Book 2 – Chapter 2 Scapegoat

Author notes : Hi guys, gsdreddy here with a double release. This chapter is a little short but since it is a double release you can’t complain. So I just wanted to let you guys know that soon the schedule of a chapter per day will be over as my summer is almost finished and I have to get back to college and Ahhh! Exam fever is coming soon( somebody please save me from my arch nemesis )

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Scapegoat :

                Early the next morning we set out of Tristan city and kept moving west towards the direction of imperial capital. As soon as we were out of people’s sight, Sebastian immediately took his eagle form and we flew at high speed towards the capital. We learned yesterday that the journey to the capital will take at least three months by foot for a normal person so we decided to fly instead since the distance was too long.

            After some occasional breaks we reached the capital by the next evening, as a precaution we landed a hundred miles away from the capital. We had no idea regarding this continent and it’s people so it is always better to keep our strength hidden.

              After travelling for the entire evening we arrived at the city gates, I was again impressed by the huge nature of these city walls. If Tristan had a fifty metre wide wall then this wall was at least a hundred metre wide and more than three hundred metre tall. Even an immortal will find it difficult to break these walls as I could clearly see many earth element strengthening enchantments all over the wall. Guarded by hundreds of soldiers who were amazingly powerful, I couldn’t help but dumbly open my mouth as I saw more than a hundred soldiers all having strength of eighth ranked warriors guard the gates along with a dozen ninth ranked warriors and even an immortal. I couldn’t help but sigh in amazement, if my Elsevier empire had such strength then no mortal army can tear through the walls of my imperial capital.

              As we approached the gates, the immortal who was calmly hovering in air gazing at a book in his hand, suddenly came down to us and said to Sebastian.  ” Fellow brother, Why are you passing through the gates instead of flying over and I have never seen you before, can you please identity yourself ”
             I immediately started thinking of excuses to prevent this immortal from digging our past, there was nothing to hide but I would prefer to be less noticeable for now but before I could answer Sebastian answered and said ” Junior disciple, I am here to escort my young master. We are here to attend to the imperial academy entrance examination ”

         As Sebastian said this the immortal face contracted with fear but he restored his facial expression immediately and said respectfully ” I see, thank you for your patience senior. You can  immediately enter the city ”

          As I saw this Void laughed out aloud in my mind and said ” That was some good shit, that poor guy was so scared when he saw Sebastian that he almost lost it ha ha ha ”

            Surprised at Void’s voice I asked him ” What was that guy’s level Void ? ”

     Void answered lazily ” A beginner divine disciple ”

             I sighed at this answer and slowly entered the city. As I turned back and saw the immortal I couldn’t help but think ‘ In Sky continent an immortal is working as a guard while in Asgard an immortal can establish his own empire. The difference between this continent and Asgard is like heaven and earth. Walking through city, I didn’t waste anytime and directly headed in the direction mentioned by the immortal.

              After travelling for more than an hour we finally reached an another encirclement of walls inside the walls of imperial capital. These walls were not made to act as protection, so they were much slender and gave a royal feel. Laid  before us was a magnificent arch announcing the name ” Imperial Mystic academy ”

               With an elated heart I entered into the academy grounds, asking a guard for the address of administrative section, I reached a large building named ‘ Mystic academy basic administrative block ‘. Looking through various sections, I arrived at the admissions section of the administrative block. As we entered into that section, we were greeted with an empty office. Thinking that I may have arrived at the wrong place, I turned back and went towards the receptionist and asked him where could I apply for admissions but as soon as I asked this he saw me with a pitying expression and said ” Boy, I don’t know from where did you come from but  admissions were finished two weeks ago so you have to wait till next year to apply again ”

         My heart instantly sank as I heard this, if I have to wait for more than one year I may as well join other academies. Since I didn’t want to compromise I quickly asked him again ” Is there any way in which I can now get into the academy, money is of no concern. I can pay no matter how much you want. Please do explain me ”

      It seems that my plea convinced the receptionist moving closer to me he explained in a low voice ” Since you say that money is of no concern to you, there is a way to still enter the academy but the money will only provide you a way, you have to cross it with your own power ”

         I was instantly attracted by this offer  and said in a low voice ” Please do explain how can I get into the academy ”

     The receptionist smiled a little and said ” There are actually four levels within the academy’s elite section. They are Z ranking, S ranking, A ranking and B ranking. You have to be a minimum of eight rank to enter into Z ranked class while you have to be a seventh rank to enter into S ranked class. All students within these classes are at most ninth ranked and will shift into Immortal section of the school if they break past the ninth rank.

          Since you have clearly mentioned that you are a seventh ranked mage, you have qualifications to enter into S ranked class but I advise you to better enter into a A ranked class as all students in S ranked class have monstrous level talent and usually enter Z ranked class as soon as they break past the seventh rank into eighth rank.

        As for the method to enter into the academy is to buy a challenge token and challenge a student of your choice but choose wisely because if you do win against a student with a powerful background then it would be very troublesome. If the challenger wins then he can take the position of loser, this is the only way you can enter the academy without passing the qualification exams ”

         I listened to his explanation and said in a low voice ” How much is this challenge token? ”

    The receptionist answered in a calm voice ” That depends on the grade of the token a B grade token is 100 blue pearls
     A grade is 1 red pearls
     S grade is 10 red pearls
     Z grade is 50 red pearls ”

      I was shocked at this prices, though I could pay for them very easily it was a very high price for a token so I asked him ” Isn’t the price too high, aren’t they just tokens ”

     The receptionist laughed and said ” This rule is laid by the school so that it’s students are not constantly disturbed by the challenges. These tokens are sold to outside challengers only once every year, they are also essential for students to challenge a higher grade student and take his position but the price of token is only  a tenth of what you to pay for the students.

        Further the schools pays 50% of token fees back to the winner of the challenge so the students who receive challenge from the outsiders gladly accept it as they can earn some real money by winning the challenge.  Remember choose wisely, here in these challenges you can lose life quite easily and don’t provoke people unnecessary, there are people in this academy who have enough power to shake this entire empire. Even the members of royal clan the Great Mystic clan study in this academy, further all great clans have their seniors in immortal section of the academy while some clans even have their divine disciple ancestors in the academy so stay away from trouble.

           If you make enemies with someone powerful then it will be too difficult for you to even live in this academy and will most probably be killed if not for the academy rules preventing a higher ranked student killing a lower ranked junior in a fight so its better if you simply choose a A grade token and challenge for a A grade position ”

          After listening to this I nodded my head and thanked him, later I asked him  ” Where can I buy these tokens? ”

       The receptionist smiled and said ” You can buy them in that section ” saying this he pointed towards a section at the end of hall.

       Thanking him once again I went towards the section mentioned by receptionist along with Sebastian, on my way Void asked ” What token are you going to buy Riddick? ” 

      I answered as a matter of fact ” Of course a S grade token ”

Void laughed out aloud and said ” Good, it will be too boring in a A class but I can  enjoy myself in the S class, we may even the meet people who supposedly have enough power to shake this entire empire. I wonder how should we play with them  ”

     I laughed broadly and said inwardly ” Don’t worry, I am not going to sit quietly and learn from teachers. We will have plenty of enjoyment in this academy ”

      Later I went to the section and saw a  heavily guarded counter, walking straight to the counter I said in a low voice ” S ranked token for an outside challenger ”

          The man on the counter looked surprised at my order but only extended his hand for the amount required, quickly drawing out 10 red pearls I bought a token and left the administrative block.

      It was no wonder that the man saw me weirdly because even if I had enough strength to get into S ranked class, I could have first bought a A grade token and then bought a S grade token once I am a student. This way I could have saved 8 red pearls, since a single red pearl was not at all a small amount, no one wants to spends it so freely but I was far from considering the value of a few pearls when I had enough wealth to buy an entire empire.

               Walking around the campus I started going towards the academic section of S class students. I sighed and thought ‘ Now, I have to find a scapegoat. Let’s hope I find a suitable one quickly ‘


11 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 2 Scapegoat

  1. I love it! You used “like Heaven and Earth”!!

    Now you just need to through in “didn’t know whether to laugh or cry” and a few of those other classic “translated” chinese idioms. Throw in at least one “No Good!” and you’ll get bonus points from me – afterall who doesn’t love it when Linley says that as he’s about to get smacked by someone more powerful than himself.


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