Book 1 – Chapter 31 So you know me

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So you Know me:

             I was slowly crouching on the ground watching a savage mountain bear from my location. It was preying upon a beast it hunted recently and was eating without a care for the world or so it would seem but in reality the magical beasts of higher ranks are very sensitive to their surroundings even in sleep.

         This savage mountain bear is a magical beast of eighth rank and has extremely tough skin because if its earth affinity. Usually all magical beasts of earth affinity specialise in defence but this bear received its title ‘ savage ‘ because of it’s rare technique which instead increases its attack though it has earth affinity.

           The savage bear’s claws have attack power which will definitely kill any person who receives it head on, unless he is a ninth ranked warrior who specialise in defence so not many experts dare to provoke it. I was however interested in its claws prowess as well as the material it was made up of.

            Since I couldn’t attack it head on and risk my life, I was quietly observing it from a higher altitude waiting for a chance. It should be a one strike kill else I fear I won’t escape unscathed.

         While it was eating, it’s attention was suddenly diverted by a terrifying howl of a moon wolf. As soon as it diverted its attention I immediately initiated my attack. On the mountain where it was, I was at least five hundred metres above it’s position. Jumping from my position I directly flew towards it.

                Bringing out my sword I flew like a meteor in a straight line, as I reached about a hundred metres from the it, I activated the runes on my sword and it was completely enveloped in flames which instantly took the form of a sword around it and the sword size was increased by about ten times. The sword which only spanned a little more than a metre was now ten metres long and a metre wide.

            The bear acclaimed for its instincts instantly reacted after seeing the huge sword but it was too late and the sword directly struck against its chest. The gravitational pull increased my speed by many times and attack power  of my sword which was already enhanced because of fire encasement reached a terrifying level because of the additional speed.

            Such an attack was far too powerful and the savage bear was directly pierced and died in just a single hit but the sword which struck the mountain after piercing through the bear made a terrifying explosion. The mountain was not too tall and ranged only about  a thousand metres, struck with such a powerful blow it trembled and the entire mountain collapsed.

                 Dodging immediately, I landed a distance away from the crumbling mountain. After the mountain became a pile of rubble I searched and collected the body of the savage bear. Turning around I started going back to my camp, arriving at the camp I took out the meat of the savage bear and started barbecuing it.

       My camp is a simple cave and I have been using it for the past few months and was covered with furs to keep me warm.
As I saw the towering mountains outside I noticed that most of the snow which piled up in winter was already melted and new leaves were sprouting on various trees and I thought ‘ It’s about time ‘

               Its has been six months since I left the imperial capital of the newly established ‘ Elsevier empire ‘ and started my journey to the untamed parts of great mountain ranges where magical beasts roamed unhindered. I spent my entire winter here and now spring has arrived, as promised I have to visit my family now.

         When I told that I was going on a journey to train, my mother made me promise to return once every half a year to meet them so I have to return back to the imperial capital soon. Seeing that the meat was already roasted I started eating it, I must say magical beast meat is always best.

                 A week later I was on a horse borrowed from the bandits who sincerely gave up all their belongings as well as their lives after they tried to rob me. My current attrite was a pair of hunter clothes I bought a few months ago from one of the mountain tribes. Arriving at the  gates of imperial capital I looked just like a ordinary hunter.

          Imperial capital was constructed around a mountain and was surrounded by a great wall which was a hundred metre tall and twenty metres in width. It was virtually impossible for any ordinary people to pass over the wall, of course some experts can simply jump over it but will be greeted by the guardian knights division who are always stationed on the wall to stop any kind of enemy charge.

            Though there were three gates to enter the capital, one was always closed while the other was used exclusively by the military, so only one gate was present for general civilian use. A long queue was present made up of people who were waiting for the their permission slip to be signed by the civil officers.

           The city had a policy to provide two kind of permission slips – A temporary one and a permanent one. No matter what permission slip one possess they had to wait in the line to get certified by the civil officer. Standing at the back of line I started observing the people who were entering into the city.

          There were more than two hundred people in front me. An old granny carrying a heavy basket was present in front of me, though I could say that the basket was certainly heavy because of her expression, I couldn’t say what it contained as it was covered. She could have put her basket on ground and waited for her turn but she was instead anxiously glancing all around.

           I knew that some thing was wrong regarding her but decide to ignore it as I could see that she was poor and will certainly won’t live for long without proper support. If that bag has some fortune then let her keep it.

         Two hours passed and we were almost at the check point, only three people stood before me including granny. Finally as we reached the check point did the granny show a smile on her face. She was readying her permission slip and was about to get certified when a loud voice rang out ” So you are here old bitch, I will kill you right away ”

        The old woman lost all colour on her face and was trembling uncontrollably as she heard the voice. She fell on her knees and was weeping loudly on seeing the man who came for her, he was a muscular man with many scars all over his hands and had a murderous expression on his face as he saw the old granny, following him were five more people who are certainly his henchmen.

             Granny who was weeping non stop started crawling towards the nearest guard who was only a few metres away as we were at the checkpoint and started begging to save her. She was loudly wailing and was saying that she had all certificates so please let her inside immediately.

       The guard to whom she was begging silently took her papers and took a look at them. With a cruel smile he tore them off and said ” Old granny, these are not correct papers. Looks like I can’t let you go through the gates, why don’t you go back with those gentlemen who came for you. They must be your grandchildren and will certainly take good care of you ” . Telling this he winked at the man who shouted before.

          The civil officer who was watching everything simply smiled and didn’t do anything. The man with a smile on his face was about to grab the granny but I grabbed his hand instead. Frowning he took a look at me and said ”  Who the fuck are you? Leave my hand now and I will let you go alive ”

          I looked at him without a response and still didn’t leave his hand. His face contracted with anger and was about punch me with his other hand but one of his henchmen stopped him and whispered in his ears ” Boss, don’t deal with this kid yourself, just ask the guards. If you want, you can have all the fun with him later ”

    The boss having calmed down retracted his hand and called the previous guard over and said ” This boy is illegally trying to enter the imperial capital and even tried to kill me when I tried to stop him “. I was amused at this allegations he put on me as none of them made any sense but the guard simply smiled and said ” Kid, you are under arrest for suspicious behaviour. Raise your hands and surrender peacefully, If you resist then I will beat you till wish you were dead. ”

           I was already disgusted by everything the guard did till now, having reached the limits of my patience I stroke him with a palm strike when he tried to apprehend me. Having taken my palm strike he flew more than ten metres and struck the wall. The civil officer who saw this was terrified and instantly struck the alarm.

        The boss of henchmen was smiling and said to me loudly ” See the sky for the last time kid because you won’t see it again in this life “. In just a few seconds after the civil officer pressed the alarm,  a hundred guards surrounded me from all sides and two guard captains wearing a shield insignia on their armours appeared along with them.

        Seeing me one of them snorted coldly and said to the civil officer ” You couldn’t handle a single kid and sent an emergency signal ” directing his gaze at me he said ” Kid, give yourself up and I won’t kill you else you will have a painful slow death ”

          Even after he said this I just stood there quietly without any expression on my face. Snorting he ordered ‘ Dual octagon formation ‘. Instantly sixteen soldiers in groups of eight surrounded me and attacked me with their weapons. Thinking that his work was completed here he turned around and was about to return but in the next moment I blasted off all sixteen of those soldiers in various directions.

          Seeing this they were stunned and were trying to comprehend the situation , the other guard captain immediately took out a communication crystal and passed on some information. In just a minute about a hundred guard captains all wearing the same armour gathered in front of me. By now the first captain who issued orders was certain of their victory and came forward until he reached me.

       Trying to show off he said ” Kneel down and beg, I may then let you live “. Seeing my expression less face with no fear he was enraged and grabbed my collar and shouted ” Motherfucker who the fuck do you think you are? ”

         In that moment a voice rang out like thunder ” What is happening over here? ”

     A man who was wearing a majestic black armour with a giant eagle insignia printed on it appeared on the wall. The giant eagle is the new symbol of the Elsevier clan because of the immortal  eagle who always stand guard by the palace.

           Seeing the man all guard captains saluted and said ‘ Commander ‘. One captain continued  and said ” We have a slight problem commander, a strong intruder appeared ”

          The commander frowned and said  ” Intruder, in broad day light ” he jumped  from the wall and arrived before me. As a matter of fact he said ” Who are you kid ? ”

       Only after questioning me did he finally observe my face properly. He turned pale the instant he saw my face, the earlier captain who was still holding my collar not noticing this said in a haughty way to me ” Where is your arrogance now bastard. Now that commander is here, you are certainly dead ”

         Turning around he saw the horrified face of commander but before he could ask for the reason the commander punched him straight on his face. Taking a full powered punch of a commander class person the captain flew more than 10 metres before he landed on ground. This shocked everyone present over there including the ordinary people who were watching everything silently but his next action stunned everyone to the core. Kneeling down he bowed and said respectfully

” Your humble servant ‘ Nien ‘, guard commander of 3rd military division pays his utmost respects to Young master Riddick, The Third Prince of Elsevier empire ”

     I saw the commander who was kneeling down and said in a calm voice ” So you know me “


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  1. Damn. Can’t say the imperial city is winning any awards for justice or getting shiny metals for defending the weak. Some family member is slacking off in terms of personal oversight.


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