Book 1 – Chapter 29 You are mistaken

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You are mistaken :

       After returning from the Rock palace I was greeted by Duke Benito waiting along with a few of his retainers. Impatience was clearly visible on his face. Few servants hired yesterday were also waiting in an another corner.

      Sighing I walked towards Duke Benito. Well it was a situation I expected from the beginning so I simply invited him into the manor. Turning my head I said to the servant group ” No need for any introductions. Start your work immediately ” . The servants who were confused and scared were instantly relieved and started walking towards the back entrance of the manor.

          Walking with Duke Benito I couldn’t help but think ‘ This guy’s personality is quite good. Though he is ambitious he is loyal so I can use him ‘. Thinking such I led him to a secluded room on the second floor. The Duke seeing through my intentions of having a private chat ordered his escorts to remain on the first floor.

         Closing the door and scanning the surroundings for any souls I turned to face Benito. Seating myself in front of him I said in a quite voice ” Do you want to be a prime minister? ”

   Benito stuttered before he could manage a word out ” Huh..wh…wh…what do you mean? ”


                    A hour later Benito left with a smile on his face. I could only laugh when I thought about the upcoming days. After resting for a while I called the head butler  and gave him some orders regarding the manor.

        As soon as he left another person appeared in my personal study. He was.         Arnold. Bowing quietly he said   ” My lord, I tried to investigate but found nothing useful. The second prince status in the Rock clan is too strong. None dares to betray him for fear of death. His entire palace is always protected by hundreds of ordinary guards including the experts who patrol in shifts. Unfortunately I currently hold no spies capable of bypassing the security of the underground prison and see the situation. Only the prince and the ninth ranking guards are allowed into the prison without a security check.

      As for the situation of the harem where lady Elle is most probably present. It is within the inner chambers and is even more strictly guarded than the prison. The prince is afraid that his affairs would be made public and he will incur the wrath of Lord Kennedy so he is very careful regarding women. As far as my intelligence goes he very usually disposes them off after he has his fill. The harem is maintained by an old manservant servant who is rumoured to be extremely ruthless.

             No matter how I see, the chances are extremely bleak for their survival. This concludes all information I could gather on them my lord ”

             I listened quietly to Arnold’s report and sighed. I thought inwardly ‘ Even with Arnold who has countless spies I could only gather this much information. If I didn’t have him, my work would have become hundreds of time harder. My brother was only rumoured to be executed also the information is not reliable. No one has actually seen my brother’s execution or his dead body so he may be still alive. Lady Elle was confirmed to be pregnant two months before so she should now be pregnant for five months, I can’t guess her situation. Just one more day and everything will be solved ‘

          I ordered Arnold ” You did well, continue your surveillance but don’t act rashly without my assent.”

    Arnold answered ” Yes, my lord ”

          After Arnold left I started going towards the underground training room and thought ‘ I don’t have any idea of her prowess except that she is already a eighth ranked warrior. Lord Kennedy did warn me multiple times that she is not your average Joe. He also said that among many warriors he had seen none of the eighth rank warriors can defeat her. I can’t be careless, all my plans rest on tomorrow’s bout. I have to win at any cost ‘

             That day was spent discussing various scenarios with Void regarding the fight. After coming to a conclusion on strategies I was ready for the bout.


            I went to the mountain cottage on time and found Lord Kennedy leisurely enjoying his tea while reading a book. Upon seeing me he smiled broadly and said ” I take that you have come prepared for the fight after my warning. Come sit and have a tea, my daughter will be here in  a short while ”

          I sat down and was reviewing about yesterday’s strategies with Void when a pleasant voice greeted me ” Father, I am here. Kain said that I can spar with you today. Huh! Who is this fellow? ” directing her gaze towards me she said in a disdained voice ” Who are you pipsqueak? Who do you think you are to sit alongside my great father. Immediately get out of my sight or I will kill you ”

        Understanding Lord Kennedy’s intentions in pitting his daughter against me I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart. Even though he was the one who wanted to teach her a lesson he doesn’t want to be blamed by his daughter later so he made me a scapegoat. With nothing to do except follow his hidden command I said to the beautiful girl in a haughty voice

      ” You should learn how to behave before you trash talk others. Tell your name and politely ask for others purpose, that is the basic manner in which you introduce yourself. My name is Riddick and I am here as Lord Kennedy’s guest. Who are you inexperienced little girl? ”

           The girl was dumbfounded by my reply. I actually lectured her in front of her own father but Lord Kennedy pretended that he heard nothing and kept quiet. Seeing her fathers behaviour she was actually startled that I was maybe some big shot having a youth’s appearance so she immediately corrected her speech.

       She respectfully said ” My name is Rachel my lord. I am eighteen this year and a eighth ranked warrior training in  wind element. Please forgive my earlier behaviour,I was ignorant of your station. pray enlighten this junior ”

      I thought inwardly ‘ She actually has a little bit reasoning left in her. Though she acts violently in front of other people but in front of experts she actually behaves respectfully. Of course I maybe wrong, Lord Kennedy is an ultimate expert in this plane so there should actually be very few people who can talk angrily in front of him and even lecture his own daughter so she should think that I am also an expert on par with her father ‘

        I laughed casually and said ” Now that is a behaviour I expect out of you. I am your elder brother for I have been formally accepted as Lord Kennedy’s disciple and I am just sixteen but you can call me big bro. I won’t mind too much ”

      My answer made her face green with anger and she suddenly shouted ” What does this mean father? You won’t accept me as your official disciple but you actually accepted this pipsqueak as your disciple. I want to know why? ”

         This was said by Lord Kennedy himself that he did not accept his daughter as his disciple and only gave her some advice occasionally. I was confused as to why would he not accept his own daughter as his disciple but Void explain me ” Many experts refrain from accepting their children as disciples because they can’t bear to watch the suffering their children have to undergo because of their training. Thus they won’t accept them as disciples, but if they did accept them then their consciousness will prevent them from being lenient on their children.

              Both sides will undergo severe mental strain in this relationship. The teacher being a parent wishes too much for his child’s well-being and will be extra strict for the child’s own good but the child will see it as a discrimination because of his immature mind. Also the parent will undergo severe mental torture because of the punishment he laid on the child.

         The second reason is other masters will not accept a disciple of a fellow master unless their status differs greatly. An immortal can accept a disciple of a mortal expert and it won’t raise any conflicts instead the mortal expert will be happy for his own disciple’s luck. On the other hand a immortal of same level or lower level won’t accept a disciple of higher level expert unless he is dead because it will bring forth the wrath of the previous master. A disciple is some one a teacher raises with great effort and some times consider them more important than their own lives so they won’t let another person lead his disciple in a wrong path and will exterminate them at any cost ”

        Since I knew that she was very sensitive regarding this issue I provoked her. Now all that is needed is a simple push so I gave her some push by  answering her question directed towards her father with pitying expression ” The answer is simple little girl. It is because I am a lot better than you ”

       Finally I evaporated the last bit of patience in her with my cheesy statement  and she pounced at me with a ‘ Dieeee ‘ scream. Dodging her high speed pounce I looked at Kennedy only to see him smiling widely and his lips moved and.      ‘ Be careful ‘ words were transmitted into my mind.

        No longer caring about him I turned my concentration towards the female huntress in front of me. As her pounce failed she retrieved a long sword from her inter spatial storage. The next strike almost got me as I again dodged it with in a split second. Whew! If my body was not nourished because of Chaos attribute and had its reaction speed exceed normal levels by leaps and bounds then I would have died twice already. What kind of mage will have my reaction speed, that old man trapped me.

       Putting a distance between us as I jumped to the roof of the cottage I noticed that Kennedy was no longer present in the garden. I see, so this cottage will be our playground. A play with a hot girl in a cottage sounds romantic except that the girl has a long sword and a killing intent around her.

          Calculating her moves and my reaction speed this time she was careful to not pounce blindly. Readying her sword she provoked me ” Didn’t you say you were better than me then why are you hiding come fight with me fair and square”

       I laughed and said loudly ” Fair and square. What a joke! Little girl there is no fair fight in this world. The world will only see the outcome of a battle, if you lose because of your fair policy then you will die and there is no honour in death. It will be a dog’s death and no one will care for the loser. Why should I a mage fight you in a head on battle when I hold advantage in a long range battle. ”

          Rachel snorted and said ” Fuck your policies. I will kill you ” she then swung her sword at one of the wooden pillars instantly destroying it. Oh god! She is going to destroy the cottage to bring me to the open ground. Oh well, its not like I expected the cottage to survive the fight I only used it as a hiding spot to provoke her. No matter what this girl is too easy to provoke and will lose advantage in a fight very easily because of her hot head.

             Thinking such I instantly started chanting a spell of third rank lightning magic and a sixth ranked fire magic. Just as she destroyed the first pillar I initiated the first spell of third rank lightning magic ‘ illumination current ‘ a defensive system spell which emits a bright light enough to blind the opponent and make their eyes dizzy for a brief duration. Even though the effect only lasts for a few seconds, this amount of time is enough to change the flow of battle.

      Successfully blinding her I initiated the second spell ‘ Fire barrage ‘ . Though attack power of the spell is less. Due to constant barrage to accumulated damage it is still quite high. Because of the continuous attacks she howled in pain and angrily swung he sword in my general direction.

        I was retreating slowly when Void’s voice resounded in my mind ‘ Dodge now ‘
Not hesitating at all I dodged with all my might. Just as I flew out of cottage the entire cottage on my side was torn to pieces. I was shocked at this power of her, I thought you could create strong gales with a fast swing of a sword but this is too monstrous.

       Sylvie’s voice resounded in my mind.  ” Master, are you all right? “. Sylvie was currently on a high branch of a nearby tree watching the fight as she was not allowed to participate in the battle. She was dissatisfied but kept quite about it. Void explained ” Riddick, this girl is too monstrous. She actually reached the point of starting her training in the wind element at this age. Don’t take her lightly. Think her as a eighth ranked warrior and a wind style mage of sixth rank, that should be her power level.

       Coming out of the half destroyed cottage she said in a angry voice ” Did you see that. That was the true power I posses. In front of me your sixth ranked spells are like child’s play ”

          I laughed and said ” Indeed they are. I underestimated you before but now I won’t do that mistake again. ” My hands instantly formed a few hand symbols and a circular formation appeared in front of my palm. It was small formation just enough to cover my palm.

      Seeing the black formation in my hand she was instantly alerted and retreated by about a dozen metres. I laughed slightly and let fire mage force enter into the formation. This is a degraded version of formation used on Arnold and it didn’t have the power to fuse five spells but was enough to fuse two spells. Instantly invoking two spells of fourth rank fire magic ‘ Fire bullets ‘. I started a continuous barrage of fire bullets on her. As it was a fourth rank magic I could continuously cast the spell for a long time. Since it was combined with Chaos attribute its power actually neared a sixth ranked spell.

       Attacked with a continuous barrage of fire bullets whose power far exceeded her imagination she had no choice but try to dodge or cancel my attacks with her wind gales. Trying to dodge all attacks was not possible because all I had to do was change my hand direction to redirect my attacks so she had to continuously block my attack with her wind based sword slashes.

( AN : Think of a machine gun )

           This continued for about five minutes. Though the consumption of my mage force was tremendous the truly unfortunate one was Rachel. A mage stored incredible amounts of mage force and it was impossible that ge would be empty before a warrior who only trained in wind element and had limited elemental essence. Finally I stopped my barrage and was greeted with a appearance of a girl whose clothes were burnt in various locations and her breathing was heavy because of her stamina consumption. Her chest beating violently for air was showcasing her two mounds in a hot way overall giving a sexy image.

            Greeted with such a appearance I couldn’t help but stare at her until she noticed my gaze and hastily covered her chest. Red eyed she said ” I thought you are only a pipsqueak but you are not even a man. How can you see without turning away and giving me some privacy. ”

       I laughed and answered ” Rachel, we are not having a peaceful talk here so I can’t show my back to you and what kind of a man do you think I am. Why won’t I take a look at a treasure displayed freely in front of me. ”

       Rachel who already adjusted her appearance said in a disdained voice ” I will gorge out your eyes since you have seen me ”

       I smiled a little and said ” Little girl, its not like I stole something from you. I only saw it by accident. Why are you acting like that? ”

      She angrily growled ” Enough talk, I will kill you now ”

     I laughed loudly and said ” Well better luck next time. You won’t be waking up anytime soon ”

           As I said it, she slowly became unstable and finally lost consciousness. As she was falling Lord Kennedy came in a flash and held her up. Looking at her he said in a laughing voice. ” I see, the bullets you fired had a minute amount of anaesthesia mixed in it. With the help of fire it evaporated and became gas. Because of her wind attacks it actually saturated around her and made her unconscious. So the earlier talk was to hold her in her position and let the gas work on her. Truly cunning but you just became her enemy because of your actions ”

    I laughed and answered ” Maybe, but I am not in a mood to test the power difference between us fairly. I had to win at any cost so I used it, but still she is too shallow minded in a strategic point of view. I prepared two other strategies if this failed but she fell for the very first one ”

          Lord Kennedy sighed and said ” Maybe but I cannot help her regarding this. She has to develop the caution on her own ”

    I asked respectfully ” Lord Kennedy regarding the word you gave me yesterday. You said that you will fulfill a wish of mine no matter what it is if I win against her.”

  Lord Kennedy laughed and said aloud Kain. A man suddenly appeared and bowed. Lord Kennedy said ” Kain, deal with the problem regarding his brother ”
Turning towards me he said ” There I kept my side of the agreement. Happy? ”

     I laughed slyly and said ” Lord Kennedy. True I asked for your help yesterday regarding my brother but it seems you are mistaken that was not my wish ”

   Lord Kennedy was startled and said       ” What! …….”

    Seeing his reaction a devil’s smile appeared on my face and I said ” I want…


AN : don’t think the fight was not too ferocious as you all had expected it be because I don’t want Rachel to be a enemy nor a rival instead she will be ( spoilers ) [ too bad you have to wait for moar to know more ]



24 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 29 You are mistaken

  1. Thx 4 the chp.

    Love your ff.

    BTW I hope you will give us a description of Rachel soon. Also, I don’t want to be a jerk, but all the characters in your fic miss a proper description.

    Their faces’ and bodies’ traits are usually omitted.

    That is my opinion, but if you feel to eventually ‘portray’ their looks don’t rewrite your story, instead write a small chp that you can update whenever a new character enters your novel.

    Hope my English wasn’t too jumbled.


  2. Like always , good chapter.

    The fight with Rachel was 100% acceptable because Riddick easily outsmarted her.

    I hope I don’t spoiled too much:
    My bet for what he want from Kennedy is, that he want to become the next leader of the Rock Empire (Rock Clan) or to install the Elsevier family as new ruling clan . So he can get revenge on this harem freak who attacked his family (+Gates) and his sister in law(+baby).

    My 50 cents.


  3. Like how you incorporated the spy master report to confirm the MC couldn’t do more on his own.

    Regarding character descriptions, you can always drop a sentence here or there during a related scene. For example when introduced “her drab brown hair contrasted her ferocious anger” and later “her arms could barely conceal the lovely curves of her youthfully perky 36C breasts” or “the muscles of her lean, dancer’s legs tensed as she blocked the relentless fire bullets” Or “her voice wasn’t melodic but shockingly rough given her beauty” – this way you don’t need to jam all the character descriptions in one place IF you don’t feel like it. Or you can give a few quirky tidbits of description upon first sighting/smelling/hearing etc. and then add on as you see fit later.


  4. Getting better every time, another great chapter. Thanks! It was a good fight, I was hopping the fighting to last a little more, but it was a great scene!


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