My rant

Alright guys, I am ranting here so if you do not wish to read it skip it,

There have been people who are dissatisfied with my work and are comparing it with works being translated( Xianxia – CD etc.. ) while I won’t declare that I have no relation with these works I can say that my work are made after banging my head for great ideas.

Guys, let me give you guys some statistics, one of largest online community website of Chinese novels hosts over 300000 novels in different genre of which Xianxia is a popular genre, let’s just say that there are over 30000 Xianxia novels on itself, then think about all of China and its community websites.

Of this 30000 Xianxia novels, only about 10 are being translated currently and it is a common logic that everyone will want to translate the best novels of already proven authors, while I am a amateur author, I am being compared to the best authors in all of China, with the top 10 authors while I just started writing, this sounds ridiculous, isn’t it?

So now you guys should understand why my novel won’t satisfy your curiosity as much as these authors, they are professionals who have learnt much but I am an amateur who is still in the process of learning so be patient and encourage if you can but please don’t……….( I will leave it to your discretion)

Thank you guys for patience, support and unconstitutional love. I always treasure them.


Please state your opinions below while read my answers for your questions as well. Thank you.


66 thoughts on “My rant

  1. hmm first time read this, i don’t read xianxia web novel i don’t know what they talking about, but i can say that your work is pretty good for me. thank you for making this story.

    you don’t need to feel sad or anything like that to people who bully you. they simply jealous and doesn’t have a talent to write something so they bash you just because your novel have some similarities with other work.

    let me tell you something, no human can make something from zero unless they are a genius. 99% of human work is taken from other work and idea and modified to become better or something that suit they need.

    so no matter what story you create, is bound to have another story who have similar element in them. unless you are a genius that is.

    sorry for my bad english, not my first language.


  2. It is kind of like seeing a guy taking his morning jog and complaining that they aren’t as fast or impressive looking as Lightning Bolt.

    People will be jerks, no stopping them.

    I have been reading through your fiction for a couple days now, and you have already improved a great deal. Keep up the good work. 🙂


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