Book 2 – Chapter 12 Is there a Way?

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Is there a Way?

        It has been more than a week since I talked with Jasper yet, Void was still in his slumber. No attempt to wake him up was left but he showed no signs of waking up anytime soon, this week has been an excruciating week for me as I could not do anything without first consulting with Void so I had to suffer from extreme agitation. Edward and Bella might be killed or tortured in some other way while I lay here yet, I couldn’t do anything about it.

          After eight days of waiting, Void finally woke up and yawned lazily, I wanted to scold him but I knew that he was in this prediction in the first place because he had to save me by using  most of his vitality, though he has never told me anything regarding his condition but according to Yama it was difficult to recover such a huge amount of vitality in a short amount of time and usually it takes thousands of years before he can completely recover his lost vitality but the loss of vitality in itself was not a big issue, the most terrifying thing was that his body should have suffered some serious damage as he tried to extract such a large amount of life force in a small amount of time since it puts a tremendous strain on the body.

         Sighing inwardly I let him ramble for a while before I spoke to him, Sebastian was back after staying in capital for a while to check whether any spy were following him, fortunately his skills were very good so he abducted and released Jasper before any major powers in the Mystic empire took notice of Sebastian’s presence. Jasper was also very
good at acting and reverted back to his old style without showing even a single change in his expression after meeting me, Sebastian was shocked at his tenacity as well, since he never saw jasper loosen his expression for even a single second in the three days he stayed at the capital.

     Finally Void noticed my unusual calmness and determined that something big happened while he was unaware, adjusting his voice he asked me in a serious tone ” What happend Riddick? ”

              I started explaining everything as said by Jasper to Void, Edward and Bella not being Jasper’s own children, Lucius Mars and his ancestor who ordered Japer to keep quiet for some reason when they abducted Edward and Bella. Actually this was something I didn’t understood, why would they even bother to warn Jasper in person and why do they even fear a mere mortal investigation when they can annihilate an entire army with a flip of their hand.

              Void listened to my explanation and my question silently. I could clearly feel the tension in the air but I couldn’t understand why? Finally Void sighed and said ” Riddick, how on earth do you attract such people? It is always like this since the beginning, you attracted that Mycroft and people of retribution church when you were not even a sixth rank mage now you just attracted the strongest tier of people on the Immortal Sky continent ”
         I asked Void excitedly ” Do you know who they are Void? ”

      Void answered seriously ” Though I don’t know who exactly they are, I do know for what purpose they abducted Edward and Bella and what do they mean by harvesting products ”

         Nodding my head I urged him to continue,

     Void continued and said ” Before I explain who these people are, you need to know some information regarding devas and how one becomes a deva.

           Riddick, I already explained to you on how one becomes an immortal as well the stages you need to pass before you can advance into the next rank of divine disciple, a peak divine disciple who has reached the pinnacle of cultivation can utilise a minute part of the divine energy of the world, this determines that he has reached the pinnacle of his cultivation. An immortal is not obliged to go to higher realms and can train to the pinnacle of divine disciple stage even if they stay here on this material realm but it is different for a peak divine disciple who has reached the pinnacle of his power, he has to enter into the divine planes if he wants to become a deva.

              This process of entering into these divine planes is accompanied by a divine tribulation, this tribulations is a test given by the heavens to test an individual before he can pass into the divine planes. None are exempt from this tribulation and all peak disciples who have reached into the real pinnacle will confront this tribulation before they enter into the divine planes and become a deva. This tribulations are divided into nine stages and you have to face a tribulation to advance into a deva of next level, i.e you have to face the tribulation thrice before you enter into third plane of nine divine planes and become a third level deva.

         This time of tribulation is not something determined by heavens but can be taken by an individuals whenever they feel that they are ready for it, the only requirement is that you have to be in the peak divine disciple stage for the heaven to recognise your cultivation and pass on a tribulation, this is how the tribulations work.

         The tribulation gives an individual anguish and agony in the form of unimaginable pain so if you are truly unworthy of transversing into the next stage of cultivation and become a deva then you will die in this tribulation. This is the reason why all these peak divine disciples are still staying in this material realm is because they are not yet ready to take the tribulation.

              There are three outcomes that may happen when someone takes a tribulation. First, he succeeds and becomes a deva. Second, he fails and dies. Third, he looses his body but escapes with his soul into the divine planes to become a loose immortal. These are the three major outcomes that may happen when an individual faces a tribulation but there is one other outcome which may be possible in rare cases.

          This minor outcome is a case when  an immortal who has failed in a tribulation manages to spilt his soul into a small part and prevent it from destruction by putting his other part of his soul in the path of tribulation, this process of splitting his soul is very disastrous and is extremely harmful to a person’s soul further the amount of soul he can prevent from being destroyed is very small maybe a thousandth of his original soul, this fragmented soul though it retains its memories and the consciousness of the expert, is very weak, much weaker than a soul of a mortal.

           These kinds of souls are usually destroyed in nature but some manage to survive and reach their protective areas, since they were once ultimate experts of this continent they should have many disciples and a clan to protect their souls. These souls can slowly take over a body of another individual and cultivate through it, the vessels required for this job are harvested and supplied by specific individuals, Lucius is just an individual who is currently working on that job and has supplied Edward and Bella to act as vessels ”

       I was stunned as I listened to Void but soon I was again confused by his answer so I asked him ” Why did they need to raise them since they were little and why Edward and Bella, can’t they use other individuals? ”

      Void sighed and said ” Riddick, the requirements that are needed to be met to become an ideal vessel are not so simple, firstly the vessels should have superior talent since the host has to cultivate again from the rank of the vessel he has possessed. Secondly, the vessel cannot be at immortal level because an immortals soul is too tightly bound to his body and can’t be replaced by host so easily. Thirdly, an excellent quality vessel is raised from childhood and its soul is prevented from having a strong bond with its body so that it can be easily replaced by the host’s soul.

            These are some of the requirements that has to be met to become a vessel, Edward and Bella were raised from childhood in the eyes of Mystic ancestor so he mustn’t have let their souls attach themselves to their body strongly through some method, since they have already reached eighth rank as a warrior they are ideal to be used as vessels. It has been more than two weeks since they have been abducted so my guess is that they have already been possessed by the host souls.

            These host souls all have extreme protection and it is impossible to reach them, further Lucius must belong to some kind of sect which supplies vessels for an extremely terrifying price, these sect usually take the responsibility and kill any witnesses so that the host can cultivate peacefully without being noticed by the countless enemies they made during their stay in this material realm. Well, it is understandable since these hosts even after possessing a body are still weak so they can be killed by the weakest of immortals in their current state. So leave it Riddick, you can’t save Edward and Bella, any actions from our side will directly lead to the host’s protectors and Lucius’s sect trying to annihilate us by joining forces, so it impossible to even touch them ”

        I was extremely angry at my powerlessness as I listened to Void, it has always been this way, I can’t always depend on others yet I couldn’t help but depend on Void, Vera, Sylvie, Sebastian and now Yama. If I had enough power then I could have saved Edward but now all I can do is to watch him die because of my powerlessness. I want to save him and Bella but I have no power. I walked to the window and stared outside for a long while thinking about the past three months I spent with Edward and the care Bella had towards her brother, finally I couldn’t stop myself from asking Void even though I knew that it will be extremely foolish to try anything now.

      I asked Void ” Is there any way in which we can save them? There may be a way right, maybe we can ambush then at some place. No, there should be a way, I refuse to believe that such a method no flaws ”

          Void sighed and said ” Kid, I know that you are very emotional regarding that Edward since he was your first friend but you should know that your emotional actions will only lead to your demise, it is not wise to act on emotions. This character of your will ultimately lead to your destruction ”

       I shouted loudly and said ” Void, stop diverting the topic and answer my question to the point ”

      Void sighed and said “………..


16 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 12 Is there a Way?

  1. Sigh he seem to be becoming more emotional as he gets stronger, that is bad as he will make a crap load of enemies because he isn’t thinking things through all the way


      • But the formula for the perfect combination is terrible to reach, better to make him cruel now as he has very little strength and can’t even use it to the fullest potential maybe when he gets to the rank of immortal do you make him more emotional available. Sure it cuts down on the short term plot but makes for a better long term deal.


  2. Thx for the chapter. I really hope he doesn’t do something rash and stupid, especially after his recent brush with death.


    • Well I contemplated about this issue for a while but as I saw it my MC was always emotional towards his loved ones and cruel towards his enemies since it will be really bland if he only cares about his family and is a loner with no friends I decided to follow this route, while I won’t say any spoilers my MC is still a calculating guy so don’t worry it won’t become a shounen manga like naruto.


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