Book 1 – Chapter 33 Huh!

Author notes: Hi guys, gsdreddy here.  Here is the fourth consequent chapter of the week. For the first time I touched a little bit of sensual romance in this chapter so please do give me your opinion. The story is going to get hotter with more fights from now on so do anticipate it.

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NOTE : I know that some people didn’t like the previous chapter also the decision of MC but I want to take this opportunity and tell you guys that I wrote what I wrote to give peace to MC when he is not there to protect his family and as to why MC won’t be there, you will know it by the end of this chapter.



Huh! :

            I was sitting on a protruding rock on the mountain where Lord Kennedy resided, it was still dark and I was enjoying the cool air which was saturated with elemental essence while looking at the massive city laid below me. Slowly the sun rose and orange red light began to spread all over the world. Smiling slightly I took a deep breath in order to prepare myself for the upcoming event.

         It has been a month since the incident involving Wesley, I still clearly remember the answer my mother gave me when I asked her whether she hated me for what I did. She said ” Riddick, I will never hate you no matter what you do. I know you did this to save us from harm, I do feel bad about involving Wesley’s entire family in this matter but it can’t be helped, since they tried to harm us first, we just returned the favour ”

         I was satisfied with my mother’s answer as the thing I feared most was  my family hating me for whatever reason. After the incident the entire administration of the empire became very easy, the nobles were scared shit when they heard about that incident and they did not even have the courage to talk back to my father after that incident. My father’s power completely solidified in the empire to a point where none dared to even speak against my father making the empire an ideal monarchy.

            After the incident I decided to undergo uninterrupted training till I reach the eighth rank but as a precaution I decided stay on the imperial mountain. I constructed a simple cottage away from Lord Kennedy’s residence as I was still not invited into it, I always wondered what kind of woman was Rachel’s mother, maybe I should ask her sometime.

            As I was thinking about such things suddenly someone appeared behind me. It was Rachel, who was carrying her long sword on her back. Looking at me she said ” Are you ready Riddick, today big sis will give you some good pointers ”

       Looking at her I said with a mocking smile ” Big sis my ass, you can’t even win against me properly and you want me to call you big sis “.  These past month my daily schedule included a spar early in the morning with Rachel. I got to know her a little better since the day I first saw her, though she is still a little proud and haughty she does respect someone with power. Her attitude towards me took a complete turn since our first meeting as she now actively talks with me and can even be called a little annoying.

            Sylvie was currently away from the capital as she was different from me and needed real experience also her appetite was not something which can be satisfied easily. She was at the nearest magical beast territory and I can still talk with her spiritually as the distance was not too far. Only a little more than a year is left before Sylvie body matures and she can then completely use her innate powers.

       Rachel upon hearing my statement snorted and said ” Don’t get cocky Riddick, I only go easy on you as you are at a disadvantage in close combat else I can bury you anytime ”

        Though Rachel tried to act cocky in front of me, it was no longer her previous cold behaviour since I could clearly see the warm expression in her eyes as she saw me. This girl is definitely developing feelings for me most probably because she was never exposed to any male other than her father and kain for such a long time. Though she thinks she is just caring for a little brother, I hardly think she sees me as one.

         She is definitely a rare beauty with her green eyes and  red hair. Though it appears unmatched for some reason you cannot take your eyes away from her, with a body capable of making any male going mad she has more than enough charm to make me loose control. I sometimes wonder if she is acting like this to get my attention. If she is, then she definitely is a great actor capable of fooling me.

      Sighing inwardly I thought ‘ I have to be careful around her, I don’t want Lord Kennedy beheading me for laying hands on his daughter ‘ thinking such I turned towards her and said ” Enough talk, let’s see who is the boss ”

      Bringing her sword into a suitable position she said ” Ho, let’s see then ”

          I instantly jumped directly down the mountain from my position while she followed me without any hesitation . While in mid air I started chanting the sixth ranked fire spell ‘ Flame barrage ‘ and started casting it on her, preventing her from reaching me.

               As soon as we fell for a few hundred metres I suddenly emitted a large amount of fire essence  instantly decreasing my speed while Rachel passed me. Turning around in mid air I started going after her, now that our positions were reversed I held advantage and I instantly took out my sword and enveloped it in the same way when I fought the savage mountain bear. Though she saw my sword she was exceedingly calm and her sword which was already much longer than an ordinary sword stated becoming long enough to put my fire sword to shame.

        Seeing this I was instantly stunned as she has never shown this technique  to me before but more importantly I had a very bad feeling as I saw that fifty metre long wind sword. As soon as I thought this, the wind sword instantly made a slicing motion with an extreme speed towards me. I thought ‘ No matter what, I can not take it head on or I am surely dead ‘. Once again emitting fire essence I decreased my speed momentarily and avoided that wind sword at the last moment.

        Deciding that it is too dangerous to fight her head on I stated casting ‘ Fire barrage ‘ spell continuously and thought            ‘ What kind of eighth ranked warrior can use wind elemental essence also what kind of technique is that, increasing the length of sword. Thank god her elemental essence is limited so her sword has a fifty metre restriction other wise it would have been impossible to even touch her ‘

               After landing on the mountain I retreated until I was out of her sword range but still she was constantly swinging her sword making it impossible for me to concentrate. Seeing my peril she laughed loudly and said ” Now who is the boss Riddick? You underestimated me too much ”

             I sighed and thought ” It’s not like I ever underestimated her but my idea was too make her hot headed and make it easy for me to deal with her. Looks like after all this time she finally has enough control over her emotions. This approach won’t work anymore, I have to think of another way ”

     Seeing her wind blade I knew that it was not powerful enough to kill me in one hit but I was not ready to take a hit. Knowing that I had no choice but to take a hit if I ever wanted to execute that method, I roused my battle ki to its max capacity and decided to rely on my tough body to make a gamble. When one of her swings came near my position I faked a tripping motion and let the wind blade hit me.

           As soon as the blade hit me, I spit out a mouthful of blood and started growling in pain. Rachel was instantly stunned that her attack did this much damage to me and instantly rushed towards me. Slowly lifting me she was trying to find how I was but in the next instant a powerful blow hit her abdomen.

        Che…. Even though I did such an elaborate planning and hit her with a burst of mage force dispersing her Ki in her vessels temporarily but her reaction speed is too monstrous, the moment my fist hit her she already moved away from her position directly negating half of my strike’s strength.

      Though she managed to get up after my strike her Ki was too chaotic and she could not help but fall on her butt. Not giving her a chance I immediately rushed towards her and pinned her down with my hands. My hands were pinning her hands and I was directly on her top.

      Seeing me pinning her down and her own internal Ki problem Rachel grumbled a little and said ” That was not at all just, it was plain cheating and you even used me emotionally. If you fought against an enemy like this, you would have died by now ”

      Seeing her sullen expression I said in a silky voice ” If you were an enemy then I would have killed you long ago but I did not want to take any risk and injure you. I would hate to see an injury on your smooth skin ”

    When I said this her cheeks became bright red and she said in a shy voice ” You do realise that you are flirting with me. Are you not afraid of my father? He will tear you to shreds if he find about this ”

   I said with a calm laugh ” I hardly doubt that he is still not aware of your intimacy with me also I don’t think he will touch me if you yourself stop him ”

      She said with a amused expression.    ” You have always tried to stay away from me. Why did you change so suddenly? No one is that impulsive ”

    I said with a small smile ” You sunshine am making me impulsive ”

   Rachel licked her small lips and said with a questioning expression ” I don’t believe you at all. I some how feel that you are taking advantage of me ”

          As she said this I laughed a little and said ” Oh! You should get to know me a little bit more ” Not giving her a chance to speak again I lowered my face and licked her neck all the way till her ear. Opening my mouth I lightly bit on her ear lobe, as soon as I bit her, her body contracted involuntarily.

        Breathing roughly I said in a silky voice right in her ear ” Rachel, pray that you won’t become mine. If you do, then I won’t let you go until I die ”

       She visibly shook as I said this and was about to tell something when someone adjusted their voice to announce their presence.

     Both of us immediately jumped up and saw that Kain was present behind us. Seeing him both of us blushed deeply and I thought ‘ Ah! No matter how much I act I am nothing but a boy with no experience. I totally blew my cover by blushing, I should have maintained a neutral expression. I hope Kain won’t speak about this matter with Lord Kennedy ‘

       Adjusting my expression I said respectfully ” Lord Kain, why have you come here yourself? If you have sent a word I would have come instead ”

     Kain smiled just a little but I could see some amusement in his eyes. Ah! He definitely saw us and maybe even listened to everything. He said ” My lord has requested your presence master Riddick ”

            I was distracted by this request, surely he didn’t want to kill me now. Did he? While I was contemplating what to do Kain said again ” My lord only wishes to speak something with you master Riddick “. If previously I was unsure, then now I am perfectly sure that he saw everything and even knows what I am thinking. Since I had no choice but obey Lord Kennedy’s order I said ” Please lead the way Lord Kain ”

         After that I left Rachel and arrived at a large mansion which was the  residence of Lord Kennedy. It was my first time coming here but I couldn’t help but stare in amazement at the magnificent mansion, it was definitely not something a mortal could construct. Made out of a strange stone it was decorated by gems and exotic plant creepers I have never seen before,  I should ask Lord Kennedy for one of these plants when he is in good mood as my mother would love them ”

       As I entered the living room I saw that it was completely open on one side showing a magnificent garden, seeing me Lord Kennedy asked me to sit down. After I sat down he immediately asked ” How is your training going on Riddick? I heard that you are sparring with Rachel everyday ”

          I gulped a little and said ” No problem lord Kennedy, my training is going on very well. Indeed I am sparring with Rachel everyday to get some fighting experience “. After a moment of silence I asked in a respectful voice ” Lord Kennedy, Kain said that you wished to speak with me about something ”

      Lord Kennedy laughed a little and said ” That’s right I did. So Riddick, Do you want to go to Immortal Sky Continent? ”

   I was stunned at this question as I never heard of such a continent before and said involuntarily ” Huh! ”



27 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 33 Huh!

  1. haa…
    dont know wat to say
    well here is my honest opinion for u as a reader
    i really really hate riddick now
    why coz after all the things vera did for him he still got charmed by another female
    dont know wat to think of this now
    anyway good luck and hope u get more readers
    but unfortunately i might drop this if this goes on
    coz i dont like these types of mc


    • Hi Arkkk now let me clarify you some thing, Riddick is currently seventeen and I want him to act like seventeen. When you are seventeen you tend to be hot blooded and a little out of control regarding sensual matters so I brought a perfect outlet for it. Also let me give you a little spoiler, in my world polygamy is allowed and followed so you don’t have to worry about Riddick cheating on Vera. Also I don’t want Riddick to be a loner till he meets Vera since that won’t happen anytime soon. Please don’t be unhappy that my MC is following a typical harem route because it won’t be a dumb harem. I can promise you that much and do continue to read my work because it will be exciting from now on. Welcome to reddycreations.


      • thanks for replying
        well everyone have different taste and mine is just like that sry
        i still feel what he is doing is wrong coz in this whole chapter i didnt even see vera’s name
        so he is not even remembering her when he clearly loves her
        atleast he should think a bit abt what she will think if he starts a relationship with someone else
        like i said different people different taste so i m not saying u did a wrong thing
        anyway i will still follow for more chapters to see some fighting


      • Thank you Arkkk and I think your way of thinking is correct as well, indeed I should have integrated that in this chapter but as I saw it, I found no legitimate reason for him to simply act impulsive with such a huge responsibility in the back of his mind so I simply left Vera out of picture to let the chemistry develop in a natural way between Riddick and Rachel. I will keep in mind your view and will definitely follow it in upcoming chapters. I will tell you again as I said before to my early readers, you will love the relationship between main characters so wait till it is revealed.


  2. i just hope this dont go all cliched like stellar transformations and go all “vera is engaged thats why she cant visit him but she still loves him so riddick has to get stronger”


  3. In terms of Vera – in or out – of the picture, I think the main concern of the MC would be whether or not Vera would be jealous of any given relationship. If so, he and the new chick are dead characters walking. Or rather, he would likely avoid such a situation if he felt strongly about Vera (either romantically or in terms of how he owed her as a mentor).

    But maybe she isn’t jealous at all. She’s an immortal who likely has lived and loved over countless lifetimes. He’s literally a baby in comparison @ 17 years. Maybe Vera wants the MC to live and experience what life has to offer as part of him growing up? Anyway, the above is all reader speculation…


  4. You forced the romance between the two of them too much … And it’s wrong of you to say that she doesn’t have much to do with other males and therefore easily falls for Riddick. She is able to go through the hole capital freely so she is bound to encounter enough males to flirt with her because of her appearence. So actually she should think of Riddicks way of doing things as utterly stupid and crude. Even his strengh isn’t enough to utterly impress her. And don’t forget that strong women don’t like to share their husband 😉 In an immortal world genders are usually equal because power rules everything, not gender.
    (In addition, if you have polygamy, woman can have multiple husbands as well :P)


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