Book 2 – Chapter 14 Escort (1)

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( A small spoiler: My MC won’t be wasting the next hundred years for his friends also you will not expect the relationship between them in the future )

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Five months later

A large volcanic mountain chain was situated in the southwestern part of the Mystic empire, this chain of mountains spanned for hundreds of kilometres and had many active volcanoes in it, thus it was a constant hub of many volcanic eruptions. Although it had such a violent volcanic activity, it was also the home for many magical beasts and according to the rumours even housed immortal level magical beasts, with all these variables it gained the name Red mountain ranges implying its relation with extreme heat and fire.

At the northern most tip of these mountain ranges there was an active volcano named ‘ Mestido ‘, this volcano was one of the most active volcanoes of the Red mountain ranges and constantly erupted so even magical beasts of higher ranks tend to avoid it. In the centre of this volcano was a huge concavity filled with boiling magma, however a huge rock can be seen which protruding a few metres from the surface of magma, this rock should have some precious metal ores within it making it very tough else it would have melted long ago by the flow of hot magma.

What was surprising was not the rock present in the middle of the magma but rather a person who was meditating on it in this extreme temperatures without battling a single eyelid, he was Riddick. A whip was floating and rotating around him while a red aura was congregating around Riddick as the whip constantly emitted a cloud of fire elemental essence, this whip was Yama.

I have been training in these  volcanic mountain ranges for five months and the speed at which I am cultivating my spiritual energy or mage force is heavens apart from my usual speed, there are two reasons for this. Firstly, this volcanic mountain ranges have a very high density of elemental essence so it is a perfect place to cultivate fire essence while the second reason is because of Yama who can very casually absorb large quantities of elemental essence and increase it in my surroundings by constantly releasing it. Because of these two reasons I reached the late stage of seventh rank from the middle stage in only five months, though this was not at all encouraging seeing the progress I have to make but I decided to be a little more positive and think that at least I reached this level in just five months instead of two years if I cultivated normally.

My usual schedule includes training with Sebastian without a break for five hours followed by cultivation of my mage force, following which I spent the remaining time in meditation and do 108 cycles of ‘ one breath – thousand lives ‘ to increase the purity of my mage force. My training was proceeding very smoothly and though I was spending most of my training, some of my free time was spent in exploring the mountain ranges with Sylvie.

Sylvie was currently in a crucial time of her growth as her five year maturation period is coming to an end and she can evolve at any time. While I exploring the mountain ranges Sylvie usually preyed upon some magical beasts, though the magical beast of this mountain range are formidable, they are still easy prey to Sylvie who was in the peak stage of ninth rank and can break through anytime. So unless we encounter an immortal, we can’t be defeated.

Time flowed and a month passed, these past two days though I was still training, I was concerned about a certain phenomenon. The temperature and the elemental essence of magma in the volcano were decreasing, at first I considered that I was feeling like this simply because I started accustoming to the heat but even Yama conformed that the temperature and the quality of the magma was decreasing ever so slightly.

When I became curious and tried to measure essence over a period of day in different places of the mountain range I confirmed that my prediction was indeed correct and the quality of fire elemental essence was decreasing at a slow rate but it was decreasing for sure.

Though I could care less regarding these mountains, I was curious so I asked Void regarding why the fire elemental essence was reducing in these mountain ranges. Void answered and said, “The places that emit elemental essence are usually dwellings of some kind of ultimate expert or magical beasts who is influencing the surroundings with its or his presence. It may also be possible that the elemental essence is emitted naturally but even in this case, it is because of the presence of a natural treasure that is present in the surrounding as the nature always contains elemental essence but it will never emit it in a particular variant and in this amount unless the place is very special but this mountain range has nothing special about it so the reason for this volcanic activity or the elemental essence in the magma should be one of the first two reasons.”

I immediately thought ‘ Sebastian thoroughly investigated about this mountains himself and confirmed that no expert was living here so, there must be a treasure hidden in this mountain ranges and a change in the location of the treasure or in the treasure itself should be responsible for this anomaly. ‘

But what kind of treasure had enough power to change an entire mountain terrain into a volcanic activity hub, thinking such I asked Void, “Let’s assume that this is caused because of a natural treasure, then what kind of treasure would it be?”

Void thought for a while and said, ” There are many natural treasures which can cause this kind of natural phenomenon but the most plausible among all those treasures is a Heartstone of fire element. A ore only becomes a hearthstone after it has absorbed the fire elemental essence for millions of years, though this is a guess but the reduction in the temperature and magma quality should be because the heartstone is removed from its location and can no longer supply the elemental essence.”

So this phenomenon is most probably because of a treasure and someone had already removed it from its position for me. A sinister smile formed on my lips as I thought “Let’s go and borrow the treasure from those people”

Deciding this, I called Sebastian and set out along with the Sylvie towards the directions of fluctuations sensed by Yama, after a day of journey we already trans versed tens of kilometres when Sebastian sensed presence of others in front of us, crouching on the mountain cliff we observed them.

There was a army of mercenaries about 500 in number escorting a carriage in between them but what was surprising was that the carriage was sealed with various talismans on it, yet it was emitting a strong fire elemental essence strong enough that even I could sense it.

I could clearly see that majority of the mercenaries were in sixth rank while there were only a few elites of eighth and ninth rank but what interested me the most was the group of ten people who were escorting a young man, clearly they were the employers of this mercenaries. Now, how should I get that treasure sealed in the cottage, it will be too troublesome to kill everyone present here. Wait, don’t mercenaries work for money. A ridiculing expression formed on my face as I immediately jumped from the cliff right in front of mercenaries while Sebastiano hovered in air right above me to show that we had enough power to kill these people.

The mercenaries were stunned that someone ambushed them but instead they only saw a young man and a middle aged man in front of them and smiled to themselves, but soon their smiles were replaced by fear as Sebastian hovered in air, an immortal, that was not an existence they can fight against, however, there were people who specialised in dealing with immortals. Not daring to make a move, they turned towards the old elder in the back who was most probably the employer.

The elder was also stunned but soon he regained his calmness and rose to sky to the same level of Sebastian, with a fake smile in his face he said “Junior brother, what is your intension of blocking our path?”

I could clearly see that the old elder  was terrified by our appearance so I smiled and said, “Nothing old man, I just want to employ your escort mercenaries for a job”

The old elder frowned and said, “Kid, speak when your reach my station.”

Sebastian however shut his mouth by angrily snarling “You have a problem with my young master old man.”

The old man immediately realised his mistake and tried to sooth things while saying, “Young master, I am sorry for my ignorance but please understand that we have employed these mercenaries for an escort so……”

Not at all listening to his explanation I asked the leader of mercenaries, “How much were you offered to escort these people.”

The man hesitated for a while before looking at Sebastian and saying, ” My lord, our mercenary group ‘Blacksword’ were offered 10 red pearls to escort these people from red mountain ranges to capital of Colt Kingdom.”

I nodded my head understandingly and said, “Alright, from now on, you will work for me don’t worry the job is very simple, just go back and forget about everything that has happened here. To do this simple job I will even pay you 100 times more than what they have paid you.”

As I said this I removed a black pearl and threw it towards him, the man who caught the black pearl looked at it with bulging eyes, finally recovering from his shock, he bowed immediately and said, “My lord, thank you for your generosity. We will follow your orders and leave instantly.”

I laughed aloud and said, “No need to thank me, just remember that you cannot speak anything regarding this incident to anyone also I want you to answer my call if you ever hear from me Riddick, understood?” It is always good to make people owe you, who knows when I will have a use for these mercenaries.

The captain bowed his head and said, ” Yes, my lord. Blacksword mercenaries will always be at your service.” Following which he hurriedly led his bewildered men away from the location.

The employers were shocked that I simply gave away a black pearl to the mercenaries but soon their expression turned into fear as they understood why I sent the mercenaries away, the old elder whose expression now turned ugly said in a hurried voice, “Young master, what is the meaning of this? A man of your stature would never rob others, would he?”

I smiled a little and answered, “Rob, I will never do such a thing elder, my intension is very noble, I only want to do a trade with you for that carriage”

The elder face visibly changed and said, “Young master, I am sorry but that thing is not for sale. Even if you offer us ten black pearls, I can’t sell it.”

I laughed loudly and said, ” Ten black pearls, why would I give such a low price to such a treasure. Shouldn’t I give a much more higher price for this treasure of yours”, a sinister smile formed on my lips as I said, “Hmm, what should I give you. Ahh! That’s right!” Narrowing my eye lids I said in a menacing voice, ” How about your lives?”


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  1. Ohoho, his finally, little by little becoming a badass.
    I can’t wait to see the result of his training.
    TY for the chapter Reddy.(and the donors *clap* *clap*).

    PS: Can’t wait to see if his going to become a harem king ~_~(for some reason I feel the he would become a harem king, why is that? well I don’t know, its just a feeling hehehe :P)


    • can you really say he’s becoming a badass when he is still relying on Sebastian to growl people into line. I think it is more apt to say he is becoming a rebel/bandit or such. When I think badass I think Linley or Wang Lin, the guys that train their asses off then rape enemies twice their cultivation.


      • Well, it is a different kind of badass like law of days devil buy sbag, MC is currently 18 so I really don’t want to ruin my story by showing that he can kill divine disciple level experts as if they are chicken.


  2. Ufufufu! Loving It. Story is picking up speed now! (Man, we readers sure love badass MC with harems huh? Haha.) Reddy! Love the imagination, keep it up! Now all he needs is a girl with insanely high ice affinity to fall for him too to make his life hectic due to the opposing affinities haha. That’d make for an interesting turn. Harems ftw! What if he by chance finds another god magical beast egg in his journey through the sky continent? What kind of beast would it be….hmmm…


  3. What about his lightning attribute it seems he is developing his fire more than his lightning abilities or it’s just that he found a good place for fire before he found one foe lightning


  4. Start making posts on the lightnovel tread on reddit… I think it might really help! Because I always go there to learn of new novels… Anyhow, I’m loving the story!


  5. Please please don’t listen to the comments that say make a harem… I beg you not to make one… There’s enough of those on the web… Harem-free would be absolutely beautiful and I will pay any amount for that..

    If not? It is what it is. Stick with what you originally want to do :3


  6. LOL : I laughed aloud and said, “No need to thank me, just remember that you cannot speak anything regarding this incident to anyone also I want you to answer my call if you ever hear from me Riddick, understood?” It is always good to make people owe you, who knows when I will have a use for these mercenaries.

    Why did he tell people his name if he doesn’t want people to find out about him.
    Don’t tell me that its because strong people can find about him easily ok.


    • Well, my reasoning was that if he ever calls upon them through someone, it would be troublesome to tell his fake name to every person besides, no one knows about Riddick and he only doesn’t want people to know about the escort, those mercenaries anyway don’t have any idea of chest and its contents.


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