Book 2 – Chapter 4 The True Way :

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The True Way :

            After the fight and my little interaction with the members of S class was over, the elder who was presiding over the match asked me to follow him to the staff office near the S class sector. As I followed the elder, I couldn’t help but shake my head in amazement as I looked at the  facilities laid out before me for the use of only S class, seeing these facilities I couldn’t help but think ‘ If these facilities are only for the S class students then what would the Z class students receive from the academy also just how would be the facilities in the immortal section of the school ‘

            We soon reached the staff office where the elder wrote a letter and signed it. Giving me the letter he said in a serious voice ” This letter now officially declares that you are a student of mystic academy. Go to the administrative building of S grade and choose a lodging of your liking, also be present at the class room tomorrow. Your mentor will be coming to meet you ”

        I thanked the elder and went straight to the administrative building, checking the list and prices of lodgings, I was laughing in my mind as the Royal suite only costs five red pearls every year. Without a second thought I bought the room and immediately went towards my lodgings, which was an independent mansion guarded by strong warriors, as I presented my entry certificate they let me enter the mansion with confused gazes. It was no wonder that they were confused as usually except the royal clan or other influential clan, none resided in this mansion considering the expensive rent.

              The mansion was magnificent, not too large but with excellent design, surrounded by a large garden it was an excellent place to stay. As soon as I entered through the main door of the mansion, a large lounge came to my view but what surprised me the most was that Edward Mystic was in the living room reading a large tome with perfect concentration.

        As I walked in he lifted his gaze from the book and saw me, I could see surprise cross his expression but he quickly hid it and returned to his book. Not caring at all I went towards the north wing which would be my lodging, As expected of the royal suite, it was extremely large with three bedrooms, a large living room, a mini kitchen, a large study, a king size bathroom, all packed as a private compartment within the mansion.

             Since I already had my dinner, I decided to do some unnecessary probing and reached the lounge. As expected Edward was still reading his book, I simply strode into the lounge and sat on a couch directly facing him and started observing him very carefully. Since I was so blatantly observing him, he had no choice but recognise my presence and said ” What do you want newbie? ”

          I put on a sarcastic expression and said in a surprised voice ” Oh! It’s Edward. I almost thought that you are his twin as you didn’t even wish me when I arrived here considering you were so polite to me just an hour ago ”

         Edward face contracted lightly but he immediately regained his calmness and said ” I prefer to keep quiet in here Riddick, so if you have don’t have any job with me please leave immediately ”

          I immediately answered in a serious voice ” Actually Edward I wanted to speak with you a little about the class, since you are the class representative I hope you can answer my questions ”

              Edward finally lost it after I said this, he immediately rose and said ” Riddick, this is not a normal school where you can enjoy. Here every one is training to advance into the next level as quickly as possible so shut your silly questions. Tomorrow we are only gathering cause it is a customary for the class to gather when welcoming a new student also never speak with me in here as I wish to be left alone. Did I make myself clear enough? ”

       I put on the same innocent expression I showed Lesley and nodded vigorously. Obviously seeing that I was not at all taking him seriously Edward shook his head and went off to the east wing where his suite is most probably located. Watching his departed back I asked Void ” What do you think of him Void? ”

      Void answered lightly ” Though he appears like a intellectual type with much wisdom, he can be controlled quite easily. Well keep it in limits for now Riddick ”

       I nodded inwardly and said in a low voice to Sebastian who was behind me ” Sebastian investigate about all residents of this mansion ”

       Sebastian bowed his head and said ” Understood young master ”

           Later I retired for the night while Sebastian was doing a little bit of experiment on one of the guards to respectfully extract as much information as he can in another bedroom.

             The next day after I refreshed myself Sebastian explained the result of last night’s experiment. According to the guard this mansion has a total of 9 residents including me, all of them excluding me belonged to various powerful families of the empire and some of them even supposedly had divine disciple ancestors in their families.

        As I listened to Sebastian’s report I asked him ” Tell me the particulars of your findings concerning Edward ”

       Sebastian started explaining and said ” Edward Mystic is the third child of current emperor Jasper Mystic, age 18 and an eighth ranked warrior  he has supposedly enough to enter Z class. He has a sister named Bella Mystic who has  entered Z class a year ago, as for the reason he reacted so violently yesterday is because your statement hit the mark correctly young master, Bella Mystic is his twin elder sister and he is a little sceptic about her ”

         I was surprised at this explanation and thought aloud ‘ So he reacted like that because I compared him to his twin, maybe he thought that I already knew about his sister ‘ turning towards Sebastian I asked ” Does he hate his sister? ”

         Sebastian answered me by saying ” No, on the contrary he loves his sister too much to the point where he is suspected of having a sister complex but his sister controls him like a pet ”

     I laughed out aloud and said ” He has a sister complex, are you serious? He doesn’t look like that at all, I am almost dying imagining that serious Edward having a sister complex and what do you mean his sister controls him like a pet ”

       Sebastian sighed and said ” Bella Mystic is a eighth ranked warrior and is considered to be a talent born once in a millennium, she supposedly has already started training in true way of fire and is a beauty beautiful enough to make every man in Mystic empire go crazy for her but she has a different nickname known only to people who has interacted with her before ‘ She – devil of mystic clan ‘ . She is known for her extremely crafty and mysterious nature. It is very difficult to approach her, this Edward is nothing in front of her and she can control him as she wishes.

              She was previously the class representative of S class and has supposedly kept her brother in S class so she can control it even though she is no longer a part of it ”

         As Sebastian explained about Bella Mystic I could help but think ” So she is called ‘ She devil of Mystic clan ‘ interesting ” but as I thought this I suddenly remembered the word Sebastian used ‘ True way ‘ this was something I have come across two times, once Void said this when he saw Rachel now Sebastian said this, curious I asked Void inwardly

” Void, what does the true way mean? ”

    Void sighed and said ” I was beginning to wonder if you will even ask me about it . True way as it says is following the true way of cultivation ”

      I was confused and asked ” What does true way even means? ”

    Void answered seriously ” Riddick, what I am about to tell you will lead you throughout your life so listen carefully. The path of cultivation is the same no matter at which level your are, it is to         ‘ Sensing the truth, Finding the truth and achieving the truth ‘
             The goal of cultivation is to understand the universal truth and achieve it. The true nature of any element in its entirety is not something understood by anyone but some have gained insights into it and possess unimaginable power. Remember again the nature of your training should be in three steps
” Sensing the truth, Finding truth and achieving it ”

         For example the reason why many ninth rank experts are unable to break past it and reach beginner divine disciple stage is because they have never sensed the truth, if they ever sensed it then they would inevitably break past the ninth rank. At the same time when a beginner divine disciple finds even a miniscule of truth then they become a divine disciple and when a divine disciple manage to use the true power at least once then they are called peak disciples. When a peak disciple can freely use that miniscule divine energy at his will, his internal energy finally undergoes a chance and becomes divine energy and he is then called a Deva since he now has divine power.

         All devas can utilise the true power of an element they train in but it differs by how much of a true power can they bring out in their attacks, this differentiates the power levels of devas. Basically put all devas in first realm have same amount of divine power but their power levels differ greatly based on their comprehension of truth. It is the same no matter at what level you are.

        As for this Bella or Rachel training in true way means that they have already sensed it and now they only need to develop their internal strength required to reach the peak stage of ninth rank and then they can directly break past it into immortal stage, now do you understand how much gifted both of them are since they have sensed it when they are only in eighth rank. ”

        I listened with rapt attention as Void explained me these principles but the more I listened the more stunned I became at the principles of training.  Even though I was stunned I couldn’t help but asked Void ” So they have much more talent than me as I have not yet sensed the truth ”

     Void laughed and said ” Don’t worry, you can’t sense anything until you reach the eighth rank as the internal energy or mage force required to sense the true way is only achieved at eighth rank.

         Now you should understand the reason why having a strong immortal as your teacher benefits you, no body teaches others concerning such crucial matters unless they are their own disciples. Even if their disciple is unable to comprehend the truth by their own strength, the immortals can help them by letting their student be in close contact with the divine energy so that they can gain quick insight into it.

        Even though I can explain such concepts, I cannot transfer my own energy for your use so it is absolutely essential that you meet a good teacher to accelerate your growth ”

             I sighed loudly and thought ” So this is the reason why Lord Kennedy was so concerned on letting me come here because I had to find a good teacher, lord Kennedy can’t help me as he trains in the way of wind while I have to train in fire and lightning way ”

             ” Well let’s hope I meet one soon enough ”



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  1. Wow, 4th chapter in 24 hours. You wrote that you are facing in few weeks your exams,finals,…. Right now, you are giving us too much “love”. I assume that in your study time you will post nothing. So please write in advance and release in moderate intervals.

    Thanks for the chapters.


  2. Okay, so, I didn’t want to point it out because I thought the problem would fix itself, but could you stop putting spaces for the quotes of when people talk? It’s confusing to read and also ruins a bit of the reading pleasure.

    I know this is an earlier chapter, but the problem hasn’t been fixed and I haven’t seen anyone mention it.

    Thanks for the read, it is very interesting, if a little bit shallow in the character development section so far.


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