Book 2 – Chapter 7 The Past and The Reason

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The Past and The Reason :

      Seeing her flustered expression I  thought inwardly ‘ Got you ‘

          Though Bella became flustered for only a few seconds, that was enough for me to know a lot about her, a weak point of the devil of the Mystic clan. She is definitely a beauty but her charm has a devilish side to it, with piercing scarlet eyes perfectly capable of chilling an opponent, a body emanating a killing intent in its very stature when seen along with her scarlet cascading hair and an astonishing figure she definitely gives an image of a she devil.

       Observing me for a while with her eyes as if looking straight to the depth of my soul she said in a bone chilling voice  ” Don’t you dare open your mouth in front of Edward regarding this meeting at any point else I will peel out your tongue and rip your intestines, Understood? ”

         With an amused expression on my face I smiled a little and asked her ” Why don’t you simply kill me as that would you save you from all this trouble ”

        Bella immediately clenched her teeth and said in a agitated voice ” I can definitely kill you but I don’t want Edward to lose a friend he made after a long time ”

          I started as I heard this from Bella, a little confused concerning her statement I asked her ” What do you mean when you said that Edward made a friend after a very long time ”

           Bella’s face immediately became sad as she reminiscent about past, after a while she asked me with a sigh ” Do you know why Edward is so edgy concerning rumours and people who talk behind his back? ”

    Edward already explained me the reason for the his unusual behaviour just an hour ago so I answered her truthfully ” Since he is second in line to the throne, he always had to deal with such people before and hates to trust them so he is edgy about them ”

      Bella nodded weakly and said ” That is partly correct but the reason why he is so unwilling to trust others isn’t because he hates those loudmouths but rather because of an incident that happened ten years ago.

            Edward and I had a brother named Jacob, he was our closest brother as big bro Charles age differed from us by more than fifteen years. That year we were only eight and we used to play a lot with big bro Jacob since he was only sixteen and loved to spoil us, being second in line he still had many duties but he still played with us almost everyday. Our lives were peaceful and we were enjoying our innocent childhood along with our brothers and our parents till that incident happened which completely drowned all of us in despair.

     Though big bro Jacob didn’t have much talent as a warrior he was a genius when it came to academics and was considered to be a very proficient scholar, he was also very popular and had many friends whom he used to entertain very often. Big bro Jacob would never discriminate against anyone and befriend noble or plebian alike. One day big bro Jacob was kidnapped by unknown forces and his amputated hand was sent to the imperial court as a proof that they held him captive along with a letter demanding a total of a thousand black pearls to release my brother.

             Though everyone tried hard to find out about my brother’s whereabouts not a single clue was found and every one was desperately trying to amass the entire wealth of the empire, my father tried his best to console us that my brother was alright and will return soon but I could see despair in his eyes because a thousand black pearls was impossible to obtain even if my father sold his entire empire.

        My father with much difficulty had only obtained three hundred black pearls and begged our ancestor who was at the peak disciple stage by kneeling in front of his abode for an entire week. Immortals didn’t care and wouldn’t interfere with mortal issues, this manner of them will only deepen as one cultivates to an extreme level. Though our ancestor was reluctant he still sent his disciple who was a divine disciple to solve this matter. My father was overjoyed and celebrated that my brother will finally be saved.

            As expected of an immortal, he found the whereabouts of the people responsible in only a few hours. Together with my father we arrived as soon as possible to the location, the immortal who arrived before us had already wiped out the entire bandit clan which was responsible. My brother who was held in prison was in a very poor condition since he lost too much blood when his arm was ripped off but he was still alive and breathing.

           My family was overjoyed and was in tears when we finally found our brother, as we were celebrating the women and children of the bandit clan who had yet to  fight were captured by the soldiers. The immortal left them alive as he had no reason to kill them but the reason why my family stood still was because of a boy we found in between the bandit clan members.

        His name was Kent, a close friend of my brother who visited us many a times. He was a plebian who should be in the capital but he was there in front of us among the bandit clan. Understanding the reason as to how my brother was even kidnapped my father ordered to execute Kent on the spot, it was very clear that Kent betrayed my brother by acting as his friend while he waited for his chance to strike.

              But the thing we expected the least was that my brother Jacob stopped my father from executing Kent, walking towards Kent he said with a feeble voice but we could see a kind smile on his face
” Kent, I don’t know why you did this but I know that you definitely did not betray me out of your own free will. I don’t blame you for this so let’s forget about the past and stay as friends ”

        We could see faint traces of tears in Kent’s eyes as he listened to my brother, my brother slowly walking forward and hugged Kent. As we were watching this a painful howl emerged from my brother’s mouth as he stumbled back and collapsed, we could see a wound on his heart and he was watching us with a pleading expression in his eyes as if asking to save him but his eyes soon lost focus and he died right before us.

     Kent who still held the knife he used to kill my brother laughed sinisterly and said ” You were responsible for killing all my brothers and now you want me to be your friend, fuck you and your family. I was never your friend, I was always after your money as I was promised 10% of whatever we could extract from your family ”

        My father who saw this howled with unbearable pain in his voice and directly beheaded Kent with his sword. Falling on his knees my father wailed as he saw my lifeless corpse of my brother.

        From that very instant something changed in all of us, Edward deeply loved big bro Jacob and his death caused him to deeply despise people who held back on their words and maintained secrecy. He always believed that any one who tries to get close to him for anything will always hold malicious intent so he never really let anyone get close to him ”

          I listened quietly to everything Bella said and could not help but feel sorry for  what this pair of siblings had to undergo in their lives, I also once experienced the feeling of loosing my brother but I was already sixteen and was much more mature than they were when they lost their brother. Seeing their brother die right in front of their eyes by the hands of a traitor should have deeply impacted their personality so it is no wonder Edward is so sceptic about anything regarding friends and Bella is so careful regarding anyone who is moving closely with her brother.

           Bella saw my complicated expression and said ” I don’t know why Edward decided to let you into his little world but since he has let you, I won’t stop him but remember that I will kill you the the very instant I find you having any type of malicious intent towards Edward ”

          I sighed and answered ” Thank you for believing in me and letting me know the reason behind his behaviour as well as the reason behind your over protective nature. I am guessing the rumour is also a way to help you save Edward ”

    Bella saw me for a second and then answered ” The bandit clan was never found to have resources to kidnap a prince so it was understood that they received help from outside forces rather, the outside forces utilised the bandit clan as their safety vault where they could keep my brother. Though we tried to investigate we never found the forces behind the attack that happened ten years ago.

             After my brother’s death Edward became the second in line and thus can be the next target of those forces so I always keep a look out at any and all people who approach Edward at all times. The rumour of him being a siscon is spread by me to create a false image to show that I hate him since he loves me, his own sister which is sick. No matter how much careful the enemies are they will inevitably try to pull the enemy of their target to their side so I want to show case myself as Edward’s enemy so that I will know the dangers approaching Edward ”

           I sighed a little and was about to speak when a voice froze me as well as Bella ” So the little princess had such an elaborate story to explain, I almost fell asleep listening to your trash talk ”

              Lifting our heads we saw a man hovering in air above us, as soon as Bella saw the man, all colour lost from her face as she stuttered and said

” You… are ……….. ”



23 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 7 The Past and The Reason

  1. Damn it, my last prediction as so close. Ok new one: the immortal that just turned up is eather the one which killed the bandits or her ancestor.

    (From now on, if you give me a cliffhanger im going to make a prediction) πŸ˜›


  2. it’s hard to believe that she’d tell him the reason… even if it’s known i’m
    pretty sure no one would say it openly to someone they just met


    • xatoatox the reason is not a secret as everyone who has insight into the affairs if the royal family knows it but Riddick isn’t a local to Mystic empire but he has some how gained the trust of her overly conscious brother so Bella tells the inside reason to prevent any misunderstandings and also warns Riddick to never betray her brother.


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