Book 1 – Chapter 32 Cruelty

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Cruelty :

          I looked at the guard commander and said calmly ” So you know me ”

   The guard commander ‘ Nein ‘ said respectfully ” My lord, I was stationed as one of the guard captains of underground prison cell when you graced us with your presence ”

    I understood the reason he turned so pale upon seeing me, he knew how I tortured that Sylaine and is afraid to offend me in any way. I said in a calm voice ” Nein, I have work for you. You will follow my orders without a second thought for a while. I take that you have no objections ”

   Nein answered respectfully ” I will follow your orders no matter what they are my lord ”

   I said with a satisfied expression  ” Good, now I want you to do two things. First catch those hoodlums who are escaping ” saying this I pointed my hand at the hoodlums who were running crazily in the direction of forest. The boss and his henchmen started running as soon as Nein announced who I was.

     As soon as I said this Nein broke into an explosive run, seeing his speed he should be an early seventh ranked warrior. As expected of a seventh ranked warrior he reached them in mere seconds and broke their limbs. Following after  Nein were several guard captains who managed to accept the current situation. In just a minute the hoodlums were in front of me on their knees.

           All of them were in miserable shape because Nein gave them a few blows when they resisted. Observing them I said in a cold tone to their boss     ” What is your name? ”

      The boss who by now looked like he lost all will to live said in a terrified voice ” My lord, my name is Zerg ”

       Nodding my head I said to Nein ” Go bring that granny here ”

        Nein immediately grabbed the granny and brought her to my side. The granny was completely terrified but I could see some hope in her eyes. Trying to soothe her I said ” Don’t worry granny, I won’t hurt you. So answer my questions truthfully ”

     The granny slowly said in a stuttering voice ” Ye…yes, my lord ”

        I asked her ” Why were you so terrified of this man. I know that everything is related to that sac of yours, don’t worry whatever it contains I won’t take it so speak freely. Tell me everything you know about them ”

        Granny hesitated a little and looked at Zerg but finally she gathered her courage and said ” My lord, my sac has magic crystal ore in it. I stole it from the mine they forced me to work ”

         All captains along with Nein became extremely serious as they heard this because the matter was regarding the magic crystal ore. The imperial capital was constructed in this place for a specific reason. The reason being that they can easily process and sell the ore as well as protect the mine.

         The mine was located only a few kilometres away from the imperial capital and was guarded by the many soldiers including the royal guards because this mine was the source of majority of empire’s wealth and the economical strength behind the empire. Stealing from this place was virtually impossible and all crimes in relation with the mine were considered extremely serious and the punishment given was definitely not a joke.

         Ignoring their gazes I asked the granny ” Granny you are already past your prime so why are you still working in the mines, also you said they were forcing you to work. Why would they? ”

       Granny hesitated a little and said ” My lord, what I am about to say will most probably get me killed but I will trust you and say this, they are mining in a hidden location and are secretly smuggling the ore. I was very scared because everyone working in this location are either slaves or people kidnapped by them, they will definitely dispose us off after they complete their mining operations to prevent leakage of information. We have no proper food and they treat us worse than animals, I have seen Zerg kill many people indiscriminately myself.

              After a long planning and good luck I successfully managed to escape from their clutches and would have been safe as long as I entered the city because all fights are prohibited by the city guards and I can easily ask for their protection but since he found me he would have killed me for sure if not for my lord’s interruption ”

        I silently listened to everything the granny said and thought ‘ This matter runs deep, a group of thugs can’t do something of this scale by themselves. The corruption runs deep in this city,all guards and civil offers and even merchants who process the ore are being managed by someone ‘ It won’t be resolved peacefully no matter how long I wait. Oh well! Let’s try a different approach ‘

      Walking towards Zerg I pointed at one of his henchmen and said ‘ Sylvie ‘ . The next moment Sylvie who was quietly observing while being undercover attacked at lightning speed. In an instant a twenty metre long snake appeared and simply bit his head off. All people were terrified of the magical beast which suddenly appeared and some of them even screamed loudly and ran in the direction of gates.

         Sylvie who completed her task retracted her size to about five metres and coiled around my body and hissed at Zerg. Finally understanding the origin of the magical beast Zerg trembled in fear as he  looked alternately at his now headless companion and Sylvie.

        Thinking that I gave enough time for Zerg to grasp his position I said in a cold voice ” Zerg, as you have seen just now I can kill you anytime but I will give you a choice. Speak everything you know about, word to word without a single lie and I promise, I will not kill you ”

         Zerg who had already seen enough to let his instincts to live work against his loyalty and said in a weak voice ” My lord, I work for Count Kevin. Everything I ever did was under the order of lord Kevin and he only gave me a small percent of profit. My only work is to transport the ore to the city and I know nothing about his internal network.

              I said everything I know truthfully so please spare me my lord ”

            I stared at him and said ” Good, I will decide after I confirm your words.”

      Turning towards Nein I said ” Order all of your captains to send a royal order to people related to Count Kevin that I ordered them to assemble here in fifteen minutes. Bring Kevin yourself and lock down his mansion so that no one escapes. Also some one go inform Prime minister Benito ”

           Hearing my order all captains reacted at the same lord, and dispersed with in seconds. Only a few captains who were guarding Zerg remained, by now all people present knew my position and were stealing glances at me from far away. Turning my head I saw the first guard who grabbed my collar was kneeling on both knees and bowing to me. He said in a trembling voice

” My lord, I was ignorant of your station and behaved foolishly. Please spare this humble servant young master, I have a family to feed ”

       Listening to his plead I chuckled slightly and said ” Where is your arrogance now captain? I would have really killed you if it was on any other occasion but I will spare you today. Don’t be too happy and pray that you never had any thing to do with Count Kevin else I assure you, you won’t die peacefully ”

       The captain upon hearing my decision was instantly very happy and said ” Thank you my lord, I will forever be loyal to you for the mercy you have shown me today. I have no relation to lord Kevin and I will attend any interrogation to prove my innocence ”

           I nodded at him, just at that moment Benito arrived. Surprisingly he was the first one to arrive. He was carried by his personal guard who was a ninth ranked warrior so he arrived in just a few minutes. Seeing me he hurriedly bowed his head and said ” Young master ”

       I said in a warm voice ” So you have come Benito. Do you know the situation? ”

      Benito said in a respectful voice ” Yes, young master. I was given a brief summary by the guard you sent to inform me ”

    I nodded and said ” Do you know anything regarding this matter? ”

         Benito rubbed his forehead and said in a low voice ” Young master, this matter actually runs very deep. Count Kevin is just a pawn in this matter, I think the real culprit should be Duke Wesley whose brother in law is Count Benito. Wesley is currently the most powerful noble in the court and controls a large territory, he harbours a strong hatred towards your family young master ”

        Listening to Benito’s deduction I said in a low voice ” Why does this Duke Wesley hate my family, we didn’t seize any of his property when the empire formed did we? ”

       Benito said with a sigh ” Wesley is a man of great ambition young master. He married off his daughter as the mistress to previous emperor though they differ greatly in age because of his greed. Now that the previous empire is destroyed he lost his daughter as well as the chance to become a prime minister, he has hated me for a long time but now his hate for me has multiplied many times since I became a prime minister.

             Seeing that he has no future in this empire, he started negotiations with the other empires. My best guess is that he is trying to loot as much as he can and escape with all his wealth to another empire where he is promised a better position for his services. He knows many of the empire’s secrets also he knows how we operate, so he is definitely welcomed by many empires.

          But I dare not think what he is doing behind the scenes in his own territory while he is so boldly excavating right in the capital ”

          I listened to Benito explanation and sighed, this is becoming more and more complicated as I dig through it. Shaking my head I asked Benito ” Why didn’t you take any actions against him when you knew so much about it? Does my father know about it ”

       Benito said with a self mocking expression ” Although we knew about this matter, there was no solid evidence against him so we couldn’t act. I notified lord emperor as soon as I found about this matter but you have to understand young master that the politics are too complicated, if your father took action against him without any evidence then he would be branded as a tyrant and it would make it very difficult for your father to deal with later oppositions in a peaceful way so we had no choice but keep quiet about it until we found a solid evidence ”

       I sighed again at what Benito said and thought ‘ True, my father is currently an emperor. He can’t go killing people to make people obey his order ‘ . Soon all guard captains returned escorting people of different ranks with them. There were commanders, Viscounts, Barons,Knights. After a little while some nobles came escorted by captains and their own body guards. They were the nobles with high position in the empire. Duke Wesley and Count Kevin were also present.

         Seeing that everyone assembled here I looked at Benito and said ” Explain them briefly the reason behind this ”

        Benito nodded his head and started explaining everything as ordered by me. Kevin’s expression turned ugly with every statement of Benito and finally his face became pale as Benito said that he was a suspect in the crime.

         Though he became pale, he recovered in only a minute and shouted angrily ” Zerg, you fucker. I gave you shelter once and you falsely accuse me of your crimes ” turning his head he said to his body guard ” Behead him ”

        The body guard instantly took out his sword and rushed towards Zerg, seeing this I once again ordered Sylvie. As soon as the body guard reached near Zerg he suddenly felt an extraordinary force pulling him. Before he knew what happened he was before me kneeling on ground with his legs already broken in weird angles.

               Though the guard himself didn’t see the huge snake which envolped him and broke his limbs, the newly arrived nobles saw it. Then a deadly silence enveloped the place as Sylvie coiled behind me hissing and observing them quietly. Slowly I reached the now wailing guard and grabbed his face in my left hand.

        Dragging the guard I slowly walked towards Kevin. As I walked, I started circulating my fire mage force to my left hand. The guard was only a warrior of fifth rank and couldn’t resist my seventh ranked mage force, soon he started screaming in pain as his face started burning because of my mage force.

        Everyone watched in horror, the scene where a live person was being roasted right in front of them. Soon I arrived in front of Kevin while still holding his guard in my left hand, it has only been a dozen seconds but the guards face was already burnt beyond recognition and he already lost consciousness because of pain.

                    Watching Kevin I said in a cold voice ” You will not speak unless I order you to speak Kevin. I won’t tell you again so listen carefully, I will kill anyone who goes against my orders “. As I said this I activated Chaos formation and in the next instant a black formation lit up on my left hand multiplying my strength by many times and the guard’s face was directly obliterated to ashes.

              Ignoring the horrified faces of nobles I walked to my previous position. After I swept the nobles with my gaze, I directed my gaze on Kevin and said ” I will give you the same offer I gave to Zerg, speak everything you know without a single lie and I won’t kill you ”

      Kevin was stunned at this offer and hesitated for a moment but as soon as he saw the headless corpse of his bodyguard, he gulped and said in a respectful voice ” My lord, I am nothing but a pawn acting on the orders of Duke Wesley. I am compelled to do it because he has my sister in his hands ”

              After listening to his confession I directed my gaze at Wesley. Contrary to Kevin he did not show any fear in his expression even when he was accused. Leaving Kevin I walked towards Wesley and said ” What do you say on this matter Wesley? ”

      Wesley snorted and said ” Don’t tell me you believe such nonsense young master. What proof does he hold to accuse me? This is complete nonsense, so please arrest him and close this case ”

        I said with a smile on my face ” I see, so you have nothing to do with it Wesley. Very well, but keep in mind what you have said just now “.Then I said loudly ‘ Arnold ‘

          Immediately Arnold appeared beside me, handing me a stack of papers he said ” These are all the papers I found in his mansion my lord. They have proofs of his illegal business also some kind of transactions to unknown parties in large amounts ”

         When he saw the papers Arnold handed me Wesley face was completely drained of blood and he said with a trembling voice ” How did you find them? ”
          I asked Arnold ” Any casualties? ”

    Arnold said as a matter of fact ” I had to kill several guards as well as one of his sons who tried to stop me. As soon as I threatened to kill all his family if they don’t tell the location of documents, his wife obediently told everything ”

          Hearing this I nodded my head and said ” You did well Arnold ” while Wesley fell on his knees and started weeping uncontrollably, his other son who came with his father also lost all colour from his face.

      Holding the documents I said to Wesley ” I have some doubts regarding your actions till now Wesley. No matter how I think any empire doesn’t have a reason to welcome you and give you a better position than Duke also no matter how much wealth you steal from the Elsevier empire, you will keep it with you so again they have no profit in welcoming you. My guess is that you were asked to do something that will greatly profit your supporting empire. Please tell me what it is ”

          After I waited for a while, seeing that he has no intention to continue speaking I continued ” My guess is that you were asked to assassinate my father the present emperor throwing the empire into chaos, taking advantage of this situation even if they can’t invade the empire completely they can take a few territories and stabilise their position and you were given this job, on completion of this job you were promised a higher position in their empire. Am I right? ”

          Wesley who was weeping nonstop began to tremble as I said my guess. Seeing his expression, it looks like I did guess correctly else it didn’t make sense for him to even risk his current position for mere ore smuggling. Closing my eyes I remembered the time when my entire family suffered when they heard that my brother was executed.

         I thought that since my family has now reached the pinnacle of human power and rules over an empire they should now be safe unless an immortal intervenes but that possibility is too low as I don’t think any immortal in his right mind will dare provoke Lord Kennedy and attack a clan under his protection. But the situation here is worse, immortals don’t intervene in mortal affairs unless the immortals of opposite side appear so mortal wars take place without any movements from immortals of both sides.

             A war with an enemy nation is one thing but a betrayal by a fellow noble who is always very close to my family is very dangerous, he can find many opportunities to strike. My father is just an eighth ranked warrior, he can’t take a sneak attack by a ninth ranked warrior and will die before he can call for help. Worse they can just mix poison on a suitable occasion to kill my family. This won’t do, the nobles are too carefree and are not fearing the result of betraying my family.

             As I opened my eyes, my eyes were blood shot and my entire body was emanating a killing intent which was hundreds of times stronger than any the people present here had ever witnessed. The atmosphere around me changed a lot after I witnessed the true way of emanating killing intent from Lord Kennedy half a year ago.

            All guards involuntarily took a step behind when I started emanating the killing intent. I said in a growling voice full of raw anger ” You wanted to kill my family Wesley. I might have forgiven you even if you took away the entire fortune of the empire but what you have done is beyond that. ”

       I said in a low voice ” Arnold, kill every male in his clan except the youngest child, the same applies to Kevin’s clan ”

            Arnold answered respectfully ” Yes, my lord ” and immediately disappeared.

        Everyone present gasped in horror at my order. There were always cruel orders
ordered by rulers but  just now I ordered to kill every male in a clan. This was beyond imaginable and will give me a title of a  psychopath but I did not care for image. Anything which posed danger to my family will be eliminated by me no matter what it is.

           My orders broke away the last string of courage Wesley and Kevin held, they both started begging me for mercy but I just saw them without an expression on my face. I know that what I am doing is an extremely cruel thing and these people also have a family of their own but unfortunately I am not a saint who believes that I can protect everything with my own power.

       From the very beginning my entire focus was on protecting my family, I lead them away from war because of that, also I selected a normal tribe as our new home because I thought it will have less conflicts but I was faced with the cruel reality when big bro Gates faced execution by Sylaine simply because he held more power. Now that we had power someone was again trying to harm my family by betrayal. Humph, I will show the entire world what happens if they ever try to mess with us.

        These people will be an example for all those people. I will scatter the souls of a million people if it gives my family protection forget about a single clan. Looking at them I said in a menacing voice ” Break their legs and let them starve until they die ”

     Turning around I left towards the royal palace. After I left, the area was enveloped in complete silence except for Wesley’s loud wailing, even Benito never expected my cruel decision so even he was simply standing there with a dazed expression. For the first time the nobles understood the consequence of messing with my family and everyone was so terrified that they could not help but think if they ever got on the wrong side of any one belonging to royal clan.

           After a few minutes, Nein was the first one to recover. He already experienced the cruelty I held behind my face which will only surface when someone messes with my family. Thinking again to never irritate me he went towards Wesley and Kevin’s and broke their legs. Turning around he shouted ” You already heard Young master’s order. Get to work and throw them in a prison, don’t give them even a single grain of rice ”

       Hearing this many guards began their duties, I was watching everything from a high position when suddenly a person appeared beside me, she was Rachel. Unlike before she didn’t start a fight immediately but looked at me with her deep green eyes. Standing a little taller than me she was very beautiful in her matching green dress.

         Opening her little mouth she said ” That was indeed too cruel. Its not like I pity them and oppose your decision but was it necessary ”

       I said without removing my gaze from the gate ” I did what I could to prevent future attempts to harm my family. If you think I am a murderer who has no values then I won’t mind it. All I care about is my family’s safety ”

           Saying this I started going back to royal palace to meet my family while Rachel kept looking at my departing back.

        As Riddick walked away Rachel thought ‘ Indeed a fool who loves his family too much ‘. Unexpectedly as she said this there was a hint of smile on her face.


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  1. ty for new chapter πŸ™‚ It was really nice! Many people dont see the reality , but a few , like you are doing it, and i think its just perfect! Need mooore:D


  2. Has he ever thought of the arrogance that would build up in his family’s next generation because of his actions? Would they also be exempted from punishment just because they are related to him?

    I know this question is too far ahead but I would like your thoughts in it anyway.


    • Arkon thanks for your question my thoughts are like this, his family are already rulers of an empire so they should have some arrogance. In my world there is only one law ‘ Strong rules ‘ so if someone is strong enough then they can make any rules. I hardly think the next generation will be influenced by Riddick as I see it they won’t be unless they develop enough strength to back it up. Also welcome to reddycreations.


  3. The problem with strength and vengeance is you never know if the relatives and friends of those you just crushed will grow into the next MCs of another tale…where you and your family are the evil villains. A lot of the xianxia works I’ve read lately MGA, ATG, etc. show that bullying those weaker than you often has unintended consequences.

    That said, your MC is consistent….


    • I know some people won’t like it AdeH and I have no intention to continue such chapters in future. I have to take this chance and tell you that I actually contemplated a lot before I wrote that chapter and I am sorry if you feel offended by it. Welcome to reddycreations and thank you for rating AdeH.


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