Book 1 – Chapter 25 Next Step

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             A flame serpent formed from the seventh ranked fire spell ‘ Flame Transformation ‘ was continuously attacking Arnold. Although the flame serpent was huge and powerful it was still attacking a ninth ranked warrior so it didn’t deal a great deal of damage on Arnold. Arnold quickly dealt a powerful blow dissipating the flame serpent.

              As soon as he was done dealing with the servant he shouted ‘ Humph, Is this all you got boy. Although I was a little surprised at that lightning bolts in the end it is only a seventh ranked spell. No matter how many spells you throw at me it is useless at your level of power ‘

         I was carefully observing the fight and after listening to his talk I said ‘ Really, then I will take up on your offer and test all my spells on you  ‘.

          A slender red sword suddenly appeared in Riddick’s hand and he immediately crouched forward and jumped with an amazing momentum towards Arnold. The sword strike of Riddick was parried by Arnold’s staff but the power of Riddick’s strike exceeded Arnold’s expectation and he was blasted out of the house and collided with a giant tree right outside.

            Quickly following Arnold outside, I immediately casted a seventh ranked lightning spell ‘ Material Ionisation ‘ on my sword. This spell ionises my sword and raises its attacking power explosively. Arnold even after taking the attack  head on was already back on his feet and was preparing to attack me with his staff.

       Emanating bloodlust he immediately struck with his staff, the staff upon reaching me was suddenly covered with blades of wind and instead turned into a edged weapon from its blunt state. At the last moment I managed to block it with my sword.

          Though I blocked it and managed to avoid a direct hit, the force alone pushed me away for more than 20 metres. Stabilising myself I immediately casted a fifth ranked fire spell ‘ Burnt Soot ‘. The area near the mountain was immediately covered with black soot, though having no attack power it was one of the best camouflage methods.

           After casting the spell I immediately moved more than 50 metres away from my previous position and started drawing a magic formula on the ground. The magic formula was made up of fire having five magic spells combined with the help of a complicated formation made up of pitch black colour lines.

             Done with the magic formation I started inducing mage force into it and shouted inwardly ‘ Void ‘ . Void immediately responded ‘ Understood ‘ . The fire and the black lines immediately started glowing and I shouted inwardly                    ‘ Chaos Formation – Geometric Spell – Magma world ‘

             This formation used the principles of chaos attribute and was taught to me by Void these past two years. It combines five seventh ranked spells geometrically and creates a ninth ranked spell ‘ Magma world ‘ .

         The mountain and the manor were suddenly engulfed in a huge amount of magma. Everything that came into contact with it was burnt to ash. Standing at the focal point of magma Riddick directed his attack at Arnold.

          Arnold who was engulfed in black soot was trying to find Riddick. In only a few seconds he observed some mana fluctuations and headed towards it. All of a sudden a huge river of magma surrounded him from all sides and started engulfing him.
              Arnold was absolutely terrified of this attack because he knew that this is a deadly spell of ninth rank. He immediately took out a black stone and broke it with his Ki, the black stone emitted a strange grey light and engulfed him. The  black stone was an immortal treasure called ‘ Divine curtain ‘ . It has no impact on immortal battles but can block a mortal attack of any magnitude once.

             Realising the danger he was in, Arnold used the divine curtain but he was bitter as this was a single use treasure and he only had one which he obtained through great luck. The hatred he felt towards Riddick suddenly multiplied by a hundred times and he swore to skin Riddick alive.

        The magma flow ended in a few seconds and the ground was left with puddles of boiling lava. Arnold’s divine curtain was exhausted and he was searching for Riddick because even if Riddick was a ninth ranked mage Arnold was not concerned because after using a spell of this intensity he should have used all of his mage force.

           Finding a little disturbance towards his right he slowly walked in that direction only to find Riddick using a strange formation made up of small  lightning and black lines. Riddick lifted his head and said

‘ So you did survive that attack, good thing I already prepared another one for you ‘ . Suddenly punching his fist on the ground he yelled ‘ Thunder rain ‘ .

        Realising that I was trapped I helplessly saw the sky and thought ‘ Shit, I am done for ‘ but how can he cast two ninth ranked spells continuously. That was my last thought as I lost consciousness when an endless amount of lightning congregation fell on me at once.

            Riddick after finally completing the spell fell on his back and thought ‘ That was dangerous, if not for Void’s warning I would have never initiated a second attack. Good thing he sensed a divine power and suggested me to prepare my next attack.

                 I am almost empty on my mage force, at most I can cast one more spell of seventh rank. The Choas formation let’s me multiply my power in a geometrical way else I cannot even cast a single ninth rank spell with my mage force.

          But seriously this guy is too strong even after taking  two ninth ranked spells head on he is still alive. Oh well, I want him alive so no worries ‘

          While I was lying there Sylvie crawled onto me and rested her head on my chest. She transmitted mentally           ‘ Master, that was too dangerous. If we both worked together we could have achieved this easily ‘

  ‘ True, but I wanted to have a little fun after training for two years. So how did it go on your end Sylvie? ‘

    ‘ All servants are disposed off along with their corpses, also I removed all clues of our tracks near this mountain.

           I already ordered my slave to keep a watch over the surroundings and kill anyone on sight. The camouflage formation we set up before is working perfectly and the mountain appears the same as before with no changes when viewed from outside the formation. ‘

      ‘ Perfect as always, now we have to prepare for the next course of action. Sylvie dig a tunnel inside this mountain, the deeper the better ‘

       Sylvie hearing my orders immediately transformed into a giant twenty metre snake and bore a hole in the mountain. Lifting the unconscious Arnold I followed after her, the mountain was nothing to her and it simply gave way as she passed. The tunnel extended horizontally for a while and then it proceeded to become a vertical pit hole.

           Not hesitating at all I jumped into it, after about a hundred metres the hole expanded to become a large cave with countless openings forming a complex cave system. Looks like Sylvie built a complex inside the cave. Hmm, must be the influence of the environment she lived in till now. Vera always liked to build complex caves as well, I wonder why?

        Choosing a room away from the entrance I started drawing a formation based on Void’s instructions. The formation this time was among the things left by Vera, according to Void this can only be used by using divine energy so I will be depending on Chaos energy of the Void.

        The formation included thirteenth circles interconnected with dark lines. The centre of formation was complex with at least sixteen hundred circles within the circumference of innermost circle. All circles were overlapped partially giving it a extremely complex feel and after the circles were drawn they were fed with a line of dark energy which passed through every circle at least once.

            It took me nearly five hours to draw this formation after which I placed the unconscious Arnold in the centre of  formation and forcibly awakened him after I initiated the formation.

          Awakened by a ball of fire, Arnold woke up immediately. Sensing me he tried to retreat but was stuck to the ground in the centre of the formation, seeing the elaborate formation he shouted ‘ What is this? What are you doing to me? ‘

         I answered ‘ Nothing much, I guarantee you that you will not die. By the way do you have a family, children, friends and enemies ‘

         He shouted ‘ Why the fuck should I answer you? ‘

      I immediately activated the formation for a second. He suddenly shouted under excruciating pain, deactivating the formation I repeated my question. This time he answered

‘ No I don’t have a family. My only son died young. I do have some friends and many enemies. ‘

      ‘ Good, if you had a family I would have felt bad but now I feel no guilt. As for your friends they should be just like you so I don’t care. Enemies, it doesn’t matter you are going to get a lot of them later. Reminisce about your past, for this will be your last time ‘

     Arnold immediately became frantic and shouted ‘ You, didn’t you promise me you won’t kill me ‘

     I laughed and answered ‘ Don’t worry I won’t kill you ‘

     He roared ‘ Then what are going to do to me? ‘

    I answered ‘ I am going to give you an another chance to live your life ‘

     ‘ What? ‘

    Not talking anymore I touched the edge of formation with my palm and divine energy flowed through my body into the formation. The entire formation lit up instantly and the centre with small circles started filling up with red miasma as Arnold started screaming. The process took nearly a hour for all circles to be filled with red miasma.

          Completely exhausted I sat on ground looking at the motionless Arnold. This formation is called ‘ Soul manipulator ‘. A devious method even in the immortal world and cannot be used without extensive knowledge about souls. Fortunately I had Void to help me.

           I basically erased all feelings and emotions Arnold held towards his previous life and only allowed him to take his knowledge and intelligence with him to this new life. He is like a newborn with intelligence,power and knowledge of the world but no attachments or resentments towards any one.
             Along with this I changed a part of his soul and introduced a strong emotion into the very core of his soul. A emotion of loyalty towards me. Slowly Arnold got up and saw me seated in front of him, getting to one knee he bowed and said

‘ My lord ‘



32 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 25 Next Step

  1. You should really fix how you narate the story and quoting sentences whenever it feels like MC/characters are talking to themselves


    • Hmm, I will try to change my narration. The problem is I have not yet achieved my ideal narration pace so I change it a little every chapter trying to improve it. Anyway thank you for your suggestion TooBeefy


      • The way you are currently doing, i can see that the MC is the one narrating is the MC….

        Now here:
        Realising that I was trapped I helplessly saw the sky and thought ‘ Shit, I am done for ‘ but how can he cast two ninth ranked spells continuously. That was my last thought as I lost consciousness when an endless amount of lightning congregation fell on me at once.’

        Thats pretty much confusing since i know Arnold is the one kinda narrating here.. the next paragraph also is confusing


  2. Thank you for the chapter! Fun to read as always. Also I do agree with the guy above, it can be really be confusing sometimes. Good luck and Cheers!


  3. hm… nice chapter, I am not a writer but I want to point out how you change the first person views of characters and its kind of confusing. I like the story and can still follow but sometimes you will have first person thoughts of different characters without warning and it can break the pace but like I said I can still follow it. Just wanted to point it out…


  4. As above said, there’s a sudden change to first person along with a change in POV that is a little confusing.

    Also, I still don’t see how a sixth ranked can cast ninth ranked spells as if they were nothing and has such an easy time against a ninth ranked. Personally I think you’re breaking the ballance in the system of strength of your story. The fact that he can turn someone into a slave so easily doesn’t help either. It’s too much of a cheat.


    • Firstly he is a seventh ranked mage also I explained in the very beginning that his attribute is a cheat which becomes more OP as he gains power. Also I already described the formations was left by Vera when Vera’s actual power is revealed these formations will not sound too much of a cheat.
      As for breaking the balance of the world that happens in all novels based on OP MC because that is the definition of opness according to me. Thank you for your suggestion John and welcome to reddycreations


      • I kind have to disagree with you, OPness of characters in all other novels still are within bounds of the laws. For example, with everything you just described about the MC, how is he only a 5th ranked warrior or a 7th ranked mage? Each rank should have a “requirement” like having a certain amount of mage force or a certain amount of Ki. But obviously our MC has mage force and Ki way above that of a rank 7/rank 5 so why is he still so low ranked?

        By your own definition of his powers, shouldn’t he actually be rank 8 or 9 warrior/mage then?


  5. It is confusing.. You started off with a third person point of view but suddenly change to a first person and than back to third than back to first person with a different person.. Took quite awhile to understand what is going on..


  6. Alright guys, I understand that this chapter is a little confusing because if frequent changes in POV’s . I will rectify this problem from next chapter.


  7. Thank you for the chapter. I’m loving your story and I appreciate you taking the challenge of writing a wuxia based novel. Keep up the great work! I’ll make sure to rate it on whenever I can 🙂


  8. You should really choose what point of view you are going to use. It changed a couple of times throughout this chapter. Other than that, I have no complaints. Thank you for this story!


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