Book 2 – Chapter 16 Havoc in Colt kingdom

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Havoc in Colt kingdom:

     Void answered gleefully, “This is a mutated soul fragment of the godbeast ‘Dark Dragon ‘ who trained in devils path of cultivation.”

      Confused I asked Void, “Why would a soul fragment of a mere God beast be so valuable? Can’t these people just hunt another one?”

     Void laughed and said, “If it was so simple, why would this treasure have so much value? Dark dragons are a variant type of dragons who have affinity for darkness element, these dark dragons themselves are a very rare species and further they like to live in seclusion, so it is already difficult to find a single dark dragon.

       But what makes these dragons more powerful is not their rare affinity but their talent in cultivating in the devils way, this path is limited to those who have darkness affinity and relies on stealing others cultivation to improve their own.

          This fragment of mutated soul is left by a dragon who has entered into the divine realm by successfully passing the divine tribulation but it’s soul was damaged in the process, leaving behind a fragment while majority of its soul successfully survived the tribulation, This is also an another minor result that can be seen during the divine tribulations.

          Now you should understand how rare and valuable this mutated soul is, the dark dragons are themselves a rarity and how many of them do you think can even train to become a deva, even if they do become a deva, what are the chances that they will produce a mutated soul in their tribulation. This makes the mutated souls a very coveted thing in the world and generally you will never find one for sale as anyone who values cultivation would sell it even for the entire wealth of the world, of course there are always exceptions but the prices of these mutated souls will be astonishing.

           Also these fragments are not only left by dark dragons but by other experts and godbeasts who have undergone similar tribulations as well, only this fragment of dark dragons soul is much valuable and may be even ranked among the top ten most coveted fragments of the world.”

          I nodded in acknowledgment while staring at the awe inspiring fragment and asked, “I understand Void but why are you calling this one a mutated soul, instead of a soul fragment.”

       Void smiled a little and answered, “This fragment is a mutated soul because it has fire affinity, The dark dragons have innate darkness affinity so its soul fragment should also possess the same affinity but this soul fragment possess strong fire affinity because of a mutation it has undergone, experts who covet this soul fragment may not have the darkness affinity which is a rare affinity, so they try to mutate it by forcibly injecting other elemental essence into it, in this case it was fire. After a long period of time, the soul fragment will naturally be converted into the desired elemental fragment.

              That divine disciple stage expert who originally obtained this soul fragment should have spent at least a few millennia trying to mutate this soul into a fire affinity fragment, though there is still some lingering darkness in this mutated soul, it shouldn’t pose any major obstruction when fusing with it. Only I think that he must have been in a very unfavourable situation else he would have collected this soul fragment himself as this is the result of his millennia of hard work, rather than sending a mere beginner disciple to collect it.

        Humph, whatever, he is but a single divine disciple, there is nothing to fear and he doesn’t even know who we are. This maybe fate, there is nothing he can do about it now.”

              As I heard Void, I stared in wonder at the rice grain sized gem in front of me and couldn’t help but think, ‘This fragment is so valuable and it was even mutated into fire affinity, my luck is too good but such luck will surely bring troubles, all I hope is it won’t be too troublesome to me.”

           I suddenly realised that I didn’t yet knew the purpose of this soul fragment so I hurriedly asked, “Void, you didn’t tell me yet, what is the use of a soul fragment?”

      Void smiled slightly and answered, “A soul fragment has a part of the original souls power, it may be anything, an innate ability, a technique developed by the original soul or simply a mass of divine consciousness so it is not possible to know what it contains until you fuse with it, generally put, you will gain the same power the original soul has utilised to withstand the tribulation which is definitely its strongest attack, though your gained power will be weaker than the original user’s it will still be an asset to your growth.

       But fusing a soul is a tedious and complex process that can’t be completed in an instant so let’s get out of here first, it will be dangerous if someone comes to find us. Its better if we go as far as we can before attempting to fuse with this soul.”

       I was startled as I remembered that we just stole a divine disciple’s treasure, it is best to get away as far as we can before he arrives here. Though with Sebastian here, he won’t be much of a problem, it would be a disaster if he brought someone to help him.

      Turning towards the prince, I ordered, “Don’t resist and stay put.” Immediately, a suction force was generated by Yama directly transporting them into the Yama realm. This was the first time I saw the this phenomenon so I couldn’t help but stare in wonder at Yama who was still glowing with red fire radiance.

       Shaking my head at this ridiculous situation, I immediately ordered Sebastian to convert into his eagle form so that we can get away as far as we can before someone comes chasing after us.


          A few hours after Riddick left the mountain ranges, an astonishing number of immortals arrived near the Red mountains, while an expert who was leading the group loudly ordered to the person in the back, “Show us the location where you last felt its presence Colt.”

       A man who looked like he was in his late forties appeared from the crowd of immortals as the voice rang out, his face was ashen pale and there was a red slap mark on one side of his face. Bowing down immediately, he respectfully said, “Revered Sect head, I felt the presence of my divine consciousness for the last time right here in this region.”

        The man who lead this group of individuals was the sect head of one of the largest sects of Colt Kingdom ‘Heavenly Flame sect’ – Abraham, while the man called Colt was a disciple of the sect who was at divine disciple level, he was also the ancestor of Colt clan and the one whose divine consciousness was sealed inside the lock of the chest.

          Abraham was a man of great ambition, he once obtained a soul fragment of the dark dragon by pure luck. Since he mainly trained in way of fire, he spent three thousand years trying to mutate it, this information was known only to a handful of individual including the elders of the sect, who were responsible to guard the Red mountains. Ever since three millenniums passed, they started being careless as they never thought that someone even knew about the soul fragment which was in the volcanic pouch of red mountains.

              But a few days ago he received information from the spy he placed in the ‘Hyde sect’ that the sect received information regarding a soul fragment reportedly hidden by his Heavenly flame sect, this immediately threw him in chaos as his work of three millennia will be wasted of it fell into their hands, so in a desperate situation to prevent their attention from going towards the red mountains he handed the mission to a reliable divine disciple of the sect ‘ Colt ‘ but this colt was still intercepted by the forces of Hyde sect and as a way to further prevent their eyes from reaching the red mountains, he asked his best disciple to collect the mutated soul while sealing the chest with his divine consciousness to prevent anyone from stealing it.

         The Hyde sect was the guardian sect of Hyde empire and was a monstrous organisation whose power cannot be rivaled in the Sky continent since they even have ancestors in Forbidden Isle. As a epitome of power in Sky continent, they still coveted the soul fragment but it was impossible that they will guess that a mere beginner disciple will escort such a treasure. Considering this, Colt planed the escort mission and even hired some missionaries to camouflage it as a merchant caravan, his plan was perfect and indeed the Hyde sect never doubted a small caravan with only beginner disciples, so the escort should have been a success. Unfortunately for him, Riddick found the carriage and it’s value with the help of Yama who had extreme sensitivity to the elemental essence.

          Abraham spread his divine sense yet he didn’t found a single human soul in vicinity, grinding his teeth he shouted loudly at the sect members, “Search every nook and corner of this mountain ranges.” Turning towards Colt, he barked, “Mobilise the entire army of the Colt kingdom, we must find the chest at any cost.”

        An elder who was beside the head said in a low voice, “Abraham, the chest is already in the Hyde sect’s hands, how can a mere search possibly help us.”

       Abraham shook his head and answered, “It is not yet decided that it is in hands of Hyde sect, if they really retrieved the chest they would have long since left this damn kingdom. Why would they conceal their success from a small sect such as us, even if I mobilise the entire strength of our sect, it won’t account to a thousandth of their strength so if they do retrieve the soul fragment, they will simply show off their success and leave this desolate kingdom.”

         The elder eyes lit up as he listened to Abraham’s answer, with a excited voice, he said, “Are you saying that the chest was stolen by someone who doesn’t belong to either of the our sects?”

      Abraham answered in a grave voice, “Most probably a divine disciple level expert should have stolen it, as the lock wouldn’t have broken without that level of strength also if it was a peak divine disciple like us, the lock wouldn’t have even triggered in the first place.

        We currently have the advantage since we know this information so  search for that bastard immediately, mobilise our entire sect and the army of Colt kingdom, we don’t know his appearance but he must be emitting a strong fire essence from his body. Also he mustn’t have fused with the soul fragment yet, since fusing with a mutated soul can only be achieved through complicated techniques and no divine disciple can know such techniques. Find him immediately before this information reaches the Hyde sect.”

   The elder immediately bowed slightly and said, “Yes, sect head.”

           That day hundreds of immortals flew all across the Colt kingdom along with the mortal army and they started combing the Colt kingdom territory. Majority of them didn’t know what they were searching for but the orders given to them were to inform their superiors as soon as they found a individual with strong fire essence around him.


         In a mansion located in the capital of Colt kingdom, a man was kneeling in front of a woman. On closer inspection one can see that he was the elder who talked with Abraham. He gave his report to the woman who abruptly rose from her chair and praised the man, “Good, you did well Damien. You will be rewarded with ten black pearls when we get that mutated soul and I will even recommended you to join the inner sect directly. Now go and continue your duties but don’t forget to report me about any important information.”

      Damien bowed and answered, “Yes, my lady.”

       As Damien left the mansion a cruel smile formed on the lips of the beautiful woman, with a low voice she commanded, “You heard that fool right, spread out our forces and search for the target also keep an eye on this lowlife, he betrayed his sect for money, there is no reason why he won’t betray us for more riches.”

      A shadow materialised in front of her revealing a man of sharp features, bowing a little he answered, “Yes, lady Alexa.”

         The next instant the man disappeared leaving behind Alexa who was smiling broadly, and thought aloud, “I wonder who is the person who robbed that soul fragment, whoever it is, he shall fall because of his own greed.”

      That day hundreds of divine disciples leading thousands of beginner disciples headed out of the Hyde sect while the peak divine disciples conserved their strength in anticipation of a fight with the opponent peak disciples

        The Colt kingdom was thrown into a chaos as thousands of immortals and lakhs of mortal armies marched in the territory of the kingdom and the surrounding areas inch by inch, all with the same orders, “Search and destroy the target while retrieving the object in his possession.”

          During this time Riddick was leisurely lying down on a small patch of grass in a distant forest away from the Red mountains, without a slight bit of knowledge of the havoc he caused in the Colt kingdom.


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