Book 1 – Chapter 28 A Chance

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A Chance :

               I was following behind Lord Kennedy as he led me into the inner palace of Rock castle. Following quietly I asked Void ” What do you think I should do Void? ”

Void answered ” This was not within our expectations. Since he did not look offended even when you lied on his face I don’t think he has any malicious intent towards us. My best guess is that he is interested in you, so for now just follow the flow and say everything we can honestly. That is the only way we can survive besides this situation is too bizarre if we manage to rope this guy to our side then your brother’s matter can be resolved immediately.

            As I see it this guy is the original boss of this empire and that Jonathan should be a servant under his command. As long as this Kennedy is willing to give some pointers then he wouldn’t mind to even polish Kennedy’s shoes, it is ultra rare that a expert of this stature would even look at a beginner divine disciple ”

      I was immediately startled and said.   ” If what you say is the truth then doesn’t that mean he shouldn’t even glance at me . What can I, a mere seventh rank mage do to impress him? ”

     Void laughed ” True,he wouldn’t have looked at you if you reached the seventh rank ten years later. What all experts value more than status is talent, though you have only high affinity for elements your spiritual energy is very high as well as because of my attribute your mage training is very fast. Combining all this factors you can be considered a top class talent.

        Take that Jonathan as an example. He spent a few centuries most likely about five hundred years to just reach the immortal stage. As I see it he should still be a beginner divine disciple or at most a divine disciple. The time needed to advance into the next level multiplies exponentially for every advancement and this only multiplies by a much higher variable the lower your talent is. So the true experts always side with talent because they themselves are talents born once in a hundred generations. ”

        I immediately questioned Void ” Are you saying he might be interested in taking me as a disciple? ”

     Void answered plainly ” It is the most ideal situation we could possibly achieve but it is foolish to believe that he is only interested in you and will treat you as his disciple. There are many outcomes that could happen today. As someone with such a level of power he definitely noticed Sylvie and also knows that she didn’t mature yet so he knows that we made her imprint upon you when she was still incubating. Divine energy is needed for this process and you clearly have no divine energy so he should be curious about it and might want to investigate about this matter.

               Also you have a tougher body constitution than a fifth ranked warrior almost to a ridiculous extent so he might be interested in the method of your training. He clearly is not a mage and has only trained in the ways of elements. Also we were told that he had a daughter who was still very young so he might want to know your secret for her ”

            As Void said this I could only sigh lightly and thought ‘ So no matter what his intention is since I have no way to escape from his clutch I can only obey silently. Sirius mountain is too far, I can’t outrun him and hide within the cave’

          After walking for a while we reached an open garden visible from my position. There were guards situated outside the entrance and they bowed as we walked past them. As we entered into the garden I was stunned to find myself on a mountain instead of a garden. The mountain was large comparable to Sirius mountain but I was unable to comprehend how we came here when we only passed through the garden entrance.

Void said knowingly ” Don’t worry too much, this is only an illusion spell that doesn’t let you see the mountain from outside. This is a common spell and is totally harmless. ”

             Reassured by Void I again followed behind Lord Kennedy as we trans versed the mountain along a small path. After a while we came to a flat patch of land with a small cottage and a simple garden. A few chairs were placed in the garden around a table.

        Sitting on a chair Kennedy motioned me to sit down. After I sat he said in a laughing voice ” So Riddick I will ask you again what is your mage rank? ”

           I respectfully said ” Lord Kennedy I am a seventh ranked mage and a fifth ranked warrior ”

     Lord Kennedy immediately turned serious and said ” As I thought, though I could somewhat distinguish your power but something was obstructing me from scanning you. Who are you? A normal recruit will never try to hide his power ”

       I gulped at these words and slowly decided to tell everything plainly, I could never escape from him if he wants me dead so I may as well take a chance and get him to my side. The second prince is only his proposed son in law so he might help me. Wait! Void said that he was a terrifying expert then why would he let the second prince engage his daughter. No matter how I think it is unreasonable, there should be some mystery unknown to me. Is it a fake engagement just like his position known to the outside world. Thinking such I said

” Lord Kennedy, my name is Riddick Elsevier. I belong to the Sirius tribe of Rock empire. We were originally rulers of Reinfield dukedom in Great alliance. I have come here to investigate about my brother who was supposedly executed  by second prince of Rock empire ”

        Lord Kennedy said seriously ” Do you know the relationship between me and the second prince. Since you have come to investigate about him I suppose you do. Then why are you telling me about this matter I could kill you for your comment. ”

    I said frankly ” Lord Kennedy, I don’t think your daughter is engaged to the second prince. As someone who has entered into the divine planes from the higher planes you should have already surpassed the level of divine disciple. An expert such as you won’t engage your daughter to a ordinarily talented individual such as Sylaine. I don’t think your daughter might be impressed by such a talent after seeing your prowess ”

      Lord Kennedy’s eyes turned cold and he said ” How do you know about divine planes? At your level of power it should be impossible for you to even know about higher planes ”

     I quickly said ” Lord Kennedy My teacher is also an immortal who surpassed the level of divine disciple  ”

      Kennedy was startled at this answer. He immediately said with a smile on his face ” Oh! So that’s how it was. I believe that you have an immortal teacher otherwise it is impossible to answer various variables regarding you. So who is your teacher? Can I meet him? ”

     I answered respectfully ” Lord Kennedy, my teacher is called Vera. Currently she is training and forbid anyone from disturb her including me. She said that she will come find me after I become an immortal. I don’t know her training place so I can’t help you ”

       I lied perfectly without a small clue that I was lying. For now Vera is my only protection, he might not harm me in fear of Vera as he doesn’t know at what level of power she is in. I wonder what lies above the stage of divine disciple. I have to ask Void later.

      Lord Kennedy nodded knowingly and said ” Riddick, can you tell me how did you distinguish me as someone from divine planes ”

   I answered ” Lord Kennedy the aura you emit is very similar to my teacher so I could distinguish you ”

     Kennedy laughed loudly ” Well, today was eventful. Since your teacher is busy I can give you some advice in her stead so do visit me anytime ”

      I instantly relaxed at this answer but without forgetting the original purpose of getting him to my side I hurriedly asked ” Lord Kennedy, can you please help me regarding my brother. I only want to speak with the second prince  ”

       Lord Kennedy rubbed his chin slyly and said ” Actually I have no reason to favour you. It is as you said that second prince is nothing but a pawn used to control the nobles and the engagement was used as a tool to mask my presence. You see I hate being seen as an almighty being and feared by all but I do enjoy the power granted to such a being. So I made a puppet out of Jonathan and am enjoying my life peacefully.

         But I will give you a chance, my daughter is very bored these days. She is almost just like you but unlike you she has grown arrogant of her power. There are people who can defeat her but she won’t be impressed unless it is done by someone of same rank. Sad as it may be of all those experts of same rank I have seen till now in this plane I saw none who can defeat her. You are a different matter, you have an immortal teacher just like her so defeat her and I will grant one wish of yours whatever it maybe ”

       I was confused and asked ” Sir, why does me having an immortal teacher a reason for my strength. I know that there are certain benefits but I can’t think that none can defeat her unless they have an immortal teacher ”

   Lord Kennedy laughed and said ” Riddick, though you may not understand the techniques passed by your teacher to you or by me to my daughter are all the most elite techniques even in divine planes so you will have unsurpassed base strength at your level of power. My daughter is now eighteen and she is already an eighth ranked warrior. By any means don’t think of her as an ordinary eighth rank warrior.

        I will give you a day to prepare yourself. Come with a strategy to deal with her beware she usually spars with me so she only uses extremely lethal methods in a fight. ”

              I was in a hurry to know the truth about my brother from Sylaine and was going to ask for a bout right now but Void interrupted me and said ” Let’s wait for tomorrow. Nothing will happen in one more day. We need to analyse him before we come to a conclusion about him ” so I said to Lord Kennedy ” Thank you Lord Kennedy. I will return tomorrow for the bout ”

         Lord Kennedy laughed and said.         ” Prepare well and also tell the little miss hiding in your dress that I won’t harm her ”
      Sylvie silently peeked from my neck and hissed silently. I laughed at her behaviour and said ” Then I will take my leave Lord Kennedy ”
Kennedy’s POV:

            Silently watching the boy leaving I sighed loudly and thought inwardly ” No matter how powerful his master is how can she let the boy imprint on a God beast egg without divine power. This boy is definitely hiding something from me. Oh well I will let him do whatever he wishes for now.

            I could have fulfilled his request  right away but now this spar will broaden the views of my daughter. Still who would have thought he was her disciple. I wonder how the the coming days will be, it will certainly be more exciting than the past.”

       I silently ordered mentally ‘ Kain ‘ . Immediately a person appeared before me. I ordered ” Take care of his brother’s situation also investigate about Sylaine. Make a coincidence where my daughter would meet him when he arrives tomorrow ”

       Kain bowed deeply and said ” Yes, my lord ”

          Now, tomorrow will be exciting. Ha ha


26 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 28 A Chance

  1. Nice though the end part is a bit out there as he is what a divine disciple and knows about Lady Vera and i quote: “Still who would have thought he was her disciple.” Leading you to believe that he knows the MC’s master but on the hand he has no idea who Lady Vera is: “No matter how powerful his master is how can he let the boy imprint on a God beast egg without divine power.” Personally i think he knows Vera or a least her reputation.


  2. thanks for chapter
    “No matter how powerful his master is how can HE let the boy imprint on a God beast egg without divine power.”

    sorry if its wrong but should its be

    “No matter how powerful his master is how can SHE let the boy imprint on a God beast egg without divine power.”


  3. Definitely think you writing has improved as the story’s progressed.

    A bit of constructive criticism – (generally) skip unnecessary tidbits unless you are going to depict a nifty detail that builds character background or world setting (for example “the maids served me the traditional Rock clan breakfast of simmered straoit leaves and fried korky eggs – a much heartier meal than my clan’s standard [insert whatever here] … Honestly I found the change refreshing”). As one of my creative writing teachers said: if the setting is “a bedroom” don’t annoy the reader by saying “it had a large bed…” let the reader imagine the basic details, only add what is unexpected. You can always describe the bedroom’s contents when the hero needs to interacts with them


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