Book 2 – Chapter 13 How long?

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How long?

           I asked Void seriously “Is there a way?”

      Void sighed and said, “Riddick, there is no way in which you can immediately save them, however there is a way to ultimately save them but even this way is too dangerous for you.”

     I was immediately excited as I heard this, since there was a way in which I could save Edward, then I should try to save him. I asked Void “What is the way  in which I can save them Void?”

           Void sighed again and said in a cursing voice “Stinking brat, don’t think you can save them just because there is a way to save them. This path is treacherous and you can die anytime, so don’t get so excited like a five year old kid who received a candy and listen carefully to what I say ”

       I instantly calmed down as I heard his warning, nodding my head I asked Void, “Please tell me Void, how can we save them?”

          Void said in a helpless voice “Alright, I know that you want to help them but let me warn you, you won’t be helping them anytime soon. The only way you can help them is by gaining strength as soon as possible.”

         I snapped angrily at Void and said, “Void, don’t try to fool me. I asked you, how can I save Edward and you are telling me to train and cultivate my power.”
        Void also answered in a serious voice and said, “Don’t get cocky fool, the current you don’t have the power to even save yourself and you want to save others, what a joke! I am not fooling around with you, my suggestion is the only way you can ever save them, its up to you whether you believe me or not.”

         I sighed in my heart and apologised to Void since I knew that Void was telling me the truth and it should most probably be the only solution I can find in this situation, coming back to my usual self I calmly asked Void, “Alright Void, I will believe in you but explain to me why can I only save them by gaining greatest amount of power in the shortest time possible.”

        Void growled in his grumpy voice and said, ” Alright, kid, listen to me and don’t interrupt me in between, understood?”

      I answered respectfully, “Yes, Void.”

       Void soughed and said, “The way in which you can save them is closely related to the relationship between a soul and its natural body, when a life is created and a soul is born, it aligns itself with the body bestowed upon it and binds with it to the roots. This is the same for any and all souls in existence.

            Even though the Mystic ancestor may have done something to Edward and Bella souls to prevent them from binding themselves too tightly with their physical bodies, but this is only possible at the superficial level and just smoothens the process of host invading the sea of consciousness where the soul is located, it doesn’t really interfere in the binding of soul within the sea of consciousness.

             The sea of consciousness is too large and the soul which is at its epicentre is protected by the surrounding spiritual energy, the immortal who takes residence in this sea of consciousness can never replace the original soul, also he can’t eliminate the original soul since it will kill his host. Therefore he will try to slowly change the focal point of the sea of consciousness towards his soul, this process is very slow and he will only gain  complete control over the sea of consciousness after he finishes this process.

              An peak divine disciple stage expert’s soul is actually very strong in its original state and can complete this process in just a few seconds but the soul which has survived the tribulation is very weak, much weaker than a mortal soul so he can’t make any flashy moves and can only try to slowly shift the focal point of sea of consciousness.

             This is the immortals only weakness and will be fatal for him if we can manage to take advantage of it, but it won’t be an easy matter to actually separate him from his protectors. An immortal who can employ a sect to especially provide a vessel raised for him is definitely not an ordinary one, he will have his fellow brothers beside him and students who are at divine disciple stage always around him until he gains power to protect himself, this immortal who had previously lived for many millennia will not be a fool and will never appear outside without a strong guard.

              Let’s just say that we somehow succeed in separating him from his bodyguards, then the next step is to destroy his soul without harming the original soul within his body. This feat is originally not possible to anyone unless they are at deva realm but we Yama and his realm to help us, Yama can separate the immortal soul and revive Edward through some effort but for that we have to first trap that immortal in Yamaloka, which can only be possible if you have the strength to subdue the immortals possessing the bodies of Edward or Bella.”

            I was stunned as I heard this from Void, everything Void said can never be achieved by me at my current level so the only way I can bring back Edward and Bella, is by becoming stronger than the immortals and forcibly subdue them. Though this sounds like a easy enough solution as long as one had time and patience, in reality it was not. I completely understood the reason why this is so difficult to achieve, firstly it was impossible to totally isolate this immortal and even if I do isolate this immortal why would he let me subdue him so easily, wasn’t he previously a strong peak stage divine disciple so he may be carrying some kind of terrifying weapon which can simply kill me or he may be hiding a sure death skill, even if I took all these out of equation this immortal who had already surpassed the three immortal stages long ago, only needs to train diligently and he would be unmatched in cultivation since he already knows everything about sensing, feeling and even using the divine energy.

           His speed of cultivation will be too monstrous as he knows about all hurdles in training and how to surpass them, It would be so monstrous that I may not even catch up to him and yet I have to grow stronger than him in a small amount of time, this task is basically impossible. Wait, why can’t I defeat him when I become a peak divine disciple myself, that way he won’t have much of a head start than me in knowledge and we won’t have too much of a difference in power.

            Thinking such I asked Void “Why can’t I defeat him when I reach the peak divine disciple stage, that way I should have at advantage right.”

      Void sighed as I said this and answered “I knew that you will think in this direction, do you really think I wouldn’t have told you about this method  if it was plausible. You can only save Edward and Bella before the immortal reaches divine disciple stage. The reason for this is simple, while their souls will stay at mortal level the immortal souls will be nourished twice by the heavens when they make a break through into next stage making it very powerful as they enter into the divine disciple stage.

         At this stage the immortal soul strength would have far exceeded the power of an ordinary immortal soul so it will have enough power to directly engulf the ordinary mortal soul of Edward and Bella present within the sea of consciousness and integrate their soul into his thus gaining complete control over the sea of consciousness.”

            My heart sank as I heard this because now the time I had to accomplish the task was even less than what I had anticipated, also I have to train harder and gain strength much faster than those immortals which is almost impossible.

     While I was thinking Void continued and said, “These immortals are originally very talented and their cultivation speed is very fast, the reason they request a specially selected vessel is because they want a vessel with talent rivalling their own so that the physical body they obtained won’t be an obstacle in their cultivation.

           Since they have already sensed and used the divine energy before, they won’t have any obstacles in their training. All they have to do is to train their body to contains enough spiritual energy and Ki while they are constantly supplied with spiritual energy restoring pills and Ki absorption pills by their clans to help them recover faster. Fellow immortal practioners can even gather the elemental essence in the surroundings to help them absorb it faster. As such there have many methods in which they can increase their cultivation speed, since we don’t have such facilities we can only try to surpass their cultivation through effort.”

        I knew that I was at a disadvantage from the very beginning but when Void explained the ways in which one can increase their cultivation speed my back was covered with cold sweat, how can I compete against these monsters with so many handicaps placed on me. It was already impossible for me to reach the cultivation speed of an immortal when they trained naturally but now I don’t think, I even have a chance to compete in this competition of cultivation.

           Void sensing my distress encouraged me and said, “Don’t think you are at a severe disadvantage Riddick, this situation is actually helpful to you to realise the potential tapped inside you. You have many ways in which you can increase your cultivation as well and this situation forces you to think and cultivate seriously.

       ‘ Victory cannot be achieved unless there is a sense of urgency ‘ and this situation gives you that sense of urgency. Train diligently and no one in this entire world can match you, I never forced you to train because there is no point in forcing an individual to train, strength is truly achieved when an individual wishes for gain it himself.”

        Listening to Void’s words I restored a bit of confidence and thought, that’s right I have my advantages while they have theirs. No need to question whether I would succeed or not. Void already said that there are many ways to increase my cultivation speed so there is no need to fear them, I will believe in Void cultivate earnestly with all my heart, this will definitely lead to my success.

      But before I begin cultivation there is a major factor I to consider ‘ Time ‘, my speed and method of cultivation will always depend on the time I have, so I asked Void

“How long do I have before those immortals reach divine disciple stage?”

    Void thought for a while and answered ” It is difficult to determine the exact time necessary but according to my calculations it will take a minimum of a hundred years before they can reach divine disciple stage ”

     I nodded my heart and thought “So I have a century to train and reach divine disciple stage before them”



22 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 13 How long?

  1. Hope MC would become strong soon, and I can’t wait for the girl snake to transform into a human, ohh and btw, is this going to be a harem root? hope so 😀

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  2. PS: and thank you very much for the chapter Reddy, I finished reading chap 12 around 5mins ago and I was surprise that there is a chap 13 so soon hehehe, THNX alot for the chapter


  3. Are we going to expect that there is going to be a 100 years jump in the storyline? Also why doesn’t Riddick just hire some immortals for his precious black gems? I think some immortals could be bought by the large amount of money.


    • No, no major time jump, a lot of story will be covered before we go back to Edward and Bella. As far as black pearls he has, well he doesn’t have enough power to protect his own treasures yet so he doesn’t take them out.


  4. Well if Riddick couldn’t defend himself then he could order sebastian as the middleman in hiring like those “fiends” in CD, if there are such things. I think the latter could defend himself and focus the dangers to him, imo. Well it’s your story so what can I do about it. Haha.


    • Well, I said no spoilers but a small spoiler, there won’t be a hundred year gap before he revisits his mother and family. Thank you for your comment w00_@_00w and welcome to reddycreations.


  5. Why is that the MC intellectual level(mind set-childish) decrease every chapter? and what happen to the calculative MC?


    • Well this is my fault, I wanted to showcase an intelligent MC who is emotional when it comes to family and friends but looks like people didn’t like it, alright, I promise you that he will be back with some badass action and cunningness.


      • i think it fine to show an emotional MC. what i mean is his way of thinking become too childish.


  6. I’m sad. (Not your fault Reddy! I think…?) I really like Rachel and if this is going where I think it’s going, MC won’t be back at all to visit Rachel before she becomes strong enough to go find him herself on SIC (Sky Immortal Cont.) This route does make Rachel seem stronger because she was able to come to him with her own strength but it makes for a cuter plot to have MC come back to Asgard Cont. because he misses her. 😛 (I wonder if this will turn out to be harem like Dragon Child of Thunder and his currently 4 wives? LoL!) Thanks for reading! xD


  7. Might be a bit late to say this but, what happens when someone is stranded alone somewhere for let’s say 6 months they change. So what would happen if you were by yourself for 1000 years?


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