Book 2 – Chapter 15 Escort (2)

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     I offered the old elder, “How about I give you your lives?”

           The elder’s face changed as he sneered and said, “You are looking for death kid, I was respectful to you and this is how you treat me. Do you think we don’t have the power to confront you.” turning towards one of his subordinates he shouted, “Koid, kill this brat while I take of his butler.”

                A warrior who was on his horse rushed towards me with a large blade and shouted ‘ Don’t try to escape you motherfucker ‘, though he wanted to kill me instantly, he far underestimated my strength as he simply tried to kill me with a basic slash towards my chest, Unfortunately my close combat skills after being trained by Sebastian was on a level where even Sylvie had to be alert while sparing with me, forget about this dimwit.

            Dodging the blade I kicked him on the knee while simultaneously throwing a punch on his back, a force transfered from his back muscles to his feet which were already in a feeble state from my kick, leading to the disruption of his balance. Koid fell on his knees as I counterattacked but before he can manage to strike back, my sword pierced through his soft neck portion, directly impaling him to death.

        The elder who was prepared to attack Sebastian as soon as he tried to come to my aide was stunned as I killed his subordinate, further I could clearly see the disbelief in his eyes as he saw me killing an eighth ranked warrior so easily. This was to be expected as I was already a sixth ranked warrior further having my body strengthened by my attribute so of course dealing with a common eighth ranked warrior was not too difficult besides this guy called Kolt was too dumb and directly attacked an enemy without even trying to measure his enemy’s strength further with a basic attack.

          The young man who was silently standing behind his guards finally came forward as he observed the situation, though the old elder was unwilling to move he still gave way to this young man. Coming forward he swept us with his gaze and said, “Fellow brother, I am the prince of the ‘ Colt ‘ kingdom and this area comes under our territory, we even have good relations with our imperial sovereign ‘The Mystic empire’ , I can see that you belong to a large clan else it is impossible that you would have a immortal as your steward but please don’t make matters worse for me else I would be forced to use my influence against you so I would ask you to leave immediately and I assure you that this matter will be resolved without any actions against you”

          I laughed loudly as he said this and thought, ‘ This guy is trying to say that he has relation with Jasper and is asking me to fuck off, this is really amusing, just how did he think that I will run away because I heard the empire’s name in the middle of nowhere. Oh well, I will show him the real way to scare someone. ‘

                  The prince and the elders face turned  red with anger as they saw me laughing my heart out, but before they could display their anger I continued and said, “Oh! You know Jasper, now that is surprising. What is your relation with him?”

           Prince face turned pale as he heard me and but he nonetheless enquired, “Ja…Jasper, are you talking about his majesty, the emperor of Mystic empire”

       I put on a confused expression and said, “Yes, don’t you know him?”
         The prince immediately got down from his horse and said, “Sir, I had no idea that you had such a close relationship with his imperial majesty so forgive this one but please let us go, if this carriage contained even the fortune of my life I would have sold it to you but this is not my carriage, I was simply ordered to escort this carriage by our ancestor and he even sent his disciple, elder Li as an escort so I can’t sell this carriage to you at any cost.”

          Though the prince had his doubts regarding the integrity of my statement, what could he do? He was nothing but a prince of a single kingdom within the massive Mystic empire which had tens of kingdoms under its rule and I was someone who dared to call the emperor by his name, he couldn’t risk making me angry and decided to simply offer his respects.

           I titled my head and looked at the old man hovering in air and asked, “Are you elder Li?”

            However an ancient voice came from behind the prince as an man no younger than the old elder appeared and said, ” I am elder Li, as explained by the prince this carriage is my master’s property so leave immediately. If I encountered you at any other time, I would have killed you for your lies but I don’t want to attract attention of others so leave this instant, consider this your luck.”

                  Sebastian who was behind me informed me through his divine consciousness and said, “Young master, this old man is at the peak of beginner divine disciple stage, he should be at a hurdle else he would have become a divine disciple long ago.”

       I couldn’t use divine consciousness even though I had divine spiritual energy which is the essential to form divine consciousness because, my soul was not yet in a material form. Raising my head to see the hovering Li, I said in voice audible to everyone, “A mere beginner disciple, kill him Sebastian”

              Elder Li was shocked at my audacity but he laughed madly and said, “Fool, know your station before you provoke someone, this is your own foolishness now, die.” Saying this he removed his staff from his storage space and covered it with flames while simultaneously swinging it wildly at Sebastian who was in his path, though this elder Li wanted to kill me first he was obstructed by Sebastian.

        The old elder who was hovering also  started his attack immediately as well while the warriors as well as the prince simultaneously took out their weapons and started their assault on us. It was a desperate situation no matter who saw it and would certainly lead to our death but in the next instant all of them stopped in their tracks as they saw the corpse of elder Li falling from the skies.

         The old man was too terrified of Sebastian’s strength and decided to abandon the prince so he instantly started fleeing the second elder Li died but his luck was too bad and he was too close to me, as he started running he realised that a huge serpent appeared out of nowhere and blocked his path, horrified by the monstrous magical beast, he tried to attack it only to be engulfed by Sylvie who simply started digesting him with her enzymatic digestive juices.

            As the two immortals fell, the place was filled with nothing but horrifying crunching sounds of bones being broken down by the Sylvie’s abdominal muscles. The prince fell to his knees and hit the ground with his head in apology while the others followed his example and were soon on the ground asking for mercy.

          Sylvie slowly shrunk back but still maintained a ten metres long form to let the people know her presence while I casually walked towards the carriage and inspected the seal on it along with the various talismans placed on it to prevent the leakage of elemental essence.

          After examining it for a while I pointed at one of the persons kneeling and ordered, “Open this carriage now.”

      The person hesitated for a moment but seeing Sylvie and Sebastian he slowly got up and went towards the carriage while I moved back to my former location while was a fair distance away from the carriage, the man struggled with the lock but soon succeeded in breaking the seal in the lock with his eighth rank warrior strength, turning towards me he opened the door but in the next instant a violent explosion took place near the carriage directly incinerating the man to ashes. Seeing this I thought, “As expected that carriage was only storing the elemental essence emitted by that treasure, it could not stop the treasure from emitting the essence itself, so all the elemental essence will explode after the seal on the carriage is removed.”

              Prince and the people around him had a horrifying expression on their face as they saw the corpse of their companion which was blasted and burnt to ashes, returning their gazes towards me, they gulped visibly. However my concentration was entirely on the small crimson chest which was revealed when the carriage exploded.

            The chest was not too large, only half a metre in width and less than 20cm in height but what was surprising was that the crimson colour of the metal box was purely because of the fire elemental essence emitting profusely from it. Though I immediately wanted to grab it, I was cautious since the blasting of the carriage so I immediately ordered another person to open the box.

           The person was trembling but he had no choice, walking slowly towards the half destroyed carriage he took out his sword and probed the crimson box held within it, the sword immediately started absorbing fire elemental essence to the degree that the person was killed by the after shock of super absorption but the scary point was that all this process happened in just a split second.

          I was dissatisfied with the result and saw the remaining captives I had, since the beginning five died and now only five remained including the prince, clicking my tongue in dissatisfaction I ordered another person to try it but the result was same, only this time the box actively tried to kill the intruder by emitting a stronger force.

       I sighed deeply and waited till Void wakes up to take his suggestion, this time however Void woke up in only half a day during which I tried the process again only to loose one more man reducing my stocks to only three captives including the prince.

       As soon as Void woke up I asked him, “Void, take a look at this chest, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to open it.”

      Void looked at the seals in close proximity and said, “This is a divine disciple level seal so of course you can’t remove it yourself, call Sebastian and ask him to hold Yama while yama will conduct the energy out of the seal, this way we can reduce much of the seal’s power then it should be easy to break this seal.”

         Sebastian did what he was asked to do and started conducting the extreme heat of the box to the nature through Yama, although Sebastian didn’t take any major damage the strain on his body was tremendous, after three hours of  strenuous work Sebastian finally managed to weaken the seal.

         Carrying my fire core sword, I stood in front of the crimson box while enveloping it in my own flames to act as buffer to the backlash I may receive, Sebastian was already tired so I couldn’t ask him to do this, while Sylvie was definitely not a option since she wasn’t a fire attribute god beast, leaving me to open the chest. Though I could use the prince and his fellows, they were far too fragile since none of them had strong fire resistance and an another person died as I tried to check the status of seal when Sebastian was weakening it, leaving only two people alive including the prince.

         My mage force abruptly rose as I willed all of it into the sword which was followed by the appearance of an intense fire intermixed with the lightning, lifting my sword I struck the seal on the box with all my strength. As soon as the sword struck the seal a strong force started pushing itself towards me but was heavily obstructed by my mage force, the power struggle continued for a while until I finally broke the seal.

           Breathing roughly I immediately opened the chest but a thin silk thread was bound between the top and bottom of the lock and as soon as I exerted some strength, a thunderous voice rang out, “Whoever you are, leave this instant and I may spare you life else I will wipe you and your clan to regain what is rightfully mine.”

       It had taken far too much time and I was getting impatient, since I already obtained the chest why should I fear the divine consciousness of a divine disciple stage expert who wasn’t even here and had no way to know who I was, cutting the string immediately, I opened the crimson box.

          Stuffed into a weird material was a small glittering red gem no bigger than a rice grain, I was dumbfounded on seeing it, what on earth was this thing, wasn’t there supposed to be a natural treasure inside the chest but this was just a small glittering gem, though this was emitting fire essence how can I use such a small gem, these were the questions that appeared in my mind.

         But as soon as Void saw the gem his reaction was incredulous, gasping in surprise he shouted ” Holy shit! ‘, how on earth did a mere divine disciple stage expert obtain this, no wonder he used so many precautions to prevent someone stealing this treasure, he should be acting as a decoy and let this caravan go unnoticed through these volcanic mountain ranges to prevent anyone from noticing the fluctuations of fire essence.”

      I was immediately excited regarding the identity of treasure which even made Void so excited so I asked him, “Void, what is this gem?”

     Void laughed loudly and said, “Kid, your luck is ridiculous, I would have never guessed that we would ever come across this, no matter how much rich you are, there are always things that can’t be brought by money and this is something which will cause anyone who know of its value go into a frenzy, this gem here is not something that can be bought  because it will never ever be sold.”

      I knew that he was excited so not minding his roundabout answer I asked him, “What is this gem Void?”

    Void answered with a gleeful voice, “This is…………….       



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  1. Is it just me or are you also copying how wuxia and xanxia authors decide their titles?

    Also you dont have to explain every bit about everything thats happened to your readers. Like this one, you wrote about the twins not having to do anything with your m.c in the future. Just let your readers be the ones who will read it in the future. Spoilers makes people know what may or can happen in the future.

    Keep up the good job.


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