Book 2 – Chapter 18 Sebastian

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Sebastian :
          While Riddick was still seated in a mediative posture emitting fire essence in astonishing amounts, a group of immortals were flying at high speed towards the now dried up lake. These group of immortals were close to the  forest so they reached the lake in only a few minutes.

             As soon as they reached the lake, the sight of Riddick who was emitting fire essence startled them, a man who was leading the group snorted and said loudly, “Let’s go.”

           Sebastian who was hovering in the air was intently observing Riddick while the group of immortals arrived at the lake, his face changed colour as he noticed their presence, frowning he ordered in a low voice, “Sylvie stay back and don’t come out.”

         Sylvie who was observing the situation, quietly crawled back and coiled around his abdomen and as soon as the group of immortals started moving, Sebastian flew at high speed towards them to block their approach.

              Flying towards them he shouted loudly, “Who are you and what is your intention in approaching my young master?”

      The man who was leading the group saw Sebastian and answer loudly, “My name is Xavier, we are from the Heavenly flame sect and as per our sect head’s orders both of you will now accompany us.”

       Sebastian frowned and said, “Leave, neither me nor my young master will accompany you.”

       Xavier face convulsed with anger and he shouted, “Fool, don’t you see that I have 8 of my brothers with me who are all in divine disciple stage just like you. Humph, I wanted to avoid unnecessary conflict but now that you are so arrogant, I will kill you both and take back your corpses.”

          Sebastian was concerned as the enemy group unexpectedly had nine divine disciples while they had thirteen beginner disciples, a group of twenty two immortals. Though he could still escape from such an encirclement, he was doubtful in his ability to protect Riddick.

                    Xavier who ordered a kill instantly withdrew a crimson spear and directly charged towards Sebastian while the remaining divine disciples formed a formation in the air. Sebastian had no choice but to fight back in this situation so he brought out a long saber, this saber was very thin but its sharpness could be felt even from a distance.

        Xavier’s spear flickered and instantly the spear pierced Sebastian a thousand times but Sebastian was much faster and only his afterimage was left for the spear while he himself retreated, the saber in his hand sliced the air and a long wind blade flew towards Xavier who blocked it with a similar technique, both Xavier and Sebastian were warriors who trained in the way of wind so neither of them held an advantage in the fight.

                    Xavier who was momentarily shocked by the power of Sebastian, laughed loudly and said, “Wonderful, I never expected to meet such a strong expert but it is a pity that I have to kill you today.” Turning towards his brothers he shouted, “Initiate the nine Fang formation, we will kill him immediately.” While at the same time the beginner divine disciples started moving towards Riddick who was still in a meditative state.

            Sebastian was quite attentive and as soon as he saw the movements of the beginner disciples, he immediately flew at high speed towards Riddick but his advance was stopped by a barrier of wind formed by the divine disciples, turning towards Xavier, he shouted loudly, “Xavier, what is the meaning of this? Is your nine fang formation a mere prison used to trap me.”

       Xavier smiled wickedly and answered, “True, our nine fang formation has a restrictive capacity which is far greater than its attacking power. Though I would have liked to fight you for real, this time our target however is your young master.”

                Sebastian who saw the fast approaching beginner disciples gritted his teeth and dashed straight through the wind barrier, the wind barrier was nothing but a formation formed by the energy of nine warriors who form countless blades of wind encompassing them to form a barrier obstructing their enemy.

          As Sebastian passed the barrier, countless wind blades assaulted his body like sharpened blades he gritted his teeth and flew at high speed, Xavier and his brothers who never expected this suicide attempt were momentarily left dumbfounded. Recovering from his daze Xavier laughed loudly and said, “How on earth can such a fool exist in this world? Brothers even though he had enough power to rival me now he should be heavily injured, let’s go and kill him.”

            The group of divine disciples followed Sebastian while Sebastian flew at high speed which was much faster than any of them, thus he reached the approaching beginner disciples in just a second, these disciples were caught off guard as they never expected to face an enemy who was supposed to be trapped in the nine fang formation. Though all this took place in various stages, in reality everything happened in only a second.

                Caught off guard, one of the disciple immediately lost his life to the charge of Sebastian while the remaining, as expected of experts, drew their weapons almost simultaneously. A person who was in the rear end of disciples loudly declared, “Flee.” It was an obvious decision to them as they would die if they put up a resistance in front of a divine disciple so they instead chose to flee.

         The next instant all of them fled in different directions away from Sebastian, making it difficult to pursue all of them. Sebastian who saw this let out a shrill eagle cry and immediately shifted to his original appearance.

        Cries of alarm appeared in all the people present as the eagle was a mighty god beast who had a 100 foot wide body with beak as sharp as any divine artifact while its talons were certainly the harbingers of death.

         Sebastian who was now in his eagle form spread his wings and raised a sharp gale which filled the surroundings while his talons let out condensed blades of wind which simultaneously pierced the bodies of eight disciples leaving only four beginner disciples who fled for their lives.

       Xavier who saw Sebastian’s eagle form immediately cried aloud, ” Retreat!”

       All of his brothers retreated at a fast pace while Sebastian raised a ear piercing cry and chased after them at a speed which was almost double his original.

     Xavier who saw Sebastian’s eagle form cursed out and said, “No wonder that guy is still alive after taking the damage from our barrier, who would have thought that he belonged to the Welkin clan. They are the rulers of the sky and their proficiency in training in the way of wind is unrivalled among god beasts.”

          A person beside him said in a worrying voice, “Big brother, are we going to escape and let this treasure get away from our hands, sect head promised us a high position and a treasure of our choice if we bring back the culprit.”

     Xavier snorted and said, “I, Xavier has trained for two millennia and has achieved this level of power, I refuse to believe that I cannot defeat a mere member of welkin clan. Though it is good to be confident, I don’t want to take any risks, brothers let’s attack at once then we will definitely emerge victorious.”

       All nine of divine disciples who were retreating split into nine rays of wind while simultaneously stopping in their tracks, spear in their hands they pierced the huge figure of Sebastian imbued with their immortal power, instantly hundreds and thousands of spear energies assaulted Sebastian.

             Sebastian who was madly chasing after the nine divine disciples halted in his tracks as they stopped their retreat, as soon as thousands of spear energies assaulted him, he snorted and let out a shrill cry. A huge gust of wind gathered in front of him and engulfed the spear energies obstructing their approach.

      Xavier who saw the gust lost all colour in his face and a brother of his muttered tremblingly, “Not good, this eagle is a core member of welkin clan and possesses an innate ability.” Turning towards Xavier he said, “Brother let’s leave, we can’t face this monster without any casualties. Its better if we bring along the elders of the sect, no matter how much precious that young man is, it is not worth our lives.”

         Xavier who was gritting his teeth in anger loudly snarled, “Shut up! Don’t tell me what I should do. Do you think that elders will give a shit about our wellbeing, they will snatch this treasure for themselves and may even eliminate us to prevent the leakage of information. We will seize the kid today at any cost.”

          Sebastian who was quietly observing the situation shifted to his human form and said in a murderous voice, “Get out! I do not want to have a fight with you, so leave immediately and I won’t pursue you.”

    Xavier who listened to Sebastian offer snickered and said, “Just because you belong to the welkin clan, do you think you can order us around. Even if you belong to the welkin clan it doesn’t matter as long as your fellow brothers know nothing of your death. I know that you are trying to act big but it is indisputable that you are heavily injured and can’t face the combined might of us nine brothers. God beast welkin eagle, you will die today and become fodder to the earth.”

      Sebastian face twitched as he heard this, an expression never seen on his face surfaced as a low growl emerged from his throat, “Fuckers, I am trying to act nice and even offered you your lives but you motherfuckers want to kill me. Come at me and I promise you, none of you will die peacefully.”

      Xavier face convulsed with anger as he said, “Don’t get cocky bastard, let’s see who dies first.”

     The spear in his hand directly chopped at air and a wind twisted around his spear while rotating at high speed, in a blink he appeared right before Sebastian and pierced straight through his heart.

            Sebastian who didn’t move from his position started at Xavier while muttering in low voice. “In accordance with your order my master Vera, I have reached my limit so the seal on me is now removed.”

( AN: Some of might think why should he even seal his powers and fight so dangerously, I will leave the reason to your own discretion, think about it with the logic of Riddick’s world not our Real life.)

               Xavier reached Sebastian in a blink of an eye and pierced him with his spear but Sebastian stood calmly while his hand simply grabbed the spear. Xavier was initially stunned but was soon terrified by the power of Sebastian. A desperate look appeared in his eyes as he tried to flee but a strong divine energy firmly held him in his place. Sebastian who was calmly observing Xavier suddenly started emitting a tremendous Killing intent, if someone observing this phenomenon, then they would have surely felt that it was no way inferior to Lord Kennedy’s killing intent.

           Sebastian face convulsed and a expression mad with anger appeared while the killing intent intensified as he said, “I already gave you a chance but you were a fool who didn’t utilise it, now my patience has hit its limit.”

         A wind energy which was eons apart from his previous power transmitted into Xavier through the spear, the energy was like a raging cyclone and teared through his body from inside, in just a few seconds nothing was left except the rended pieces of the what was once Xavier.

     The divine disciples who were watching their brother’s strongest attack which utilised the power of the true divine energy were stunned as Sebastian blocked it but soon they were terrified to even move from their spots as the strongest among them, their elder brother, died in a few seconds and that too without any resistance, they instinctively understood that they were not a match to the opponent present before them so they stood still without even escaping, it was not that they did not wish to escape but their mental facilities were already consumed with the fear permeating from the very core of their souls.

                Sebastian who killed Xavier appeared in front of the immortal group while an immortal fell to the ground as his head was beheaded while his body was splintered at a speed none of them could even follow.

       Turning his head towards the other immortals Sebastian barked loudly, “Tell me, what exactly is happening in this kingdom.”

      The immortal group was terrified as they saw the scattered remains of their two brothers, trembling in fear they stuttered, “Ye…yes, lord welkin.”


Book 2 – Chapter 17 – Soul Fusion:

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               I woke up early in the morning and saw Sebastian skinning a fifth ranked magical beast demon rabbit for our lunch, the sun was already up and I was feeling quite hungry since I fell asleep without having a supper as I was quite exhausted after that long flight. Soon, the big roasted meat was almost finished because of my voracious appetite, Sylvie was back after her own hunting and I was ready to finally fuse with the mutated soul.

              Void who sensed my intension sighed and said, “Riddick I understand your eagerness and there is no point in delaying it so let’s start the process immediately but first find a large source of water with at least a million creatures in it.”

     I was stunned at this request and asked, “A million creatures! How can I even find so many Void and Don’t tell me you want me me to slaughter all of them?”

             Void answered lazily, “I asked for creatures, it doesn’t matter if they are fish  or birds or even insects so its best if you select a large enough water body which has a million creatures in it,”

(AN: Please don’t count bacteria.)

      I sighed in relief as I heard this, if it was just fish or insects then it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a water body with a million creatures in it, so I started scouting the nearby places. This forest was huge, almost comparable to the Red mountains so this forest should have many water bodies to sustain the enormous plant life. Many lakes could be seen in the forest but they only spanned a few hundred metres to at most a few kilometres, these lakes didn’t satisfy my requirement so I travelled along the small streams which were the source of water filling up these small lakes.

       After a few hours of trekking along the small streams, I came upon the mother source of all the small lakes in the forest, it was a lake which spanned more than hundreds of kilometres and was surrounded by forest on all sides
This lake was most probably the centre point and the origin of the forest, having this lake as a water source, the plant life should have slowly spread outwards finally becoming a forest. I could clearly see that this lake was very deep and was teeming with aquatic life.

                Though I didn’t know if this lake had millions of creatures in it, at least it was the water body with the largest amount of life I could find, nodding my head in satisfaction, I informed Void, “Alright Void, I found a lake according to your instruction so what should I do next?”

          Void answered, ” Go to the bottom of the lake and gulp down the mutated soul, the real process is spiritual so you have do everything within your sea of consciousness.”

     I was startled and and asked Void, “Aren’t we going to use Yamaloka, I thought that using it will prevent anyone from noticing the elemental fluctuations.”

     Void sighed and said, “True, it is beneficial and no one will observe any elemental essence fluctuations but there are some processes which essentially can’t be done within Yamaloka. For example this soul fusion, which requires a high amount of elemental essence and only nature has as an unlimited source of elemental essence, further we need a million creatures which can’t be found in Yamaloka.”

           I was confused and asked, “Can’t we just ask Yama to absorb the elemental essence before we start the process, also these are just some aquatic creatures, we can easily transport them to Yamaloka.”

      Void spoke in a irritated voice, “Though Yama has lightning affinity, it is weak and he can’t control the lightning elemental essence as much as fire elemental essence, it is highly possible that you will require a large amount of lightning essence at the end of process so it is not possible to use Yamaloka. Further Yamaloka follows the laws of yama and when these creatures die, we want their souls to follow the laws of nature which won’t happen in the case of Yamaloka.

      Now, don’t ask me anymore questions and just get it done.”

                  I nodded slightly and thought secretly, ‘Every time Void gets irritated,he acts like a grumpy old man’. Following Void’s instruction I sprinted on the water surface towards the centre of the lake and dived inside while Sebastian hovered in the air with Sylvie coiled around him as Void instructed me to order them to stay away from me while I am fusing with the soul fragment.

                       Diving into the lake I saw a number of fish schools each having thousand and thousands of fishes in them while many magical beasts were also present in the lake, none were at a level where I need to be conscious of them. It was not hard to dive and hold my breath including the surface walk on water as these are just a few minor skills any warrior of even fifth rank can master.

           Reaching the bottom of the lake which was at least a kilometre deep was a tedious process and the difficulty only increased as the water pressure increased, though I enveloped myself in the Ki, it still gave me a congested feeling.

      Finally I reached the bottom of the lake and gulped down the mutated soul gem while immediately entering into the meditative state to observe the sea of consciousness, the gem which reached into my abdomen slowly disintegrated into two parts a fiery red mass and a small dark reddish fog, suddenly both of them invaded my sea of consciousness and attacked my mage force and soul respectively.

              Void who was silent the whole time immediately ordered me to form a barrier with my spiritual energy to obstruct the red mass force while he let the darkish red fog to attack my soul. The darkish red fog was like an arrow and directly pierced into my soul. A soul shattering pain engulfed my consciousness and my soul almost shattered but in the next instant a bull appeared in my sea of consciousness and bellowed loudly, the reddish fog suddenly halted its assault as a tremendous fire elemental energy shook my sea of consciousness and blocked its advance but the dark part of fog continued its assault as it was somehow immune to the control of the enormous energy of Yama.

           After Yama somehow stopped the advance of the red fog, my situation improved a little bit but the pain was still present. Though it was not so excruciating, it was still enough to make me lose my sanity. The dark fog was trying to continuously assault my soul and only after a full five minutes it gave up its assault and became static. Yama bellowed again and the red fog directly flew and merged with the dark fog forming a dark reddish cloud but this time the fog remained static and showed no signs of movement.

      Void’s voice resounded in my exhausted mind again and said, “Alright Riddick, the first stage is a success now all that is left is the second stage before the fusion is complete.”

   I was mad with anger and shouted, “Why didn’t you tell me that I will experience this type of pain again?”

    Void answered as a matter of fact, “Of course you will experience it, these processes involve souls so the pain will be thousands of time greater than physical injuries. You should thank the heavens that Yama was here else you would have been dead by now. In the first place this mutated soul can never be fused by a mortal, my guess is that you are the first person who attempted this process in all of multi universes.

           I only allowed you to do this because I had confidence in saving you, with Yama we could control the fire essence leaving only the small amount of darkness for you to confront. Now that the easy part is over all that is required is to open your soul and integrate this soul fragment into your soul.”

        I was stunned at the answer and asked in a trembling voice, “That was the easy part? How can the next part be worse than this?”

     Void answered, “I know Riddick that I didn’t tell you the cons of soul fusion but you have to believe me, the earlier a soul fuses with you the more control you will have over the ability you gain from it and the reason I said that the previous process is easy is because we were there to help you but in the next step we can’t intervene.”

             I sighed deeply and said, “Alright, I understand. I was a fool to even think that everything will go smoothly. Now tell me what should I do?”

        Void became serious in a instant and  said, “You are not experienced in this matter and I don’t want your soul to collapse so listen carefully, I will remove the seal on your soul which is naturally placed by the heavens and then you will  fuse with the soul fragment, remember the only think you have to do is to absorb the soul fragment and the red mass as much as you can into your sea of consciousness as both of them will try to repel themselves from you who is essentially a foreign body to them. ”

         I nodded my head and soon a small divine energy appeared in my sea of consciousness, it slowly enveloped the soul and started forming a complex formation around it. In a few seconds I felt as if my entire being was split open but I felt no pain, it was an indescribable feeling which clouded my consciousness. Void’s voice resounded in my mind and said, “Now!”

     I immediately let my soul absorb the soul fragment into it, it was calm at first and the fusion happened peacefully but soon an incredible force started bombarding my soul from inside as if to rip it to shreds, my consciousness which was already muddy started to get hazy and I soon lost all consciousness.

      Yama who was out side watching the phenomenon said in a low voice, “Void, was it essential to take such a risk? Even if his majesty doesn’t fuse with this soul fragment, he will still grow powerful, why are you taking such a risk?”

          Void stayed silent for a while and said, “Yama, no matter how much support we give him, we are ultimately nothing but a support. He has to grow strong by himself and this soul fragment will be useful for him even in the future, besides do you really think a mere dark dragons soul can dominate his soul.”

       Yama stayed silent for a while but a small snort came from his nose as he said, “Dark dragons soul huh! Impossible.”

         Suddenly the red mass which was silently present in one corner of the sea of consciousness started rampaging and a tremendous fire essence started bombarding the spiritual energy present in sea of consciousness, contrarily the spiritual energy was trying to engulf the fire essence emitted by red mass.

      Seeing this Void muttered, ” So it has begun.” While Yama continued, “The fight for dominance.” It was right at this time Riddick lost his consciousness.


        Sebastian was hovering in the air a little distance away from the lake, Sylvie was coiled around his hand and was intently observing the lake while he kept a watch on the surroundings as his orders was to prevent any one from disturbing Riddick while he was fusing with the soul fragment.

          Suddenly Sebastian sensed a tremendous energy and moved back at his maximum speed just in time to avoid an explosion of steam and fire essence which reached all the way to the top of the lake though Riddick was a kilometre away from the surface.

        The entire lake started to boil at a astonishing speed, the fish were already dead while the magical beasts were howling because of intense heat, though some higher magical beasts managed to reach the surface but their bodies were already burnt beyond recognition and were sinking back into the lake as they lost their lives before they reached the land. The heat was tremendous and the steam rising from the intense boiling was enough to instantly cover the sky over the entire lake and the surrounding forest with a white mist.

          Sebastian was dumbfounded while Sylvie was slack jawed as they saw the astounding phenomenon before them, the lake which had billions of gallons of water was evaporating at a visible speed while the millions of aquatic life were dying in seconds.

     Soon all that left was a thin layer of mineral salt covering the bottom of the lake, Riddick was seated in the centre while emitting a frightening amount of fire essence which continued to burn his surroundings.

            At this stage the fire elemental essence started heating the rocks to a degree that a small pool of lava was formed near Riddick but it was obstructed from reaching him by Yama who was revolving around him while crazily absorbing the fire essence.

     The steam which emitted by the evaporation of lake was enormous and covered the entire lake and the surrounding forest, all the birds in the vicinity were already dead while the plants near the border were burning to ashes from the still emanating heat, this phenomenon was huge and could be observed for hundreds of kilometres, there were about twenty immortals who were in the vicinity of the phenomenon and immediately started rushing towards the centre of forest.

Book 2 – Chapter 16 Havoc in Colt kingdom

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Havoc in Colt kingdom:

     Void answered gleefully, “This is a mutated soul fragment of the godbeast ‘Dark Dragon ‘ who trained in devils path of cultivation.”

      Confused I asked Void, “Why would a soul fragment of a mere God beast be so valuable? Can’t these people just hunt another one?”

     Void laughed and said, “If it was so simple, why would this treasure have so much value? Dark dragons are a variant type of dragons who have affinity for darkness element, these dark dragons themselves are a very rare species and further they like to live in seclusion, so it is already difficult to find a single dark dragon.

       But what makes these dragons more powerful is not their rare affinity but their talent in cultivating in the devils way, this path is limited to those who have darkness affinity and relies on stealing others cultivation to improve their own.

          This fragment of mutated soul is left by a dragon who has entered into the divine realm by successfully passing the divine tribulation but it’s soul was damaged in the process, leaving behind a fragment while majority of its soul successfully survived the tribulation, This is also an another minor result that can be seen during the divine tribulations.

          Now you should understand how rare and valuable this mutated soul is, the dark dragons are themselves a rarity and how many of them do you think can even train to become a deva, even if they do become a deva, what are the chances that they will produce a mutated soul in their tribulation. This makes the mutated souls a very coveted thing in the world and generally you will never find one for sale as anyone who values cultivation would sell it even for the entire wealth of the world, of course there are always exceptions but the prices of these mutated souls will be astonishing.

           Also these fragments are not only left by dark dragons but by other experts and godbeasts who have undergone similar tribulations as well, only this fragment of dark dragons soul is much valuable and may be even ranked among the top ten most coveted fragments of the world.”

          I nodded in acknowledgment while staring at the awe inspiring fragment and asked, “I understand Void but why are you calling this one a mutated soul, instead of a soul fragment.”

       Void smiled a little and answered, “This fragment is a mutated soul because it has fire affinity, The dark dragons have innate darkness affinity so its soul fragment should also possess the same affinity but this soul fragment possess strong fire affinity because of a mutation it has undergone, experts who covet this soul fragment may not have the darkness affinity which is a rare affinity, so they try to mutate it by forcibly injecting other elemental essence into it, in this case it was fire. After a long period of time, the soul fragment will naturally be converted into the desired elemental fragment.

              That divine disciple stage expert who originally obtained this soul fragment should have spent at least a few millennia trying to mutate this soul into a fire affinity fragment, though there is still some lingering darkness in this mutated soul, it shouldn’t pose any major obstruction when fusing with it. Only I think that he must have been in a very unfavourable situation else he would have collected this soul fragment himself as this is the result of his millennia of hard work, rather than sending a mere beginner disciple to collect it.

        Humph, whatever, he is but a single divine disciple, there is nothing to fear and he doesn’t even know who we are. This maybe fate, there is nothing he can do about it now.”

              As I heard Void, I stared in wonder at the rice grain sized gem in front of me and couldn’t help but think, ‘This fragment is so valuable and it was even mutated into fire affinity, my luck is too good but such luck will surely bring troubles, all I hope is it won’t be too troublesome to me.”

           I suddenly realised that I didn’t yet knew the purpose of this soul fragment so I hurriedly asked, “Void, you didn’t tell me yet, what is the use of a soul fragment?”

      Void smiled slightly and answered, “A soul fragment has a part of the original souls power, it may be anything, an innate ability, a technique developed by the original soul or simply a mass of divine consciousness so it is not possible to know what it contains until you fuse with it, generally put, you will gain the same power the original soul has utilised to withstand the tribulation which is definitely its strongest attack, though your gained power will be weaker than the original user’s it will still be an asset to your growth.

       But fusing a soul is a tedious and complex process that can’t be completed in an instant so let’s get out of here first, it will be dangerous if someone comes to find us. Its better if we go as far as we can before attempting to fuse with this soul.”

       I was startled as I remembered that we just stole a divine disciple’s treasure, it is best to get away as far as we can before he arrives here. Though with Sebastian here, he won’t be much of a problem, it would be a disaster if he brought someone to help him.

      Turning towards the prince, I ordered, “Don’t resist and stay put.” Immediately, a suction force was generated by Yama directly transporting them into the Yama realm. This was the first time I saw the this phenomenon so I couldn’t help but stare in wonder at Yama who was still glowing with red fire radiance.

       Shaking my head at this ridiculous situation, I immediately ordered Sebastian to convert into his eagle form so that we can get away as far as we can before someone comes chasing after us.


          A few hours after Riddick left the mountain ranges, an astonishing number of immortals arrived near the Red mountains, while an expert who was leading the group loudly ordered to the person in the back, “Show us the location where you last felt its presence Colt.”

       A man who looked like he was in his late forties appeared from the crowd of immortals as the voice rang out, his face was ashen pale and there was a red slap mark on one side of his face. Bowing down immediately, he respectfully said, “Revered Sect head, I felt the presence of my divine consciousness for the last time right here in this region.”

        The man who lead this group of individuals was the sect head of one of the largest sects of Colt Kingdom ‘Heavenly Flame sect’ – Abraham, while the man called Colt was a disciple of the sect who was at divine disciple level, he was also the ancestor of Colt clan and the one whose divine consciousness was sealed inside the lock of the chest.

          Abraham was a man of great ambition, he once obtained a soul fragment of the dark dragon by pure luck. Since he mainly trained in way of fire, he spent three thousand years trying to mutate it, this information was known only to a handful of individual including the elders of the sect, who were responsible to guard the Red mountains. Ever since three millenniums passed, they started being careless as they never thought that someone even knew about the soul fragment which was in the volcanic pouch of red mountains.

              But a few days ago he received information from the spy he placed in the ‘Hyde sect’ that the sect received information regarding a soul fragment reportedly hidden by his Heavenly flame sect, this immediately threw him in chaos as his work of three millennia will be wasted of it fell into their hands, so in a desperate situation to prevent their attention from going towards the red mountains he handed the mission to a reliable divine disciple of the sect ‘ Colt ‘ but this colt was still intercepted by the forces of Hyde sect and as a way to further prevent their eyes from reaching the red mountains, he asked his best disciple to collect the mutated soul while sealing the chest with his divine consciousness to prevent anyone from stealing it.

         The Hyde sect was the guardian sect of Hyde empire and was a monstrous organisation whose power cannot be rivaled in the Sky continent since they even have ancestors in Forbidden Isle. As a epitome of power in Sky continent, they still coveted the soul fragment but it was impossible that they will guess that a mere beginner disciple will escort such a treasure. Considering this, Colt planed the escort mission and even hired some missionaries to camouflage it as a merchant caravan, his plan was perfect and indeed the Hyde sect never doubted a small caravan with only beginner disciples, so the escort should have been a success. Unfortunately for him, Riddick found the carriage and it’s value with the help of Yama who had extreme sensitivity to the elemental essence.

          Abraham spread his divine sense yet he didn’t found a single human soul in vicinity, grinding his teeth he shouted loudly at the sect members, “Search every nook and corner of this mountain ranges.” Turning towards Colt, he barked, “Mobilise the entire army of the Colt kingdom, we must find the chest at any cost.”

        An elder who was beside the head said in a low voice, “Abraham, the chest is already in the Hyde sect’s hands, how can a mere search possibly help us.”

       Abraham shook his head and answered, “It is not yet decided that it is in hands of Hyde sect, if they really retrieved the chest they would have long since left this damn kingdom. Why would they conceal their success from a small sect such as us, even if I mobilise the entire strength of our sect, it won’t account to a thousandth of their strength so if they do retrieve the soul fragment, they will simply show off their success and leave this desolate kingdom.”

         The elder eyes lit up as he listened to Abraham’s answer, with a excited voice, he said, “Are you saying that the chest was stolen by someone who doesn’t belong to either of the our sects?”

      Abraham answered in a grave voice, “Most probably a divine disciple level expert should have stolen it, as the lock wouldn’t have broken without that level of strength also if it was a peak divine disciple like us, the lock wouldn’t have even triggered in the first place.

        We currently have the advantage since we know this information so  search for that bastard immediately, mobilise our entire sect and the army of Colt kingdom, we don’t know his appearance but he must be emitting a strong fire essence from his body. Also he mustn’t have fused with the soul fragment yet, since fusing with a mutated soul can only be achieved through complicated techniques and no divine disciple can know such techniques. Find him immediately before this information reaches the Hyde sect.”

   The elder immediately bowed slightly and said, “Yes, sect head.”

           That day hundreds of immortals flew all across the Colt kingdom along with the mortal army and they started combing the Colt kingdom territory. Majority of them didn’t know what they were searching for but the orders given to them were to inform their superiors as soon as they found a individual with strong fire essence around him.


         In a mansion located in the capital of Colt kingdom, a man was kneeling in front of a woman. On closer inspection one can see that he was the elder who talked with Abraham. He gave his report to the woman who abruptly rose from her chair and praised the man, “Good, you did well Damien. You will be rewarded with ten black pearls when we get that mutated soul and I will even recommended you to join the inner sect directly. Now go and continue your duties but don’t forget to report me about any important information.”

      Damien bowed and answered, “Yes, my lady.”

       As Damien left the mansion a cruel smile formed on the lips of the beautiful woman, with a low voice she commanded, “You heard that fool right, spread out our forces and search for the target also keep an eye on this lowlife, he betrayed his sect for money, there is no reason why he won’t betray us for more riches.”

      A shadow materialised in front of her revealing a man of sharp features, bowing a little he answered, “Yes, lady Alexa.”

         The next instant the man disappeared leaving behind Alexa who was smiling broadly, and thought aloud, “I wonder who is the person who robbed that soul fragment, whoever it is, he shall fall because of his own greed.”

      That day hundreds of divine disciples leading thousands of beginner disciples headed out of the Hyde sect while the peak divine disciples conserved their strength in anticipation of a fight with the opponent peak disciples

        The Colt kingdom was thrown into a chaos as thousands of immortals and lakhs of mortal armies marched in the territory of the kingdom and the surrounding areas inch by inch, all with the same orders, “Search and destroy the target while retrieving the object in his possession.”

          During this time Riddick was leisurely lying down on a small patch of grass in a distant forest away from the Red mountains, without a slight bit of knowledge of the havoc he caused in the Colt kingdom.

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Book 2 – Chapter 15 Escort (2)

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     I offered the old elder, “How about I give you your lives?”

           The elder’s face changed as he sneered and said, “You are looking for death kid, I was respectful to you and this is how you treat me. Do you think we don’t have the power to confront you.” turning towards one of his subordinates he shouted, “Koid, kill this brat while I take of his butler.”

                A warrior who was on his horse rushed towards me with a large blade and shouted ‘ Don’t try to escape you motherfucker ‘, though he wanted to kill me instantly, he far underestimated my strength as he simply tried to kill me with a basic slash towards my chest, Unfortunately my close combat skills after being trained by Sebastian was on a level where even Sylvie had to be alert while sparing with me, forget about this dimwit.

            Dodging the blade I kicked him on the knee while simultaneously throwing a punch on his back, a force transfered from his back muscles to his feet which were already in a feeble state from my kick, leading to the disruption of his balance. Koid fell on his knees as I counterattacked but before he can manage to strike back, my sword pierced through his soft neck portion, directly impaling him to death.

        The elder who was prepared to attack Sebastian as soon as he tried to come to my aide was stunned as I killed his subordinate, further I could clearly see the disbelief in his eyes as he saw me killing an eighth ranked warrior so easily. This was to be expected as I was already a sixth ranked warrior further having my body strengthened by my attribute so of course dealing with a common eighth ranked warrior was not too difficult besides this guy called Kolt was too dumb and directly attacked an enemy without even trying to measure his enemy’s strength further with a basic attack.

          The young man who was silently standing behind his guards finally came forward as he observed the situation, though the old elder was unwilling to move he still gave way to this young man. Coming forward he swept us with his gaze and said, “Fellow brother, I am the prince of the ‘ Colt ‘ kingdom and this area comes under our territory, we even have good relations with our imperial sovereign ‘The Mystic empire’ , I can see that you belong to a large clan else it is impossible that you would have a immortal as your steward but please don’t make matters worse for me else I would be forced to use my influence against you so I would ask you to leave immediately and I assure you that this matter will be resolved without any actions against you”

          I laughed loudly as he said this and thought, ‘ This guy is trying to say that he has relation with Jasper and is asking me to fuck off, this is really amusing, just how did he think that I will run away because I heard the empire’s name in the middle of nowhere. Oh well, I will show him the real way to scare someone. ‘

                  The prince and the elders face turned  red with anger as they saw me laughing my heart out, but before they could display their anger I continued and said, “Oh! You know Jasper, now that is surprising. What is your relation with him?”

           Prince face turned pale as he heard me and but he nonetheless enquired, “Ja…Jasper, are you talking about his majesty, the emperor of Mystic empire”

       I put on a confused expression and said, “Yes, don’t you know him?”
         The prince immediately got down from his horse and said, “Sir, I had no idea that you had such a close relationship with his imperial majesty so forgive this one but please let us go, if this carriage contained even the fortune of my life I would have sold it to you but this is not my carriage, I was simply ordered to escort this carriage by our ancestor and he even sent his disciple, elder Li as an escort so I can’t sell this carriage to you at any cost.”

          Though the prince had his doubts regarding the integrity of my statement, what could he do? He was nothing but a prince of a single kingdom within the massive Mystic empire which had tens of kingdoms under its rule and I was someone who dared to call the emperor by his name, he couldn’t risk making me angry and decided to simply offer his respects.

           I titled my head and looked at the old man hovering in air and asked, “Are you elder Li?”

            However an ancient voice came from behind the prince as an man no younger than the old elder appeared and said, ” I am elder Li, as explained by the prince this carriage is my master’s property so leave immediately. If I encountered you at any other time, I would have killed you for your lies but I don’t want to attract attention of others so leave this instant, consider this your luck.”

                  Sebastian who was behind me informed me through his divine consciousness and said, “Young master, this old man is at the peak of beginner divine disciple stage, he should be at a hurdle else he would have become a divine disciple long ago.”

       I couldn’t use divine consciousness even though I had divine spiritual energy which is the essential to form divine consciousness because, my soul was not yet in a material form. Raising my head to see the hovering Li, I said in voice audible to everyone, “A mere beginner disciple, kill him Sebastian”

              Elder Li was shocked at my audacity but he laughed madly and said, “Fool, know your station before you provoke someone, this is your own foolishness now, die.” Saying this he removed his staff from his storage space and covered it with flames while simultaneously swinging it wildly at Sebastian who was in his path, though this elder Li wanted to kill me first he was obstructed by Sebastian.

        The old elder who was hovering also  started his attack immediately as well while the warriors as well as the prince simultaneously took out their weapons and started their assault on us. It was a desperate situation no matter who saw it and would certainly lead to our death but in the next instant all of them stopped in their tracks as they saw the corpse of elder Li falling from the skies.

         The old man was too terrified of Sebastian’s strength and decided to abandon the prince so he instantly started fleeing the second elder Li died but his luck was too bad and he was too close to me, as he started running he realised that a huge serpent appeared out of nowhere and blocked his path, horrified by the monstrous magical beast, he tried to attack it only to be engulfed by Sylvie who simply started digesting him with her enzymatic digestive juices.

            As the two immortals fell, the place was filled with nothing but horrifying crunching sounds of bones being broken down by the Sylvie’s abdominal muscles. The prince fell to his knees and hit the ground with his head in apology while the others followed his example and were soon on the ground asking for mercy.

          Sylvie slowly shrunk back but still maintained a ten metres long form to let the people know her presence while I casually walked towards the carriage and inspected the seal on it along with the various talismans placed on it to prevent the leakage of elemental essence.

          After examining it for a while I pointed at one of the persons kneeling and ordered, “Open this carriage now.”

      The person hesitated for a moment but seeing Sylvie and Sebastian he slowly got up and went towards the carriage while I moved back to my former location while was a fair distance away from the carriage, the man struggled with the lock but soon succeeded in breaking the seal in the lock with his eighth rank warrior strength, turning towards me he opened the door but in the next instant a violent explosion took place near the carriage directly incinerating the man to ashes. Seeing this I thought, “As expected that carriage was only storing the elemental essence emitted by that treasure, it could not stop the treasure from emitting the essence itself, so all the elemental essence will explode after the seal on the carriage is removed.”

              Prince and the people around him had a horrifying expression on their face as they saw the corpse of their companion which was blasted and burnt to ashes, returning their gazes towards me, they gulped visibly. However my concentration was entirely on the small crimson chest which was revealed when the carriage exploded.

            The chest was not too large, only half a metre in width and less than 20cm in height but what was surprising was that the crimson colour of the metal box was purely because of the fire elemental essence emitting profusely from it. Though I immediately wanted to grab it, I was cautious since the blasting of the carriage so I immediately ordered another person to open the box.

           The person was trembling but he had no choice, walking slowly towards the half destroyed carriage he took out his sword and probed the crimson box held within it, the sword immediately started absorbing fire elemental essence to the degree that the person was killed by the after shock of super absorption but the scary point was that all this process happened in just a split second.

          I was dissatisfied with the result and saw the remaining captives I had, since the beginning five died and now only five remained including the prince, clicking my tongue in dissatisfaction I ordered another person to try it but the result was same, only this time the box actively tried to kill the intruder by emitting a stronger force.

       I sighed deeply and waited till Void wakes up to take his suggestion, this time however Void woke up in only half a day during which I tried the process again only to loose one more man reducing my stocks to only three captives including the prince.

       As soon as Void woke up I asked him, “Void, take a look at this chest, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to open it.”

      Void looked at the seals in close proximity and said, “This is a divine disciple level seal so of course you can’t remove it yourself, call Sebastian and ask him to hold Yama while yama will conduct the energy out of the seal, this way we can reduce much of the seal’s power then it should be easy to break this seal.”

         Sebastian did what he was asked to do and started conducting the extreme heat of the box to the nature through Yama, although Sebastian didn’t take any major damage the strain on his body was tremendous, after three hours of  strenuous work Sebastian finally managed to weaken the seal.

         Carrying my fire core sword, I stood in front of the crimson box while enveloping it in my own flames to act as buffer to the backlash I may receive, Sebastian was already tired so I couldn’t ask him to do this, while Sylvie was definitely not a option since she wasn’t a fire attribute god beast, leaving me to open the chest. Though I could use the prince and his fellows, they were far too fragile since none of them had strong fire resistance and an another person died as I tried to check the status of seal when Sebastian was weakening it, leaving only two people alive including the prince.

         My mage force abruptly rose as I willed all of it into the sword which was followed by the appearance of an intense fire intermixed with the lightning, lifting my sword I struck the seal on the box with all my strength. As soon as the sword struck the seal a strong force started pushing itself towards me but was heavily obstructed by my mage force, the power struggle continued for a while until I finally broke the seal.

           Breathing roughly I immediately opened the chest but a thin silk thread was bound between the top and bottom of the lock and as soon as I exerted some strength, a thunderous voice rang out, “Whoever you are, leave this instant and I may spare you life else I will wipe you and your clan to regain what is rightfully mine.”

       It had taken far too much time and I was getting impatient, since I already obtained the chest why should I fear the divine consciousness of a divine disciple stage expert who wasn’t even here and had no way to know who I was, cutting the string immediately, I opened the crimson box.

          Stuffed into a weird material was a small glittering red gem no bigger than a rice grain, I was dumbfounded on seeing it, what on earth was this thing, wasn’t there supposed to be a natural treasure inside the chest but this was just a small glittering gem, though this was emitting fire essence how can I use such a small gem, these were the questions that appeared in my mind.

         But as soon as Void saw the gem his reaction was incredulous, gasping in surprise he shouted ” Holy shit! ‘, how on earth did a mere divine disciple stage expert obtain this, no wonder he used so many precautions to prevent someone stealing this treasure, he should be acting as a decoy and let this caravan go unnoticed through these volcanic mountain ranges to prevent anyone from noticing the fluctuations of fire essence.”

      I was immediately excited regarding the identity of treasure which even made Void so excited so I asked him, “Void, what is this gem?”

     Void laughed loudly and said, “Kid, your luck is ridiculous, I would have never guessed that we would ever come across this, no matter how much rich you are, there are always things that can’t be brought by money and this is something which will cause anyone who know of its value go into a frenzy, this gem here is not something that can be bought  because it will never ever be sold.”

      I knew that he was excited so not minding his roundabout answer I asked him, “What is this gem Void?”

    Void answered with a gleeful voice, “This is…………….       


Book 2 – Chapter 14 Escort (1)

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Five months later

A large volcanic mountain chain was situated in the southwestern part of the Mystic empire, this chain of mountains spanned for hundreds of kilometres and had many active volcanoes in it, thus it was a constant hub of many volcanic eruptions. Although it had such a violent volcanic activity, it was also the home for many magical beasts and according to the rumours even housed immortal level magical beasts, with all these variables it gained the name Red mountain ranges implying its relation with extreme heat and fire.

At the northern most tip of these mountain ranges there was an active volcano named ‘ Mestido ‘, this volcano was one of the most active volcanoes of the Red mountain ranges and constantly erupted so even magical beasts of higher ranks tend to avoid it. In the centre of this volcano was a huge concavity filled with boiling magma, however a huge rock can be seen which protruding a few metres from the surface of magma, this rock should have some precious metal ores within it making it very tough else it would have melted long ago by the flow of hot magma.

What was surprising was not the rock present in the middle of the magma but rather a person who was meditating on it in this extreme temperatures without battling a single eyelid, he was Riddick. A whip was floating and rotating around him while a red aura was congregating around Riddick as the whip constantly emitted a cloud of fire elemental essence, this whip was Yama.

I have been training in these  volcanic mountain ranges for five months and the speed at which I am cultivating my spiritual energy or mage force is heavens apart from my usual speed, there are two reasons for this. Firstly, this volcanic mountain ranges have a very high density of elemental essence so it is a perfect place to cultivate fire essence while the second reason is because of Yama who can very casually absorb large quantities of elemental essence and increase it in my surroundings by constantly releasing it. Because of these two reasons I reached the late stage of seventh rank from the middle stage in only five months, though this was not at all encouraging seeing the progress I have to make but I decided to be a little more positive and think that at least I reached this level in just five months instead of two years if I cultivated normally.

My usual schedule includes training with Sebastian without a break for five hours followed by cultivation of my mage force, following which I spent the remaining time in meditation and do 108 cycles of ‘ one breath – thousand lives ‘ to increase the purity of my mage force. My training was proceeding very smoothly and though I was spending most of my training, some of my free time was spent in exploring the mountain ranges with Sylvie.

Sylvie was currently in a crucial time of her growth as her five year maturation period is coming to an end and she can evolve at any time. While I exploring the mountain ranges Sylvie usually preyed upon some magical beasts, though the magical beast of this mountain range are formidable, they are still easy prey to Sylvie who was in the peak stage of ninth rank and can break through anytime. So unless we encounter an immortal, we can’t be defeated.

Time flowed and a month passed, these past two days though I was still training, I was concerned about a certain phenomenon. The temperature and the elemental essence of magma in the volcano were decreasing, at first I considered that I was feeling like this simply because I started accustoming to the heat but even Yama conformed that the temperature and the quality of the magma was decreasing ever so slightly.

When I became curious and tried to measure essence over a period of day in different places of the mountain range I confirmed that my prediction was indeed correct and the quality of fire elemental essence was decreasing at a slow rate but it was decreasing for sure.

Though I could care less regarding these mountains, I was curious so I asked Void regarding why the fire elemental essence was reducing in these mountain ranges. Void answered and said, “The places that emit elemental essence are usually dwellings of some kind of ultimate expert or magical beasts who is influencing the surroundings with its or his presence. It may also be possible that the elemental essence is emitted naturally but even in this case, it is because of the presence of a natural treasure that is present in the surrounding as the nature always contains elemental essence but it will never emit it in a particular variant and in this amount unless the place is very special but this mountain range has nothing special about it so the reason for this volcanic activity or the elemental essence in the magma should be one of the first two reasons.”

I immediately thought ‘ Sebastian thoroughly investigated about this mountains himself and confirmed that no expert was living here so, there must be a treasure hidden in this mountain ranges and a change in the location of the treasure or in the treasure itself should be responsible for this anomaly. ‘

But what kind of treasure had enough power to change an entire mountain terrain into a volcanic activity hub, thinking such I asked Void, “Let’s assume that this is caused because of a natural treasure, then what kind of treasure would it be?”

Void thought for a while and said, ” There are many natural treasures which can cause this kind of natural phenomenon but the most plausible among all those treasures is a Heartstone of fire element. A ore only becomes a hearthstone after it has absorbed the fire elemental essence for millions of years, though this is a guess but the reduction in the temperature and magma quality should be because the heartstone is removed from its location and can no longer supply the elemental essence.”

So this phenomenon is most probably because of a treasure and someone had already removed it from its position for me. A sinister smile formed on my lips as I thought “Let’s go and borrow the treasure from those people”

Deciding this, I called Sebastian and set out along with the Sylvie towards the directions of fluctuations sensed by Yama, after a day of journey we already trans versed tens of kilometres when Sebastian sensed presence of others in front of us, crouching on the mountain cliff we observed them.

There was a army of mercenaries about 500 in number escorting a carriage in between them but what was surprising was that the carriage was sealed with various talismans on it, yet it was emitting a strong fire elemental essence strong enough that even I could sense it.

I could clearly see that majority of the mercenaries were in sixth rank while there were only a few elites of eighth and ninth rank but what interested me the most was the group of ten people who were escorting a young man, clearly they were the employers of this mercenaries. Now, how should I get that treasure sealed in the cottage, it will be too troublesome to kill everyone present here. Wait, don’t mercenaries work for money. A ridiculing expression formed on my face as I immediately jumped from the cliff right in front of mercenaries while Sebastiano hovered in air right above me to show that we had enough power to kill these people.

The mercenaries were stunned that someone ambushed them but instead they only saw a young man and a middle aged man in front of them and smiled to themselves, but soon their smiles were replaced by fear as Sebastian hovered in air, an immortal, that was not an existence they can fight against, however, there were people who specialised in dealing with immortals. Not daring to make a move, they turned towards the old elder in the back who was most probably the employer.

The elder was also stunned but soon he regained his calmness and rose to sky to the same level of Sebastian, with a fake smile in his face he said “Junior brother, what is your intension of blocking our path?”

I could clearly see that the old elder  was terrified by our appearance so I smiled and said, “Nothing old man, I just want to employ your escort mercenaries for a job”

The old elder frowned and said, “Kid, speak when your reach my station.”

Sebastian however shut his mouth by angrily snarling “You have a problem with my young master old man.”

The old man immediately realised his mistake and tried to sooth things while saying, “Young master, I am sorry for my ignorance but please understand that we have employed these mercenaries for an escort so……”

Not at all listening to his explanation I asked the leader of mercenaries, “How much were you offered to escort these people.”

The man hesitated for a while before looking at Sebastian and saying, ” My lord, our mercenary group ‘Blacksword’ were offered 10 red pearls to escort these people from red mountain ranges to capital of Colt Kingdom.”

I nodded my head understandingly and said, “Alright, from now on, you will work for me don’t worry the job is very simple, just go back and forget about everything that has happened here. To do this simple job I will even pay you 100 times more than what they have paid you.”

As I said this I removed a black pearl and threw it towards him, the man who caught the black pearl looked at it with bulging eyes, finally recovering from his shock, he bowed immediately and said, “My lord, thank you for your generosity. We will follow your orders and leave instantly.”

I laughed aloud and said, “No need to thank me, just remember that you cannot speak anything regarding this incident to anyone also I want you to answer my call if you ever hear from me Riddick, understood?” It is always good to make people owe you, who knows when I will have a use for these mercenaries.

The captain bowed his head and said, ” Yes, my lord. Blacksword mercenaries will always be at your service.” Following which he hurriedly led his bewildered men away from the location.

The employers were shocked that I simply gave away a black pearl to the mercenaries but soon their expression turned into fear as they understood why I sent the mercenaries away, the old elder whose expression now turned ugly said in a hurried voice, “Young master, what is the meaning of this? A man of your stature would never rob others, would he?”

I smiled a little and answered, “Rob, I will never do such a thing elder, my intension is very noble, I only want to do a trade with you for that carriage”

The elder face visibly changed and said, “Young master, I am sorry but that thing is not for sale. Even if you offer us ten black pearls, I can’t sell it.”

I laughed loudly and said, ” Ten black pearls, why would I give such a low price to such a treasure. Shouldn’t I give a much more higher price for this treasure of yours”, a sinister smile formed on my lips as I said, “Hmm, what should I give you. Ahh! That’s right!” Narrowing my eye lids I said in a menacing voice, ” How about your lives?”

Book 2 – Chapter 13 How long?

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How long?

           I asked Void seriously “Is there a way?”

      Void sighed and said, “Riddick, there is no way in which you can immediately save them, however there is a way to ultimately save them but even this way is too dangerous for you.”

     I was immediately excited as I heard this, since there was a way in which I could save Edward, then I should try to save him. I asked Void “What is the way  in which I can save them Void?”

           Void sighed again and said in a cursing voice “Stinking brat, don’t think you can save them just because there is a way to save them. This path is treacherous and you can die anytime, so don’t get so excited like a five year old kid who received a candy and listen carefully to what I say ”

       I instantly calmed down as I heard his warning, nodding my head I asked Void, “Please tell me Void, how can we save them?”

          Void said in a helpless voice “Alright, I know that you want to help them but let me warn you, you won’t be helping them anytime soon. The only way you can help them is by gaining strength as soon as possible.”

         I snapped angrily at Void and said, “Void, don’t try to fool me. I asked you, how can I save Edward and you are telling me to train and cultivate my power.”
        Void also answered in a serious voice and said, “Don’t get cocky fool, the current you don’t have the power to even save yourself and you want to save others, what a joke! I am not fooling around with you, my suggestion is the only way you can ever save them, its up to you whether you believe me or not.”

         I sighed in my heart and apologised to Void since I knew that Void was telling me the truth and it should most probably be the only solution I can find in this situation, coming back to my usual self I calmly asked Void, “Alright Void, I will believe in you but explain to me why can I only save them by gaining greatest amount of power in the shortest time possible.”

        Void growled in his grumpy voice and said, ” Alright, kid, listen to me and don’t interrupt me in between, understood?”

      I answered respectfully, “Yes, Void.”

       Void soughed and said, “The way in which you can save them is closely related to the relationship between a soul and its natural body, when a life is created and a soul is born, it aligns itself with the body bestowed upon it and binds with it to the roots. This is the same for any and all souls in existence.

            Even though the Mystic ancestor may have done something to Edward and Bella souls to prevent them from binding themselves too tightly with their physical bodies, but this is only possible at the superficial level and just smoothens the process of host invading the sea of consciousness where the soul is located, it doesn’t really interfere in the binding of soul within the sea of consciousness.

             The sea of consciousness is too large and the soul which is at its epicentre is protected by the surrounding spiritual energy, the immortal who takes residence in this sea of consciousness can never replace the original soul, also he can’t eliminate the original soul since it will kill his host. Therefore he will try to slowly change the focal point of the sea of consciousness towards his soul, this process is very slow and he will only gain  complete control over the sea of consciousness after he finishes this process.

              An peak divine disciple stage expert’s soul is actually very strong in its original state and can complete this process in just a few seconds but the soul which has survived the tribulation is very weak, much weaker than a mortal soul so he can’t make any flashy moves and can only try to slowly shift the focal point of sea of consciousness.

             This is the immortals only weakness and will be fatal for him if we can manage to take advantage of it, but it won’t be an easy matter to actually separate him from his protectors. An immortal who can employ a sect to especially provide a vessel raised for him is definitely not an ordinary one, he will have his fellow brothers beside him and students who are at divine disciple stage always around him until he gains power to protect himself, this immortal who had previously lived for many millennia will not be a fool and will never appear outside without a strong guard.

              Let’s just say that we somehow succeed in separating him from his bodyguards, then the next step is to destroy his soul without harming the original soul within his body. This feat is originally not possible to anyone unless they are at deva realm but we Yama and his realm to help us, Yama can separate the immortal soul and revive Edward through some effort but for that we have to first trap that immortal in Yamaloka, which can only be possible if you have the strength to subdue the immortals possessing the bodies of Edward or Bella.”

            I was stunned as I heard this from Void, everything Void said can never be achieved by me at my current level so the only way I can bring back Edward and Bella, is by becoming stronger than the immortals and forcibly subdue them. Though this sounds like a easy enough solution as long as one had time and patience, in reality it was not. I completely understood the reason why this is so difficult to achieve, firstly it was impossible to totally isolate this immortal and even if I do isolate this immortal why would he let me subdue him so easily, wasn’t he previously a strong peak stage divine disciple so he may be carrying some kind of terrifying weapon which can simply kill me or he may be hiding a sure death skill, even if I took all these out of equation this immortal who had already surpassed the three immortal stages long ago, only needs to train diligently and he would be unmatched in cultivation since he already knows everything about sensing, feeling and even using the divine energy.

           His speed of cultivation will be too monstrous as he knows about all hurdles in training and how to surpass them, It would be so monstrous that I may not even catch up to him and yet I have to grow stronger than him in a small amount of time, this task is basically impossible. Wait, why can’t I defeat him when I become a peak divine disciple myself, that way he won’t have much of a head start than me in knowledge and we won’t have too much of a difference in power.

            Thinking such I asked Void “Why can’t I defeat him when I reach the peak divine disciple stage, that way I should have at advantage right.”

      Void sighed as I said this and answered “I knew that you will think in this direction, do you really think I wouldn’t have told you about this method  if it was plausible. You can only save Edward and Bella before the immortal reaches divine disciple stage. The reason for this is simple, while their souls will stay at mortal level the immortal souls will be nourished twice by the heavens when they make a break through into next stage making it very powerful as they enter into the divine disciple stage.

         At this stage the immortal soul strength would have far exceeded the power of an ordinary immortal soul so it will have enough power to directly engulf the ordinary mortal soul of Edward and Bella present within the sea of consciousness and integrate their soul into his thus gaining complete control over the sea of consciousness.”

            My heart sank as I heard this because now the time I had to accomplish the task was even less than what I had anticipated, also I have to train harder and gain strength much faster than those immortals which is almost impossible.

     While I was thinking Void continued and said, “These immortals are originally very talented and their cultivation speed is very fast, the reason they request a specially selected vessel is because they want a vessel with talent rivalling their own so that the physical body they obtained won’t be an obstacle in their cultivation.

           Since they have already sensed and used the divine energy before, they won’t have any obstacles in their training. All they have to do is to train their body to contains enough spiritual energy and Ki while they are constantly supplied with spiritual energy restoring pills and Ki absorption pills by their clans to help them recover faster. Fellow immortal practioners can even gather the elemental essence in the surroundings to help them absorb it faster. As such there have many methods in which they can increase their cultivation speed, since we don’t have such facilities we can only try to surpass their cultivation through effort.”

        I knew that I was at a disadvantage from the very beginning but when Void explained the ways in which one can increase their cultivation speed my back was covered with cold sweat, how can I compete against these monsters with so many handicaps placed on me. It was already impossible for me to reach the cultivation speed of an immortal when they trained naturally but now I don’t think, I even have a chance to compete in this competition of cultivation.

           Void sensing my distress encouraged me and said, “Don’t think you are at a severe disadvantage Riddick, this situation is actually helpful to you to realise the potential tapped inside you. You have many ways in which you can increase your cultivation as well and this situation forces you to think and cultivate seriously.

       ‘ Victory cannot be achieved unless there is a sense of urgency ‘ and this situation gives you that sense of urgency. Train diligently and no one in this entire world can match you, I never forced you to train because there is no point in forcing an individual to train, strength is truly achieved when an individual wishes for gain it himself.”

        Listening to Void’s words I restored a bit of confidence and thought, that’s right I have my advantages while they have theirs. No need to question whether I would succeed or not. Void already said that there are many ways to increase my cultivation speed so there is no need to fear them, I will believe in Void cultivate earnestly with all my heart, this will definitely lead to my success.

      But before I begin cultivation there is a major factor I to consider ‘ Time ‘, my speed and method of cultivation will always depend on the time I have, so I asked Void

“How long do I have before those immortals reach divine disciple stage?”

    Void thought for a while and answered ” It is difficult to determine the exact time necessary but according to my calculations it will take a minimum of a hundred years before they can reach divine disciple stage ”

     I nodded my heart and thought “So I have a century to train and reach divine disciple stage before them”