Book 2 – Chapter 18 Sebastian

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              I actually planned to write this chapter in a third person POV but in regard to the yesterday’s comments and my own contemplation I decided to use a neutral tone which is essentially very similar to the Coiling Dragon style, so please tell me about your opinion but be warned, this style will slightly dilute the intensity as we are watching from a neutral person POV also the novel will elongate as I will require more words and chapters to explain the same concept.

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Sebastian :
          While Riddick was still seated in a mediative posture emitting fire essence in astonishing amounts, a group of immortals were flying at high speed towards the now dried up lake. These group of immortals were close to the  forest so they reached the lake in only a few minutes.

             As soon as they reached the lake, the sight of Riddick who was emitting fire essence startled them, a man who was leading the group snorted and said loudly, “Let’s go.”

           Sebastian who was hovering in the air was intently observing Riddick while the group of immortals arrived at the lake, his face changed colour as he noticed their presence, frowning he ordered in a low voice, “Sylvie stay back and don’t come out.”

         Sylvie who was observing the situation, quietly crawled back and coiled around his abdomen and as soon as the group of immortals started moving, Sebastian flew at high speed towards them to block their approach.

              Flying towards them he shouted loudly, “Who are you and what is your intention in approaching my young master?”

      The man who was leading the group saw Sebastian and answer loudly, “My name is Xavier, we are from the Heavenly flame sect and as per our sect head’s orders both of you will now accompany us.”

       Sebastian frowned and said, “Leave, neither me nor my young master will accompany you.”

       Xavier face convulsed with anger and he shouted, “Fool, don’t you see that I have 8 of my brothers with me who are all in divine disciple stage just like you. Humph, I wanted to avoid unnecessary conflict but now that you are so arrogant, I will kill you both and take back your corpses.”

          Sebastian was concerned as the enemy group unexpectedly had nine divine disciples while they had thirteen beginner disciples, a group of twenty two immortals. Though he could still escape from such an encirclement, he was doubtful in his ability to protect Riddick.

                    Xavier who ordered a kill instantly withdrew a crimson spear and directly charged towards Sebastian while the remaining divine disciples formed a formation in the air. Sebastian had no choice but to fight back in this situation so he brought out a long saber, this saber was very thin but its sharpness could be felt even from a distance.

        Xavier’s spear flickered and instantly the spear pierced Sebastian a thousand times but Sebastian was much faster and only his afterimage was left for the spear while he himself retreated, the saber in his hand sliced the air and a long wind blade flew towards Xavier who blocked it with a similar technique, both Xavier and Sebastian were warriors who trained in the way of wind so neither of them held an advantage in the fight.

                    Xavier who was momentarily shocked by the power of Sebastian, laughed loudly and said, “Wonderful, I never expected to meet such a strong expert but it is a pity that I have to kill you today.” Turning towards his brothers he shouted, “Initiate the nine Fang formation, we will kill him immediately.” While at the same time the beginner divine disciples started moving towards Riddick who was still in a meditative state.

            Sebastian was quite attentive and as soon as he saw the movements of the beginner disciples, he immediately flew at high speed towards Riddick but his advance was stopped by a barrier of wind formed by the divine disciples, turning towards Xavier, he shouted loudly, “Xavier, what is the meaning of this? Is your nine fang formation a mere prison used to trap me.”

       Xavier smiled wickedly and answered, “True, our nine fang formation has a restrictive capacity which is far greater than its attacking power. Though I would have liked to fight you for real, this time our target however is your young master.”

                Sebastian who saw the fast approaching beginner disciples gritted his teeth and dashed straight through the wind barrier, the wind barrier was nothing but a formation formed by the energy of nine warriors who form countless blades of wind encompassing them to form a barrier obstructing their enemy.

          As Sebastian passed the barrier, countless wind blades assaulted his body like sharpened blades he gritted his teeth and flew at high speed, Xavier and his brothers who never expected this suicide attempt were momentarily left dumbfounded. Recovering from his daze Xavier laughed loudly and said, “How on earth can such a fool exist in this world? Brothers even though he had enough power to rival me now he should be heavily injured, let’s go and kill him.”

            The group of divine disciples followed Sebastian while Sebastian flew at high speed which was much faster than any of them, thus he reached the approaching beginner disciples in just a second, these disciples were caught off guard as they never expected to face an enemy who was supposed to be trapped in the nine fang formation. Though all this took place in various stages, in reality everything happened in only a second.

                Caught off guard, one of the disciple immediately lost his life to the charge of Sebastian while the remaining, as expected of experts, drew their weapons almost simultaneously. A person who was in the rear end of disciples loudly declared, “Flee.” It was an obvious decision to them as they would die if they put up a resistance in front of a divine disciple so they instead chose to flee.

         The next instant all of them fled in different directions away from Sebastian, making it difficult to pursue all of them. Sebastian who saw this let out a shrill eagle cry and immediately shifted to his original appearance.

        Cries of alarm appeared in all the people present as the eagle was a mighty god beast who had a 100 foot wide body with beak as sharp as any divine artifact while its talons were certainly the harbingers of death.

         Sebastian who was now in his eagle form spread his wings and raised a sharp gale which filled the surroundings while his talons let out condensed blades of wind which simultaneously pierced the bodies of eight disciples leaving only four beginner disciples who fled for their lives.

       Xavier who saw Sebastian’s eagle form immediately cried aloud, ” Retreat!”

       All of his brothers retreated at a fast pace while Sebastian raised a ear piercing cry and chased after them at a speed which was almost double his original.

     Xavier who saw Sebastian’s eagle form cursed out and said, “No wonder that guy is still alive after taking the damage from our barrier, who would have thought that he belonged to the Welkin clan. They are the rulers of the sky and their proficiency in training in the way of wind is unrivalled among god beasts.”

          A person beside him said in a worrying voice, “Big brother, are we going to escape and let this treasure get away from our hands, sect head promised us a high position and a treasure of our choice if we bring back the culprit.”

     Xavier snorted and said, “I, Xavier has trained for two millennia and has achieved this level of power, I refuse to believe that I cannot defeat a mere member of welkin clan. Though it is good to be confident, I don’t want to take any risks, brothers let’s attack at once then we will definitely emerge victorious.”

       All nine of divine disciples who were retreating split into nine rays of wind while simultaneously stopping in their tracks, spear in their hands they pierced the huge figure of Sebastian imbued with their immortal power, instantly hundreds and thousands of spear energies assaulted Sebastian.

             Sebastian who was madly chasing after the nine divine disciples halted in his tracks as they stopped their retreat, as soon as thousands of spear energies assaulted him, he snorted and let out a shrill cry. A huge gust of wind gathered in front of him and engulfed the spear energies obstructing their approach.

      Xavier who saw the gust lost all colour in his face and a brother of his muttered tremblingly, “Not good, this eagle is a core member of welkin clan and possesses an innate ability.” Turning towards Xavier he said, “Brother let’s leave, we can’t face this monster without any casualties. Its better if we bring along the elders of the sect, no matter how much precious that young man is, it is not worth our lives.”

         Xavier who was gritting his teeth in anger loudly snarled, “Shut up! Don’t tell me what I should do. Do you think that elders will give a shit about our wellbeing, they will snatch this treasure for themselves and may even eliminate us to prevent the leakage of information. We will seize the kid today at any cost.”

          Sebastian who was quietly observing the situation shifted to his human form and said in a murderous voice, “Get out! I do not want to have a fight with you, so leave immediately and I won’t pursue you.”

    Xavier who listened to Sebastian offer snickered and said, “Just because you belong to the welkin clan, do you think you can order us around. Even if you belong to the welkin clan it doesn’t matter as long as your fellow brothers know nothing of your death. I know that you are trying to act big but it is indisputable that you are heavily injured and can’t face the combined might of us nine brothers. God beast welkin eagle, you will die today and become fodder to the earth.”

      Sebastian face twitched as he heard this, an expression never seen on his face surfaced as a low growl emerged from his throat, “Fuckers, I am trying to act nice and even offered you your lives but you motherfuckers want to kill me. Come at me and I promise you, none of you will die peacefully.”

      Xavier face convulsed with anger as he said, “Don’t get cocky bastard, let’s see who dies first.”

     The spear in his hand directly chopped at air and a wind twisted around his spear while rotating at high speed, in a blink he appeared right before Sebastian and pierced straight through his heart.

            Sebastian who didn’t move from his position started at Xavier while muttering in low voice. “In accordance with your order my master Vera, I have reached my limit so the seal on me is now removed.”

( AN: Some of might think why should he even seal his powers and fight so dangerously, I will leave the reason to your own discretion, think about it with the logic of Riddick’s world not our Real life.)

               Xavier reached Sebastian in a blink of an eye and pierced him with his spear but Sebastian stood calmly while his hand simply grabbed the spear. Xavier was initially stunned but was soon terrified by the power of Sebastian. A desperate look appeared in his eyes as he tried to flee but a strong divine energy firmly held him in his place. Sebastian who was calmly observing Xavier suddenly started emitting a tremendous Killing intent, if someone observing this phenomenon, then they would have surely felt that it was no way inferior to Lord Kennedy’s killing intent.

           Sebastian face convulsed and a expression mad with anger appeared while the killing intent intensified as he said, “I already gave you a chance but you were a fool who didn’t utilise it, now my patience has hit its limit.”

         A wind energy which was eons apart from his previous power transmitted into Xavier through the spear, the energy was like a raging cyclone and teared through his body from inside, in just a few seconds nothing was left except the rended pieces of the what was once Xavier.

     The divine disciples who were watching their brother’s strongest attack which utilised the power of the true divine energy were stunned as Sebastian blocked it but soon they were terrified to even move from their spots as the strongest among them, their elder brother, died in a few seconds and that too without any resistance, they instinctively understood that they were not a match to the opponent present before them so they stood still without even escaping, it was not that they did not wish to escape but their mental facilities were already consumed with the fear permeating from the very core of their souls.

                Sebastian who killed Xavier appeared in front of the immortal group while an immortal fell to the ground as his head was beheaded while his body was splintered at a speed none of them could even follow.

       Turning his head towards the other immortals Sebastian barked loudly, “Tell me, what exactly is happening in this kingdom.”

      The immortal group was terrified as they saw the scattered remains of their two brothers, trembling in fear they stuttered, “Ye…yes, lord welkin.”


39 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 18 Sebastian

  1. Excellent chapters. Your writing has improved by leaps and bounds compared to the beginning. Good stuff. It has a great feel to it and is not inferior to Coiling Dragon. Though I would suggest the hero be a little less overly dependent on his protectors.


  2. ( AN: Some of might think why should he even seal his powers and fight so dangerously, I will leave the reason to your own discretion, think about it with the logic of Riddick’s world not our Real life.)

    There are some pretty good reasons, actually.

    1/ Discretion:
    In our world the truly rich tend to have bodyguards, well trained people. They do not wear black suits like in movies, but dress inconspicuously.
    These people are rich enough to buy tanks and gear their bodiguards with SWAT equipment, but don’t. Why? Cos it is like putting up a big sign that says ‘SOMEONE HERE IS IMPORTANT!’
    The very guards then lead to more problems than they solve.
    In a world where Deva level + people guard against overt Immortal intervention in mortal affairs, having a Deva level bodyguard is like walking around with a tank.

    2/ Escalation of Force:
    If you have a divine deciple guarding you then people will send divine disciple level attacks at you, since anything higher would be overkill.
    Deva level guards might stop some attacks, but it will also mean that those who DO attack you will do so with force appropriate to take out a Deva.
    Better to sandbag as long as possible, to make them underestimate him.


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