Important notice – Please Read Completely


       Hi guys, gsdreddy here. Today I am going to inform you of certain things. Firstly many of you might not have noticed but we have converted from to

              That’s right I just bought a domain today to celebrate the milestone of 100,000 total page views. As many of you are unaware of me, here is my short introduction.

                My pen name gsdreddy comes by shortening my real name while reddy is my last name. I am a University student and will be one for three more years. I am serious about this passion of mine i.e writing web fiction so I even bought a domain to increase my work’s future potential.

         I decided beforehand that I will buy a domain if I can get a minimum of 50,000 page views per month. The reason for this is simple, though I am passionate about my work I can’t spend money on it as I have no income source of my own. I don’t have a part time job and my study schedule is very tight so I can’t hope to join one any time in foreseeable future.

            Thus my 50,000 views comes into play here. After some calculations and reading some posts by different bloggers I decided that this is the minimum view count I have to maintain if I want to get the domain costs over an entire year. Don’t get me wrong, if all of you see the adds my income would be much higher but unfortunately the people who use adblock are close to ninety percent.

        I have already applied for wordads and I don’t know when they will accept my application but please keep in mind to turn off your adblock to support me when I do get ads on my site. It may take a week or maybe months, let’s hope they accept it faster.

           In the mean while I will discuss about donations through PayPal. This is a popular way to support the authors and translators. Unfortunately my country’s monetary policy prevents me to directly place a Donation button and receive funds so I can’t create one until I find my way around it.

            This policy was put down to stop the illegal transactions on a large scale through PayPal, not the transactions in a  mere 4 digit figures but unfortunately the law is still not amended for personal donations.

      BUT I have no restrictions in receiving payment directly through PayPal. i.e simply pay to my email

My PayPal email is :

                Please donate only if you wish to support me. I won’t pressurise you guys for any and these donations will not affect the gratitude I feel towards you. Even if you donate one dollar or simply turn your adblock off or just read my work I will still feel very grateful and will hold utmost respect towards my readers.

                As for those readers who feel that I am improperly asking for donations or asking to turn their adblock off, I am sorry that I am going against your advise guys but I will appreciate it if you please support me by just continuing to read my fiction.

   NOTE : Donations accepted will be first used to buy a premier theme because I doubt a free theme is present which supports wordads correctly. Later I will put aside twice the domain cost amount as insurance for the website. Only the additional amount will be used by me for my personal use.

             Its not like I am asking for donations but even a small amount when added in large numbers becomes a considerable sum. So do donate if you wish to support me ( of course I won’t reject large donations he he xD )

             Also please don’t spam my mail. If you wish to contact me. Contact me here at



10 thoughts on “Important notice – Please Read Completely

  1. sadly I have too much need for money at the moment so i cannot donate but ill at least set adblock off for this site as long as no sound adds appear


  2. Hi, I have read your novel for quite a long time now and I could not help but to notice that you have some problem with punctuations and also with the word “loose”.
    You seem to use the word ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’, which I have noticed during my read.
    I would like to clarify that ‘loose’ means that something is free.
    The punctuation problem would be greatly improved by simply adding more commas,
    It would make the novel itself more professionally done and easier to read + understand

    For example in your latest chapter, there were MANY punctuations missing.
    “Upon seeing me he smiled broadly” –> “Upon seeing me, he smiled broadly”
    “After Arnold left I started going” –> “After Arnold left, I started going”
    “Sighing I walked towards Duke Benito. Well it was a situation I expected from the beginning so I simply invited him into the manor.” –> “Sighing, I walked towards Duke Benito. Well it was a situation I expected from the beginning, so I simply invited him into the manor.

    The errors does not only lie in commas but also how the sentence is made.
    I do understand that although your native language is not English, it would greatly benefit you and your novel if these minor errors could be improved.
    I am, by no means saying that your novel’s quality is bad, however, by improving your writing style, it could attract a broader range of readers.

    The last point I will mention is the sentences itself. for example this sentence:
    “This continued for about five minutes. Though the consumption of my mage force was tremendous the truly unfortunate one was Rachel” could be rewritten like: “This continued for about five minutes, though the consumption of my mage force was tremendous, the truly unfortunate one was Rachel”. As you can see, the rewritten sentence is not only easier to read but also does not require you to make a full stop for everything you say.
    Anyway, this was some of the thoughts that was on my mind while reading your novel.
    I would like to encourage you to keep writing and try to improve your writing because this novel is interesting and has potential to get even better.

    For those who does not care about this – TLDR: many punctuation errors and if improved, the quality of the novel would increase a lot.


  3. Lots of your readers will turn off adblock if you ask nicely, so you definitely should try to support yourself / your website with ads. It won’t necessarily be much but it might offset your costs at least.


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