Book 1 – Chapter 22 Coming Of Age Ceremony

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              It was the day of coming of age ceremony. That day the city of Rexes was decorated grandly to welcome the guests, all markets were shut down and people were enjoying the holiday declared by the lord. Many delegates from different tribes near the area of Sirius mountain came to attend the ceremony.

              The carriages were parked in the extensive grounds of the lord’s manor. The guests were slowly entering the garden for attending the ceremony after being warmly welcomed by James. After entering the gardens they were instantly startled to find an enormous eagle quietly sitting in a corner.

       The excitement of the guests was instantly boosted and they were now discussing non stop regarding whether the immortal expert who resides on the Sirius mountain will make her appearance or not.

An Elder’s  POV :

            My name is lagos moss. I am the current clan leader of moss clan, our clan is among the three great clans of Sirius tribe. In just three years our position in the Sirius tribe changed dramatically. We, the three clans actually held more power than the ruling clan three years ago but everything changed after Elsevier clan came into power.

            I was already extremely dissatisfied that someone who did not even belong to the tribe came to power but I did not dare voice my opinion because I personally witnessed the power of the immortal backing them. No matter how powerful I was what could a mere mortal like me do against an immortal.

              At first it was just them becoming lords but soon they introduced the elder system completely sealing off the illegal dealings in their territory and now they have started controlling the markets preventing anyone to reap enormous profits.

        At first we tried to oppose them but Thenadier simply killed the opposing leader of merchant union thus declaring that he wouldn’t take an opposition in a kind manner. The town developed enormously this past two years almost to an extent where it can now be called a city.

          Today all delegates of surrounding tribes have arrived for two reasons first is concerning the immortal guardian of the Sirius tribe and secondly to get close to  Thenadier because they recognised his skills as a ruler.

       Everyone along with the Elsevier family were patiently waiting for the arrival of lord Riddick when suddenly a villager cried out ‘ What is that? ‘  . lifting my head I saw a fire ball falling from the skies, leaving everything behind I started running along with many others who were frightened  by the incoming fire attack.

          Standing near the boundary I looked up and suddenly realised that the attack should have landed long before I managed to escape but why is it still slowly descending. Finally I realised just like many others that the fireball was not an attack but was something which was being controlled by an expert.

       Soon the fireball landed in the centre of garden and instantly exhausted itself revealing an extremely handsome boy about 185 cm tall with a strong yet slender build carrying a whip which was bound around his waist as well as a red sword on his back. The boy was clad in lightning sparks which occasionally will emit a small current and his eyes were like a predator quietly scanning the people assembled here.

         Although the appearance of the boy shocked them very much there was another thing that made their knees weak with fear. An extremely beautiful snake about two metres long was floating around the boy and would occasionally glance at the audience making a low hissing sound. The snakes themselves are frightening magical beasts but seeing that the snake was floating in the sky even a child with some knowledge understood that the snake has reached the immortal stage.

       After glancing at the crowd Riddick left the garden and walked towards his family. Seeing his family standing there he smiled broadly, upon reaching his father he immediately touched his fathers feet showing his utmost respect and veneration he held towards his father.
      Everyone present were quietly watching the scene in front of them without making a single sound. Thenadier hugged his son with moist eyes. After which Riddick hugged his mother and brother also he patted his sister who resisted by pouting ‘ I am no longer a child so stop patting me big brother ‘

            After the greetings were finished the ceremony immediately started because Thenadier didn’t want people to wait for too long. Some of the crowd let out dissatisfied sighs because Thenadier announced that the guardian immortal of Sirius tribe will not be attending the ceremony after asking his son.

       The actual ceremony was simple, it didn’t actually even need five minutes time. It was simply officially giving the  individual the right to use the clan’s name in his words. The real event comes after the ceremony, here the individual is bestowed with gifts as well as power.

      The coming of age ceremony is an event which declares that a person is now an adult and everything he does can be blamed at the clan he belongs to. Contrarily the person is given rights after the coming of age ceremony, a person given the position of clan leader will be the next clan leader after the present clan leader gives up his position thus his words will be directly taken as the clan’s words.

       Thenadier after completing the ceremony gifted his son a rectangular gold plate containing the symbol of Elsevier clan  ‘ Osthamus tree ‘. He later started announcing to the crowd in a loud voice

‘ My son Riddick has always been selfless and made me proud at every movement in his life. I always think that I never did anything for him so today after asking my other sons. I, Thenadier in my position of the clan leader am declaring that Riddick will be the next clan leader of Elsevier clan also I am bestowing upon him the right to choose the next ruler of Sirius tribe ‘

     All people in the gallery stood still for a movement before a loud whispering could be heard everywhere because it was unheard that a third son will receive that position but what was too shocking was that the eldest son actually agreed to this decision.

       While this discussion was going on Riddick stared at his brother and then said to his father ‘ Father I am really thankful that you that you thought me worthy for this position but I can’t really accept this. This is too much, everything should belong to big brother James I can’t accept it. Besides I have no interest in ruling I just want to train peacefully ‘

      Thenadier hearing his son’s words smiled and said ‘ Riddick this idea was proposed by James himself so you don’t have to feel bad about it. Even if you have no interest in ruling over a territory maybe your children can rule in your stead so please accept your fathers words ‘

     Riddick wanted to retort again but suddenly he felt a killing intent emanating from the crowd which was directed towards his father. He immediately brought his whip out just in time to block an arrow that was enhanced by wind magic. The whip was like a snake which immediately twisted around in the  wind simultaneously blocking another two arrows directed towards his brother and his mother.

      A figure wrapped in dark cloak instantly flew out from the crowd seeing that the his assassination attempt failed. Seeing him escaping I immediately growled ‘ Sylvie ‘. Sylvie moved like a lightning and was instantly in front of him. The man tried to attack her with a dagger but Sylvie instantly expanded to about 10 m length coiling around him and bit him.

       I immediately transmitted to Sylvie ‘ Don’t kill him yet ‘ Sylvie  lowered her toxicity letting the man to barely keep his consciousness.  I approached him in a split second and drove my sword straight into his thigh and said

‘ Answer my question else I will torture you till you die of it. Who sent you and why? ‘

He was already completely terrified because of the immortal snake and his mind was nearly at the point of breaking . So he answered truthfully ‘ I was sent here by the his highness, the second prince of the Great Rock tribe. My orders were to kill all the members of Elsevier bloodline ‘

     ‘ Are you here alone? Who else is with you? Speak, it is impossible for an eighth rank warrior such as yourself to kill all of us ‘

     ‘ I am here alone, please believe me. It was never considered that you people can even resist me as normally any low tier tribes highest strength is usually about sixth rank only.  I would have never accepted the mission if I knew of the immortal guardian of the Sirius tribe. I only knew about this matter after arriving here today so please forgive me. I have a family to feed ‘

     ‘ You say this yet you attempted to kill my family why should I show mercy to you ‘

‘ Please I will tell you everything I know so please spare me ‘

‘ Right, why did the prince of Great Rock tribe order an assassination on us? I definitely don’t think we are a threat to him at this stage and I am sure that we never offended him either ‘

‘ It is because of your big brother ‘ Gates Elsevier ‘

Startled I looked at the faces of my family but was only greeted with their terrified faces. What does this have to do with Big bro Gates?

I spoke loudly ‘ Speak and don’t leave a single detail. What relation does big bro Gates have with this second prince? ‘

‘ Sir Gates Elsevier……


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