Book 2 – Chapter 10 He is…..

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He is ….

             At a remote mountain outside the territory of imperial city of Mystic empire, a small cottage was present situated among dense vegetation. It was impossible to locate it unless someone specifically tries to find it, a greenish aura however completely enveloped it on all sides. This aura was a fragment of divine consciousness left by Sebastian as a countermeasure when he was away form the cabin, since he could always sense his divine consciousness, none could approach the cottage without alerting him.

      This was a place where I currently resided, though I was no longer in a life threatening situation, the injuries I received were severe and required a large amount of time to recover completely. Sebastian was out, trying to find the identity of the Lucius while I was here resting, Sylvie was always with me and even refused to leave me for a simple hunt while Sebastian used his divine consciousness as well as a jade talisman which he asked me to carry at all times to keep a track of me, the divine consciousness is sensed by him directly  while the jade talisman has the same power but it is less sensitive to other’s presence.

                  Since I was simply resting while my injuries healed, I started chatting with Yama, who was always recommending an early revenge on Lucius while Void occasionally woke up and warned me not to be reckless. Resting in cottage I stared training quietly while occasionally visiting Yama loka which was now entirely different from the past fog world, Yama though he restored his powers recently  had already customised his realm into a clear and refreshing world from its former hazy appearance.

                Yama loka is a weird world where Yama is the ruler of all laws so he can change and twist all laws of this world with just a thought, I was quite excited as I knew his prowess as this would be immensely helpful in a fight.  Thinking such I asked Yama ” Yama, can’t you kill an enemy by trapping him in here, if you can do that then we can defeat an enemy easily ”

     Yama who heard me said in a sad voice ” Your majesty, it is indeed true that I can easily kill an enemy who is trapped into my realm but the world is never so simple, I cannot trap any enemies in my realm by myself. The only way any person can enter into my realm is either by voluntarily choosing to enter into it or when my master forcibly subdued him and prevent him from resisting when my suction force starts engulfing him so even if I do possess the power to kill any enemy in my realm, I can’t forcibly teleport someone into my dimension ”

          I sighed as I heard this because I already knew that nothing in this world is so simple, it was the same when I received my attribute. In theory my power which has been enhanced by my attribute can never be rivaled yet, I was defeated so easily by an opponent who didn’t even bother to use his weapon. My affinity should have increased to maximum level after I started fusing my elemental essence with my chaos attribute, yet there are many mages who can almost rival me with their natural talent. Sylvie being a god beast should be an unrivaled existence among magical beasts but her power is still only at ninth rank while it took her almost five years to reach this stage, she can be killed by many experts or magical bests before she even matures. This is the truth behind every power, no matter how powerful it is, the world always has flaws so does a power and a persons ability is measured by his talent in covering up for such shortcomings.

              With a self mocking expression I thought aloud ‘ Well, it is understandable. How can such a godly weapon who can kill anyone as long as he is trapped in its dimension exist without a single flaw. If Yama didn’t have such a flaw then wouldn’t he essentially be an unmatched weapon of slaughter ‘

        While Yama had such a restriction on its usage, the Yama loka in itself had another restriction, it was a dimension born with the divine authority of Yama so  he had control over anything and everything present in it but this control was limited to Yama so I can’t control this world at my will. Simply put I had to ask Yama to even let me enter this world, this also puts a restriction upon me from using the most coveted ability an individual dimension can possess.

           An individual dimension is a pocket present in between the chaotic space where the flow of time is different and a dimension can dip a small part of it into a  flow of time which is slower than norm to essentially let its controller live and train for many years while only a fraction has passed in reality thus essentially gaining power faster than his peers. This variable  flow of time and it’s selection i.e the slower your flow is, is dependent on the quality of the dimension and the power of its controller.

                Since I did not even gain control over the dimension I couldn’t possibly control a part of it. Though Yama can control it he can’t influence it to follow my command since the dimension itself determines me to be a foreign being within its existence. According to Yama he does not contain a dimension within him rather he was the dimension itself so the only way I can control the dimension is to control and master Yama.

            While the control over the Yamaloka was not progressing at all, there was another thing I was worried about, it was a mass of unreclaimed divine consciousness present in Yamaloka, this was the additional divine consciousness I developed in the fog world when I first arrived inside it. According to Yama I should have spent roughly a thousand years in this realm while having a hazy consciousness which slowly developed into a massive divine presence here in this realm where it was perfect to cultivate spiritual energy as time passed.

                Since Yama was still reviving he did not know the exact passage of time in this realm and could only guess that maybe a thousand years passed, According to Yama such a ridiculously strong spatial time rift has happened because of the the divine life force he received from Void which he used unknowingly to control the dimensional time flow. Void’s life force which was transmitted into this world was enough to help him recover a bit of his divine consciousness which was most probably the sensation I felt when my contact with my physical body was almost lost. The divine consciousness present in Yamaloka was left behind by me as mg current soul can’t control it, it will slowly return to me as time passed and my soul develops.

       Yama who recovered a bit of his consciousness started accumulating all of his divine energy spread in the form of hazy fog throughout the entire dimension, this process was slow and it required a lot of time before he obtained enough fog to condense in into his divine energy which was in the form of black cloud, this process became faster as he gained more and more divine energy and he finally managed to revive his body which was his manifestation.

           Yama sighed sadly as he stood before me and said ” If only a part of me wasn’t lost then I would be a complete being, at my current level of power I can easily deal with these divine disciples but those devas are an entirely different matter. They not only have divine energy but also their souls are extremely powerful and can never
be underestimated, it will be a tough fight against them ”

     I consoled Yama and said ” Vera did say that you were damaged but Void told me that there was a way to restore  you so don’t worry we will slowly recover your lost fragment ”

           Yama bellowed as I said this ” Thank you your majesty ”

              Suddenly I felt movement from Sylvie so I returned my Yamaloka only to see Sebastian returning along with a huge sack on his back, seeing me who returned to consciousness he bowed gently and said ” Young master, I have investigated the whereabouts of Edward and Belle ”

          I rose to my feet abruptly and asked immediately ” Where are they? ”

      Sebastian put the sack on the ground and said ” They are definitely not in the Mystic empire young master, this was the only thing I could find out after investigating from various sources ”

       I sat down again dejected as I heard this, raising my head I asked Sebastian ” What happened to the Mystic clan and what is the emperor doing? ”

        Sebastian sighed and shook his head as I said this, glancing at the bag he said ” Mystic clan is safe and sound, the only thing that happened since then was the unusual behaviour of the emperor. It is quite obvious that he knows about the disappearance of his children yet he never announced any inquiry nor I could observe any hidden teams set on the task to track them. The clan was behaving weirdly and their every action some how appeared unnatural in my view ”

           I frowned and asked ” Mystic clan is not doing anything when their prince and princess are kidnapped, it is impossible that they still didn’t notice their disappearance but why aren’t they doing anything? According to what Bella has said to me, doesn’t Jasper Mystic deeply care about his family also isn’t Mystic clan considered to be a clan with strong interpersonal relationships. Then why didn’t they take any action, did that Lucius warn them to keep quiet. NO, that is not possible. He wanted to kill me simply because I knew his identity, he wouldn’t reveal himself to just warn others, besides I see no reason why he would even warn mere mortals ”

       Sebastian nodded his head and said ” Yes, young master. I came to the same conclusion and tried to find clues by investigating several individuals in various positions but Mystic clan really did seal their loopholes firmly so I couldn’t find any information. Since I had no choice, I brought the individual who  most probably is the only person who knows everything ”

            Saying this Sebastian grabbed the sac and unloaded its contents which happened to be an unconscious person bound tightly with ropes around his hands and legs while his mouth was sealed with a plaster.

         I glanced at the man and asked d Sebastian ” Who is he Sebastian? ”

       Sebastian answered with a serious voice ” He is …………..


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