Book 2 – Chapter 1 Great Imperial academies

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Great Imperial academies :

        Although I really wanted to explore the Forest laid before me, I decided to retire for the day, though we departed early in the morning we had to travel for more than ten hours and it was almost evening so I decided to rest for tonight on this mountain and depart for the northern city early next morning.

               Sebastian was gathering fire wood a little away from an old dried up tree, though he is an immortal he is very reserved and does everything systematically. Sebastian had an appearance of a person in his early thirties, with slick brown hair and piercing golden brown eyes he definitely was an eye catcher for many ladies. He always wore a butler’s suit even when he was protecting my family so I was naturally accustomed to him wearing a suit.

        Collecting the fire wood sufficient enough to last the whole night, Sebastian started the fire with the help of his internal energy. As l lay by the fire I asked him a question I wanted to ask for a long while

I asked him in a calm voice ” Sebastian, how are you related to Vera? ”

    Sebastian raised his drooped head and looked at me with his piercing eyes, letting out a little sigh he said ” I met Lady Vera some time ago, She was an indomitable existence. I suffered a bitter defeat in a fight against her and surrendered, showing me mercy she ordered me to serve her till she accomplishes a certain task. Though I was a proud magical beast till then, since I already lost to her, I vowed to follow her orders and accepted her as my master ”

         I listened quietly to everything Sebastian said, though everything he said was fascinating but what I was most interested about was certainly the task she had to complete. Thinking that maybe Sebastian is aware about her situation I asked him ” What is the task she had to complete Sebastian? ”

        Sebastian shook his head and said ” I have no idea young master, Lady Vera has never spoke about that matter with me. When Lady Vera left she ordered me to follow your orders Young master. As her disciple you were granted the power to make decisions in her absence and I was tasked to protect you and follow your orders to death ”

           I silently listened to Sebastian and couldn’t help but think that Vera was still looking after me even when she was not present here in one or other way. Knowing that I had a big day ahead of me, I curled up in my blanket and slept peacefully.

         Early the next morning, Sebastian woke me up and we began running on the road to the northern city at a fast pace, after a few hours we finally reached a cliff from where we could clearly see a large city surrounded by a wall incomparable to imperial wall of Elsevier empire. Resting  for a while so that I could retain my lost stamina we finally climbed down the cliff and reached the walls.

          A long queue was present similar to the queue of imperial capital but here the queue was moving at a very fast pace, arriving near the entrance I saw that each person was paying one white pearl to enter into the city, not caring at all I simply drew two pearls and paid for both of us. Later passing through the fifty metre thick wall we entered into the city and was greeted with a large board announcing.  ‘ Welcome to Tristan city ‘

               Slowly we moved through the city and observed it, I was amazed as I observed the people while moving through the city as no matter where I see, I could see experts of eighth and ninth rank. The ordinary vendors were also people of second and third rank, usually ordinary people were no ranked or first ranked in Asgard but here ordinary people had enough strength to put Asgard’s soldiers to shame.

               Passing through the business district I arrived at the administrative district of the Tristan city, carefully looking through everything I finally found the public information centre and entered into it. The public information centre was not very large but I could see a dozen individuals enjoying themselves in card games at one end of the office. I walked towards an officer and asked ” Sir, I have come here to obtain some information. Is it possible? ”

    The officer was doing some casual work on his paper but he simply said without even raising his head ” Fill the form and apply on table 3 ”

             I heard his instructions and headed over to the table and asked for the form from the officer on table 3. The officer smirked and said in a low voice
” Kid, you want to know something, then you have to pay for it. I can tell you about some inside information for one white pearl, how about it? ”

         I sighed inwardly and thought ‘ The level of corruption in this city is too deep, they are asking bribe to even inform me about various basic things ‘ Masking my hate with a small smile I removed a blue pearl and said in a low voice ” Sir, you will tell me about everything I ask you without a single complaint for a few minutes and I will give you this blue pearl. How about it? ”

        The officer eyes bulged as he looked at the blue pearl, then he immediately straightened his face and nervously glanced at his colleagues to see whether any one of them had seen the pearl. Seeing that none were watching him, he heaved a sigh of relief and said in a serious voice ” My lord, since you can so casually take out a blue pearl, you should belong to a big clan. I will answer any of your questions to the best of my ability ”

      I smiled a little and asked in a low voice ” Explain the basic geography and political situation of Immortal Sky continent ”

      He looked confused but didn’t mind it and answered ” My lord, I do not know the complete geography but I can tell you that the amount of land occupied by humanity range only about 30% of the total land, while the rest of land is either in the control of terrifying experts or completely in magical beast control.

             The Sky continent has about four great empires, each empire is formed by four great clans. These great clans all have ancestors in Forbidden Isle as well as terrifying experts in peak divine disciple stage. Each of these great clans have innumerable clans under their control also they have many sister clans which have been in alliance with them since ages.

                   The highest authority in the Sky continent lays with Great clan alliance. This alliance is formed by the four great clans to prevent the internal struggle and turf wars among themselves and also among other clans. The alliance orders all clans to send a representative to work as it’s member and all clans have to listen to the alliance orders ”

            While he was saying this I was listening with absolute concentration, seeing my concentration a cruel smile formed on the man’s lips and he said in a menacing voice ” I see, you are not a rich kid but a dumb kid who entered into civilisation for the first time. I don’t know how you obtained such treasures but give them to me quietly and I will let you go ” saying this he instantly drew the sword hung on his waist.

                       This man was a sixth ranked warrior and most probably thinks that I am only a fifth ranked warrior, he should have no idea about my mage rank. Only other mages or strong warriors can see through a mage’s rank. Since he is already stronger than me and also has colleagues he immediately turned against me. Understandable behaviour but unfortunately it is impossible to extort from me.

       Just as the man took out his sword, every other person took out their weapons and surrounded me, I smiled a little and unleashed my killing intent. In just a instant their faces became pale with fear while some attempted to escape immediately but were blocked by Sebastian who already appeared near the entrance of office.

        Smiling a little I said in a menacing voice ” Now, all of you get on your knees ” , as soon as I did this the ten plus men instantly followed without hesitation as they knew very  well that I may as well kill them because of their earlier actions. Watching them all on their knees I said ” Now, answer my questions without a single complaint. Understood? ”

          As I ordered them all of them replied simultaneously ” Yes, my lord ”

     Sighing a little I asked ” What is the currency system followed by Sky continent ”

        A man answered ” My lord, there are a total of four currencies in Sky continent and Forbidden Isle. It is said that blue pearl is the basic currency in Forbidden Isle while here we use grey pearl as the most basic currency.

        The conversation rates are simple my lord
1 white pearl = 10 grey pearl
1 blue pearl = 100 white pearl
1 red pearl = 1000 blue pearl
1 black pearl = 10000 red pearl

        The value multiplies exponentially for every colour and the value of this entire city is most probably no more than one black pearl. Black pearl are mostly used in Forbidden Isle and you won’t find many people who can pay its worth in red pearls in Sky continent my lord ”

       I listened and understood that my total wealth is too high and I have go be careful or I might find the entire alliance on my back trying to kill me. As I thought this I suddenly remembered that Lord Kain asked me to Join a school, I didn’t think about it before but this school shouldn’t be academies like Restia academy. Thinking such I asked

” What are those schools I heard about? ”

     When I said this every person present was stunned at my question and another man said in a confused voice ” My lord, you don’t know about four great imperial academies ? ”

      As I listened this I said in a cold voice ” Never question me again. Explain everything you know about anything I ask of you ”

     The man gulped and said ” My lord, Four Great academics are maintained by four great empires and are the highest tier of schools you will find in Sky continent. They hold absolute authority within their grounds which are large enough to compare to this entire Tristan city, further all of them are situated in the imperial capital so they are absolutely huge institutions.

         My lord, the minimum requirement to enter into these academies is to achieve sixth rank as a warrior or fifth rank as a mage by twenty years. Absolute geniuses of the entire Sky continent are all present in the Great academies my lord ”

           I was confused and asked ” Why would all these experts enter an academy, why don’t they simply train by themselves ”

      The man laughed a little and said ” My lord, these academies not only have mortal experts, they also have immortals studying in them. There are many beginner divine disciples also divine disciples are present in these academies
There are people who trained till they reach the peak disciple stage and left the academy since they are no longer qualified as students.

              The reason for this is simple my lord, these academies are independent bodies directly maintained by many peak divine disciple experts so there are abundant resources to train also you can find a good teacher in these academies who can help you but the goal of every student is to get into the eyes of experts who visit them from Forbidden Isle once every five years, if you manage to impress them then you can directly become their disciple and can train in the Forbidden Isle. It is estimated that having a divine expert as your teacher increases your training speed by tens of times ”

          I now completely understood the reason Lord Kain asked me to join a school. These schools provide incredible facilities and are independent bodies so I can be safe as long as I stay within them also if I can manage to impress the divine experts then I can visit the Forbidden Isle, my goal was to temper myself by coming here and these schools are the perfect place where I can learn and spar with the greatest of geniuses.

              Nodding to myself I rose from my seat and asked the kneeling men ” Any more information I need to know before I head to the capital ”

      One of the men started speaking and said ” My lord, It is better that you immediately start your journey. Only a few days should be left for this year’s admission also if you wish to participate in the Great inter academic tournament where the divine experts come as honoured guests then you are a little late, as just a year ago the tournament was held so you have wait for four more years before you can participate ”

                I nodded my head in approval and thought ‘ I am in no hurry to participate in this tournament. It is actually perfect that it is four years later. Now its time for me to go to Mystic empire’s imperial capital ‘

                I left the information office along with Sebastian and stayed for the rest if the day in Tristan city. Early the next day we started going west to the imperial capital of Mystic empire.


NOTE : I know that some of you are thinking that the story is going a bit slow but I have to build the world again before the story line picks up so relax and enjoy it like always.



20 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 1 Great Imperial academies

    • I enjoy your your world building, and the characters so far. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next chapter.


  1. I’d have to say that the pacing lately has been all over the place. It feels like you basically skipped over almost any development of his relationship with Rachel, who herself lacks a lot of development. Shes there for the reader for like 3 chapters and suddenly a timeskip where they havent met eachother and shes in love with him. On top of that although the mc cares for his family they have minimal development, therefore having the reader being a little apathetic to the motivation. The main character is also constantly fighting people many times stronger than himself and winning without a hitch, which is a little bit iffy in my opinion. I know that you said that people who train under immortals are stronger than normal but the strength difference seems a bit too high to breach with just that. Over all though, its fairly interesting. Thanks for the chapter


    • Well after much contemplation I admit that yes, my fiction does has many faults but I am trying to improve my writing as much as I can. After I complete my novel to a certain extent then I will try to reedit or rewrite the early chapters, this will most probably happen around September/October so please do stay with me and encourage me. I will try to improve my writing in book 2 from the experience I have acquired in book 1 also thank you for your suggestion Light, I deeply respect and hope for suggestions from my readers.


      • Over all I have been enjoying the series, and when you do the rewrite my advice would be to especially focus on the interactions and the pacing. time-skips are for the most part fine, as long as it has a point. In that regard, your time-skip of the year was a bit lacking. A good example of one I thought was done well was *Coiling Dragon spoilers (I’m assuming the author’s read it because of the ranking system)* when Linley entered the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts after the Apocalypse Day as it showed a bit of what he was doing, enough to make the reader feel excited over his progress as well as showing a fraction of how his training actually affected him. another acceptable timeskip in the same series is the more recently translated chapters where its basically saying “and then thirty years later” since we know that it takes a ridiculously long time of training to get stronger at his point as well as already having established what he would be doing which would either be boring or else unreasonable if something did happen considering the series.

        ty’dr: try to give more depth to characters in the rewrite and Coiling Dragon apocalypse day is an example of a well done time skip. I retain my previous statement regarding the fights being a bit overboard with him overcoming the enemies who should be ridiculously stronger than him.


  2. Well, I missing Void. Did I forgot something or is there a reason why he is not by Riddick anymore?

    Thanks for the chapter.


  3. Wow. Nothing like extorting information from government workers. I’m still trying to imagine the equivalent scene at one of NYC’s info kiosks ( kiosk worker pulls out a pistol, MC pulls out a high-tech machine-gun would normally fit on a jeep / helicopter).

    Just as a side-note — In a potential rewrite, consider whether or not the MC would ask at least some of these basic questions of his butler. If so, they could chat about stuff while they run towards the city. Anyway, you probably need to establish the butler’s background anyway so you can figure out what he does and does not know about this and other planes in the long run…let alone any friends/enemies/agendas/quirks the butler may have as an individual.


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