Book 1 – Chapter 30 No Mercy

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No Mercy :
            I said ” You are mistaken Lord Kennedy. True, I did say that I want your help regarding my brother but that was before you promised to fulfill a wish of mine ”

         Startled by my words Lord Kennedy said in an amused voice ” I see, well its alright. What do you wish from me? ”

        I said in a respectful way ” Lord Kennedy, you are an ultimate expert in this material plane and I truly believe that you will definitely keep your word and fulfill any wish of mine ”

   Lord Kennedy was slightly angered by my question and said in a low voice ” Don’t test my patience boy, I already gave you my word so I will keep it ”

      I said with a satisfied expression         ” Thank you Lord Kennedy. My request is simple one. Please be the guardian elder of Elsevier clan ”

      Lord Kennedy was dumbfounded at my words, even the pale faced Kain who never showed any expression till now was showing a shocked expression at my words. After a while Lord Kennedy adjusted his expression but I could still see some anger, regret and even a little amusement mixed in his expression as his rugged handsome face with a brown beard and shoulder length hair was looking at me.

       Finally laughing aloud he said in a amused voice ” Riddick you have surpassed my expectations. I thought that maybe you will ask for riches, powerful weapons or maybe even this empire but you actually asked me to babysit your clan. I know you love your family deeply but you should know that this is too big of a favour you are asking from me ”

           True, I am asking for a big favour by asking him to become my clan’s guardian elder. A guardian elder is usually some one who belongs to that clan and will protect the clan till his last breath. Jonathan who belongs to Rock clan can be considered a guardian elder because he belongs to Rock clan and will naturally protect it. A guardian will never abandon his role at any cost so he naturally will have a very high position in the clan surpassing the clan leader himself. Asking Lord Kennedy to become guardian elder is basically asking him to protect Elsevier family till he dies, this is actually too much because I am actually asking him to partially binding himself like a slave to the Elsevier clan.

           I said respectfully ” Lord Kennedy, I know that my actions are a little inappropriate but I dearly care about my family. I already know that my brother is alive because Sylvie has detected his smell but is unable to pinpoint his location. This time my family came close to being wiped out and my brother was almost killed because of our powerlessness.

         I have no idea how many enemies I will make in the future but I am afraid that I won’t have enough strength to protect my family if someone who surpasses me by leaps and bounds decides to wipe us out. So I want to borrow your power Lord Kennedy, you can simply declare that Elsevier clan is under your protection and I don’t think anybody will have the guts to make a move against my family.”

      Listening quietly to everything I said Lord Kennedy sighed and said ” You love your family too much Riddick. With your potential you will be a powerful figure even among immortal community in the future. You will make friends and enemies alike but you will suffer more than anyone because of your love which will always be your weakness ”

         Sighing deeply he said ” Very well, I already gave you my word so I will keep it but let me tell you I will only agree as long as I hold the highest power in your clan and my word will never be ignored. Don’t worry I hold no interest in mortal affairs so I won’t interfere in normal administration.

         As a additional favour I will give your brother back for you. Though he is missing a limb and an eye he is still alive. Supposedly the second prince kept him alive to show him the death of his child after the child is born and likewise the girl is also alive. They are both severely malnourished and have deep emotional scars which won’t heal anytime soon and you don’t need to worry about Sylaine, he  will be in prison for the rest of his life ”

      My heart contracted as I heard about my brother’s condition, even though my brother and my sister in law were alive I felt nothing but immeasurable killing intent in my heart towards Sylaine. He is responsible for everything and now he is simply in a prison. ‘ I WILL KILL HIM ‘ I shouted inwardly and swallowed the rising bile because I already exceeded my limits and asked a unreasonable request so I can’t show any more dissatisfaction for now. Only the final step is needed after which I can take care of Sylaine.

         I showed an exhilarating expression and said ” Thank you Lord Kennedy ” and asked ” Where are they? ”

     Lord Kennedy turned towards Kain who immediately waved his hand upon which a person and a woman appeared in front of him. Seeing them I was too shocked to even move, my brother who always emitted a strong aura because of his muscular body has become so thin that I couldn’t even recognise him if not for his ecstatic expression and his pale golden hair which though lost its lustre was still present. He was sitting on the ground in a dirty rag which covered only a part of his upper  body and I could clearly see his left hand which was completely absent.

           Grinding my teeth I slowly approached my brother and hugged him tightly who slowly hugged me back and whispered ” I lost all hope to ever see the outside world again and thought that I would die without seeing any of you ever again. I can still not believe that I am free, you saved me brother.Thank you, thank you very much ”

         I could finally not control my tears and whispered in a growling voice ” Don’t worry brother, I will pay back those who hurt you by a thousand times ” turning my head I saw my kind sister in law who was smiling with tears in her eyes. I smiled back and lifted my brother from the ground and said ” Its over brother, its time to go home ”

    Lord Kenney said ” Kain escort them back ”

          Seeing that the chance I was waiting for has finally arrived I hurriedly asked while supporting my brother ” Lord Kennedy you are not coming with us ”

      Lord Kennedy answered as a matter of fact ” Huh! Why should I come with you? ”

     I said sincerely ” Because you are the guardian elder of our clan you should of course stay in the vicinity of the clan ”

  Lord Kennedy snorted and said ” Humph! Why should I stay in your vicinity? If you want to stay in my vicinity then come here yourselves ” as soon as he said this he realised that once again he fell into my trap and was about to correct himself but not giving him a chance to correct himself I immediately said

” Lord Kennedy the ruling clan of empire the Rock clan are our bitter enemies, how can we stay without any harm in our way at the capital but we will of course come as ordered by the guardian elder of the clan. I only hope you will resolve the matter regarding our enemies for us Lord Kennedy ”

       When I said this Lord Kennedy along with Kain were again dumbfounded. After a long while Lord Kennedy sighed and said ” Kid, you are too cunning and this nature of yours will land you in trouble sooner or later. You want me to throw the Rock clan out of the Rock empire to let you stay here. Oh god! I have to be careful before I speak a single word in front of you from next time ”

     Later he immediately shouted loudly ‘Jonathan ‘. A tall muscular man who was almost two metre tall appeared immediately in front of Lord Kennedy and bowed deeply. While Jonathan emmited a murderous aura, Lord Kennedy emmited nothing but seeing the behaviour of Jonathan it was extremely clear who the boss was .

     Lord Kennedy said in a lazy voice ” Jonathan, lead your clan out of the empire and I don’t want you anywhere in the eastern side of Great mountain ranges. ”

        Jonathan was immediately startled and said hesitatingly ” My lord, what did my clan do to offend you? Pray tell me and I will execute anyone on spot to appease your anger but please take back your order ‘ Rock empire ‘ has been my clan’s home for countless years ”

         I suddenly felt a chill which was enough to almost make me loose consciousness. Lord Kennedy was emanating a killing intent which made my killing intent look like a kid who didn’t know the might of heavens.

     Lord Kennedy said in a cold voice ” Who gave you permission to speak Jonathan? If I say you will leave, then you will. Don’t ever question me, since I feel a little bad about making your clan lose their empire I am letting you go alive otherwise your clan will be wiped out without the support of an immortal because of the countless enemies you made. Also I should never hear the word of revenge in any of your descendants, otherwise mark my words not even a infant of your bloodline will be left alive when I make my move ”

      Jonathan against whom that terrible killing intent was directed, was completely drenched in sweat. Realising that he has no right to argue  he hurriedly bowed his head and said ” Yes, my lord ”

     Lord Kennedy dissolved his killing intent and said to me ” Let them take a part of their riches as compensation. I take that you have no problem ”

    I immediately nodded my head and said ” No, I have no problem Lord Kennedy ”

     Turning towards Jonathan Lord Kennedy continued ” I will give you three days time to evacuate. No one belonging to Rock clan should stay in the empire by the fourth day. Understood? ”

Jonathan bowed his head again and said ” Yes, my lord ”

Lord Kennedy ordered lord Kain regarding us ” Kain, escort them back to their home and bring them back when they are ready ”

Kain bowed and respectfully said ” Yes, my lord ”

   I stayed behind when my brother and sister in law were escorted back by lord Kain . Coming back from the mountain I let Sylvie track Sylaine by his scent and  finally found him in an underground prison chamber strictly guarded by the guards. By now all guards were already aware of the situation and none dared to stop me, the son of the next emperor.

          Opening his cell I actually found him in a spacious room with all facilities, so he abused his authority to get facilities even in the prison. Sylaine upon seeing me was confused and shouted ” Who the fuck are you bastard? ”

I answered with a malicious smile on my face ” My name is Riddick Elsevier and I am the brother of Gates Elsevier ”

    All colour drained from his handsome face and he said stuttering ” You…you know who am I, don’t you? I am the son in law of Lord Kennedy and my great grandfather is Lord Jonathan. They will rip you apart if you touch me ”

     I could clearly see the handcuffs on his hand which prevents Ki circulation so he is now actually more pitiful than a first ranked warrior. I said in a voice twisted with anger ” Don’t worry I am here by the authorisation of Lord Kennedy and as far as your grandfather and your Rock clan is considered they are no more. That’s right Rock empire doesn’t exist anymore ”

  My words stunned him to the core and he was trembling at my words because he knew all too well his position without Rock clan to back him up. He said ” how ”

  I laughed and said ” I don’t have time to discuss with you. My brother suffered for five months but I only have three days to make you suffer. My family will be here in three days and you will be history by then

Sylaine face was wet with tears and he shouted ” Please show mercy ”

   As I took out a sharp knife I said ” I show no mercy to people who mess with my family ”

           For the next three days the underground prison was filled with the horrifying screams of Sylaine. The guards changed shifts six times and every time a new one will come because the old one was terrified to stay in the prison and requested a leave. Though all guards heard the screams non stop for three days, none dared to even look at what was happening in the cell. They were too terrified to see, slowly the voice became weak as Sylaine lost his vocal cords later only muffled grunts were heard followed by rough breaths and finally peace returned to the prison .

          All guards were so terrified that they were sweating non stop when Riddick appeared out of the cell. Some even urinated upon seeing him. Riddick who came out after three days said in a menacing tone ” Hang his corpse on the gates of imperial capital so that every person will know what happens when someone messes with my family ”

         All the guards present kneeled at the same time and said ” Yes, my lord “. Though they were terrified of Riddick,  they also knew who he was and why he took such a cruel revenge. They couldn’t help but show respect towards him and unconsciously accepted him as their lord.

           Riddick who was finally free of his anger thought happily ‘ Finally my family has reached the pinnacle of mortal power. Now I wonder what should I do? ‘


16 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 30 No Mercy

  1. What pisses me off is that riddicks wife is pregnant with the child of that Bastard. From what I see the wife probably wouldn’t kill the child and I’m not sure if that won’t have an impact on the relationship and all. But then again the wife is malnourished and I’m sure that it should have affected the child in some way. To be honest I hate such development the most but since it isn’t the mc and the story is interesting I will try to ignore it.

    And thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whoops I mean riddick’s brother’s wife >.> where is the edit button when you need it the most..


    • I am sorry Emperor of da Cats but its seems that you are mistaken. The child is not a bastard child but is Gates child. Also you can see it if you want in chapter 23 that his sister in law was confirmed to be three months pregnant by the time she was raped by Sylaine so she she was already carrying Gates child.
      So I please reread ch23 to clarify your doubts and welcome to reddycreations.

      Liked by 2 people

      • im happy you clarified that as well i wasnt sure if it was gate’s kid or not as well but i didnt feel like writing it felt like it was a stupid question that i missed XD


      • Oh well then I’m sorry it seems like I kind of completely read that wrong >.> thought they were engaged but haven’t slept together and that sylaine raped her and riddick’s brother found out that his wife was in her third month and raged…. Damn i wonder how I completely misread that


  2. I think it’s greatyao display the MC’s cunning via his handling of the Immortal Lord Kennedy. However, Lord Kennedy response seems a bit too obedient. Having him kick out his own clan really felt way too extreme. Sure he may owe the MC a favor and respect the MC’s primary mentor, but that doesnt make him the MC’s bitch. I think you could have achieved much the same
    plot goals without. Having lord Kennedy resort to such global and somewhat unbelievable actions.

    Btw, I may disagree with how you executed the chpt. But it remains quite an entertaining read.


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