Book 2 – Chapter 3 S class :

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S class :

                Walking through the academy I arrived at the buildings meant for the use of S class students. Since I didn’t eat for a while I was feeling a little hungry so I naturally went in the direction of cafeteria. Arriving at the cafeteria I was greeted with a few dozen people enjoying their food in few groups, I could see that many of them had servants standing guard behind them.

       As soon as I entered the cafeteria I got the attention of some of the more attentive individuals, since I needed to just get into the academy I have to challenge people who are easy to deal with. These people who have their senses raised even in the cafeteria of their own school are definitely not ordinary so I have to avoid them for now. Slowly I arrived at the counter and ordered some food, while it was being prepared I selected an unoccupied table at the end of hall and sat down calmly observing the people present in the cafeteria.

           Though S class is an elite class it has more than 200 individuals in it but obviously the true elites should be less in number, I was trying to differentiate these people from the common folk. These people all have strength of a seventh or eighth rank so I can’t be careless when selecting an opponent, the less strength the opponent has, the better. It is not a match where I have to do a showdown with the strongest person to get a seat, I can simply defeat the weakest person and still grab the same seat.

         Sebastian was still at the counter waiting for our orders while I was sitting at my table, suddenly I observed that a group of five individuals were approaching me but I kept quiet and let them approach me. As soon as they reached my table one man among them sat down in front of me with his legs on the table. Seeing me he said in a haughty voice ” So what do you want country bumpkin? Why did you come to this cafeteria, don’t you know that you are in the S class territory ”

        I instantly started acting in a scared manner and said ” Wh.. What do you mean Sir? I surely said that I wanted to go to the B class sector and challenge an opponent so why would they tell me to come here ”

         All people in front of me started laughing so loudly that every person in the cafeteria had their attention directed towards us. Seeing me he said ” You wanted to challenge a B class member and you mistakingly arrived at S class. Fool, this much is enough to kill you, as your punishment quietly leave the academy else you won’t live to see tomorrow ”

         I faked a crying expression and begged ” Sir, please show me some mercy. I spent all of my family’s fortune buying this challenge token. After using up those Ten red pearls I have nothing left on me so please show mercy and let me challenge a B class member ”

         As I said this everyone who could hear my voice turned towards me at the same time,especially the man front of me. Furrowing his eyebrows he said in a serious tone ” Take out your challenge token immediately ”

         I faked a almost pleading expression and took out my token marked in red colour. As soon as he saw the token the man started laughing loudly and said ” Don’t worry junior brother, this big brother Lesley will take care of all your problems. Get ready immediately, I will choose a suitable opponent for you, I guarantee you that you will be immensely satisfied with your opponent ”

                  As he said this I showed him a ecstatic expression and said ” Thank you senior Lesley I will forever remember your help. I am ready anytime please call my opponent immediately ”

                 Lesley laughed loudly and ordered one of his henchmen ” Go call for the an elder immediately ”

                 The student immediately ran off while I put a confused face and asked  ” Senior, when will you call my opponent ? ”

           Lesley laughed loudly and said ” Don’t you worry about such things, your opponent will be here shortly. Now let’s not waste time and immediately go to the fight arena ”

             I followed his lead and obediently followed their group outside. Lesley face was beaming with a broad smile and he was walking in large strides. I observed that everyone present in the cafeteria were slowly following us outside, I laughed inwardly and thought ‘ Why wouldn’t they? Wasn’t watching others peril a very good enjoyment for them. They most probably want to see me loosing and maybe even dying in Lesley’s hands ‘

          Soon we reached an open stage which was very broad and elevated to more than six feet high. The referee was already present and was waiting for us. Lesley walked towards him with me in tow and said ” Respected elder, today this person wishes to challenge me so I have requested your presence to see that an impartial challenge is held ”

       Turning towards me he said ” hand over your token to the elder ” I acted innocently and handed the elder my token. Seeing this Lesley was almost bustling with happiness and he loudly laughed and said to his henchmen ” Brothers today I have obtained a treasure so I will treat you tonight  ha ha ha ”

         I put on a confused face and asked in a terrified voice ” Senior, what are you saying? ”

     Looking at my terrified face Lesley laughed maliciously and said ” Oh! I forgot to tell you, I am your opponent also your token was a S rank challenge token so you have to now fight me. You can’t back away from this fight as your token won’t be given back also if you runaway from a fight you will be forever banned from challenging anyone. Don’t worry I promise you that I will at least keep you alive ha ha ”

       I put on a completely terrified expression and climbed onto the stage when the elder shouted that both participants should be in position. Lesley was on the other side of the stage completely confident on his victory, he was so careless that he didn’t even take out a weapon and decide to fight me barehanded because he wanted to torture me with his own hands.

             Just as the elder announced the start of fight, Lesley rushed towards me in straight line without doubting any trap and simply struck with his right fist expecting to blow me away. But contrary to his expectation his fist was suddenly stopped.

          Just when he struck with his fist I calmly circulated my internal Ki and aroused the chaos energy in my body to raise the defence of my left hand to maximum and took his right punch, before he even had the chance to withdraw his hand, my fingers held his fist in a iron grip while I simultaneously caught his head in my right hand.

        Everything happened in a split second before Lesley had the chance to even realise what was happening and before he could even react I simultaneously twisted his right hand and his head in clockwise direction with the entirety of my strength and also activated the seventh rank close combat lightning magic ‘  Voltage overlap ‘ at the same time. Voltage overlap is a magic which increases the voltage by overlapping it many times and directly attacking a target in physical contact.

(AN : Think of a step up transformer )

         As I initiated this magic, a terrifying scream rang out in the arena as Lesley body visibly contracted and convulsed under my magic. In mere five seconds he lost his consciousness as lightning was directly applied to his brain through my right hand which was in contact with his head. Slowly I released his head and a deadly silence enveloped the arena as Lesley fell lifelessly on the floor. Though he wasn’t dead, he wouldn’t be getting up anytime soon.

              Calmly stepping on the head of the now unconscious Lesley I asked the Judging elder ” Elder, I take that I have passed the challenge and has obtained qualifications to enter the S class ”

       The elder who was watching the fight with a stunned expression recovered from his shock and announced ” Challenger wins the fight ”

       Just as I was about to grin in joy a man suddenly appeared in the arena and shouted ‘ Young master ‘ while watching Lesley. Turning towards me he said in a murderous voice ” You Bastard, I will kill you ” suddenly he flew towards me at extreme speed and punched me with his right hand but before his punch could reach me, he was stopped by Sebastian who suddenly appeared on the arena,  while at the same time the man’s right hand was cut off by Sebastian.

                 Seeing the servant who was now convulsing in pain Sebastian said in a low voice ” Leave immediately else you will die along with your young master ”

        The servant who was convulsing in pain shouted ” Do you know who my Young master is, your entire clan will be annihilated by our clan Lunli for touching my young master ”

             Sebastian who was watching the servant suddenly lifted him up and said something in his ear, following which the servants face turned pale and he immediately ran off carrying Lesley on his back.

           After watching these events, I turned my eyes to catch the eyes of many people watching me from the shades of darkness. Everyone were in different positions, with different styles, different genders , different ages following different paths but all of them had something in common. A smile and an expression on their face emitting a killing intent bathing the entire arena in it.

               Slowly I walked to the edge of the raised platform, sliding my hands in my pockets and raising my head I said ” My, my it looks like the true leaders of S grade are all here. What can I do for you fellows ”

         Slowly a person who was most probably only a few years older than me walked forward and said ” My name is Edward Mystic, class representative of S grade. I welcome you Mr. Riddick ”

       Seeing the person before me I knew very well that he was definitely not an ordinary guy or a foolish guy like Lesley. Raising my head further I said ” I see, you are Edward ” later a smile formed on my face similar to the smile present on all of their faces and I said ” Then I will be looking forward to your hospitality Edward ”



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  1. As per a prior comment, if you are looking to mix up your antagonism / have Riddick face greater difficulties on his path, this chpt is a “missed opportunity”. Imagine, if you will, that you want to disrupt you readers’ expectation (this assumes you’re doing a rewrite), you could have this exact same scenario play out up to the arena. Then Riddick loses because Lesley (or his friends) saw through Riddick’s plot and assessed his skills semi-correctly (i.e. they might not know about Chaos but they suspect his warrior / mage combo.) So you get a bit of exciting combat (the opponent is better than Riddick but ofc doesn’t know all Riddick’s tricks) but in the end, Riddick is outmatched, get a nasty beating, injuries, etc. and then has to go off for a bit to heal, train some of his weak points, buy a secret skill books or improved def. / off. / spell equipment (since he is richer than GOD he might as well leverage it), and then return to challenge someone else etc. (or, alternatively, he has to go to another school to repeat the process).


    • Hi First Dragon, I really appreciate the review you wrote on royalroadl on my fiction. I am just thanking you here because I want you to know how much I appreciate my readers opinions. Since I have no editors and proof readers, I have to quality check my fiction myself. A writer will definitely forget to incorporate some aspects in his writings and one of the main job a editor has is to remind the author about his shortcomings and since I don’t have a editor I really value any and all of my readers opinions because it will give me an understanding of my work from a different point of view and let’s me improve myself.

      Thank you again and will always look forward to any and all suggestions.


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