Book 2 – Chapter 9 Soon :

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               In the quiet fog world there were no disturbances not even a minor one ever since I gained my consciousness yet  currently the fog was moving at an extremely fast speed in a vortex around a focal point visible to me, this vortex was so strong that the entire fog world shuddered while it consumed fog at an astonishing rate, this process lasted for unknown amount of time until all the fog in the near vicinity was engulfed by the vortex which was still revolving at a tremendous speed yet, for some reason it did not pull me into it.

       Slowly the entire fog which gathered in the vortex started condensing into a an entity which I fear is the being I sensed in this world, wind howled and world shook as the fog condensed more and more, the fog vortex which spanned several kilometres, was now only a few hundred metres in length while amazingly it  condensed and condensed until the hazy white fog started gaining a black colour, the condensation proceeded while the vortex engulfed the remaining fog simultaneously producing more and more condensed black cloud. After a few hours of condensing all that was left was a pitch black cloud spanning only several tens of metres in length.

                   Suddenly the connection I felt with my physical body strengthened for an instant before disappearing again, I wanted to search for that connection  but I was astonished looking at another cloud of black fog appear in front of me, the reason for this was simple because I was all too familiar with this black fog, it was my spiritual energy which changed into the black miasma before I lost consciousness.

       The black spiritual energy fog without any command from me directly fused with the black cloud resulting in a thunderous explosion, following which lightning appeared all over the fog followed by spatial ripples. The black cloud and black fog which were obviously the reason for all these phenomenon suddenly started condensing violently shaking the entire dimension, seeing this violent phenomenon I couldn’t help but break into cold sweat. The condensed black cloud was now only a few metres long but the thing standing out the most was a metre long black lump in the middle of the cloud which was clearly in liquid form

     The black lump of liquid which was formed because of some kind of collision and condensation between the two primary black clouds started moving in the form of two small streams, according to a strange rhythm, they convulsed and twisted against each other finally dividing into four streams of black liquid each forming a pillar on the ground, the pillar formed started expanding and a structure formed above them as they drew  miasma from the cloud. The entire structure was completed as it took the form of a majestic pitch black bull with four muscular legs supporting a body weighing 5000 pounds in weight, a head large enough to suit its stature and horns whose sharpness could probably rip through any substance in existence.

         The majestic bull which formed before me suddenly opened its eye lids revealing its blood red eyes and bellowed while emitting steam from its nostrils, it’s red eyes suddenly focused on me making me shiver unconsciously but its next sentence stunned me, bowing its majestic head while its horns caused spacial ripples it said ” This humble servant ‘ Yama ‘ pays his respects your majesty ”

( AN : Yama is the king of hell and the god who rules over death in Indian mythology while the male buffalo – Bull is his mount as well as the personification of his weapon which is a whip imbued with the divine power of his authority. Yama as said in the Indian mythology is the only god who has power to rule over death thus he defies the law of heavens )

            I was dumbfounded as I heard the bull speak to me, slowly I recovered from my daze and asked the bull ” are Yama, are you the whip left by Vera? ”

       The bull answered in a extremely respectful voice ” Yes, your majesty. I am the whip which has been in your care since many years, I am useless and couldn’t protect you while constantly being a burden to you so please punish this servant your majesty ” saying this it tried to kneel with its heavy body.

      Seeing its action I hurriedly said ” Yama, no need to kneel and don’t worry you were not a burden, it was me who was useless to begin with as I could not even use. Now it is  fine but please do tell me why are you calling me as your majesty ”

         Bull tilted its head and answered as a matter of fact ” Of course I have to call your majesty with respect because you are my king ”

       I was taken aback with the Yama’s words and thought ‘ I don’t remember being a king ‘ Yama who had seen through my thoughts said ” Your majesty, everything will be revealed when it is necessary. Even if you know the laws of universe, it won’t have much use to you unless you know how to use these laws so please be patient and everything will be understood when you are ready to know it ”

      I sighed deeply and said ” Alright I understand, this is not the first time I was told that sentence but the  main issue is that I cannot feel my physical body anymore. Am I dead? ”

         Yama snorted and said ” This is my realm and here only my rules are followed. Even if the heavens fall and world shatters, no matter what happens as long as you are in this realm of mine no god nor devil can touch your soul your majesty. You will not die even if the heavens wish your death, rest assured your majesty, you are safe here. This yamaloka ( loka = world ) is not a place where death can enter without my permission ”

        Listening to Yama I asked in an excited voice ” So am I still alive? Then can I return back to the material realm ”

    Yama laughed loudly and said ” Of course, your majesty. Here, let’s go ”

       The world which I lived in for a while suddenly distorted and I felt like being sucked into a vortex before finally regaining my consciousness in my body. Sylvie was already awake as she sensed me coming back to consciousness and I could see Sebastian a little away from me with a gloomy look on his face, my body still ached but most of my internal injuries were healed and I could see various bandages bound on my broken leg. Waking up Sylvie I lightly stroked her as she was crying her heart out while Sebastian came forward to examine me, seeing that my condition was fine and he heaved a sigh of relief.

         Watching me with an unwavering  gaze, Sebastian said ” Young master, please be aware that I will no longer listen to your orders if they state to stay away from you, seeing that you did not return for a while I came looking for you only to find you in this condition. I was tasked with the duty of protecting you by lady Vera, if any thing had happened to you how I could I continue to live, even my death wouldn’t have compensated for my wrongs, So please don’t force me to disobey your orders young master ”

     I sighed and said ” Don’t worry Sebastian, I learnt my lesson by almost loosing my life so I will never ask you to stay away from me also that Lucius will come after me again since I am still alive ”
     Sebastian frowned and said ” Lucius, I wonder who he is? Rest assured young master, he won’t get away the next time he appears in front of me ”

                Smiling a little I nodded my head and asked Void ” What are you doing Void? ”

       Void answered in weak voice ” Kid, you almost died and by trying to save you I lost most of my life force. It will be a long time before I regain my vitality but the good news is Yama is awakened. The minimum requirement to awaken Yama was that you should have reached immortal level and sensed the laws of the world but I forcibly awakened him by converting your spiritual energy to divine consciousness present only in immortals, this was a bold move as any mishap in the process would have destroyed your soul and annihilated you but the process succeeded and I managed to insert your soul into Yamaloka before it was damaged by the pull of netherworld.

         But to do this I had to utilise most of my life force since I couldn’t use my divine energy, at least the effort paid off and now you can utilise Yama giving you superior protection as well as the benefits of Yamaloka. I have to recover so I will be out for while Riddick ”

( AN : Void is restricted by the prison he is  in from transmitting his divine energy but he can transmit his life force AKA vitality barely through the prison, think that he can transmit 0% divine energy and 1% life force so he is exhausted as he had to expand 100x times the life energy required plus without any support from divine energy )

            I shook my head and thought ‘ Today was really dangerous and I almost died because of my carelessness. It would have been much better if I even brought  Sylvie with me while I would not be in this situation at all if I brought Sebastian along with me, a single wrong decision taken in the spurt of any moment can be the catalyst for my own demise. This situation again proves that I am not careful enough nor am I strong enough ‘

          Stroking Sylvie’s head who was curled around me and softly crying ‘ master….master … ‘ I consoled and said ” It’s alright Sylvie, I am fine ”

             I took out Yama who was bound around my waist and called ” Yama “. Immediately strange ripple arised from the whip as fire and lightning began to converge around it and changed its appearance from an dull whip to a extremely terrifying presence as it became a pitch black whip carved out with fire and bathed in lightning. Coiling around my body in the form of an eight, it held some kind of divine ability preventing even a energy speckle from reaching me.

     With a voice which seems like a deep pit of the hell it spoke ” So when are we going to kill that little punk who dared to attack his majesty ”

   I laughed at his enthusiasm but anger convulsed on my face as I said ” Soon ”



24 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 9 Soon :

  1. So now only way for him to die is lose his body? And kinda like the whip weapon, was getting sick from swords, it’s so rare for a weapon like bow or mace not even talking about bare-hands to be MC choice, as if cool weapons only for bad guys.


    • There are many factors which come into picture when a story progresses. Take coiling dragon ring for example it was a sovereign level soul protecting artifact maybe damaged, essentially MC should never fear soul based attacks but there was highgod soul silk which can check for weak points in soul defence and kill an enemy. This is an example for how many factors come into play even if the MC has a ridiculously strong weapon. Thanks jusso for commenting.


  2. It seems that you fans will not ler you take a break! Thank you for the chapter and a big thanks for the sponsors, for let us read yhis amazing story.


  3. chapter-8-boundary felt like u are trying to force feed you readers shit just so the mc can have a power up reasons. 1 mc is suppose to be smart and careful what happened is not how you mc would go about it he knows his limits. 2 the reason u gave for mc not having protection is rubbish just cause u got u ass kick by u body guard in training u suddenly have a cry and have him stay home just cause u can’t stand the site of him makes no sense when mc life is on the line just suck it up and be a man. 3 at the very least he should of had Sylvie’s with him.

    The way it should of happen was mc makes plan to get Bella to come out so he tells Sebastian that she won’t come out if mc got guards aroundSebastian is not happy with this plan mc has Sebastian wait at the house then follow as with Sylvie or Sylvie stay we’re she is hunting so she is a hidden asset Sebastian stays 5 minutes away so there no way for him to be discovers by Bella or her guards if she brings some then lucius Mars show up it he is not pick up by void or Sebastian it all happens so fast Sebastian can not intervene Sebastian gets there see lucius Mars in the distant but can not go after him as mc is fuck up and critical and having some sort of break through and he need to be protected.


    • Thank you luffy, I appreciate your suggestion. There are many ways in which I can currently improve my writing but the time is limited so I am improving slowly buy steadily, please look forward to the next chapters. Welcome to reddycreations.


  4. The problem with smart MCs is that they have to be smart. That means the author needs to find ways to outsmart the opponents. That can become a pain in the ass making plots along the way…

    Now that your MC fucked up, you can’t rush in and randomly deal payback because he learned his lesson and you have to start planning things for him.
    He’s not Goku, so he can’t just power up each time Krilin dies, therefore going full speed ahead is not an option for him right now. Unless that’s how you want it…

    He’s injured so he needs to think, which means you need to think. Think good.

    Good luck


  5. A respectable effort towards antagonism that exceeds the raw power of the MC. Though I agree the reasoning behind his vulnerability did come across as a weak (as per Luffy’s comment) and I’m always a bit iffy on the whole notion of the bad guy leaving the hero to “bleed out” vs. ripping his head-off / blowing his body apart, I feel like you deserve credit for taking the risk to work the “1st major defeat / life risked / horrible death like suffering endured / power gained mini-arc” into your story.

    As I continue catching up on your fiction (I’m 7 chpts behind sadly) I look forward to seeing how you take advantage of all the new plot and character development angles that you’ve generated through the last few chapters’ events.

    Keep on writing!


  6. Very cool ideas. I enjoyed the idea here. Void really put in much effort to save his ass. Hopefully it won’t take more than a few months to a year for him regenerate his full Vitality. It would be a shame otherwise. Love the whip of hell haha.


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