Book 2 – Chapter 6 Friend :

Author note : Hi guys, gsdreddy here with an another Chapter. This chapter will begin the introduction of long awaited characters in any novel ‘ Friends ‘ Yes, I value friendship and will try to show it as much as possible.

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Friend :

          A month passed since I asked Sebastian to help me in my training, though I know that it was me who asked for this hellish training, I sometimes wonder if Sebastian secretly hates me as he has literally broke me too many times. My daily schedule includes a spar with Sebastian early in the morning followed by warrior training in various martial arts while Sebastian let’s me do as I wish in the afternoon during which I am usually in deep mediation trying to recover the lost mage force and try to break past the seventh rank.

           During this past month I only interacted with Edward, I don’t know why but I keep getting attracted to Edward though that bastard treats me rudely. Maybe this is the feeling of connection you get with a fateful friend, I never had a real friend since childhood so I have no experience regarding this matter. I always try to agitate him whenever I can but that siscon bastard always shouts fiercely at me before leaving, somehow I enjoy seeing him getting all angry. Since I already found that he is just a siscon I have started interpreting all his actions in a different way, for example his cool behaviour is simply a mask he wore trying to control the people of S class while his real personality is actually quite different so he always tries to show off  his cool behaviour but unfortunately that won’t work on me so he is quite agitated. Similarly he knows that I am controlling his emotions through my words just like his his sister. Though my control over him is limited, I still have some.

                 Recently I feel that he has started getting less agitated on my provocations and has even started talking with me in a friendly manner so maybe he also feels that we can be good friends. Edward has even started talking a little about his family and regarding training with me, so basically he has already started to accept me as his friend but only needs a little push before he openly accepts it.

             Soon the time passed slowly and it has been three months since my entrance into the academy, during this time aside from training I spent most of my time chatting and roaming with Edward. Nobody understood how the serious Edward somehow started befriending me but none dared to interfere or object as Edward was a prince and who he befriended was his own concern.

          I was content with my current lifestyle, as for the first time I was enjoying my life as I began to slowly start experiencing various little things. Though I have to train hard and break past the seventh rank, there is no need to constantly train and I can enjoy myself during my free time. The academy was a perfect place for training while the imperial capital was the best place where one can find all kinds of entertainment.

           Since Edward was always with me when we both roamed around the capital, the treatment I received was nothing less than royalty. In the past two months I visited various places all around the capital, many of the commodities present in the Mystic empire was unknown to me so it was quite fun knowing them.

            Today both of us decided to visit a famous restaurant to have dinner, since the prince was present with me we were generally led to the chamber reserved for royalty. Ordering a few dishes I glanced at Edward who was intently observing a painting hung on the restaurant wall. Adjusting my voice to get his attention I asked in a calm voice ” So Edward I want to ask you about something, you wouldn’t mind, would you? ”

          Looking at me a little confused Edward answered back ” Sure ”

               Sighing a little I asked him ” Edward to be frank the image you have in front of other people is a little anti social so no one tries to befriend you also we both had an argument right on the day of my admission so you should hate me all the more but why did you actively start talking with me and I think you even consider me as your friend, why is that? ”

          Edward was startled at my question but he sighed deeply and said ” Forget about it ”

         Now he raised my curiosity with that answer as he would usually answer ‘ I don’t want to tell you ‘ if he had no intention of speaking about it but currently he said to forget it in a way which meant that I would not understand him even if he does explain me so I asked him again” Come on, you have to tell me ”

       Edward looked at me deeply and said ” Do you know about my sister? ”

        I was a little confused as to why he asked me about her because it was not at all a secret and everyone knew about her. Since he asked me I decided to answer truthfully and said ” Yes, I do know about her but why are you asking me this? ”

         Edward continued ” Then do know about the rumour surrounding me? ”

        Ah! That rumour of him being a siscon, I sighed and replied ” Yes, I do ”

        Edward continued ” That is the reason I tried to befriend you ”

    I dumbly stared at him and said ” Huh! ”

      Edward looked at me deeply and said ” I don’t know how that rumour came into existence but my life has been miserable since then, I become irritated if someone mention about it and I have even warned people to keep quiet about it but no matter what, it is too difficult to control a person’s mouth so I soon found myself in a situation where I am ridiculed at my back.

          It was the same with you and I always suspected that you were constantly trying to poke me to make fun of me but soon I realised that you had no such intentions. Knowing this improved my image of you and I tried to understand you a little bit by talking with you and unexpectedly I liked you quite a bit and this had lead me to befriend you ”

     I was flabbergasted at this answer and said ” Are you a ten year old kid? You kept everyone out of your life simply because you suspected that they were making fun for you behind your back. Are you so sure about them? How do you know I was not laughing at you secretly all this time while only taking advantage of your prince status? ”

        Edward sighed darkly and said ” Riddick, I am a prince bought up in the palace. Though my sister and I were twins and even though our talents didn’t differ by much, the world only sees the winner while the loser is ignored even if he only loses by a minute fraction. Since it was like that I always met with people who ridiculed me behind my back while they kept a respectful expression in front of me. I have seen people who can fool their own mothers with their acting, trust me Riddick these people all have malicious intent imprinted onto their souls and they will show their true colours when the time truly approaches.

      Born as the third child while being the second in line to the throne after my elder brother I hold much higher importance than my brother to people who wish to manipulate my family because they could first manipulate me and later they can get rid of my brother through some means, thus will essentially hand over the throne to my manipulator. Since I grew up in these conditions I can judge people very accurately and I know that you hold no malicious intent towards  me, from the beginning people always surrounded me either for my wealth or my power but you were different since I could clearly see that you neither cared for wealth nor for power so I befriended you Riddick ”

           I sighed deeply at Edward’s answer and thought ” So being a prince comes with so many difficulties, I lost my childhood in one way and he lost it in another but since we both lost our childhood and those innocent  things called friendship we are naturally wary about others. Who can blame us, unlike the friendship which is born in innocence most of the adult friendship  is only formed after balancing the gains and loses ‘ A true business deal under the disguise of beautiful word friendship ‘

( AN : I highlighted the ‘ most of ‘ to avoid any misunderstandings )

            I looked at Edward and said from the bottom of my heart ” Thank you for explaining me about your issues Edward, you have previously gained my friendship now you have gained my respect ”

    Edward smiled lightly and answered ” Thank you, now let’s forget about these matters and enjoy our dinner ”

The dinner was finished peacefully with entertaining talks between us and we soon returned back to the mansion. After saying goodnight to Edward in stead of returning to my suite I went towards the unexplored regions of academy onto a dark mountain and turned around

     Observing a seemingly ordinary dark patch I said calmly ” Why don’t you came out? Edward isn’t here anymore you know ”

         A lithe figure suddenly appeared a little distance away from me and said in a surprised voice ” Now, this is indeed a surprise. I never expected to be found out especially by you ”

      I smiled a little and answered ” What do you want miss spy? ”

      The woman said with a cold voice ” Leave Edward Mystic alone, this is an imperial order by his majesty Jasper Mystic, the great emperor of Mystic empire ”

          I smiled again and said ” Ho is it an imperial order or an order from you miss Bella Mystic ”

       The woman was stunned at my answer, stuttering a little she asked ” How did you know who I am? ”

       I smiled slyly and said ” Let’s just say that you were not the only one observing me, I was also aware of you from the very beginning ”

         Yes, just as I said, I observed that I was constantly under surveillance by one or two people whenever I was with Edward and also when I was alone training. Unfortunately for them when even I could find out that some one was observing me, with Sebastian, Void and Sylvie on my side it is impossible to catch me off guard. Sebastian has long ago investigated about this issue and found  that Bella Mystic was behind this surveillance, knowing your enemy is the basis of any game so I already knew her  and her devilishly beautiful face long ago.

     Watching her I said in a sly voice ” So Bella should I tell Edward about your request ”

          As soon as she heard my statement she gasped while I smiled with clear excitement written on my face and thought ‘ Got you ‘


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      • Relax dracolichknight, my opinion of twilight is purely personal and will not affect my novel in any way, I just thought naming them like this would be fun so even if you don’t like twilight I don’t think you need to worry about my characters turning out like those characters. Also welcome to reddycreations.


  1. My prediction: the truth is that she actully loves her brother and spred the ‘sis-con’ rumor to throw off suspicion form her. Or is that to cliché?


  2. Wait, so it’s not that the brother is a siscon, but that the sister is a brocon? My brain is going fuzzy.

    Thanks for the chapter


  3. <>

    This whole thing is just one sentence. That’s a mistake. Too long a sentence makes a reader start skipping words. Punctuations help the mind pause and rest for a bit. Lack of punctuations tires the mind and frustrates the reader.


    Too many ‘and’s and ‘you’s.


    Some might disagree, but i think even this much made it a whole lot better.

    Overusing words is an issue many writers have to deal with. Finding different ways of expressing yourself and improving your vocabulary is a necessary step if you wish to become a proper author.

    I’d like to say that while my English writing isn’t perfect, doing a lot of reading helped me see different styles and pick out the easiest ones to understand.

    Imperfect writing won’t stop readers from enjoying a story, but willingness to improve will improve that enjoyment.


    • Ugh, don’t know what erased parts of my comment.
      I’ll probably find out after a couple more tries…

      Intended edited part below (just some punctuations):

      “Knowing this improved my image of you and I tried to understand you a little bit by talking with you. Unexpectedly, I liked you quite a bit and this had lead me to befriend you. ”


    • thank you merc, I have already explained before that I am a non native English speaker so all of my knowledge is developed by reading books and watching movies. Though I wish to improve myself at a fast rate, since English is not even my second language it is too difficult for me to improve rapidly but I will try to improve myself as soon as possible. Welcome to reddycreations.


      • Hi, thanks for writing. I was wondering about you punctuation to, more specificly your “” why do you leave spaces in between the words? If there is a specific reason that’s fine it just gets confusing sometimes. “Quotes are not supposed to have a space (“hello”) between the words they are around.” With word processors it makes them face each other, for me it helps to designate what it is that it is supposed to be marked or spoken. With a lot of thoughts and stuff in a given paragraph it is some times hard to follow. It’s not a huge deal I was just curious 🙂


      • Hmm, mostly because I am not too strong in grammar but it is also to make sure that the readers are not too confused with all those punctuations. Anyway thank you rougemist13 for your suggestion and welcome to reddycrestions.


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