Book 2 – Chapter 8 Boundary

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Boundary :

                       Bella stood fixated on the ground and stuttered ” You… are Lucius Mars ”

           The immortal smiled and said in a calm tone ” Yes, dear that’s right. What? Why are you starting at me like that, Is something wrong with my appearance? ”

         I didn’t understand how Bella knew this man but obviously they knew each other, confused at the scene happening before me I stood vigilant and observed them.

        Bella finally recovered from her stupor and said with a stunned voice ” How…how are you alive? No, it is impossible you are supposed to be dead ”

             Lucius was delighted upon seeing her expression and small smile appeared on his face as he said ” Well, indeed that’s right dear. I am supposed to be dead but I am clearly alive so your information was incorrect ” glancing at me for a second he continued ” Bella I really wanted to let your friend go since this is an issue between us but you already explained him too much also I felt a strange presence from him so unfortunately he has to die today to keep my secret intact ”
                I immediately thought ” Not good ” while Void shouted ” Run, now “, I knew that this man Lucius wanted Bella alive for some reason so he won’t kill her, not hesitating at all I ran at my maximum speed towards the direction of mansion where Sebastian was present, he was my only hope in this situation.

        As soon as I started running, the immortal moved at lightning speed and struck Bella on nape making her lose consciousness immediately, cursing at my bad luck I shouted at Void ” Why didn’t you sense his approach? Didn’t you say you can sense anyone who approached me ”

      Void answered me in a frantic voice ” That thing is not a real living person, it is a clone made by using corpses of countless cultivators. This clone doesn’t have a soul and is remotely controlled through its master’s spiritual energy, my senses are very accurate regarding souls and since this clone doesn’t have one I couldn’t sense him.

          Forget about it, contact Sylvie now and ask her to immediately head over. We will have better chance to survive with her present, Sebastian is not with us these days because of your foolishness, saying that you didn’t want to see his face after every day’s hell training ”

        Not bothering to argue with Void, I immediately called Sylvie through my consciousness ” Sylvie, where are you? ”

      Sylvie, sensing the urgency in my voice replied in a hurry ” Master, I am at the borders of the academy. I can reach you in 10 minutes ”

              I almost cursed her out but controlling myself I ordered ” Get here as quickly as possible ”

      Sylvie answered ” Yes, master ” hesitating for a moment she asked ” Master, is everything alright? ”

     I clenched my teeth and said ” No it isn’t. Come back quickly ”

           Sylvie went silent after that but I could clearly sense the turmoil in her soul, although it looked like it has been a while since I ran but in reality only a minute passed and I was just a mile away from him, this distance was too short for an immortal and he could catch me anytime.

         I reached the edge of a mountain cliff and directly jumped into the valley present below me without any hesitation, falling on the ground I immediately started running in the direction of my mansion only to stop in my tracks as I saw Lucius hovering in air right in front of me with an amused expression on his face. Seeing me he said ” Now, that was really entertaining kid. How did you even think you can outrun me. Well, let’s stop this discussion, surrender voluntarily and I promise you that you won’t even feel any pain, you will have a peaceful death ”

        I knew that I couldn’t escape from him so I did the only thing I could do, directing all my strength I leapt backwards towards the cliff and started chanting the spell ” Lightning block ” , a seventh ranked spell which isolates the caster on all sides and protects him from physical attacks for a while, my idea was to activate a geometric spell through my attribute formation. As I casted this spell, Lucius was observing me without any movement.

       When the spell was casted, Lucius started and struck the lightning screen surrounding me with his fist directly breaking it, I knew that a seventh ranked spell could never match an immortals strength but seeing it smashed so easily sank my heart into despair. A malicious smile appeared on Lucius face as he caught me by my neck, directly raising me off the ground  threw me viciously towards the cliff on my back.

       The impact I received when my body struck the cliff directly ruptured my intestines and I coughed up blood as I fell to the ground. Coughing up blood I focused my vision only to see Lucius approaching me, refusing to give up yet I let the mana in my body violently explode in the form of a explosion while I ran with my battered body only to be caught again and thrown like a doll.

                Receiving two impacts from the throws of an immortal level warrior, my body was completely battered and I could clearly sense that one of my leg was  fractured at multiple positions while there were multiple concussions and fracture in many parts of my body. As I observed my condition I knew that I no longer had any possibility of escaping so I turned towards Lucius and asked in a weak voice ” Who are you? Why would a person of your power kidnap Bella himself and why are you trying to kill me, a mere mortal? Where is your pride as an immortal? Don’t you guys consider killing mortals as a despicable act ” I have to delay him as long as I can, though only three minutes have passed since I started running, if I can engage him in a conversation for a few more minutes then I may have a chance when Sylvie arrives.

       Lucius yawned as he heard my barrage of questions, scratching his ear he said in a lazy voice ” You ask too many questions kid. Why should I answer any of your questions also, you are too naive, immortals usually don’t kill mortals because they have no reason but once they find one it is impossible to expect mercy, I won’t be surprised if an immortal kills an entire clan just to obtain a single parchment of precious information the clan possess ”

       I inwardly sighed as he started conversing with me, I should delay him more. Thinking such I continued my act and said ” Senior, I am nothing but a mere mortal who have yet to reach enlightenment so please spare me and I promise to take your secret to my grave ”

       Lucius laughed and said ” Kid, I know that you are trying to delay me for some reason but I have seen too many similar acts before and yours won’t work on me either. Let me tell you something kid ” People tell all kinds of tales to save their lives ” and the only way you can always save yours is to kill an enemy without listening to any of his tales ”

        My face sank as I heard Lucius but before I could even speak again a powerful palm struck me on my heart. Pain on a scale I have never felt before assaulted my mind as I coughed up a mouthful of blood. My heart beat raised indefinitely for a second until it suddenly came to an halt, everything happened in a second and I fell face first on the ground.

         Lucius seeing me wounded lethally left without a word while I could clearly hear Sylvie’s cry in my mind as she knew my situation. Though I wanted to run back to mansion, I couldn’t do anything, my mind was slowly becoming cloudy and I was coughing up blood with weak muffled coughs. My legs had no strength left in them while I couldn’t even sense my hands, I almost lost consciousnesses but a terrifying shout awakened me ” Ridddickkk! ”

        Ah! It was Void but I didn’t have the strength to reply, somehow I felt that staying awake was too hard and I would rather sleep but Void was disturbing me with his shouts. Soon I was loosing consciousness again but a small surge of divine energy ripped through my sea of spiritual energy and collided with my soul. A ripple emerged from my soul when divine energy collided with it, the next instant I felt the my spiritual energy boil as it enveloped my mana force and started changing it into the unique divine energy of my attribute.

         My attribute by nature produced  divine energy but it was minute and couldn’t be utilised in battle. The soul ripple which was spreading through my sea of consciousness was changing my mage force into divine energy while my spiritual energy was instead distorting into an unknown black miasma. A terrifying pain seared through my soul as this process was being done, .my body which was already on the stage of collapse started convulsing in pain far greater than the pain I felt as my heart stopped.

           This pain was too much and my body couldn’t stop from convulsing tremendously, seconds passed by and  I began to doubt whether I was still alive but the pain continued as well as the convulsions. A few minutes passed by and I began to question why I am still alive, my heart was still, without a single movement so I should have died already.  Soon I began to beg for death as I rather preferred to die than to suffer this horrible soul ripping pain.

       A few minutes later Sylvie arrived beside me and started screaming in my mind ” Master, master….” I wanted to answer her but I had no control over my speech and couldn’t do anything but scream continuously while suffering the horrifying pain. Ten minutes of living hell passed by and I finally lost my consciousness.

             A white foggy space was present in my view as I regained my consciousness, my mind was hazy so I couldn’t think clearly, turning around to observe my surroundings I saw nothing but indefinite fog, too tired to explore it I fell asleep . After a long time, I finally woke up to see the fog world but couldn’t sense how much time has passed since I slept, it is hard to determine the flow of time here. Somehow I knew that my physical body was still alive so I came to a conclusion that this fog world was just an illusionary world I was imagining else it wasn’t possible to explain this phenomenon.

         Indefinite amount of time passed as I tried to observe and examine the fog world, I had no idea how many days or years passed, though I tried to mentally calculate time, it was impossible to track it. My mind was slowly regaining its calmness and I could think much better. I could sense that my connection with my physical body which I could sense clearly was becoming more and more indistinct as time passed and I was becoming a being made of pure spiritual energy.

           Time passed again and I knew that my contact with my physical body was almost completely lost, while my consciousness was becoming more and more powerful in this fog world, I understood that this space is most probably the boundary between life and death. This space was very special as it holds the souls of individuals who are neither alive nor dead, the soul who stayed in this space gains consciousness which will only grow stronger the more time they spent here. I couldn’t compare clearly my soul strength but my soul should have long passed the limits of an ordinary immortal soul, may be it was strong enough to compare with a divine disciple’s soul.

           My consciousness now holds onto a minute string of connection I still felt with my physical body, at my current level of soul strength I could probably rival the most power individuals of my world if it was only in the power of divine consciousness but what use was this power in this fog world, I understood instinctively that the pull of netherworld was becoming stronger and I wouldn’t stay here for long.

      I started reminiscent on my past, as I waited for my death. Slowly the thin string of life I held onto was disappearing when I suddenly felt an another consciousness in the fog world, a fear and a hope simultaneously rose in me as I started looking towards the other consciousness, I resided in this world for who knows how many years yet this was the first time I encountering it so I couldn’t help but think ” Who on earth has enough power to escape from my divine consciousness? I couldn’t sense it no matter how much I scanned this world with my divine consciousness, just who is it? “


24 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 8 Boundary

  1. hmm for someone so smart.. he didnt have his only protection near him in such a dangerous place.. and im surprised that Sebastian didnt stay close no matter what he said.. his only task is to protect him


    • well, I thought that you wouldn’t want to see a person who trashed you that very morning when you were peacefully enjoying dinner also our MC actually has no enemies in Sky continent and he was with a prince so he should have enough safety. this reasoning led to our MC’s decision of ditching Sebastian, I wanted to explain all this in the chapter but to preserve the good feel , I left the reasoning to readers imagination.


    • Well you will soon be surprised jusso also welcome to reddycreations. As a side note I couldn’t find a way in which I can make him win against an immortal level opponent with just his seventh ranked strength


      • Well, when he was ranked one or two he killed his uncle with a Void help, and there was a difference in 6-7 ranks, what different now? I know where it leads – i read just too many wuxia and xiaxia novels to not have a slightest idea, but to say fair this whole chaos power is kinda weak, I guess you read CD(sorry for comparison) so there Linley not only had a teacher(here it’s Void and Vera) and a high reserve of ki + Dragon form(which there is Chaos element) but in addition he was genius when it came to insights and don’t forget sculpture trance which helped author to quickly rise him few ranks. What you’ll do here is a hard development cause from a start – it was a mistake to come in Sky continent on his current level.


      • Difference in six or seven ranks? Jusso, Everything can’t be explained in logic. I have trouble reading some books with weird logic yet no readers complain there since it is just a translation. I am trying my best to create a novel where my MC grows accordingly, unfortunately I can’t provide an MC who can kill a divine disciple stage expert when he is only at seventh rank. Void can only help him with theory while controlling the already existing power of Riddick, please don’t try to compare my story with CD or any novel too much, I have my originality and wish to create something I think as good. I admit that my novel is heavily influenced by CD and other Xianxia but it is still an original while taking the general criteria from others.

        If I really wanted to talk about logics, I think it is extremely foolish for Beirut to let Bebe go to infernal realm at god level since we know that god’s are killed as easily as ants in infernal realm also it never made sense to me as to why he didn’t go along with them, it’s not like he can’t take a century off from his work.


    • Some where in between, don’t worry I have no idea of killing my MC so you will see him back in the next chapter. Thank you for commenting and welcome to reddycreations.


      • Oh. I thought he’s dead. Haha. Well sucks for him that an immortal almost killed him. I hope sebastian and sylvie kill that immortal in the most painful way. Paying debts with interest as what they say.


  2. Well…that escalated quickly, hehe,
    and btw, will Sylvie be able to transform? I mean, will she take on a beautiful woman form?(it would be awesome if she did :P)

    and thanks for the chapter.


  3. So i understand why sebastien/sylvie weren’t around, but why was bella wandering around without any guards, isn’t she a royal princess? That was like the easiest kidnapping of a princess. Ever.

    Also, last chapter you said riddick’s soul was very weak and only a mist, not even liquid yet, now you’re saying his soul can even compare to a divine disciple soul, which is solid??


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