Book 2 – Chapter 11 – Harvest:

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( partially unedited – due to being too sleepy, will do later if many mistakes show up )


       Sebastian looked at the person who was on the ground and said seriously ” He is Jasper Mystic, the emperor of Mystic empire ”

           I was startled nonetheless even though I had a vague idea of who the man was from his attire, seeing the unconscious emperor I asked Sebastian in an anxious voice ” How on earth did you capture the emperor Sebastian? Didn’t he have any guards with him also it will be terrible if the ancestors of the Mystic clan come after us since we captured the emperor ”

       Sebastian started cutting the ropes around the emperor’s legs and answered ” Rest assured young master, I was extra careful while abducting him, I concealed my tracks and removed any scent from the air so I don’t think even their ancestors can find us so easily also those old freaks won’t personally move just for an emperor, if they simply send a divine disciple to track him then it is impossible to locate us ”

        Listening to Sebastian I sighed in relief and said ” Alright, wake him up. Let’s have a word with him ”

      Sebastian slapped the emperor into consciousness and put him on his knees before me, Jasper who had just waked up was still in a daze but soon, he became clearheaded, watching me sitting in front of him while he himself was in a kneeling position he became angered and shouted ” Bastards, who the fuck are you? ” He tried to fly while simultaneously trying to rip the ropes around his arms but in the next instant he fell on the ground as Sebastian suppressed him with his divine consciousness.

               Jasper was in immortal realm, it was obvious he would be an immortal as he his age was more than a century. Only the strong ruled in expert society and this was particularly true in Sky continent so unless he had incredible talent he definitely won’t be given the position of an emperor. The prince who is usually called as the next in line was just a position, he would be an emperor only if he had the strength to back him up else he would be killed by his own siblings or cousins in greed of power. Since Jasper became an emperor even in this power struggle, he definitely was not your average practitioner.

          Seeing that he was suppressed so easily Jasper’s face changed dramatically while he looked at Sebastian who was simply standing behind me without a single expression on his face. Turning towards me Jasper understood that I was the boss here as Sebastian was wearing a butlers uniform and was standing guard while I was sitting.

       Bowing his head a little Jasper said to me ” My lord, you must be a young master of a strong clan else how can a person who is at least in divine disciple stage be your butler. I am sorry for my earlier actions but please tell me what did I do to incur your wrath, I don’t remember opposing a your excellency ”

         I sighed inwardly and thought ‘ This Jasper is truly good at acting, though he knows that his own clan is one of the four major clans of Sky continent he is still sly enough to address me as my lord while throwing away his pride as an emperor since he knows that currently his position means nothing in front of me as I can kill him anytime ‘

      Without beating around the bush I asked him straightway ” What happened to Edward and Bella, where are they? ”

       Jasper face became pale but he tried to put up an act as he said ” What do you mean by asking what happened to them my lord? They are well and are touring in a distant city ”

            I sighed at his obvious act of lie and said ” Well, Jasper no need to lie so obviously. Who is Lucius and what is the relationship he has with Bella and Edward? ”

          Jasper was startled as I even told him name Lucius, stuttering he said ” do you even know about Lord Lucius? ”

             Standing up I approached near him and struck him in the abdomen with all of my strength. Though he had an immortal body, he was unable to even circulate his Ki to protect himself so my blow did some damage, holding his face which was twisted with pain I asked in a menacing voice ” Jasper you should know that Edward is my friend while Bella is his sister while I almost died because of Lucius so tell me everything you know about without a single lie. Please don’t force me to torture you as I still think that you are a good person who is taking these actions since he has no choice ”

       Jasper stared at me with blood shot eyes and said ” Do you really think I wanted to do this? I had no choice but to follow their orders. I can’t go against these people nor can you, they are not people who can be touched by people of immortal realm so give it up. I know that you must feel unhappy since Edward was your friend but know that your grief can never match mine as I am their father ”

            I calmed down as I heard this because at least I now understood that jasper was not a part of whatever that is happening in the dark, sighing deeply I raised him and let him sit on a nearby  couch. Sitting beside him I asked in a smooth voice  ” Uncle Jasper, please believe in me and tell me what you know about Lucius and his affairs, what use does a person of his strength has from Edward and Bella ”

            Jasper raised his head and looked at me straight in the eyes, resolving himself he said ” Alright, I believe in you but promise me that you will never tell any soul in existence that I was the one who has revealed this information to you else my family will face a calamity ”

       I nodded my head and said seriously ” You have my word uncle Jasper, no soul outside this cottage will ever know about this conversation ”

          Jasper sighed as he heard my oath, his eyes suddenly became distant as if remembering the past. Clutching his hands he said in a extremely agaitated voice ” Edward and Bella are not my children, I was tasked to raise them by our great ancestor who presented them to me when they were only days old. I always thought that our great ancestor gave me a gift in the form of Edward and Bella so I raised them with care much greater than my own. I never doubted that we would be separated and loved them as my own children.

                 For the first time a doubt entered my mind regarding my ancestors plans when I begged our ancestor to resolve the case of Jacob’s kidnapping, I never had any hopes of receiving any help but I kept begging in front of his shrine since I wanted him to at least let a peak stage beginner disciple help me. Contrary to all my expectations my ancestor actually sent his own student a divine disciple to help me, this divine disciple  only stared at the twins and refused to let them get away from his sight as long as he stayed with us, this somehow sprouted a doubt as I knew that the divine disciple is observing my children as instructed by my ancestor. A confusion rose in my mind as I became sacred that more of my children would be grabbed away from me.

        Later both of them grew up showing talents which would shake the world, while Bella had explosive power, Edward had a constant flowing power within him, both were my pride as they showed the strength only possible to the pinnacle of geniuses. At the same time I also began to question their lineage because such level of power cannot be produced with ordinary birth unless both of their parents had an excellent lineage. I also thought that may be they are the children of our ancestor or an elder but all detection methods in existence denied any relation they might have with my bloodline making their lineage a mystery.

           Time passed and a month ago I was residing in my personal chambers reading a book when suddenly two people appeared before me,  all guards present tried to apprehend them but were killed in a split second by just a hand swipe from one of them, A person stepped forward and introduced himself as my ancestor while the other was introduced as Lord Lucius. Startled by my ancestors appearance I bowed hurriedly and asked about their purpose of visiting me, a simple immortal but their answer threw me into the pits of hell

       They said that soon they were going to harvest my children as it was time and  wanted me to keep quiet and cover up the ruckus without any commotion, it was an order from my ancestor thus he had power to overrule any and all of my objections.

      I begged as they started leaving to spare my children while I asked my ancestor to show mercy since Edward and Bella were the children bestowed upon me by him, my pleading only led to a ridiculing laughter as they explained me why they called taking away my children as harvesting. My ancestor picked up some nice goods( Children) and sold them to Lucius when they were just infants, the contract states that children should be delivered upon completing a specific period of growth. Since Edward and Bella have reached the sufficient growth level, Lucius has come to harvest his investment and take Edward and Bella for some purpose.

          I was horrified at this but what could I do, I didn’t have any power to stop them so I did the only thing I could do to save my remaining family, I obeyed them. This is what happened, now tell me how can you save my children. Its useless, if you screw up then you will die a dog’s death in their hands, even this immortal butler can’t face their might so forget about them ”

      I listened calmly as Jasper explained me the circumstances around Edward and  Bella’s disappearance, what he told me made my soul shudder in disgust rather than fear, these immortals are harvesting people as if they are crops.

        Although I wanted to save Edward and Bella, I knew that I couldn’t act against these immortals at my level of power while Sebastian can’t fight against all of them, Lucius alone was enough to put me in a miserable position and could most probably match Sebastian in strength. I can’t act recklessly ever again, even if Edward is my friend what use it is  to simply throw my life away for nothing, at my current strength I can’t save him.

            Shaking my head in apology towards Jasper I asked Sebastian to drop him off in the royal palace while asking Jasper to keep this meeting a secret. Sebastian nodded and went away with uncle Jasper while I waited for Void to wake up, I needed Void’s council before I act in this situation.



17 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 11 – Harvest:

  1. Why is Sebastian so useless in battles? Also why does he have to go Rambo he can let Sebastian take them out one by one.
    PS. Will RIddick hide him in that Yama’s dimension?


      • I don’t understand why are you talking about control freaks. Also Riddick already uses Sebastian as a spy what is the problem with asking him to go assassinate the bastard one by one and help save his friend and his sister.


  2. I like this plot element quite a lot (the whole harvesting angle which has echoes of the Corpse Yin Sect from Xian Ni).

    Re: how the information is revealed to the readers, I think you might wish to working a least some of these kinds of clues into earlier chapters to help generate a much more extended “mystery” sub-plot. Dumping all the details here is good for getting the readers and MC to quickly understand motivations / hidden events etc…but it isn’t nearly as exciting or tension building as if you can figure out a set of mechanisms for the investigating MC (and his team / friends etc.) to uncover (much of) the story on their own…before upgrading to a full on Emperor kidnapping. I realize the above and below are essentially “rewrite editorial notes” but they might help you in future projects or in later chapter arcs.

    Some quickly brainstormed options re: the above method might include: unconfirmed rumors of illegitimacy due to physical looks of Edward / Bella not matching the Emp & Wife’s other kids (added early on by the Guard of mansion), moving the odd divine disciples behavior into Bella’s description of her older brother’s kidnapping. In terms of reconfiguring the story to add in a set of intermediate chapters to draw out the mystery by having the MC (and team) engage in covert investigations while he continues to recover: learning a bit about the weird “soul” nature of Lucius from Void / others, researching myths & rumors of powerful teens vanishing / travelling etc. only to return super-powered with somewhat diff. behavior, through history or interviews getting a hint of the sketchy aspect of the EMP’s ancestor, subcontracting the thieves guild for info & rumors on Lucius or maybe getting odd details from fellow students, or learning more facts about the original kidnapping that indicate that event too might have represented a botched “harvest”.


    • Thank you First Dragon, and just a heads up but you might not like the next two chapters, believe me they will be the crucial element for the future of the story maybe like in 10-15 Chapters.


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