range is immeasurable. The tribes can have population ranging from several hundreds  to several millions. The larger tribes rule larger areas and the smaller tribes only occupy a small area. The mountain ranges being their home, all tribes participate in war against the invaders.

         This is the reason why Nygar empire never succeeded in occupying the mountains so they instead decided to support the Northern empire in its conquest because they were promised two out of eight kingdoms upon victory which will largely benefit them.

         My idea is that we occupy an area with a moderately large tribe and rule it. This will give us a chance to rebuild our clan also we can easily increase our power in that place. The war is a distant thing in that place, so we will be safe ‘

    The elders and leaders listened carefully to my words, later another elder spoke ‘ I can see that you thought carefully regarding this matter and investigated it properly. It is indeed true that this will be a good choice for the survival of our clan, the mountain ranges are like an empire containing numerous cities and villages in it.

        But your plan has a major flaw in it, these tribes are very strong, even a ordinary farmer will be a warrior of second or third rank so in time of need they can become a soldier. At our current strength forget about a moderately large clan even occupying a clan with hundred people in it will be difficult. So how do you think we can rule over a large clan ‘

       I said ‘ That will be the case if we fight them ourselves but we won’t. I will ask my teacher for her help ‘

       The elder snorted and said ‘ I know that you studied under a teacher but how can a single person make a difference ‘

      My father answered instead of me ‘ Elder, Riddick’s teacher is an immortal. Do you really think she can’t solve such a problem for us ‘

        All the clan members as well as elders were gobs smacked at my father’s words. They were looking at me with a confused face, how can a person with only a high affinity have an immortal as his teacher. That was the common question floating in their minds.

           Ignoring the looks on their faces I answered ‘ Indeed my teacher is an immortal. She will be here in three days, we have to prepare everything so we can leave as soon as possible. I guarantee that she will definitely help us.

                 We can talk about everything at a later time, for now time is precious so please inform others of our decision and ask them to prepare immediately. The luggage problem is immaterial so bring as much as you want ‘

        The clan members after some final talks dispersed to their respective homes. The entire clan was in a very favourable mood as having an immortal on your sides solves many problems.

        The next three days passed in a blur. The clan members took everything they need and packed it in the form of large crates.  Gold was bought which can be exchanged anywhere in the world for the local currency. All preparations being done they were assembled in our house. The servants already shifted the luggage of all people to the court yard. The people who will be going with us were about fifty clan members along with fifty of our most loyal servants.

      After a few hours of waiting Vera arrived as promised earlier. Seeing many people and the crates packed in the court yard she understood majority of the situation and ordered the eagle to standby so the crates could be loaded on it.
                I explained the problem and my decision to Vera who only accepted my decision. After some consideration we decided to go towards the east side of Great mountain ranges because it had less  internal conflicts between the tribes.

      Boarding on the eagle who grew to almost triple its size to accommodate the increased number of people on it we flew towards the Great mountain ranges.

                  Passing the borders of the Great alliance we entered into Nygar empire, after travelling for more than a day we finally entered into the Great mountain ranges. Vera after travelling for some more hours pointed at a large mountain with thick overgrowth in the lower part of it. The eagle flew in that direction and we finally reached it after a few minutes.

       Vera said seeing the surface which many of us could not differentiate from the high altitude ‘ There is a large town at the bottom of the mountain. It should have a population of about twenty thousand people so this should be enough.

       As to why I selected this tribe is because of the mountain. This mountain has an very high amount of natural energy which will be useful for your and Sylvie’s growth so I selected this mountain. Now let us go and conclude this matter.

   Saying this she grabbed me and my father and flew straight to the largest house of a the tribe which most probably belongs to the chief of this tribe. As we fell a large crater was formed in front of the house and all the nearby houses along with the chiefs house were partially destroyed.

        A middle aged person hurried out of the house and upon seeing us he fearlessly pointed his sword and shouted ‘ Who are you bastards? ‘

Vera answered in an amusing voice ‘ We are your new rulers ‘


15 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 19 The Tribes of the Great Mountain Ranges

  1. good chapter.
    thanks reddy. it nice to write every day (sharpen knive better than rust sword)
    hope you can index the chapter. it will helpful to new reader.


  2. One hopes this interesting and fun to read novel won’t turn into something like ST and CD, where the MC babysits their family for centuries and millenniums.
    One thinks the protagonist should be at least mentally mature enough, when he attains immortal rank, to let go and accept farewells and parting.
    CD and ST (well most wuxia and xianxia) becomes quite boring for due to those reason.
    Thank you for the wonderful story.


  3. Oh, and One wishes thee will not develop the mc into someone who is [over]reliant on his strong backer for when it’s not critically necessar.


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