Book 2 – Chapter 17 – Soul Fusion:

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               I woke up early in the morning and saw Sebastian skinning a fifth ranked magical beast demon rabbit for our lunch, the sun was already up and I was feeling quite hungry since I fell asleep without having a supper as I was quite exhausted after that long flight. Soon, the big roasted meat was almost finished because of my voracious appetite, Sylvie was back after her own hunting and I was ready to finally fuse with the mutated soul.

              Void who sensed my intension sighed and said, “Riddick I understand your eagerness and there is no point in delaying it so let’s start the process immediately but first find a large source of water with at least a million creatures in it.”

     I was stunned at this request and asked, “A million creatures! How can I even find so many Void and Don’t tell me you want me me to slaughter all of them?”

             Void answered lazily, “I asked for creatures, it doesn’t matter if they are fish  or birds or even insects so its best if you select a large enough water body which has a million creatures in it,”

(AN: Please don’t count bacteria.)

      I sighed in relief as I heard this, if it was just fish or insects then it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a water body with a million creatures in it, so I started scouting the nearby places. This forest was huge, almost comparable to the Red mountains so this forest should have many water bodies to sustain the enormous plant life. Many lakes could be seen in the forest but they only spanned a few hundred metres to at most a few kilometres, these lakes didn’t satisfy my requirement so I travelled along the small streams which were the source of water filling up these small lakes.

       After a few hours of trekking along the small streams, I came upon the mother source of all the small lakes in the forest, it was a lake which spanned more than hundreds of kilometres and was surrounded by forest on all sides
This lake was most probably the centre point and the origin of the forest, having this lake as a water source, the plant life should have slowly spread outwards finally becoming a forest. I could clearly see that this lake was very deep and was teeming with aquatic life.

                Though I didn’t know if this lake had millions of creatures in it, at least it was the water body with the largest amount of life I could find, nodding my head in satisfaction, I informed Void, “Alright Void, I found a lake according to your instruction so what should I do next?”

          Void answered, ” Go to the bottom of the lake and gulp down the mutated soul, the real process is spiritual so you have do everything within your sea of consciousness.”

     I was startled and and asked Void, “Aren’t we going to use Yamaloka, I thought that using it will prevent anyone from noticing the elemental fluctuations.”

     Void sighed and said, “True, it is beneficial and no one will observe any elemental essence fluctuations but there are some processes which essentially can’t be done within Yamaloka. For example this soul fusion, which requires a high amount of elemental essence and only nature has as an unlimited source of elemental essence, further we need a million creatures which can’t be found in Yamaloka.”

           I was confused and asked, “Can’t we just ask Yama to absorb the elemental essence before we start the process, also these are just some aquatic creatures, we can easily transport them to Yamaloka.”

      Void spoke in a irritated voice, “Though Yama has lightning affinity, it is weak and he can’t control the lightning elemental essence as much as fire elemental essence, it is highly possible that you will require a large amount of lightning essence at the end of process so it is not possible to use Yamaloka. Further Yamaloka follows the laws of yama and when these creatures die, we want their souls to follow the laws of nature which won’t happen in the case of Yamaloka.

      Now, don’t ask me anymore questions and just get it done.”

                  I nodded slightly and thought secretly, ‘Every time Void gets irritated,he acts like a grumpy old man’. Following Void’s instruction I sprinted on the water surface towards the centre of the lake and dived inside while Sebastian hovered in the air with Sylvie coiled around him as Void instructed me to order them to stay away from me while I am fusing with the soul fragment.

                       Diving into the lake I saw a number of fish schools each having thousand and thousands of fishes in them while many magical beasts were also present in the lake, none were at a level where I need to be conscious of them. It was not hard to dive and hold my breath including the surface walk on water as these are just a few minor skills any warrior of even fifth rank can master.

           Reaching the bottom of the lake which was at least a kilometre deep was a tedious process and the difficulty only increased as the water pressure increased, though I enveloped myself in the Ki, it still gave me a congested feeling.

      Finally I reached the bottom of the lake and gulped down the mutated soul gem while immediately entering into the meditative state to observe the sea of consciousness, the gem which reached into my abdomen slowly disintegrated into two parts a fiery red mass and a small dark reddish fog, suddenly both of them invaded my sea of consciousness and attacked my mage force and soul respectively.

              Void who was silent the whole time immediately ordered me to form a barrier with my spiritual energy to obstruct the red mass force while he let the darkish red fog to attack my soul. The darkish red fog was like an arrow and directly pierced into my soul. A soul shattering pain engulfed my consciousness and my soul almost shattered but in the next instant a bull appeared in my sea of consciousness and bellowed loudly, the reddish fog suddenly halted its assault as a tremendous fire elemental energy shook my sea of consciousness and blocked its advance but the dark part of fog continued its assault as it was somehow immune to the control of the enormous energy of Yama.

           After Yama somehow stopped the advance of the red fog, my situation improved a little bit but the pain was still present. Though it was not so excruciating, it was still enough to make me lose my sanity. The dark fog was trying to continuously assault my soul and only after a full five minutes it gave up its assault and became static. Yama bellowed again and the red fog directly flew and merged with the dark fog forming a dark reddish cloud but this time the fog remained static and showed no signs of movement.

      Void’s voice resounded in my exhausted mind again and said, “Alright Riddick, the first stage is a success now all that is left is the second stage before the fusion is complete.”

   I was mad with anger and shouted, “Why didn’t you tell me that I will experience this type of pain again?”

    Void answered as a matter of fact, “Of course you will experience it, these processes involve souls so the pain will be thousands of time greater than physical injuries. You should thank the heavens that Yama was here else you would have been dead by now. In the first place this mutated soul can never be fused by a mortal, my guess is that you are the first person who attempted this process in all of multi universes.

           I only allowed you to do this because I had confidence in saving you, with Yama we could control the fire essence leaving only the small amount of darkness for you to confront. Now that the easy part is over all that is required is to open your soul and integrate this soul fragment into your soul.”

        I was stunned at the answer and asked in a trembling voice, “That was the easy part? How can the next part be worse than this?”

     Void answered, “I know Riddick that I didn’t tell you the cons of soul fusion but you have to believe me, the earlier a soul fuses with you the more control you will have over the ability you gain from it and the reason I said that the previous process is easy is because we were there to help you but in the next step we can’t intervene.”

             I sighed deeply and said, “Alright, I understand. I was a fool to even think that everything will go smoothly. Now tell me what should I do?”

        Void became serious in a instant and  said, “You are not experienced in this matter and I don’t want your soul to collapse so listen carefully, I will remove the seal on your soul which is naturally placed by the heavens and then you will  fuse with the soul fragment, remember the only think you have to do is to absorb the soul fragment and the red mass as much as you can into your sea of consciousness as both of them will try to repel themselves from you who is essentially a foreign body to them. ”

         I nodded my head and soon a small divine energy appeared in my sea of consciousness, it slowly enveloped the soul and started forming a complex formation around it. In a few seconds I felt as if my entire being was split open but I felt no pain, it was an indescribable feeling which clouded my consciousness. Void’s voice resounded in my mind and said, “Now!”

     I immediately let my soul absorb the soul fragment into it, it was calm at first and the fusion happened peacefully but soon an incredible force started bombarding my soul from inside as if to rip it to shreds, my consciousness which was already muddy started to get hazy and I soon lost all consciousness.

      Yama who was out side watching the phenomenon said in a low voice, “Void, was it essential to take such a risk? Even if his majesty doesn’t fuse with this soul fragment, he will still grow powerful, why are you taking such a risk?”

          Void stayed silent for a while and said, “Yama, no matter how much support we give him, we are ultimately nothing but a support. He has to grow strong by himself and this soul fragment will be useful for him even in the future, besides do you really think a mere dark dragons soul can dominate his soul.”

       Yama stayed silent for a while but a small snort came from his nose as he said, “Dark dragons soul huh! Impossible.”

         Suddenly the red mass which was silently present in one corner of the sea of consciousness started rampaging and a tremendous fire essence started bombarding the spiritual energy present in sea of consciousness, contrarily the spiritual energy was trying to engulf the fire essence emitted by red mass.

      Seeing this Void muttered, ” So it has begun.” While Yama continued, “The fight for dominance.” It was right at this time Riddick lost his consciousness.


        Sebastian was hovering in the air a little distance away from the lake, Sylvie was coiled around his hand and was intently observing the lake while he kept a watch on the surroundings as his orders was to prevent any one from disturbing Riddick while he was fusing with the soul fragment.

          Suddenly Sebastian sensed a tremendous energy and moved back at his maximum speed just in time to avoid an explosion of steam and fire essence which reached all the way to the top of the lake though Riddick was a kilometre away from the surface.

        The entire lake started to boil at a astonishing speed, the fish were already dead while the magical beasts were howling because of intense heat, though some higher magical beasts managed to reach the surface but their bodies were already burnt beyond recognition and were sinking back into the lake as they lost their lives before they reached the land. The heat was tremendous and the steam rising from the intense boiling was enough to instantly cover the sky over the entire lake and the surrounding forest with a white mist.

          Sebastian was dumbfounded while Sylvie was slack jawed as they saw the astounding phenomenon before them, the lake which had billions of gallons of water was evaporating at a visible speed while the millions of aquatic life were dying in seconds.

     Soon all that left was a thin layer of mineral salt covering the bottom of the lake, Riddick was seated in the centre while emitting a frightening amount of fire essence which continued to burn his surroundings.

            At this stage the fire elemental essence started heating the rocks to a degree that a small pool of lava was formed near Riddick but it was obstructed from reaching him by Yama who was revolving around him while crazily absorbing the fire essence.

     The steam which emitted by the evaporation of lake was enormous and covered the entire lake and the surrounding forest, all the birds in the vicinity were already dead while the plants near the border were burning to ashes from the still emanating heat, this phenomenon was huge and could be observed for hundreds of kilometres, there were about twenty immortals who were in the vicinity of the phenomenon and immediately started rushing towards the centre of forest.


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    • Welcome to reddycreations Juan Tamad. I will appreciate it if you tell me the faults in my work as it will help me in improving it.
      For example – arrogant – why do you think so?


      • Agreed, also he has had several reality checks to help keep him in line. Tho personally i think the last one was to light, not enough build up between the 3 to make the readers care about them. I kind of feel like he needs to be thrown into a situation where hes trapped, alone and weakened for an extended time.


      • I’ve just realized,… that probably whats going to happen next chapter. I mean, the set up is all there but for some reason I totally missed it


  1. The lake was a good idea to try and suppress the fire essence but wouldn’t the ocean have been better? Unless that not the only reason but still this is getting damn interesting keep up the good work (two thumbs up!!!)


  2. One small suggestion instead of saying riddick lost consciousness how about he because of the pain he fell into a state where he was no longer aware of what was going on only reacting on instinct attacking the thing that was the source of pain and defending himself? Which is what I’m imagining what is likely to happen?


  3. Why would there be salt when the water evaporated? Don’t you know that not a lot of organism can survive in that kind of environment. And you also stated that the lake he use is the source for all the streams and other lakes if that is true there wouldn’t a forest in that area filled with life. Look at the Dead sea and Salt lake over at utah


    • All water bodies contain salt, seas have larger % that’s it. After the water is evaporated there is salt meaning salts and minerals remains of various things dissolved in water,

      Forest life can never be as much as water life, roughly one school of fish may have thousands of individuals but a herd with thousands is very rare besides I wanted a water body to counteract the fire essence emitted.

      Thank you Henry for commenting.


      • yes all bodies of water contain salt but not at the amount you stated in your work. you said there was a thick layer of salt at the bottom. tell me what fresh water lake have you known that has dried up leaving behind a thick layer of salt. IF you stated it was a salt lake in the beginning then you have a another problem because you would have a hard time trying to justify how a salt lake can provide for millions of life


      • Whew, my mistake henry. Thank you for your comment. I never thought that RL science facts will affect so much, I will keep in mind about this next time.


  4. thx for the chapter.
    now about the polls.I vote no.its good dat you’re taking the reader’s comments in consideration but I think you’re too easily swayed by other people’s opinion.
    first they gonna want u to change the time they gonna want u to change the story itself.there’s no end to dat.
    regarding the name riddick I think its appropriate because this story is about him


  5. I believe that MC is becoming increasingly annoying. Author is stuck in a certain type of writing style in which MC being arrogant & dumbly asking questions for the sake of readers and Void explaining it after scolding him. I feel that this ‘act’ is needlessly interrupting the flow of the story and trying to show how MC is facing hardships. For example, in this chapter there is no need for us to know why the fusion process cannot happen in Yamaloka. Explaining it just increased the word count but not the story quality.
    If the author doesn’t try to break free of this writing style, I am very doubtful about the potential of this story.


    • Welcome to reddycreations Ignorantcritic, I appreciate your comment but can you please explain me how can I explain reader why Yamaloka cannot be used, if I simply don’t explain at all it will lead to questions.


    • i agree, the MC is becoming annoying and becoming more and more like a brat who got power, i like it when the mc is cunning like when he confront kennedy
      why does his image becoming like a stupid mc who cant do anything without the support of others


      • Welcome to reddycreations annoyed, in accordance with your or ignorant critic opinion I will be switching my writing to a neural POV which is basically CD style, actually almost many of Chinese Xianxia Novel follow this style. So please state your opinion after next chapter.

        But be warned, this type of storytelling is pretty long and will most probably require at least two chapters to cover the same amount of information.


  6. Thanks for the chapter! I’m reading through this, and the comments, and was wondering… If people have time to complain, why don’t they start their own story? Why don’t they create their own characters, with feelings…unique actions…and that actually spans more than 5 chapters or so. Thank you very much for writing this novel/fanfic/book/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. If by any chance you want me to run through and proofread to the best of my abilities chapters and link you to a Google doc, or pastebin, or something, just let me know!


    • Hi kidyeon, thank you for the support. As for your offer, I am very honoured by it. Currently Eric Allen is Proofreading my chapter but he is working from the beginning on an average of one chapter per day or two. So I can’t decide it on my own and have to ask him, as for the collaborative PRing before a chapter release, I will be honest with you, my schedule is damn packed so I will contact you in September as soon as I am done with my exams. Then I can collaborate and even give you a day to PR before I release my Chapter.

      Thank you again.


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