Book 2 – Chapter 5 Training :

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Training :

           The rest of the day passed without much trouble, even though I went to the classroom as asked by the elder I was greeted with an empty class and a single mentor waiting for me. He was just an early immortal and was scared shit as soon as he saw Sebastian, according to him, all students trained by themselves and rarely attend classes, as for the place and with whom they train it is left to the individuals.

          Laughing at myself for even coming to class I roamed around the campus which was no different from a large untamed territory. According to a map I found regarding Mystic academy, the entire academy is divided into three concentric divisions. While the core is only accessible to people in or above the divine disciple stage, the middle layer is accessible to only immortals. The outer layer is the most crowded layer with many mortal experts training on their own.

        S class is actually an elite class put forth to bring all individuals who have world shaking talent, the maximum age of any student in S class should not exceed 25 years else he will be expelled out of S class. Similarly Z class maximum age is only 30 years. Though these students are expelled the class they can still train in the academy but will not be given the preferential treatment of an elite class student. As far as A and B grade classes are concerned they are simply put animal farms established to raise servants for the people in S and Z classes.

                  Now the reason why these students were so frantically training is because the time specified for the challenges is coming soon, the academy has strict restrictions regarding internal challenges so they only let S class challenge Z class only once a year for one week. This is to prevent heavy causalities and also to ensure that S class individuals can concentrate on self improvement instead of challenges.

            I had no qualification to enter into the Z class since I did not even reach the eighth rank which is the minimum rank required to enter the Z class. My training speed has decreased a lot since I stopped my closed room training in Sirius mountain when I first heard the situation regarding my brother Gates. It has been 8 months since that incident and I have yet to start training seriously, I better find a good place for my training.

              Since the academy is covered with mountains and valleys, only a small amount of area was utilised for infrastructure while the remaining forest territory is a fair ground where anyone can train at anytime. Running through the forest in search of a good place for training I stumbled across many people who were training and even caught a couple fulfilling the law of nature i.e having s*x. Soon I arrived at a fairly high ground over looking the forest and decided to train there for the time being.

          Sitting in the lotus position I immersed myself into meditation while Sebastian stood guard a little distance away from me, I still remember the technique taught to me by Vera. The meditation is the basic way to increase the spiritual energy and also let the body absorb the essence of heavens but there are specific methods to increase your cultivation speed, they are essentially breathing techniques.

                 When I first started my training Vera taught me a breathing technique known as ‘ One breath gives rise to Thousand lives ‘ . According to Vera this is the strongest technique among all the breathing techniques she has ever come across. This techniques as the name says basically gives multiplied benefits, the largest being over a thousand times.

           The cycle of mediation is basically refining the mage force into its purer form, the more purer a mage’s mage force is, the more powerful a mage’s attack would be. A mage normally starts absorbing elemental essence when he starts meditating in accordance with his talent and natural affinity, the higher the affinity, the faster the he absorbs.

             But the breathing techniques are techniques which basically purifies the absorbed mage force. No one can change the speed at which the mage force is absorbed but one can purify the absorbed mage force to increase one’s power to a tremendous level. ‘ One breath gives rise to a thousand lives ‘ is a miraculous breathing technique which amplifies the purity by the a thousand times when it is completely mastered.

           Basically put if a general breathing technique needs one to complete a cycle to increase purity by a minute amount, this breathing technique let’s me purify the mage force a thousand times faster at its peak level. But at my present level I can only purify it by about 30 times faster.

            Staying in a lotus position I cleared my mind of all issues and entered into a deep meditative state, soon I could totally observe the elemental world surrounding me, no matter how I much I observe it, I couldn’t help but be shocked at the unimaginable amount of essence present before me but all I could do was connect my consciousness and slowly draw a minute amount of essence through a hay string like connection.

           I slowly started absorbing the elemental essence and circulating it in the way described by the breathing technique and purify it. The partially purified mage force is then channelled across my body and stored inside the chaotic sea of spiritual energy.

        The chaotic sea of spiritual energy is a mysterious space present inside one’s consciousness, this sea is huge and immeasurable. Only experts who have trained to a very high levels are able to explore their own sea of spiritual energy like the back of their hand. This sea is always filled with spiritual energy while it is most condensed in the centre protecting one’s soul, the mage force is intermixed with this spiritual energy when it is in its impure form.

             The spiritual energy is something which will only grow more condensed as one’s soul undergoes development and can only be increased through deep meditation. The more condensed one’s spiritual energy is, the more clearer it becomes, according to the principle spiritual energy becomes transparent when one’s soul reaches a certain level  of development. Mage force on the contrary is always present in the sea, this mage force is incomparable to the elemental mage force of nature whether in quantity or quality. When one succeeds in purifying the mage force, it starts to become closer and closer to the elemental essence of nature in quality.

       The soul is the most important part of one’s consciousness and lies at the epicentre of the sea. My soul is still very weak and is in the form of hazy gas, only when one succeeds in becoming an immortal will it achieve a material state of liquid. A soul obtains a solid state when one can utilise divine energy and reaches the stage of deva.

                  As soon as I started meditating, I wholeheartedly started delving into the immeasurable elemental essence trying to absorb it as much as possible while at the same time the absorbed elemental essence was circulated in the cycle of meditation and stored in the chaotic sea of spiritual energy. This process continued as I was trying to slowly bombard the sea with more and more mage force trying to occupy a little more space in it. Breaking into the next rank requires me to only break the spiritual energy layers and let the mage force occupy them but it is much easier said than done.

            The biggest advantage I currently receive from the breathing technique ‘ One breath gives rise to thousand lives ‘ is that it increases the purity of mage force and thus increases the speed at which I can open a little space in my sea of spiritual energy.

            After a long time I opened my eyes satisfied with the result as I managed to open a little bit of space in sea of spiritual energy maybe about a thousandth of my current capacity but I already felt quite satisfied with it, looking around I found Sebastian seated in a meditative posture a little distance away from me. Sensing my movement he opened his eyes and greeted ” Good morning young master ”

            Indeed it was early morning and currently the sun was not yet up in the sky, seeing the beautiful scenery I knew that I was not in meditation for just one day so I asked Sebastian ” How long it has been since I entered meditation? ”

       Sebastian answered lightly ” About seven days young master ”

       I was surprised at this as I never went into such a deep meditative state before but I was completely happy with the result, getting up and stretching my body I said to Sebastian ” Let’s go, I am dying of hunger since I am already out of meditation, I can no longer control it ”

    Sebastian chuckled a bit and said ” Alright young master ”

            Following the forest track we arrived back to the mansion where my suite was located, after bathing for the first time in seven days I felt refreshed. Coming out of my bath, I was greeted with all kinds of delicacies placed in front of me on the dining table  most probably arranged by Sebastian.

           Eating contently I asked Sebastian ” Sebastian I want your help regarding my training, since I can’t randomly use any people as my training equipment I have to other depend on you to get some experience. Promise me you won’t be lenient with me ”

    Sebastian suddenly raised his head and asked in a serious voice ” Are you sure young master? If you do want me be strict I assure you that you won’t be so leisurely eating your breakfast after a spar with me ”

    I said with a dark sigh on my face ” I have no choice so please be strict with me else I will never grow stronger. From the beginning I never faced a situation where I can only face despair nor I have ever been in a true life and death situation but fate is always bizarre so I may not be so lucky in the future. It is best that I prepare for such events early, I am happy as long as you don’t break my limbs and leave me when I am at the point of breaking ”

     Sebastian listened to me and suddenly said with a huge smile in his face ” Leave it to me young master. I will take good care of you from now on ”



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  1. Great story I used to not read fan fiction but nw I do try to introduce these novel to manga/light novel weblinks u prob get more peopl reading and likes added on


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