Book 1 – Chapter 20 Inevitable

Author notes : Hi guys, gsdreddy here. I know I said there will be no chapter today but I decided to do it. My reason is simple, as a long time leecher who has been lurking around all translation groups ( most of them ) I know very well how depressed readers will be when there are no chapter releases.

          I know the feeling when Great Overlord Ren missed some recently due to server problems so I did this chapter  for my readers. My reader base is very small and I can’t even compare myself to a hundredth of Overlord Ren’s greatness so forgive me if somebody felt offended that I compared myself to Ren.

Note:  No offence to any Translation groups or Original writers, I admire all of you for your work.

I decided to share a small happiness of mine, we reached a small mile stone of 5000 daily page views yesterday. I know it is a very small number but I feel great happiness for every single view and comment because it means one more reader has read my work and cares about it.

Enough of my rant ( for now ) so ENJOY.

Inevitable :

             The leader shouted angrily ‘ Who the fuck do you think you are woman? I am Baleda, the  leader of Sirius tribe. Take one more step forward then I will feed you to my hounds ‘

             Standing behind Vera, both me and my father were watching the man known as Baleda with an astonished expression. This man is definitely a fool, how can he still not understand his position even after seeing us drop from the sky or did he still not comprehend the situation because he refuses to believe that she is an immortal.

       Vera standing before us listened to the man and was calmly observing the surroundings. By now all strong warriors and elders were gathered around us. Vera with a calm look on her face suddenly made a sweeping motion with her right hand. The entire house of the clan leader along with everyone gathered around him were directly turned to dust leaving behind Baleda who was now shaking with fear seeing the power gap between  them.

Vera calmly said ‘ Baleda, I killed all those people just now because of your earlier words. I already said to you once that we are going to be your new rulers. Do you understand it yet ‘

            Baleda gulped at those words and said hesitatingly ‘ My lady, this tribe has been ruled by my bloodline for countless generations so how can we give up the right to rule just like that. You are an almighty being who has reached  the peak of training in the way of heavens so please spare us, a poor tribe and choose a tribe which can support your needs ‘

          Vera was fuming at the words of this man and she said ‘ Very well Baleda you have shown me that you can’t understand my good will, so die ‘. Saying this she killed him with a sweep of her hand. Turning towards the now frozen leaders of the tribe she said in a loud voice.

‘ Heirs of Baleda and previous lords of the tribe assemble here and I promise I won’t kill you. Don’t even think of hiding else I will kill you all ‘

                  Soon some ten individuals assembled beside the leaders who were watching us from a distance. Seeing the assembled individuals she said in a menacing tone

‘ I am giving you a choice, leave this tribe or die in my hands. You are to leave this tribe along with every last infant of your bloodline and never return to the tribe. What you will do later is none of my business but any action you take against this tribe indirectly or directly will result in me killing you all. Do you understand ‘

      The people were watching Vera with an ashen face and after hearing her their faces became pale and some women in the back even started sobbing. I was  unfazed by this because just recently we lost everything that belonged to us, now some body is loosing everything to give us their everything. This is how the world works I have long since given up on the ideal image of peaceful coexistence between humans. Greed being a part of human nature we can never exist without any trouble so we have to be steel hearted otherwise sooner or later we will be crushed again.

           That day the entire family of Baleda along with several of their loyal servants left the tribe. We let them take their valuables because we felt some pity for them. After they left Vera called for an assembly of all the clan leaders of different clans present in the tribe, soon a large ground was covered with people ranging to about a few hundreds.
        Vera spoke in a loud voice ‘ The matter regarding the ruling clan is now concluded ‘ Pointing at my father Vera said ‘ This person is Thenadier Elsevier. He will be the lord ruling over you people from now on, he is a capable warrior of eighth rank and holds plenty of experience in maintaining a territory so you guys will prosper under his rule.

            I will be training in seclusion in the mountain beside us, so you are prohibited from entering into the higher regions of the mountain. My sessions of training can range to a hundred years at a time so my disciple, the third son of Thenadier will hold the highest authority in my absence. His authority exceeds the authority of Thenadier and can directly overrule it.

          The higher regions of the mountain will be my abode and anyone is prohibited from entering into it including you Thenadier. The only exception is my disciple who will be training along with me. Enough, I said everything I want to say, you can talk to them regarding mortal affairs Thenadier ‘

          After saying this she took my hand and directly flew to the top of the mountain and landed near the top, the mountain was not too large but was at least 5000 metres high so this was considered a fairly large mountain. She then touched a rocky part of mountain and the mountain gave way for her by opening a large tunnel.

         After a few minutes a large complex cave system with many rooms and an entrance on the top which directly opened near the peak of mountain was created. She then went on to draw complex magical formations inside the cave system which nearly took a day even for her. After completing her work she then took out a shiny stone out of no where, again carving some formations on it after which she directly inserted the stone into the centre of magical formation.

          The entire formation brilliantly lit up and later started emanating a dim light, finishing her work she released a sigh of relief. Seeing me intently observing the formation she began explaining me about its purpose.

‘ Riddick, this formation is an advance magic formation with multiple purposes. It is definitely not possible for any person in this dimension including the higher planes to decode or construct it. This formation has two major purposes, first purpose of this formation is that it totally isolates this cave from this world thus no one can sense you unless you leave this cave.

              The second purpose is that this formation has been integrated with a few properties of Void making it an ideal place where you can train to your content. This formation has supplementary support  for your attribute,  all its benefits will be explained by Void as you become strong enough to use it.

       This formation also naturally accumulates natural energy making this cave a high energy concentration zone. So with this you have all tools needed for your training, the higher level spells will be explained to you by Void ‘

       I became confused by Vera’s words she was speaking in a different way, I could understand that she was leaving again but somehow it felt different so I asked her ‘ Are you leaving again Vera ‘

           She spoke in a sad voice ‘ Yes, I will be leaving and won’t return for a long time. This is the reason why I made such an extensive formation, I am sorry Riddick but you have to be on your own for a while ‘

       I was instantly startled at this confession because I always thought that she would always be with me, protecting me and helping me with my training. Guess I was too naive, I always knew that this day was inevitable but I was too foolish and thought that she would always be with me.

       I was honestly a little angry at her but I knew that none of this is her fault so I asked in a calm voice ‘ Why are you leaving so urgently Vera and where are you going? ‘

       Vera replied thinking deeply ‘ Riddick I have some things I have to do as soon as possible so I have to leave immediately. I will be going to the divine planes so you can meet me as soon as you can advance past the peak divine disciple stage. ‘

      I was stunned at this answer and asked ‘ Vera how long do you think this will take? I am not even a beginner divine disciple yet, It will take many decades before I reach that stage then how many hundreds or thousands of years should it take before I enter into divine planes. Why can’t you come here in between Vera? If you can come once can’t you come later ‘

       Vera sadly said ‘ There are certain circumstances which prevent me from taking frequent trips. You need not concern yourself regarding this. I will give you some advice, follow it.

        ‘  Riddick train hard and always remember that only hard work pays you back. That whip I gave you is a very special weapon named Yama and it has power which can’t be compared to any weapon so meditate and train with it. Void has many uses which you can utilise only upon reaching certain level of strength so become strong quickly.  Never despair that you will take eternity to reach the peak of power, you won’t because you have strong support in the form of Void, you can reach it quickly with diligent training. ‘

        I was listening quietly to everything Vera spoke and said in a calm voice ‘ Thank you for your advise Vera, I will follow it diligently but I will ask you a question and you have to answer me honestly Vera ‘

‘ Alright, I will ‘

‘ Why did you kiss me Vera? ‘

She answered with a lovely expression on her face ‘ Because I love you Riddick ‘

‘ Why do you love me? I mean you have no reason to actually love me, we have  known each other for only five years we have no……….. ‘

       Before I could finish my sentence my lips were locked with her lips, tasting her sweet scent I kissed her in a daze. Removing her lips she answered me
‘ Don’t think seriously about this matter, everything will become apparent when time arrives ‘

‘ Good bye Riddick ‘ saying this she vanished in a second.

          I began thinking excitedly ‘ So you are not going to answer Vera. Don’t worry I will find you soon enough to obtain my answer ‘


27 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 20 Inevitable

  1. Errr, I see no romance. The only thing that’s on my mind is that Void is going to take over his body when he gets stronger. And Void is her master. The reason why Void can’t enter his body right now is prolly because his body is too weak, hence the training.


    • Naa, I don’t get that impression at all. I think he is a reincarnation or perhaps a soulmate? Something that he can’t percieve in his current form.

      As to Void? He said he would ‘leave’ and take his attribute with him, and he would be left with one of his own. That suggests he will be a unique person capable of having his own existence.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Also when will we see a discussion between Riddick and Void?
    We don’t see them talking much since Sylvie hatched.
    I think you should at least show the part where Riddick ask why she loves him.


  3. i found a story hole, before it was ‘immortal stage’ now it is ‘peak divine stage?’ really? i feel like you are just trying to prolong the time it is going to take for us to get the answers from vera, although i already know it is something bullshitty like ‘ you were my lover in a past life’ or something like that, and i feel like void, has compeletly gone off the spotlight. and he seemed so useless, in the last 5 years, i am just feeling you shoved him into the background, even though he has ages of experience in his belt.


    • Yeah i also think this is a bit bullshit. But the best reason for Vera that i can think of is that maybe she is a god beast. Because beast’s usually fall in love in strange ways. Why Riddick attracted her might also have something to do with why he has the power to read emotions.(Void also seem to have not taught that she would fall for him). Void really did take a backseat in the latest chapters.


      • Hey DeltaWolf, thanks for the comment but my reply is still the same. You will enjoy the relationship between the characters. Think about it why would I place an obvious relationship bullshit in my story when I hated this type of things as a long term leecher.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Really, well I can’t answer your question but as a small spoiler it definitely isn’t ‘ I was your lover in the past life ‘ as I said before you will love the relationship between the characters.
      As for the question of peak immortal, I only said immortal but I did not specify the stage. Linley definitely did not know about all secrets of heavens when he just reached the saint level.
      And thank you for question I hate love


      • I said bullshit cause you did say the level. Vera said once he reaches immortal stage he will find out. Now somehow it is divine stage.


      • Immortal stage is a common base for all the stages in the my story like a god being a common stage for demigod, fullgod and high god. Well I’ll admit that clarity is missing and there are some loopholes in my storytelling so please forgive me. I will try to me more consistent in the future.


      • Well that;s the thing. What she said was when he becomes immortal so that would mean right after the 9 stage.


      • Also can you tell us if we there will be a talk between Riddick and Void in the next chapter. Cause seriously the first person that i would ask about Vera would be him. But after the first kiss there was nothing about him.


  4. thanks for chapter reddy
    ok ok stop arguing people, about vera complicated condition just let it go, no one know how deep someone heart more over woman heart

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG oMG I think I know why she loves him, this is a totally guess but hear me out. Maybe she and void were lovers, so the reason that she ¨loves¨ Riddik is because, latter on, maybe, just maybe void will be a part of him. IDK.


  6. Since this isn’t professional, (not saying your bad at writing) the depth of the characters feel off, and the plot is rushed. In simplest terms, you just get straight to the point, which is not surprising, seeing as how you don’t get paid for this. Despite this, it still makes me want to read it, so in my opinion this is a damn good novel.


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