Book 1 – Chapter 21 Sirius tribe

Author notes :  Hi guys, gsdreddy here. I have nothing much to say and here is the chapter 1 of volume 3. As I said before this arc will have Riddick as a focus. Also I want to answer few questions raised on the previous chapter.

          Yes, there is some slight misunderstanding because of my fault but please don’t mind it. Also I was questioned on the matter regarding Sylvie and Void. No I didn’t forget them, guys you have to be a little bit considerate of the poor me, the last three chapters never gave any chance for Sylvie and Void to interfere so how can I bring them to the main story line.

Also I sincerely say that I never meant any offence to any readers of mine. Even if you criticise me it is only because of my fault so please guide me again with your valuable suggestions.

Thank you guys.



Sirius tribe :

              A mountain named Sirius stood tall among its sister mountains in the Great mountain ranges, at its foot there was a large town bustling with people. A merchant caravan arrived at this town after a period of three years. The head merchant upon seeing this town was shocked and couldn’t help but exclaim
‘ How did this town develop so much in such a short duration ‘ The town was called Rexes.


          It has been two years since I assumed the position of the lord, these past two years were busy for me to a severe extent. The town was in a mess, there was no particular governing method implemented in the town. All problems can never be solved by the lord himself so I started implementing the elder system in the tribe.

      The elder system is a very elaborate system which was in application in the Reinfield territory for a very long time. All three original elders along with two leaders of our clan form the core part of the elder system. More than ten elders are appointed from different clans present in the tribe randomly, these people are also given the status of elders possessing the power to directly give orders regarding minor problems while any major problems are brought to the notice of the great elders

        All major problems are at least viewed by three great elders and the decision of majority is implemented to prevent any errors in judgement. This system is thus divided into three stages of power, the great elders can directly overrule all decisions of elders while the lord can in turn overrule them thus it creates an efficient way of ruling.

         Though said easily the process of implementation is very difficult. After much consideration it was decided that the way of choosing elders is decided by lottery while the three great clans of Sirius tribe who have the most influence among the tribe has a seat reserved for them.

          As this system was being implemented, slowly I started trying to control the merchants of the town. Controlling the market prices by limiting the supply of goods is a common way in which merchants gain profit. This is usually prohibited in any major provinces but here the merchants were doing anything they want at their will.

       The previous lord was satisfied as long as he received some money and let them do as they wish. When I announced that the market will now be controlled by elder system. The merchant clans made a strike against my order. It escalated to the point where I had to go to the merchant district to deal with the problem myself.

       I simply went and killed the current leader of merchant association with a sword slash later I announced that this will be the punishment to all leaders and elders who doesn’t follow my orders. This immediately concluded all resistances against the ruling house.

              The wall surrounding the town was also in a poor state, which has not been repaired for at least three decades because of lack of funds. I immediately ordered the reconstruction of wall at the fastest speed possible. In but a short time I understood the structure of this society, here there are no rules prohibiting any clan or tribe to wage a war against others and occupy their lands so I have to be extra vigilant regarding other tribes.

          With commerce and ruling system established I then started doing things which are very essential for the future development of the tribe, this town Rexes is a major town in the surroundings so it is the centre for all the small clans spread near the Sirius mountain. The mountain occupies an extremely large area with the town being only on one side, the other sides are claimed by other smaller tribes.

              I decided to increase the speed at which the development of tribe takes place by introducing a colony system. This system introduces the concept of colonisation in the tribes. The smaller tribes are always suffering from the lack of essential resources like food and medicine so they buy them from larger tribes at a great price. The colony system will be a great relief for them.

            I appointed my first son as my representative who will visit smaller tribes while my second son will be in the capital of ‘ Great Rock tribe ‘ who control the whole of east Great mountain ranges. He will act as my representative as well as an emissary of Sirius tribe. This way Sirius tribe can maintain good relations with the Great Rock tribe.

           The system of colony works like this , all tribes are given an offer to join the Sirius tribe as a clan and they are promised fair treatment and given  importance equal to the original clans. They are even given rights to participate in the elder system. The elder system is such that the elder is changed once every three years and no person can stay as an elder for more than two terms, to participate again he has to wait for three more turns. It means that an elder who has been in power for six years can only return to power after nine more years.

           Many small tribes who are nomads started joining our tribe at a fast pace. I have to praise James for his great conversational skills otherwise it is very difficult to convince others to come under a different ruler. This also started increasing the problems faced by me because increase in population will always leads to problems but it will also slowly increase the speed at which the tribe will develop.

            A manor was recently constructed for  my clan. It was a huge manor constructed near the border of the town facing the mountain. It was constructed with a  huge garden surpassing the manor itself because it housed the nest of the giant eagle of lady Vera. The eagle simply made a huge crater near the mountain and started living in it, it also hunts its own food and patiently waits for its master. The reason the manor was constructed near the mountain was because the eagle rarely leaves the family alone and always keeps an eye on us so we decided to make its work easier by constructing the manor near its nest.

        The rumours of the eagle were spread wide and far by the people who have seen it, the near by powerful tribes also sent their spies to learn the truth. It is commonly believed that the eagle is at least a ninth rank magical beast or may be even an immortal otherwise why would lady Vera keep it. The other tribes were scared shit of our tribe because of the information that an immortal decided to make the tribe her home, even if someone disregarded this matter there was an unquestionable evidence in the form of the eagle right in the tribe so they silently decided to never provoke us in any manner The tribe was developing at a rapid pace and I was looking forward to the upcoming month because Riddick will return from his training. These past two and a half years Riddick came back only once, that was briefly after my assumption of power. He said that he will be undergoing closed room training and will return for his sixteenth birthday.

       I am looking forward for the day, I am going to announce him the rightful heir as well as bestow him the title of clan leader. His brothers have no opposition to this idea of mine in fact this was proposed by James himself. I was contemplating on what to do because with an immortal as his teacher he will definitely not have much desire for mortal possessions but James said that it is only considered right for us to give him the right to rule, if he doesn’t want it then he can bestow the power to some one of his wish maybe his own son.

           With preparations undergoing the Rexes town was preparing itself for the grand event which will be hosted by the ruling clan of Sirius tribe. James was back and Gates should be back soon, the tribe was in a uproar because they are expecting to see Lady Vera on this occasion. All major tribes were sent invitation to attend the ceremony, usually it was not at all a grand event because it was the coming of age ceremony of the third son but everyone was looking forward to it because they wanted to see how the person who was accepted by an immortal looked like.

            All preparations done we were quietly waiting for the arrival of my son Riddick.


23 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 21 Sirius tribe

  1. I thank you for not just skipping forward and actually explaining what happened in detail. I wonder what rank he has reached? In my opinion he should be at the 8th or 9th rank.


    • A good question and I will explain it later on but for you persy I will tell you, my image of an immortal is that they can control their physical bodies easily so the appearance is not so important.


      • Nice, because in some other FanFictions , if they are 12 years old and get immortal their bodies will be that of a child …


  2. Thanks for the chapter. No more edits from me, last year of highschool =,=. Though you missed a full stop
    any manner The tribe


  3. I love this story, keep up the good work πŸ™‚
    Also, i was wondering about how strong Riddick really is right now. All you give is the ranking system, it would be good to see some fighting action to see how strong he was compared to your average person. Just something to consider.


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