Book 1 – Chapter 35 Departure (2)

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               After I finished speaking with Lord Kennedy I immediately went to the royal palace. Going towards the inner palace I started thinking about how to explain this matter to my family. There is no use explaining them about the higher realms and divine planes, even if I do explain them about this it will only cause them to panic. I have to explain them as little as possible but still say whatever I can truthfully.

           I directly went to the royal study where my father usually rests, entering the study I found my mother serving tea to my father. As soon as they saw me, a bright smile appeared on their face and they invited me to join them. Seeing their bright smiles I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt in my heart as I thought ‘ I have to leave them again and I don’t even know how long it would be before I can return ‘

            Sitting on a couch I said in a calm voice to my mother ” Mother, I wish to speak about something important so please summon big bro James and big bro Gates also summon Sasha ”

      Seeing my serious expression my mother immediately ordered the chamber attendants to summon all of them. After that I quietly awaited their arrival and was thinking of how to explain them as I sipped my mother’s tea. Soon all of them arrived and took their respective seats. Both of my brothers along with their wives were present, big bro James recently married ‘ Vani ‘ a noble daughter he took interest in and Elle was present along with big bro Gates while Sasha was not yet married.

      After all of them arrived, I ordered all attendants to leave the study so that we will have some privacy. My family was seeing me with a questioning gaze as I was acting weirdly. After noticing their gazes I sighed and said in a calm voice ” Father, Mother I will be leaving home for a while ”

          My family was surprised at this statement as I always left for training and usually returned only once every year or so. Then why would I have to be so secretive about it, also they felt that my behaviour was weird so my mother finally asked me ” Riddick I feel that this trip of yours will be different from your previous ones. How is it different? ”

            I knew that I had to say it any way so I said in a calm sad voice ” Mother, this time I will be leaving the Asgard continent and will be going to Immortal Sky continent, so it will be a very long trip and most probably I won’t return for a few decades ”

     My words stunned my family to the core, they thought inwardly ‘ Where is Immortal Sky continent? Wasn’t Asgard the only continent in this world ‘ knowing their internal peril I explained in a low voice ” Mother, Immortal sky continent is the continent where all immortals of this material realm gather along with countless mortal experts . Mortals usually have no knowledge regarding this continent, so you won’t find any thing regarding it in any books ”

       As I said this, my family finally recovered from shock after a while and my mother immediately asked ” Riddick, why do you have to go to this continent? From what you have said before I can see that this continent will be extremely dangerous so why are you leaving us for such a dangerous place ”

      I knew my family would react like this so I explained in a sad voice ” Mother, it’s not like I wish to leave you all but I have to go to Sky continent to temper myself. As I am now, I am still too weak to achieve anything so I have no choice but to train harder. Mother please don’t question any further regarding this matter, I can’t speak about some things but I can tell you that I am going to Immortal Sky continent  because it will help me complete the mission given by my master ‘ Vera ‘ faster.

      As I said this even my father who is usually very difficult to convince in these matters instantly calmed down as they knew that they can no longer stop me if I was working on the order of Vera because I was her disciple and as her disciple I had to follow her order no matter what it is. A disciple shall do anything his master asks of him for the guidance he received from his master, this was a custom followed by any and all disciples who respects their master.

           After a while my father finally opened his mouth and said in a grumbling voice ” Fine we won’t try to stop you Riddick but you have to promise us that you will stay away from harm and  will return home as soon as you can. Understood? ”

            I was relieved after my father gave his assent, what I hated most was leaving behind my family who didn’t agree to let me go. Now that I had my family’s approval I was free of that burden. Thinking such I said ” Yes, father. I will return as soon as I can and will try to stay away from danger ”

      Seeing my relieved face my mother sighed and said ” Fine Riddick, I will also agree with you and let you go but on one condition. Promise me that you will follow it at any cost ”

     I was startled at my mother’s statement as she has never put any conditions on me before but thinking that I was already asking them to let me go without a single complaint I said ” Alright mother I will definitely follow your condition, I promise ”

      Mother’s face instantly bloomed with a smile and she said in a excited voice ” You have to take Sebastian( The immortal eagle) with you in your journey ”

      I was instantly stunned as I heard this condition as I could not accept this condition no matter what. Part of my peace of mind regarding my family’s safety is because of Sebastian as he was left behind by Vera so he should possess very high level of power and he always guards my family. Unable to accept it I was about to retort but my mother suppressed me with her next sentence

My mother said ” Don’t even think about not accepting this condition Riddick as you have already given your word to me, you can’t go back on it. Any word against this issue and you will be directly implying that you don’t respect your mother ”

        I couldn’t still accept it and I said in a weak voice ” But mother … ”

    Mother smiled a little and said ” Riddick, we are already very safe. We are now a royal family ruling over an empire and possess absolute authority after the recent problem, also we are under the protection of Lord Kennedy who has directly declared that any harm done towards our clan will lead to him wiping out the entire clan of the person responsible. Sebastian was originally left by Lady Vera to protect you but you actually let him protect us all this years, now that we are already well protected he should go with you to protect you from any harm you may stumble upon in unknown lands ”

          As my mother said this my big bro James added ” Riddick, what mother said is indeed correct and I hardly think we need any more extra protection so just accept mother’s condition ”

                 Signing a little I knew that I had no choice but to accept my mother’s logic and said ” Alright mother I will take Sebastian along with me ”

            My mother and my father were satisfied with my decision. Three days passed in a blink of an eye as I made preparations for my departure. I knew that the delicacies of Sky continent most probably can’t compare to my mother’s delicacies so I packed lots of food in my storage bracelet as it won’t be spoiled in it. In these three days I wanted to speak with Rachel but I never found her, I knew she was sulking somewhere and decided to not probe her till the last day. Sylvie was already back from the wilderness and was excited to visit the Sky continent.

                I informed Lord Kennedy about my decision to bring Sebastian along with me, he did not oppose my decision while Sebastian himself only bowed and accepted when I asked him whether he was willing to come with me. It seems that Kain will be dropping us off on the Sky continent.

           Finally three days were over and I went to Lord Kennedy’s residence to pay my respects to Lord Kennedy and possibly meet Rachel to say goodbye. As I entered into the residence Kain was of present to receive me and together we went to Lord Kennedy’s personal study.

                As soon as I arrived, Lord Kennedy greeted me and asked Whether all preparations were done, as I said that I was completely prepared he nodded his head and said ” Riddick, though you are strong, try to be patient in the Sky continent. Here in Asgard you have never faced a problem you can’t solve with your own power but on Sky continent you will face many things and you won’t have any choice but to accept them.

          Here take these and store them safely in your storage bracelet, never take them all out at any cost. There will be many who will want to kill you simply for your treasures ”

               The things Lord Kennedy wanted me to store were small round pearls of various colours, the largest number of pearls were white in colour followed by blue, red and black, Only three black pearls were present. I came to a conclusion that their value increased exponentially with colours so the black pearl should have the most value.

           I thanked Lord Kennedy and tried to store the pearls in my bracelet but as I stored them I noticed a huge sack of black stones in my bracelet.
When Vera first gave them this bracelet I thoroughly checked all the contents of bracelet, I did see this sack of black stones at that time and wondered why Vera put them inside my storage bracelet but since Vera put them inside herself I didn’t remove them out. Now I was shocked to see that the black stones in my bracelet were actually black pearls, they were the same as pearls given by Lord Kennedy. I only received three black pearls from Lord Kennedy but the number of pearls in my bracelet should be in thousands.

            I was extremely elated as I became aware of the treasure I was holding onto this whole time, since I had enough money my problems are now solved by a whole lot. Money can usually solve most of the problems in any situation and now that I held a great amount of money I can be at ease to a certain extent.

          Thanking Lord Kennedy I started returning to palace but just as I was about to descend the mountain I saw Rachel waiting for me. Feeling a little excited and sad I went towards her. Upon seeing me she quietly lifted her eyebrows and stared at me, walking briskly she came towards me and hugged me without a warning.

       As I was about to speak she interrupted me and said ” I listened to your conversation with my father that day, you made my father promise you that he would let me accompany you if you have enough strength, so get strong quickly and return to me. Good bye ” she immediately gave me a light kiss on my cheek and ran off as fast as she arrived.

             That day I received the second kiss of my life, though it was only on my cheek I couldn’t help but think about Vera who gave me my first kiss. As I thought this I felt a bit of guilt in my heart, will Vera be angry on my behaviour. Vera was my first love also the reason I am trying so hard to train but somehow I get a feeling that she wouldn’t mind too much about Rachel but I have to stop getting ahead with my theories as I have no proof for them.

      The next day early in the morning I departed in the presence of my family and the entire clan, both Lord Kennedy and Rachel were not present when I departed. Lord kain simply enveloped me in a golden radiance and flew at high speed while Sebastian followed us in his human form. Sylvie was coiled around me and was observing everything.

          We went east of the Asgard at incredible speed and passed the empires of Asgard continent in a blink, as soon as we crossed the Asgard we were greeted  with a huge ocean. No matter how I saw it was impossible to cross the ocean unless you could fly above it. The ocean was large enough that I couldn’t see anything except chaotic water for hours together.

              As we were flying Lord Kain suddenly said in a calm voice ” Master Riddick, you have to be careful with the ocean. Actually there are many immortals who stay in the ocean, also the ocean is much larger than the continent so you have to be careful and should not enter it unless you reach divine disciple stage.

                Also please be careful regarding magical beasts in Sky continent as there are many magical beast who have cultivated to immortal level. Usually none of them care about humans so it is highly possible that they will kill you if you provoke them without a second thought  ”

         I listened to Lord Kain’s advice and thanked him. Later he didn’t speak much and we flew in silence. After a long journey of ten hours I could faintly see land in the horizon, slowly we approached the land and Lord Kain directly flew to a mountain near the border.

          Landing on the mountain Lord Kain said in a serious voice ” Master Riddick, we are currently in the western border of Sky continent and this is in the territory of  Mystic empire. If you walk north from here you will reach a fairly large city, from there you should travel towards the capital. I advice you to join a school only in the capital so that you will be admitted into the best school possible. Joining a strong school will will broaden your views and give you extra protection ”

      Turning towards Sebastian Lord Kain said in serious voice ” Then I will leave Master Riddick in your protection Sebastian ”

     Sebastian simply nodded in acknowledged.

              Nodding satisfactorily Lord Kain said ” Now its time for me take leave, please be careful Master Riddick ” saying this Kain flew off in the direction we came from.

              After watching him for a while I turned towards the stretched forest in front of me and thought ‘ So this is  Immortal Sky continent. I wonder what should I do now  ‘


NOTE : As you can see I changed the nature of my novel to books rather than volumes. TOC is already updated and Book 2 name is also revealed so anticipate it. This chapter marks the end of Book 1.

            Thank you one and all for staying with me in this journey till now and I hope that many more people will join our little family as we progress further.



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  1. “I listened to Lord Kain’s advice and thanked him. Later he didn’t speak much and we flied in silence.” should change flied with flew


  2. Why haven’t void been in the story lately wouldn’t he be explaining these things to him ur not planning a I eat tomato and killing off his guide some how or is he being blocked off somehow


  3. I like the idea of the higher level material planes having such a size that their other continents can have such a mass of immortals on them and even lots of deava’s too. Immortal Sky Continent sounds like a fun place too.


  4. ‘ That day I received the second kiss of my life, though it was only on my cheek I couldn’t help but think about Vera who gave me my first kiss’
    Just a note that this is his 3rd kiss. Vera laid one on him twice, first by surprise and the second as she was leaving.


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