Book 1 – Chapter 26 Preparation

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Preparation :

                Arnold bowed and respectfully said ” My lord ”

      With a mixed feeling I asked ” Do you hate me for what I have done to you Arnold? ”

    Arnold raised his head and said respectfully ” My soul has undergone changes and now I am a completely different being my lord. Even though I have knowledge of my past, it is like explaining a person’s life in detail to me. I hold no attachment to my past, my only purpose is to serve you and obey your command ”

          I said dryly ” Do you know that the loyalty you feel towards me is because I tampered with your soul ”

      Arnold answered ” Even if that is the case I hold nothing against you my lord. As I see it the previous me has no relation with the current me. I think myself as someone born because of your grace and am borrowing this person’s body as a vessel ”

           I said ” I see, very well let’s leave this matter aside. Arnold, as a person in charge of Maria you should have much more information than me regarding Great Rock Tribe so summarise me ”

      Arnold respectfully answered ” Yes, my lord. The Great Rock Tribe has been in power for about three millennia, in the eastern Great mountain ranges. The most important  thing we should be concerned about is the royal clan of Great Rock tribe the ‘ Rock clan ‘ .

           Great Rock tribe is ruled by Rock clan. They got their name because of a particular magic present in their blood line. It is a rare magic of earth system called ‘ Rock Strengthening ‘. This magic as described strengthens their bodies,  this will give them a superior defence also a good offence. Their weak point however lies in their lack of speed.

            The total population under control of Rock clan is more than 100 million . This is a huge population and cannot be compared to the population of great empires of Asgard because people of the mountain ranges have much higher base strength.

           They have more than five million soldiers under their command making them a very strong power even in the chaotic mountain ranges. The royal clan is divided into three sub clans, each clan will produce a prince every generation.

           The Rock clan actually has a history of more than five millennia but they came into power only three millennium’s ago because of ‘ Jonathan Rock ‘ . Jonathan was a very talented individual born with strength unrivaled in Rock clan. After training for only a few centuries he became an immortal.

       He is the pillar of the tribe also he is  the man with the greatest power. The three subclans are basically his descendants from his three wives. The so called second prince is the candidate proposed by second clan. All clans propose a single individual as their prince and their ancestor will decide the future emperor of Great Rock tribe.

            As for the tricky part, Jonathan has an immortal friend who he considers as his brother. He is a young immortal who isn’t even a thousand years old. I don’t know the reason but Jonathan dearly loves him.

            This immortal named Kennedy is an elder of the Great Rock tribe, despite being so old he married recently and had a daughter a decade and a half ago. To permanently seal their relationship as official family, Jonathan asked Kennedy to select any of his descendants of this generation as his son in law.

          Kennedy seeing the innate talent of the second prince ‘ Sylaine ‘ selected him as his son in law and a engagement was done when his daughter was still an infant.

            Because of this the next emperor is already decided and basically ‘ Sylaine ‘ holds more authority than the present emperor. Despite being a scoundrel he acts as a perfect gentleman in front of his ancestor Jonathan and Kennedy to preserve his position in the clan.

            Being the next emperor his security is next to none. He is always protected by two ninth rank experts along with a squad of 16 eighth ranked experts who work in shifts all around the clock so it is extremely difficult to harm him and even if we manage to get him we will face the wrath of those immortals and will surely perish ”

      Listening to Arnold’s reasoning I quietly sighed and closed my eyes and thought about various things ‘ Looks like the situation is beyond what I have expected. He is a second prince with strong security and support from two immortals. He himself must be a strong warrior with his innate talent which even impressed an immortal ‘

     Suddenly raising my head I asked Arnold” At what rank is Sylaine’s strength”

Arnold answered ” As far as I know he was a seventh rank warrior at age of twenty one. He is twenty two this year ”

        I thought inwardly ‘ So his talent is actually very high, to reach seventh rank at twenty one even I don’t think I can achieve that. Of course he is not a mage so he is not a match for me but he certainly is very strong with his strength ‘

          Realising that this was not a situation I can resolve in a hurry I lied on my back and thought ‘ At my current strength I can only take care of a single ninth rank expert barely, facing all these experts I will die surely.

      Even if I somehow take care of them, I can’t even imagine facing those immortals ‘

           Sensing my uneasiness Sylvie came to the room and softly hissed and responded mentally ‘ Master, let’s wait for now. In two more years I will mature and can manifest my powers then we will have nothing to fear  ‘

         I said to Sylvie mentally ‘ Two years is too long a time, if  my brother is still alive I have to save him. Revenge can wait but I have to rescue big bro Gates as soon as possible ‘

        Sylvie responded ‘ Master, all the evidence we collected till now only points to Gates death. If you blindly go now then you will surely die. Your mother has already lost one son so please think about her ‘

         I knew that what Sylvie suggested was the right decision but I still could not accept it. Grinding my teeth I finally said ‘ Alright Sylvie I will follow your advice and won’t go for revenge until I have enough strength ‘

     Sylvie smiled and said ‘ Thank you master ‘

           I asked Arnold who was standing and observing attentively ” Arnold, I will depend on you from now on. Although I won’t seek revenge immediately I need to be in close contact to see the loopholes of their system myself. You are already known and cannot be used for this operation so you will instead do background work ”

       Arnold answered ” Yes, my lord ”

        I continued ” Also I want to enter the court as a young official so make a false identity for me. You can introduce me as a fifth ranked mage and second ranked warrior. Make it so that no one can question my credentials. Understood? ”

      Arnold answered ” Yes, my lord. I will do it as soon as possible ”

     I said nodding my head ” Good, now get to work immediately. I will wait for you here ”

        Arnold bowed his head and immediately dashed out of the cave. After Arnold left I went into another room made by Sylvie for my use at the far end, it is much larger than the previous room at least by ten times.

              Taking a rest on the stone platform elevated to be used as a bed I instantly fell asleep while Sylvie was guarding the door. After a long time I woke up and found that I slept like a log for about ten hours. Feeling refreshed i Called Sylvie and asked her to rest while I kept watch. Though we eliminated all possible possibilities of encountering enemies we have to be careful for a while.

        After eating leisurely I started getting to work. Taking a crystal out of my storage bracelet I started inducing mage force into it. Feeling bored I started a chat with Void

” Void, how long before I induce enough mage force to complete this formula crystal ”

” You recently became a seventh ranked mage so your capacity to induce mana increased. According to me it should be completed in a few months ”

      Sighing I continued with my work. When Vera gave me the bracelet she already put some treasures she randomly collected when she was teaching me in it. This crystal is a treasure called ‘ Ether stone ‘ . It can store a magic formula and is the same as the spiritual power testing artifact which held a light spell in it . A year before when I was studying the formations Void asked me to draw a formula on it using his divine energy.

      This formula is very similar to the Geometric formula from before but it is a little different. The formula should have been instantly formed but it lacked magic circuits which will be completed if I constantly induce my mana into it.

     Time flowed and a month passed. Arnold only came once to report his progress. I was seated in a meditative posture and was revising magical theory when Arnold arrived with smile all over his face. He respectfully bowed and said

” My lord, I received information regarding an individual yesterday who met your requirements. He is an orphan who particularly didn’t stay in any place, born with a high intelligence he succeeded in passing the official exams of Great Rock Tribe. He was scheduled to report to court a week from now, I already personally checked the integrity of this matter.

      The letter in his hands was a official seal of the court also he is perfectly unknown to any person in capital. This was his first time here, confirming this I investigated about his identity in the capital and nothing was known about him except that he is very young and also a genius.

          After confirming from all possible persons I immediately took care of him and acquired the letter of admission into the  court from him. Later I tampered with the documents of the court and changed the appearance and name of the individual to your own so no one can suspect you my lord.

      I already thoroughly checked the background of this person and nothing peculiar was present in it. You will be a commoner who became an official on his own power in the court my lord ”

      I was very satisfied with Arnold’s work and praised him ” Good, this is wonderful Arnold. You have satisfied me with your work, I will take upon this identity in their court. This will give me many chances from now on.
           Arnold check the individual’s background again and see if he ever talked about this matter to anyone. If you find any threats eliminate them. Understood? ”

    Arnold answered ” I am already on it my lord ”

               Nodding at him I thought ” Ah! Finally a chance. I will soon take revenge for you my brother, watch over me. I am coming for you Sylaine ‘



21 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 26 Preparation

  1. thanks for chapter

    i think to get revenge he have to get atlest lvl 9 mage. on lvl 9 he can take care of immortal. he can kill Kennedy alone and with Sylvie Jonathan with help of treasures from bracelet


  2. Well, I see some serious flaws in this chapter that make no sense to me. For starters, what do you mean when you said:

    “So his talent is actually very high, to reach seventh rank at twenty one even I don’t think I can achieve that.”

    He is already seventh rank and waaay younger, so… isn’t that total bullsh*t? I mean, I get the feeling that you are doing this on purpose in an attemp to downgrade the MC, so as to not make him look too OP to the readers, but… isn’t this too forced man?

    Second, what do you mean when you said:

    “At my current strength I can only take care of a single ninth rank expert barely, facing all these experts I will die surely.”

    That is not something he should say after having such an easy time dealing with Arnold, cause he totaly owned him and even made a pet out of him. He could hardly have it any easier than that. (Again, it feels like you are downgrading the MC)

    And lastly, the MC didn’t even ask Arnold a single question about his brother. Shouldn’t he confirm the story he was told by the assasing? Arnold should know something more about his brother.


    • Hi John, our MC is actually a mage not a warrior and he reached seventh rank at sixteen years so he is a total badass. As for how he can only take care of a single ninth rank expert you should read the last chapter correctly where he almost got owned if not for Voids warning. Also after the fight he was left with only small amount of mage force so I think my reasoning is correct. At his current state he can’t win against an expert group. As for asking Arnold it was to be understood when Sylvie said ‘ Of all the information we collected till now ‘ that they already asked Arnold as it is the most common thing to do after they captured him after such a fight.

      Thank you for your comment John because I now know that you are thinking hard on my work and I appreciate it.


  3. I don’t know if it is just me, but I aways feel that the chapter is too short and even if it is not set to be an excite chapter it really needs some, at last in the final, preparing for another chapter. I know people hates cliffhanger, but it really helps the read to imagine what will come next and be excited for the next one.


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