Book 1 – Chapter 34 Realms of Universe

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Realms of Universe :
I replied dumbly when I heard Lord Kennedy’s question ” Huh! ”

Lord Kennedy laughed at my sentence and said ” Why are you so surprised? Don’t tell me you never heard about Immortal Sky Continent before ”

I replied honestly ” No, Lord Kennedy. I never heard about it before. ”

Lord Kennedy scratched his beard a little and said ” I see, your master didn’t tell you about it, then it makes sense that you don’t know about it. Very well, I will ask you a question Riddick. What are the requirements for an immortal to return to this material plane from higher planes ”

I already knew about this matter so I replied immediately ” Lord Kennedy, an immortal can return to this material plane if he is at the peak of any stage of divine disciple ”

Lord Kennedy nodded his head and said ” That’s right. Now answer this question, how many immortals do you think stay at peak of any stage ”

I didn’t knew the answer to this question so I simply stared at Lord Kennedy and after a little while I said ” I have no idea Lord Kennedy ”

Lord Kennedy laughed a little and said ” Riddick, this material plane is actually much larger than what you think it is. Even the entire Asgard continent is not explored by mortals so it makes sense that they have no knowledge regarding the other continents.

There are three continents in this material realm Riddick, they are Asgard, Immortal Sky Continent and Forbidden Isle. You know about Asgard, this is the continent where mortals and extremely few immortals reside. On Immortal Sky Continent majority of immortals reside while Forbidden Isle is the territory of true rulers of this material plane and it’s higher realms ”

I was confused and said ” Are there so many immortals in the Sky continent Lord Kennedy and who are the true rulers of this material realm ”

Lord Kennedy laughed a bit and said ” Riddick listen carefully this will broaden your views of this world, this material realm has existed for more than 1000 billion years, let’s just say that only one immortal is produced once every 10 years then the total number of immortals will be innumerable. As all of them enter into higher realms, only a hundredth of them may enter into the divine disciple stage while only a thousandth of divine disciples may enter into peak divine disciple stage and perhaps a ten thousandth of peak disciples will enter into divine planes.

(AN : I did my calculation
1000billion /10=100billion immortals
100billion/100= 1 billion divine disciple
1 billion/1000=1 million peak stage disciples
1 million peak disciples / 10000 = 100 divine realm expert )

Of course this is considering that this realm has existed for only a thousand billion years, no one actually knows how long it has been in existence. Also at one time a hundred immortals can be produced in just ten years while at other times only one immortal is produced in hundred years, so the above  numbers are only an estimation. The number of immortals who die can not even be measured so my estimate is that only thousandth of the above numbers should be alive currently.

( AN : 0.1 percent of above beginner divine disciple = 100 million immortals
Divine disciples=1 million divine disciples
Peak Disciples = few thousands
Divine realm experts = few dozens )

Now if you think about it, there are many people who are struck at the peak of every stage and they can return to this material realm, then why are there no immortals in Asgard continent? ”

As Lord Kennedy explained it to me I couldn’t help but think dumbly about it, so even in this material realm there were so many things I had no idea about. Also that is indeed correct, there should actually be many immortals here but Vera said before that the number of immortals in Asgard can be counted on a single hand. Thinking of the only probability I said ” Immortal Sky continent ”

Lord Kennedy nodded his head and said ” Indeed, all the immortals stay in Sky continent. The reason for this is simple, they are prohibited from meddling with the affairs of Asgard as it is regarded as a mortal continent. As for the immortals who stay at this continent, they belong to the lowest tier who haven’t even entered the higher realms so they can stay here ”

I asked in a serious voice ” Are these rules laid down by the true rulers of this material realm, they should be Peak divine disciples right? ”

Lord Kennedy started laughing loudly and said ” Peak divine disciples are not the true rulers of this material realm Riddick. They are just a bunch of servants for the true rulers. As for who these rulers are, it is still too early for you to know about them but I will tell you that they are all from the divine planes ”

I was confused at Lord Kennedy statement and asked ” Lord Kennedy, why would such experts visit a normal material realm such as ours and why would they even come here from the divine planes where there is an abundance of natural energy incomparable to this material realm ”

Lord Kennedy smiled a little and said.  ” Let me tell you some information regarding mortal realms Riddick. This universe is said to have a total of more than 3 billion realms within it. Among these realms there are 9 Great realms, the size of these realms are incomparable to the other realms. After these realms there are 3000 major realms followed by countless minor realms.

Our material realm named as ‘ Magdala ‘
is one of 3000 higher realms. So it is a fairly large realm. There are only 9 divine planes in the entire universe corresponding to 9 Great realms. Just like higher planes of this Magdala these divine planes are correspondingly higher planes of 9 Great Realms. All are graded based on their power and you can only enter into them as you rise in level as a Deva.

After you enter into the divine planes you are called as ‘ Deva ‘ instead of divine disciple. These devas rankings are divided into nine levels and each of these nine levels gain access to nine Great realms and their higher planes as they rise through each level. Only after they surpass the stage of nine levels they can become true gods. What lies behind these is irrelevant to you at present.

( AN : Basically 9 Great Realms have 9 Divine planes. Consider them in rankings 1 – 9 so you can only enter into 2nd ranked great realm and its corresponding divine plane if you become a 2nd ranking Deva. Also Deva is a base term just like immortal in divine planes )

So these devas being extremely powerful all want a territory to themselves but the number of experts in Great realms are innumerable so they occupy the 3000 major planes and other minor planes as their territory. The forbidden Isle is their abode in magdala and Sky continent has all experts of normal higher realms ”

As I listened to Lord Kennedy I became numb with fear, if I see the universe as a whole then my power at present is like a small pebble in front of an entire mountain range. I gulped loudly and said ” Lord Kennedy thank you for enlightening me but why are you asking me go to Sky continent now, I have not even reached immortal stage ”

Lord Kennedy laughed loudly and said ” Riddick, don’t think that only immortals stay in Sky continent. Think about it, if these immortals stayed at one place for millions of years then won’t they produce descendants. After such a long period of time each peak stage disciple most probably has a clan with thousands of descendants. This applies to all immortals so actually the number of mortals exceed the number of immortals in Sky continent.

But these mortals are not like the mortals of Asgard continent, trained by their immortal ancestors, each posses monstrous talent virtue of their blood line and also all of them train in mysterious techniques passed by their ancestors so the competition and strength you will find in Sky continent experts is incomparable to Asgard continent.

I asked you whether you want to go to Sky continent because I wanted you to amass plentiful experience. Currently what you lack more than anything is experience, you are too immature and don’t know the might of the world so I want to send you to a place where you can develop yourself ”

I stayed quite as I heard Lord Kennedy’s reasoning and thought ” True, I am currently like a frog in a well. My mission is to enter divine planes as soon as possible, Vera said that I will understand everything by then but as I am, I don’t think I can even reach peak divine disciple stage any time soon. I have many advantages but am unable to use them, my attribute is one of its kind in the entire universe but I haven’t yet utilised it to it’s limits because I am not yet desperate. If I do go to Sky continent then I will have to experience many hardships but I will grow quickly ”

Raising my head I said to Lord Kennedy ” Will Rachel come with me Lord Kennedy? ”

Lord Kennedy said in a serious voice ” Riddick, just like you I love my family very much. I know that my daughter is in love with you but as you are now, you can’t protect my daughter. Unlike you Riddick, I have many enemies and they certainly won’t let my daughter go if they find out about her. Contrarily you have no background and even if you once studied under Vera, this is known only to you so no one will try to simply kill you.

I’m sorry Riddick but I can’t let you take Rachel away from me, she will stay with me until she has enough power to protect herself ”

As Lord Kennedy said this I could feel a deep discomfort rising from my heart but I knew that what he said is absolutely correct. From what he explained before I am next to nothing at present and anybody can kill me in just an instant so I definitely don’t have enough power to protect Rachel. Sighing I thought ‘ So once again I have to leave my family, this time I have to leave behind Rachel as well ‘

After thinking for a while I said to Lord Kennedy ” Lord Kennedy, I have decided to go to the Sky continent but I want you to promise me two things before I leave ”

Lord Kennedy said with a laugh ” I can already guess one thing, alright speak your conditions ”

I said respectfully ” Lord Kennedy, one of my condition is that you will protect my family in my absence even from the mortal dangers ”

Lord Kennedy smiled and said ” Just like I guessed, very well I will protect them. what is your second condition? ”

I said in a calm voice ” You will let Rachel accompany me when I do have sufficient strength to protect her ”

Lord Kennedy was slightly startled at this request but smile quickly returned to his face and he said ” Alright, I will let her accompany you if you possess enough strength to protect her ”

Sighing a little he said ” Get ready Riddick, you will leave for Sky continent in three days. Tell your goodbyes properly to your family as you won’t be coming back any time soon ”

I bowed to Lord Kennedy and left the mansion to inform my family about my decision.


As Riddick left the living room two people appeared in it, they were Kain and Rachel. Rachel eyes were red as she was almost on the verge of crying. Walking furiously towards her father she said in a loud voice ” Is it really essential to send him to Sky continent. Why does he need to gain experience by putting his life on line. Can’t he stay here and learn from father ”

Kennedy hugged his daughter to his bosom and said in a low voice ” Rachel, his fate is already decided. He will inevitably clash with people against whom he will have no chance of winning. His experience will be the only thing that will save him in that impossible battles. I have no choice but let him go to the Sky continent.

If you wish to follow him Rachel, you have to be strong, stronger than your father otherwise you will just become a burden to him and he will most probably suffer because of you ”

As Kennedy said this Rachel eyes which were filled with sadness suddenly emitted a strong blood lust and she said ” I won’t let anyone harm him ” . Kennedy sighed and said ” You are currently too weak Rachel, so wait until you are strong enough to protect him ”

Rachel eyes showed determination and she said ” Father, I will listen to you on one condition ”

Kennedy again sighed a little and said ” Alright you father will listen to your condition ”

Rachel said with a serious expression ” Accept me as your disciple and train me ”

Kennedy’s eyes flickered a little but he sighed once again and said ” Alright ”

After that Rachel left with Kain to prepare for her future training while Riddick was in the palace to explain his family about his decision. Kennedy leaning on a couch thought in his mind. ” I have completed your first order Lady Vera”

As he said this he couldn’t help but think back to what happened five years ago, one day an expert of might capable of eliminating him in just a single breath descended in front of him and said ” My name is Vera, my disciple will come find you in a few years, if he doesn’t find you in ten years then you will find him. I want you to do some things for me in my absence, I take that you have no objections ”

I front of  insurmountable power he could only give one answer ” Yes, Lady Vera. Your servant is at your disposal ”

I became her will from that time and will lead Riddick till he reaches divine planes. I wonder just what he is that Lady Vera has taken notice of him. There is definitely something in that boy but I can do nothing but keep quiet about it else I can die this very instant. No matter what it is, it definitely isn’t any weaker than Lady Vera. Somehow I may have unleased a beast into the Sky continent but why should I care about those immortals, if they are weak then they will be cannon fodder for strong. That’s it.


NOTE : This chapter has too many numericals and I may have wrote something wrong so do tell me about incorrect statements also this is quite a confusing Chapter so do ask me any questions and I will do my best to answer them.


35 thoughts on “Book 1 – Chapter 34 Realms of Universe

  1. “I know that my daughter (is a love) with you but as you are now, you can’t protect my daughter.”
    It should be “in love” not a love.


  2. I’ll repeat it again…
    ………… Why doesn’t Vera stop him??? Where is she?????? She was first you know?? humph…

    okay….. now, my thoughts……
    Haven’t heard of void for a while now… You should also give him a better name

    Everything’s been going too good for him….. He doesn’t face any real difficulties.. By that I meant that he hasn’t fought any life threatening situations that he handled by himself… He hasn’t lost anyone close to him i.e his brother who was alive instead of being killed… This will make the story boring if it keeps up…. The world will not feel ‘real’….

    That’s pretty much it…
    unleased = unleashed


    • Hi xatoatox, Indeed Void has a name but you have to wait till his story is revealed. Also taking my entire story into consideration, Riddick has just entered into the main story line. As for as tragedies and life threatening situations I do want to write them but early tragedy without proper development of story will lead to tragedy of my story so you have to be a little patient. Think of my work like this, nothing much happens in all most all of Chinese Xianxia in first twenty five Chapters and these Xianxia are my inspiration so sit back and relax, you will soon see the perilous journey of Riddick.


    • but after reading the chapter i feel more bad for vera now coz she did lay a plan for him to become strong when she is not even with him
      i think i need to w8 for the vera’s story also to get the whole situation


  3. I know Sylvie has gone to train alone but are we going to find more information about her, maybe not as a POV but an overall view. my personal view on her is that Sylvie cares about her master but it feels like a slave/master relationship atm and not the expected family like relationship. will she be included more later on?


  4. Was the character development really that fast? I assumed that their feelings for each other are not so deep for Rachel to be so determined. As for Riddick, yes he also have some feelings but I feel that most of what he’s doing is just teasing on his part.. Anyway, nice chapter


    • I know what you mean a bit, but since the both have no experience in love it’s possible. Riddick has spent all his time in training and Vera is the only non-family woman he’s really interacted with. Rachel is similar because of Lord Kennedy and her previous arrogance. It is fair to say he’s the first non-immortal that she has viewed as worthy.


      • You gave a good POV Salad and I can say my thoughts were in that direction, you know at one point in our life we tend to fall easily and this becomes harder and harder as we experience the life itself. I wanted to show this psychological behaviour in my story. Also welcome to reddycreations Salad.


  5. GS please tell me this isnt gonna become like Stellar transformations with li-er [just in this case its vera] or similar to it that would suck ;~;


    • hi newblogclub first I didn’t use trillion and quadrillion because it would have been too difficult to understand for non native english speakers ( no offence ), secondly I think I used AN note not TN note.



    1st off, developing good antagonists that scale with the MC in terms of power, strategy, etc. is one of the more difficult elements of fantasy writing. So though I agree with others who think the MC “has it too easy”, I sympathize with the challenge of crafting good enemies for Riddick.

    One tradition of Wuxia / Xiania you might wish to incorporate is the “controlled environment duel / encounter”. Whether at a school, festival, competition, or under supervised training, you can definitely have Riddick lose, get the crapped kicked out of him, suffer a temporary disablity (physical or spiritual), etc. This plot device allows you to have reoccurring rivals / enemies but, perhaps more importantly, allows for serious battles that do not have to end the MC’s death upon defeat. You played with this concept a bit re: Rachel (but readers never worried that Riddick was gonna “lose”)

    Plenty of stories opt to have their MCs encounter overwhelming forces, fight as they retreat, and escape. An implementation of this type of story element might place Riddick (willingly or unwillingly) on the edge of a major battle where he may outclass some enemies but is essentially a “grunt” (i.e. one of countless soldiers expected to fight and die in large numbers)…so I imagine him diving for cover as divine level AOE (area of effect) ice shards slice down through the football fields of tunnels and bulwarks etc and generally trying to avoid the mega-powered warriors stalking the battlefield.

    Finally, you can always have Riddick fight equivalent powered enemies or even somewhat overpowered enemies and have his allies (especially if he’s in a party / team) save his ass after he gets beat down.

    Please, just consider some of the above strategies to make your MC’s path to OP a bit more convoluted, challenging, and uncertain.


  7. Very cool set up. I like the original feel you got going. I also like to note that you included a lot more levels into the powers you have. You have levels 1-9 with 10 bascially being entry level divine disciple. Then regular immortal which is beginner divine disciple, middle, and peak. Then Deva’s which are similar to Demigods except they have 9 levels. Upon gaining level 10 they upgrade to some kind of god or true god. I would then expect what is considered to be true god to have something similar to the demigod, true god, and high god classification system. Unless its Deva being demigod with 9 levels, True God being 9 levels, and High God being 9 levels. Finally then there would be Over God which is literally the insurmountable peak. Or you could throw in Sovereign then overgod like in Coiling Dragon. I like this classification system. It reminds me somewhat of Mortal God Asura’s system, CD’s, and Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods).

    Over all this story is coming together nicely. I would suggest later on after you finish Volume 2 to go back and revise this first volume. I note lots of typo’s, grammatical issues, and writing that is not up to par with what I’m seeing coming from you in the latter parts of the story. I look forward to more from you.



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