Book 1 – Chapter 24 Defying laws

Author notes : Hey guys, gsdreddy here. I am sorry for the late update but you will understand why after reading this chapter. I had to think a lot and finally achieved a satisfactory result.

           I got an opinion that my readers think that my story is a bit shallow. After thinking for a while I realised that the problem lie in comparison that my readers automatically make in their hearts. My story is essentially a Xianxia genre and of course my inspiration is IET works and other similar stories. My readers unintentionally compare my story to those works with an elaborate system. I don’t think I can achieve such an elaborate system in my work but I will try to explain a little more from now on.
NOTE : I am not criticising any readers or their opinions. I am sincerely thankful to all your opinions because they are the reason I am improving no matter how little.

       I thank all readers who have voted for me since my last chapter, I got about 15 ratings since the last chapter and I am very grateful for it. If you guys do wish to
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Defying Laws :

            On a quite mountain near the capital of Great Rock tribe, a large manor was situated. On the top most floor of the manor a man was quietly reading a book. The forest around the manor was devoid of all human life except for the servants present in the manor. The person reading the book suddenly lifted his gaze from the book and thought ‘ Look like someone has finally dared to amuse me by trespassing into my territory ‘

            The man was named Arnold and he is the chief of the organisation Maria. As a ninth rank warrior he had absolute strength and was deemed as a figure who cannot be defeated unless an immortal steps in. The small mountain outside the capital was his domain which was known only to a few people outside his organisation but none dared to trespass because every soul who entered into his territory perished unless permitted by Arnold himself.

              After a longtime someone was trying to defy him by coming here thus he was a little amused. He was patiently waiting for his guest’s arrival and was suddenly greeted by an explosion. Turning his head he was greeted by a youth who came out of the fire unscathed. The youth was Riddick who said in a bored voice ‘ Are you the boss of Maria who hides in the mountains ‘

        Arnold was angry at this rude youth who suddenly appeared in front of him and was even making fun of him. Not even the king of Great Rock tribe dares to talk so rudely to him. Observing him closely he was astonished that the youth in front of him was not even twenty, yet he had such an astonishing strength.

           Thinking that it would benefit him immensely if he ropes the boy to his side he smiled and answered ‘ Not many dare to talk to me in such a way boy, I can see that you have excellent talent. It is such a waste to kill you so how about this, If you join Maria then I will grant a wish of yours ‘

             Riddick laughed at this offer and said ‘ Arnold looks like you don’t understand your situation yet, I am not here to become your puppet. You will die today so savour your last minutes ‘

       Arnold’s gaze turned murderous at this answer and he roared ‘ Scoundrel, I politely gave you a good offer and this is how you treat me. Fine, no matter how talented you are, you are nothing but a kid who doesn’t know the height of heavens or depth of seas I will kill you now to get rid of any future threats ‘

          After cursing Riddick Arnold immediately took out a staff and rushed at extreme speed towards Riddick. Riddick who was already prepared for the attack dodged it easily. The room which received majority of the damage was destroyed by the attack. All servants of the house who were terrified by the noise started running wildly into the forest.

              Arnold was secretly startled when the boy dodged his attack because as he saw it it should have been impossible for him to dodge his attack. But he immediately started attacking him again, after attacking for a while he realised that the youth in front of him was not ordinary and he had to be extra careful around him.

         Riddick was only a fifth order warrior but his constitution was different compared to other fifth order warriors. The reason for this is because of the weapon which Vera asked him to train in ‘ Yama ‘ . When he started training with Yama he was mystified as to why Vera asked to train with it because not only was it difficult to use but was also extremely difficult to train in.

         After a few months of training Riddick found to his amazement that the weapon was very synchronised with his attribute. The weapon amplified the effect of his attribute by a large margin. Also this weapon had an amazing effect of slowly nurturing his body as long as it is in contact, with an attributed mage force. This attributed mage force is very special and increases the base strength of his body giving it a power almost exceeding an order.

           The attributed mage force upon entering his body will seep into his muscles and slowly reform them. This will slowly increase his warrior training speed because the warrior training involves achieving a certain level of strength to break through to next order. Lower orders of warrior ranking can be achieved based on pure human strength but higher the order the harder it will be to advance in ranks.

           Warriors usually cultivate their Ki to strengthen their bodies thus breaking through to the next rank. The Ki and mage force are essentially same because both of them are derived from the natural energy of the Universe. The Universe has natural energy which is in many forms including the raw natural energy and elemental essence. 

         The warriors who cultivate their Ki by slowly letting the natural energy of the Universe enter into their bodies and cultivate it into their own body essence i.e Ki. This method lets them store natural energy so the longer one trains the higher his Ki reserves will be. Also one cannot have Ki reserves exceeding the limits of one’s body. So a mortal no matter how talented he is can’t have ki reserves rivaling an immortal.

          On the other hand the mages because of their affinity can directly store the natural energy in the form of elemental essence in their bodies. The body of the mages is like a reservoir of the elemental essence , the capacity of the mages is also limited and is divided into several layers.

         Imagine a  river which has to fill a reservoir divided into several layers by dams. The dams are the blockades which prevent the mages from storing more mage force so the only way to exceed the limit is by breaking past the blockade which is essentially stepping into the next order as a mage.

        Both the warriors and mages train in different principles. A warrior trains to strengthen his body by increasing his ki reserves while a mage tries to increase his mage force reserves by slowly absorbing the natural elemental essence.

         It is to be understood that the body of a warrior with no affinity can’t store the mage force and can only depend on the cultivated Ki. The amount of Ki in a warrior’s body when compared to a mage’s mage force is like a creak compared to an ocean because a mage who absorbs the elemental essence and stores it in  the form of mage force  has to again release it in tremendous amount along with astonishing spiritual energy to control the elemental essence of the world to form a spell but contrarily a warrior had to only control his body so he doesn’t have large reserves of Ki in his body.

           Even if a person is a talented mage as well as a strong warrior he will have the same amount of mage force and Ki like a mage and a warrior of same rank respectively. Basically put the Ki and mage force are inconvertible so he can only use mage force for casting spells while the Ki will be used for martial techniques.

                    This is the law of nature that has been in existence since eons unknown but the whip Yama basically dodges this law and lets me to empower my body with my mage force. The mage force cannot be used to empower one’s body, this notion was thought because a body can never integrate itself with a particular elemental essence, it can only integrate with raw natural energy which will be slowly converted into body essence ‘ Ki ‘

                 But this doesn’t apply to me because I have Chaos attribute which essentially let’s me combine and dodge magical laws. Since the mage force which seeps into my body is already attributed it easily merges with my body and increases my base strength.

               According to Void this is a benefit I should receive after becoming an immortal but even after I become a divine disciple I cannot completely control it. After I step beyond the limits of divine disciples I will reach a stage where I can freely inter convert my mage force and Ki.

          So even though I am a fifth order warrior my base strength is too high and I can even rival a seventh rank warrior in power when I use my complete strength. This also vastly improves my reaction time. Arnold who didn’t know this was baffled by my reaction speed.

        After dodging his attacks for a while I had a pretty good understanding of his speed and his base strength. I still didn’t know if he had some techniques or treasures on him but I was ready to counterattack. Training with Sylvie everyday paid off, Sylvie being a natural hunter was an exceptional practice partner. Sylvie was currently hiding a fair distance away and quietly watching the fight since she was my trump card I didn’t want her to be revealed right at the beginning.

               After dodging the sweep of the staff which generated a huge blast of air, I launched my counterattack. A huge snake made up of fire suddenly appeared and lashed at Arnold, who upon seeing it blocked with a layer of Ki. The snake suddenly opened its mouth and suddenly casted bolts of lightning on the astonished Arnold.

Seventh ranked fire spell – Flame Transformation + Sixth ranked Lightning spell –  Instant bolts



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  1. Thank you for new chapter but this chapter is too short and i also think you forced the necessary information too quickly. And you need to write about the side characters. Current chapter is lacking in few area but it still a good chapter. But you need to work on action scenes. Explenations in the middle of the fight disturbs the fl


  2. Im not triying to throw dirt on you but I believe in this story’s potencial. And also riddick didnt know if the enemy has any tecniques or treasures but tries to counterattack. This action doesnt flow with his earlier display of calculating character. thank you for the chapter again.


  3. thanks for chapter

    every one start from lvl 1 and go to lvl of masters

    if readers is thinking its like ST and CD (i came to know about this story when i was reading CD) its good thing i mean u just write 34 chapters. CD and ST have more then 250 so u have time to get that lvl
    hope its will be very long story


  4. Sorry but, unlike the other chapters, this one feels a little like a waste of time. Too much explanation and too little story.


    • Ummm…. Im confused here… U said Arnold is a 9th Rank Warrior and Riddick is a 5th rank warrior which has 7th rank Warrior Strength… So how can he even dodge Arnold with such ease ??


  5. Hmm..

    idd, too much of an infodumb out of nowhere, liked your more straightforward style better tbh..

    Anyways, great story and looking forward to the next chapters 😀


    • Thanks Kristofferno the dry chapter is done, I had to explain it in such hurry because people don’t like essays regarding theory. So I only kept it to a single chapter, if I didn’t explain the underlying reason for Riddick’s prowess then the upcoming story will sound ridiculous. Anyway thank you for the comment and welcome to reddycreations


  6. I want to ask you what are your plans for the overall storyline? Im not asking for spoilers. Im asking like getting revenge for brother than training for certain amount of years than bad guy comes and do something to his family and here comes an long arc pursuing for revence than training shortly right before becoming immortal…. Okay I can see that sound like a spoiler but Im asking for general storyline.


  7. Ummm…. Im confused here… U said Arnold is a 9th Rank Warrior and Riddick is a 5th rank warrior which has 7th rank Warrior Strength… So how can he even dodge Arnold with such ease ??


    • Hi Concerned Citizen, hmm how should I answer your question. Imagine that there are about 10 immortals at same stage but the difference in power between them will be vast, in the same way Arnold here is a minor character whose strength as a ninth rank warrior can’t compare to our MC’s strength when he reaches ninth rank. As to how he dodged the attack I already said that he has been attentive regarding attacks and has a very high reaction speed. Lastly welcome to reddycreations


  8. I found your story yesterday from a comment on CD. And I have to say that I am really enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work :).


  9. Thanks for the chapiter.
    You should avoid begin an explanation in the middle of a combat though, it kind of break the rythm.


  10. Hey, first comment here on your site …
    You made a few mistakes here in your explanation of how thinks work in your world … but the biggest mistake you made was saying, that Riddick is able to easily dodge Arthurs attack despite this one being a 9th stage warrior. Riddick is only at 5th stage as a warrior comparable to a 7th warrior when using his full (!) strengh. Even if his reaction speed is higher than a 7th rank warrior which is really unlikly he shouldn’t be able to dodge an attack so easy. Arthuer is 9th rank warrior. Normally there should be a huge! difference between 7th and 9th rank even for normal humans. You can’t just say that it’s higher because his body was strenghed or something … Even if his reaction speed surpasses his already surpassed warrior rank it should at most be at 9th rank … You should had Sylvie fight this battle instead of Riddick himself


    • Well I thought in that manner as well, but my reasoning was Arnold was a very ordinary 9th rank warrior also he didn’t even sense divine energy also my Chapter name itself is defying laws so I thought it should most probably correct that Riddick with his 7th rank warrior strength can dodge after his senses were enhanced.

      Welcome to reddycreations Wytchlord, its great to have you here.


      • Well, even the most ordinary 9th rank should still be superior to any 7th rank warrior even with enhanced strengh thanks to yama’s whip ^^ The reason normally: Every gab between one rank grows larger and larger. The strengh basically multiplies each rank (at least it’s that way in cd or st).
        I don’t know when I will be at the newest chapter but on my way till then I will try to give you some “pointers” (I’ve read so many wuxia/xianxia novels that I immeadietly think of that word .. xD) if you want.
        Did you ever try asking yourself questions after you finished a chapter? To see if everything makes sense? The answer to those questions should make sense to someone who didn’t even read that chapter or your story.


  11. I am so freaking confused by this chapter. Arnold is 9th ranked warrior but he can’t hit the MC who “rivals a 7th ranked warrior”. Is this an oversight or is MC supposed to be stronger/arnold supposed to be weaker?


    • First welcome to reddycreations yijunding. As for your question, yup, MC is indeed stronger than a common warrior of same rank. Why? First Vera gave him a Qi condensation and mage force absorption method which according to Vera was very effective. That makes his Qi and mage force quality wise the best.

      Just think that it is the same a Meng hao’s perfect foundation which can rule over late foundation cultivators.


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