Book 3 – Chapter 18 Change in Qi

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Change in Qi :

              Qi, the condensation of the martial power of an expert is stored inside a small fist sized location called dantian. This dantian is exactly located between the pelvic region and the diaphragm, at the point of umbilicus.

(AN : Umbilicus is the location where the umbilical cord is attached to the body during the child growth. It is also the only place where three important systems of the body digestive, excretory and the vascular systems meet together to form a complex system. )

           Dantian is said to be present in all individuals but only the experts who had entered into martial cultivation and established their Qi foundation can start to feel it’s presence.

     The talent of a warrior is partly related to the dantian as well because the talent  of a bloodline and their latent ability as a warrior is decided by the amount of Qi transferred to the dantian of a child. The larger the amount of absorbed Qi is, the larger the benefit received by the child in his early stages of growth.

        While the transfer of Qi has no direct significance in increasing the rank as a warrior, it does immensely help for the future growth of the child. The Qi vessels used since the birth have much higher flexibility and absorptive capacity than others.

      However, nothing is certain. In the world, many experts who have established the major sects and clans were once born in unknown families with no genetic benefits.

       Inside this dantian, Qi revolves at a high speed around a centre point which generates an astonishing amounts of  centripetal force, combined with the life force of the expert which has a centrifugal effect on the Qi. A miniature cyclonal galaxy made up of Qi is thus established within the dantian.

        The dantian along with the fifty four major meridians of the body together form the Qi circulating system. Qi travels from the dantian through the meridians and nourishes the bones, the muscles and the viscera in its path.

(AN : Viscera – combined name for internal structures like organs. )

         The rank of the warrior is decided by  the amount of Qi present in their dantians. Once the level of Qi passes a certain limit, the warrior is said to break into the next rank.

         Though all experts in a same rank may not have much difference in the quantity or Qi, the quality however differs between various experts. The higher the density of Qi is, the higher is the quality and the power generated would be similarly vastly different form the others.

     This is the quality differentiating the powerful warriors from ordinary warriors of same rank. Any immortal in beginner disciple stage should possess the same amount of Qi but a powerful beginner disciple would have a very high density of Qi.

    The quality of the Qi depends on the Qi condensation manual and the purification process followed by the individual. Qi is condensed and purified in the process of meditation from the life force of an expert according to the way described by the meditation technique.

    Since Riddick had always followed the meditation technique given by Vera, “One breath – Thousand lives”, he never knew but his Qi density was always eons apart from the other warriors enabling him to fight other warriors of higher rank equally.

    The day the lightning dragon descended from the skies, a change occurred inside Riddick’s dantain. White Qi was revolving at high speed around the centre point which was continuously absorbing the Qi like a black hole while at the outer edges of the dantian, Qi synthesised from the life force was poured to replenish the lost Qi.

     Suddenly a streak of lightning came like a bolt and deposited itself in the centre of dantian. The centre spot even with all its power couldn’t swallow the lightning bolt and the bolt instantly transformed into small translucent membrane and covered the entire centre.

        The Qi flow was not obstructed by this lightning screen but If one looked closely enough then they would find that the membrane was actually formed by a miniature dragon coiling around itself at the centre of the dantian.

       The dragon inside the dantian was like a mighty God, it was majestic and inconceivable intelligence could be seen in its eyes as it stared at the overwhelming Qi ocean like king staring form the Skies.

     The minute the dragon appeared in the Qi ocean, the Qi began to boil and the rolled like waves in a ocean. The milky white Qi which covered the entire dantian began to change and a faint yellow steaks or lightning covered the entire ocean as the boiling sea calmed down.

        This yellow Qi was completely different form the white Qi as its density was vastly superior and had an explosive quality.


          Riddick had a feeling that something changed the day he met the lightning dragon but he couldn’t pinpoint it. It was like an epiphany that he could feel yet, couldn’t understand. He felt as if he was forgetting something very important to him but no matter how he tried he couldn’t remember it.

         As Riddick trained, he slowly began to realise the changes his body was undergoing. His previous strength was already astonishing for a seventh ranked warrior but his current strength when he circulated his Qi almost rivalled a peak ninth ranked warrior even though he clearly was still a peak seventh ranked warrior.

       The yellow coloured specks gave his Qi a destructive explosive power it packed surprised Riddick. He again remembered the words the lightning dragon spoke, “Weak, weak, you are too weak, I have acknowledged you but they defiantly won’t.”

     Till then Riddick didn’t understood what the dragon meant when it said that he acknowledged him but as he saw the faint yellowed coloured Qi rolling in his arms he understood that the dragon was the one responsible for this change.

      Simultaneously Riddick thought, “The dragon said that he acknowledged me but the others won’t. So there are others whom even that mighty dragon consider as his rivals.”

           Riddick heart raced as he thought as he thought about the gift the dragon gave him. The yellow Qi gave him the power that would rival others above two ranks. This gave Riddick the power to rival an immortal when he reaches the eighth rank and overwhelm them when he reaches the ninth rank.

    Riddick was excited and wanted to immediately train his martial techniques but he suppressed his desire because he had long since decided to train in magic theory.

      Riddick waved his hand and a book appeared in his hands, it was the compilation of magic spells that Vera had given him when she left. The book contained the all the spells till ninth rank in detail while the immortal spells are given a brief introduction.

     The last time Riddick had total control over his body was when he was trying to Cesar’s soul. In just three months after a series of events which involved his death and near death experiences he was now a ninth ranked mage and a peak seventh ranked warrior from his previous power of seventh ranked mage and a sixth ranked warrior.

    Raising two ranks as a mage in two months, this was a speed inconceivable for anyone with the slightest hint of the difficulties of cultivation yet, Riddick achieved it though by paying a huge price.

      Since then Riddick never had the chance to learn the higher ranked spells as he wasn’t in a position to leisurely learn the magic theory behind the spells. The fight in the earthen castle and with Alex, Riddick fought them with no knowledge of spells because he never understood the magic theory behind the magic spells of eighth and ninth rank.

       But, the Great entrance was different. It was entrance to attend the deva palace and geniuses from all over the world fought in that entrance. Since in an entrance he had to fight opponents with superior power and backing, he can definitely spare no effort so Riddick began to read through the magic theory of spells to get a through understanding of them before the entrance begins.

“Fire style immortal level spell – Nova blast, large range destructive spell capable of destroying tens of hundreds of metres in a terrifying fire.”

“Water style immortal level spell – Neptune’s wrath, an attack which summons the seas and pushed the wraps the opponent in a water vortex and traps him.”

“Earth style immortal level spell – Tectonic rift, a spell which causes immense vibrations in the tectonic plates and causes a massive earthquake along with earth shattering rifts.”

“Lightning element ninth ranked spell – Thunder descent “An single attack spell which can be used to annihilate an enemy.

“Lightning element ninth ranked spell – Lightning storm” A wide range attack spell capable of causing a massive thunderstorms.

“Fire element eighth ranked spell – Flame serpent emperor.” A spell takes the form of an emperor serpent.

“Fire style ninth ranked spell – Wild fire tsunami” A mid range spell with high destructive power, known as the base for the development of the immortal spell Nova blast, it’s attack power rivals Nova blast to a certain degree when used by a very powerful mage.

“Lightning style immortal spell – Lord of Thunder” similar to the flame serpent emperor, this spell let’s the user control the lightning to from a controllable familiar.

       Riddick read in wonder and admiration for the experts who developed the spells and began to imagine the laws governing these spells. The book didn’t explain the laws governing the spell because they had to be understood by the mage himself. The deeper the knowledge of mage is regarding the laws, the powerful his spell becomes.

        Thus, Riddick began to spend the last month before the beginning of Great entrance.


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Book 3 – Chapter 17 The Deva palace

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The Deva palace :

               Riddick sat on a chair enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the high clouds from the window, the wind blowing gently on his face gave a refreshing feeling, he never experienced before and the gentle sun rays warmed his body to his liking.

          It has been a month since he began to stay at the royal palace of the Welkin clan. He woke up two days later, after the big disaster happened.

       He still remembered the most shocking thing that happened as soon as he woke up, a girl with pearl white skin and golden eyes immediately jumped into his bosom and cuddled against his chest.

       Riddick gently laughed as he thought back to how he reacted as he saw a mesmerising girl cuddling against his chest. He too was a young man with sexual desires so he couldn’t help but think that the girl had wonderful assets as he assessed them with his sense of touch by reviewing the soft sensation he felt on his body.

     However, soon all the lust evaporated as the girl called out, “Master.”

         Riddick stood as if he was struck like a thunder, of course he knew that Sylvie was now an immortal but never in his mind did he guess that she would become a heavenly beauty rivalling Vera. He gulped and thought that he was shameless, he wasn’t a person with many values but at least he should refrain from laying hands on Sylvie who was still a child besides he had Rachel and even Vera.

      As if sensing his confusion, Sylvie lifted her cute little head and said, “Master, no need to worry. I am now a big girl, I can handle you.”

     Riddick involuntarily screamed, “What the fuck!”

“Now, now, I am not trying to intervene but can I have a chat with your master, lady Sylvie.” Arthur came forward with big strides.

    Riddick who for the first time observed his surroundings suddenly became alert as he saw the approaching Arthur. His hand involuntary started looking for Yama while his lips chanted spell but Sylvie interrupted him and said, “Master, this person isn’t an enemy. He is Sebastian’s grandfather so you need not be at caution, further, it was him who saved you from the gorge of the forest where you laid unconscious.”

         Riddick eased as he heard Sylvie, if Arthur was related to Sebastian then he can be rest assured that the old man was not an enemy.

      As asked by Arthur, Sylvie immediately jumped down form the bed like a lithe cat and ran out of the door.

     Arthur only smiled as he saw Sylvie and returned his gaze to Riddick.

        Riddick had a favourable impression on Arthur as soon as they started talking. The old man was very experienced so it wasn’t a problem for him to soothe the rough edges in their relationship with some sweet words.

         However, Arthur didn’t explain anything regarding the war or the Hyde sect and even ordered anyone from disturbing the mood of Riddick with mindless talk.

       But, the issue was too huge and every one knew about it so it wasn’t possible to hide these facts from Riddick. Soon After Riddick began to relax in the royal palace he heard and understood majority of what happened in the war field.

      Riddick had decided to be ruthless but still he wasn’t so inhuman to think that life held no value. The war this time had resulted in many deaths. Tens of thousands of magical beasts died along with thousands of cultivators, he began to feel guilty that he was the reason why thousands of family died.

    He would slaughter his enemies and weed out any obstacles in his path but on the other hand he was someone who cared deeply about his family, friends and well wishers.

       Pained with guilt Riddick spent most of the month in seclusion thinking about his life, his decisions and his future. By now he was aware that Arthur was a deva while Solomon who visited to console him was also a deva. Both of them fought for him and it was obvious that Solomon had come to console him only because he wanted to please Arthur.

    Riddick was certain that if he lived quietly in the Welkin palace then he would be as safe as he can possibly be. Who would be foolish enough to attack the Welkin clan within their territory.

    But again he remembered the mighty voice which resounded in his mind when the heavenly lightning descended. He remembered it clearly, “Weak, weak, you are too weak. So weak that you can’t even contain me.”

     These words haunted him, as he couldn’t help but think about the situation where his brother Gates almost died because he was weak and couldn’t protect him. He had once thought that he was strong enough but he wasn’t, he was still weak. So weak that he started to hate himself for his weakness.

       Also he understood clearly that as long as he was sheltered, he would be weak. He was always sheltered by someone in his life, Vera, Sebastian, Kennedy and now Arthur.

      He didn’t knew why people with so much power would help him but he also understood that his life became chaotic because of their help. Would he have dared to attack a caravan of mercenaries with immortals when he was only a seventh ranked mage, would he have dared to intervene on multiple occasions if he didn’t have the support of powerful people. No he wouldn’t.

      The words haunted him, reminded him that he was weak and his current situation haunted him telling him that he would never become strong as long as he is protected.

     A bird learns to fly only when it is probed and pushed by its mother from a cliff. A child blossoms into a man only when he experience the world by himself. This was a universal truth.

     But, Riddick was in a a predicament. He had too many enemies, he was all too experienced about the prowess of these enemies. He knew that the minute he leaves the protection of the Welkin clan, Arthur and Sebastian. He would be found by those individuals and tortured to death.

    Though Solomon acted all respectful and showed sorrow at his sufferings, none were fooled. Would he let Riddick go if he ever finds him without any protection?

       Riddick sighed as he thought of various things and finally came to a conclusion. He didn’t want to be involved in these battles, he didn’t want to be always in position where he should be guarded. He was still young and weak, there was so much to learn and sadly, he couldn’t find a place peaceful enough to train.

      The Sky continent was no longer safe for him, it had too many people known or unknown waiting for his death. The Welkin palace was the epitome of luxury yet, he felt as of he was suffocated as he thought of these issues.

       So Riddick began to long for days where he could be carefree, train and hunt, enjoy the peacefulness of the meditation. Thinking back he sighed because he never really settled down ever since he left his training when he reached the age of sixteen.

        It has only been two years but the experiences he had to undergo were enough to make his soul age for a hundred years. Thus, Riddick spent his days thinking deeply about his future.


          A few days later Riddick was in the main hall where countless nobles gathered for entertainment and exchange of information. He was already famous and Arthur downright issued an order to all nobles that Riddick was to be treated with utmost respect.

      So everyone were very respectful and treated him like a lord. Riddick also enjoyed to come down to the community hall since it was a constant hub of activities and interesting information was passed down here. It was one of his interests in his sedentary life at welkin castle.

“Gilbert, I heard that the date for the Great entrance is announced. Do you know anything regarding it?” A fat man asked in a moderate voice.

“Yes, indeed. The entrance starts in a month.” The man known as Gilbert answered while gulping down his wine.

     Instantly many of the nobles started discussing among themselves. Seeing them discussing so actively Riddick couldn’t help but be amused so he asked, “What is this Great entrance Lord Gilbert?”

   Gilbert as well as the other nobles turned their heads in surprise. Gilbert looked confused and said, “Lord, Great entrance is a major event in the Sky continent. Are you unaware of it?”

   Riddick only nodded his head.

  Gilbert immediately became excited and said, “Lord Riddick, Great entrance is conducted at the capital of the celestial sect under the watchful eye of divine queen. The great overseer of the Sky continent however, presides over the judging committee made up of experts.

        All the immortals who aspire to become strong participate in this competition but of course there are many who wouldn’t dare. It is the entrance where if you are selected, you will be rewarded with the greatest of rewards imaginable for any immortal.”

    Now Riddick attention was completely grabbed so he probed further and asked, “What is that reward?”

     The one called Gilbert laughed loudly and said, “You will be accepted as the student of the heavenly deva palace.”

     Heavenly deva palace, why didn’t he ever hear that name. As Riddick sat contemplating, Gilbert continued and said,

“Deva palace is the authority ruling over the entire forbidden Isle. It has control over all the sects and its rules are absolute. None shall trample upon these rules and in order to constantly strengthen themselves they scout individuals with very high talent and recruit them.

      But, mainly all the individuals are at beginner disciple level and rarely you see a divine disciple among the recruits. The reason is simple, it is easier to bend a young plant.

        Most of the recruits come from the forbidden Isle itself so the amount of recruits coming from the Sky continent are only about five to ten percent.”

    Riddick listened with extreme interest but he was dejected as they only accepted immortals, with a loud sigh he said, “If only they can accept a non immortal expert.”

    One noble immediately explained further and said, “It is not necessary to be an immortal my lord. As long as you defeat all other immortals then you will inevitably become a student of deva palace.”


    Riddick involuntary let out that sound but instantly his eyes sharpened as his mind raced.

     “In the forbidden Isle, none know me and the immortals of the Sky continent Sare are forbidden to enter into the forbidden Ilse unless they are willing to pay a high price.

      Also the deva palace should be very powerful since they have enough power to control the entire Forbidden Isle. If I am indeed selected as their student, I am certain that I would be safe as long as I stay quiet inside it without attracting any major enemies.

     This is it, the solution to all my troubles. In the forbidden Isle I can be free of all worries and start a peaceful life.”


Author’s thoughts :

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      When I first introduced an academy in the book 1, frankly I was thinking of starting a school arc. But school arcs should be longer with many fights, disputes, rivals and loves. As I progressed into the story, I thought of a question

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A) Don’t be sceptical about this because,  my deva palace is not a school, it is a gladiator ring where you have to fight for your life.

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Book 3 – Chapter 16 The descent of the lightning dragon

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The descent of the lightning dragon :

                   In the deep ravines of a black space an unrivalled existence was silently watching the outer world through its eyes. No emotions could be seen in the deep golden eyes as it did not care about the lives and sufferings of humans nor did it care enough to understand them. However, the eyes constantly watched and understood the humble world of humans along with their  personalities but the eyes frequently shifted to a human in particular.

             That human was initially a naive child and suffered because of his naivety.  Later he visited his world, the blank space and strengthened himself but he wasn’t powerful enough to approach him nor any of his brothers. So he didn’t gain the power to dominate his enemies.

     That mighty existence didn’t like a word in the entire universe, “defeat”. None could defeat him and he would always stay to be an undefeatable existence. He  bowed to none and his temper didn’t let others to get away with their lives. All who ever provoked him died without an exception.

       However, that human lost frequently. He was powerless in front of people who were like ants in front of that existence. His luck was bad and his prowess were perfectly countered by many of his opponents. He had many enemies waiting to trample him and he was now again trampled by an ugly monster.

        Finally the expression less neutral face of the mighty existence frowned in dissatisfaction. It was not an individual who would do anything out of pity or righteousness but still it moved and a voice rang out in the Riddick’s consciousness.

“Weak!” “Weak!” “You are too weak!”

     Riddick who was just swallowed by the Alex heard these words but in the next instant something which would shake the entire plane of Asgard happened with him as its centre.

           The lightning which was usually dispersed among the countless clouds began to condense above the forest like a swarm of deadly fishes. The amount was astonishing and in just a second millions of lightnings gathered, each one of it was exceedingly powerful and had a destructive energy swirling throughout its length.

       The thunderstorms gathering in that position suddenly shifted as the mighty voice snorted loudly and this time the lighting condensed until a majestic golden yellow dragon formed out of the intense lightnings.

     The majestic being continued and said, “Kid, you are weak, so weak that you can’t contain me. Grow strong for this is the power you can achieve when you can contain me.”


        The lightning dragon which was coiling in the skies roared loudly. His majesty appearance made up of countless thunderous lightning bolts descended with the speed of light and struck Alex who was looking at the skies with awe and fear.


             The forest of drake horns which was one of the most flourishing forests in the northern part of the Sky continent trembled all at once. Soon the trembling grew and the ground made intense cries of growls as it began to shake, soon the  entire forest shook like a living being.

      The magical beasts with their instincts understood the approach of their doom, the young ones tried to escape while the old stood their ground. Birds flapped their wings in urgency while the all other beasts broke into an explosive dash using all of their profound strength.

      But, what was the use, who could match the speed of the light, who could escape the wrath of the mighty. The lighting dragon struck the ground and like a feather who falls in fire and explodes into ashes, the destruction came upon the forest like a uncontrollable tsunami.

                No animal, no human, no soul nor any consciousness nothing could resist the power of the lightning dragon. The pillar of lightning extended from the heavens to the earth while the resulting destructive strength destroyed every part of the forest to smithereens.

     A wave of vibration began at the epicentre of attack, wherever the wave passed, the ground split. The next second, the earth rolled and a huge wave passed for a hundred miles. Trees, rocks, mountains, valleys, ancient structures everything were thrown into air as the wave passed by, following which an  earthquakes started reducing everything that was once a forest to nothingness.

        Arthur and Solomon who were flying at high speed long since passed by Sylvie who was only an immortal. They had already approached the borders of the Drake horn forest when the lightning essence gathered at an astonishing speed in the skies of the forest.

        Arthur who noticed this phenomenon immediately let out a cry, “Retreat!” And retreated at high speed.

      They were fast much faster than any human or beasts but still they were nothing compared to the speed of the lightning dragon. The lightning struck like a hammer obliterating everything in its path while the resulting energy swept like a tsunami on everything surrounding it.

      Being devas the most they could do was to control their flight as the astonishing force threw them away like twigs. Under the assault of that force, they were like leaves struck in the middle of the storm. By the virtue of their strong bodies they managed to survive the fierce assault of nature but any immortal would have become a meat paste even if he was ten miles away from their current position.

       Luckily Sylvie was too far away from the forest and only received a grunt of air pressure which was easily dispersed by her divine power.
     Arthur gulped while Solomon sweated in fear as they saw the rampaging dragon. None of them knew what that dragon was and from where it arrived but they both simultaneously came to one decision, that dragon was an existence beyond the level of devas.

     Existences beyond the level of devas were beings of legends. Even in great deva realm planes they were rare, every single existence who surpassed the level of devas had enough power to rule over thousands of material planes but these existences were simply too rare. Perhaps a single expert may manage to enter into the level beyond the level of devas in a billion years.
       Arthur and Solomon were certain that the dragon was certainly not a deva because they could tell that the lightning dragon was only an ethereal form and was not the real body and yet, it could release the destructive power capable of destroying tens of miles. Devas though were powerful weren’t capable of possesing such power so they couldn’t help but think that the dragon was beyond the level of devas.

       Frightened and intimated by such extraordinary power they didn’t move and stood still in their positions.


         Time passed by and after a few minutes the lightning resided along with the explosive fire, nothing was left in the of the forest except for a astonishing gorge formed at the epicentre of the lightning attack.

      In the centre of that gorge Riddick sat on his knees while the arm which was severed by Alex amazingly grew back. All his injuries were healed but he wasn’t concerned about that at all, what he was concerned was that he couldn’t comprehend what exactly happened before his eyes.

      He could remember that he was swallowed by Alex later, just as he was about to struggle to break free, a voice resounded in his mind scolding that he was weak.

      Astonishing amounts of lightning struck Alex who had consumed and contained him, everything around Alex was destroyed to nothingness. Nothing could be seen in the once flourishing forest, yet, amazingly he was fine. Not even a hair on his body was damaged.

     As Riddick was dumbly wondering about the phenomenon, the voice rang again and said, “This is just a part of my the power and yet, you can’t contain even this. Humph! Grow strong else you will die, I have acknowledged you but they definitely won’t.”

       As the voice faded away so did Riddick’s consciousness.


                Inside the blank space furious roars reverberated as soon as the consciousness of the mighty beast retreated to the blank space.

“Dragon, why did you interfere unnecessarily?” A voice roared.

“Don’t you dare shout at me, bird.” The mighty being retorted.

“I too am sceptic dragon. You should have at least waited for him to ask for your help.” Another voice resounded.

“Humph! What I do is my own business, none of you are eligible to question me.”

“Dragon, how dare you..” The first voice continued.

“Let Dragon take his own decisions.” A calm voice rang out.

“Don’t support him!” The first voice roared.

“ENOUGH” an another voice ordered.

      Instantly all of the voices died down.

      The voice continued and said, ” What Dragon does is only his business. If he wishes to interfere then he will. None of us are bound to follow anyone, take your own decisions and respect the decision of others.

       Enough this discussion is over, never repeat this topic ever again.”

        Instantly all voices quited down and silence returned once gain to the blank space.

Book 3 – Chapter 15 Death Match

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Death Match (1) :


              Riddick launched himself forward and smashed hard against Alex who was like a monstrous mammoth made out of flesh and blood.



        Terrifying roars reverberated in the forest as the clash of the two monsters brought quakes to the forest floor, the surrounding forests destroyed by the rampage of two powers began to tremble and the ground began to split apart.


       Drowned in the pleasure of bloodlust, Alex was constantly muttering as he fought Riddick.

          It was mindless mumble that was born from pure instincts integrated into his consciousness but nonetheless they were enough to make one tremble with fear when associated with the terrifying image of Alex.

       Riddick stood silently but one could see that he was also mad with anger as his eyes were dyed red.

       The opponent was someone who he met recently but it didn’t mean that he was someone against whom he can be merciful. Riddick has long since decided to kill Alex because he could feel a creeping sensation crawling to the core of his bones as he saw the bloody bodies mingled into a monster in front of him.

           “Those who shall offend him shall die, those who threaten him shall die as well.” This was the philosophy Riddick found to be most suitable to survive in this harsh world.

    He was naive and lenient but what did that result in, he died. He suffered and would suffer again if he doesn’t change.

     If someone should suffer then it would be his enemies. He could feel strong killing intent emanating from Alex and he felt threatened by his prowess so he would kill him to prevent a disaster befalling on him when he least expects it.

     Alex started as he had finished his morphing, his speed was enough to startle Riddick. Claws generated randomly through out his body while a red miasma covered his entire being like a protective sheath.

        But, Riddick didn’t flinch. He knew the true despair so he wouldn’t be faltered by such a false thing. There is no being without a weakness in this world, this was true no matter who and what it is. Since he knew that the opponent can be killed then what all he needed to do was to kill, kill him until he can’t regenerate, kill him until he loses the will to regenerate.

        Eyes burning red, savage smile broadening to the corners of his mouth, Riddick moved similarly meeting Alex head on.


           Lightning erupted like thunder from Riddick, he was now a ninth ranked mage and his control over the elements was now very high. Simple spells could be instacasted and just using the lightning essence to generate explosive lightning was a matter of thought.

     The lightning directly struck the main body of Alex.

       Furious roar erupted from Riddick’s mouth as he pillared his legs and drilled his hands through the gruel mass of flesh. Blood splattered and covered his face, while the Alex body splintered as a result of powerful assault.

       Bathed in blood Riddick looked like a devil, however, Alex who suffered a fatal injury unexpectedly mowed his large body like a whip and lashed Riddick with a tremendous force.


      Just as he was about to be lashed Riddick took out his sword and blocked the attack. Though he didn’t suffer any critical injuries, the force alone was enough to push him back by several metres.

     The wound which looked like a horrendous hole right in the between of Alex’s chest healed at a visible speed while Alex himself seemed to reevaluate Riddick as he stood his ground.

      Riddick eyes narrowed but not a trace of dejection could be seen on his face, it was to be understood that Riddick never considered that he would win so easily.

         As the chest wound healed Alex maintained his position and didn’t go for a mad dash, it was obvious that he was now cautious of Riddick.

           However, Riddick was in no mood of staying still because he knew that he was at a disadvantage which would only become more obvious the longer the fight drags out.


       In the battlefield of Hyde sect, both Arthur and Solomon exchanged a single glance as they sensed the aura before they immediately flew in the direction of it. However, before he flew Solomon used a single spell to bind Alexa from escaping.

    Turning towards Sebastian he asked in  respectful voice,

      “Heir of Welkin clan, I know that you have a grudge against this woman but please don’t kill her. She is the reason why Sir Arthur even attacked the Hyde sect, thousands of disciples and millennia of my efforts, everything was destroyed because of this woman.

           If you grant this wish of mine then, I promise you that I won’t let her die a simple death.”

      It was not only Arthur who realised that everything was done by Alexa. Solomon had been sceptic about why Arthur even attacked the Hyde sect but as he saw Sebastian chasing Alexa and Lucius openly declaring his love for her, everything became apparent to him. However, when Lucius was alive he could only maintain a neutral expression and ask for Lucius help. He still held a grudge against Arthur for killing all his disciples and destroying his sect and would be pleased to kill him but soon Solomon sighed in defeat as he saw the true power of Arthur.

       Now that Lucius died, Alexa didn’t have any protectors to protect her so Solomon could vent his anger on her as he was helpless to do anything to Arthur. Once he gets a chance, he had already decided to peel her to bones to satisfy the anger rising in him.

           Sebastian who heard of Solomon’s request only furrowed his eyes but didn’t accept it, seeing his reaction Solomon only smiled wryly as he knew that he was now in no position to demand.
        Though the whole battlefield froze including the devas and later as Solomon requested Sebastian. One individual flew at high speed towards the aura as if she wasn’t concerned with anything, she was Sylvie. Since she was connected to Riddick’s soul, the aura had no effect on her.


        “Thud!” With each step of Alex, the earth would shake. Alex’s eyes were completely fixated on Riddick and he followed his every movement. As soon as Riddick attempted to retreat, he would charge towards him.

     Riddick’s plan was to retreat and strike covertly to not risk any injuries but Alex wouldn’t let him retreat making the fight into a head on battle.

“Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!”

     Alex moved his heavy body at an incredible speed shaking the earth and charging towards Riddick.

“Bam!” A loud sound rang out as Riddick again blocked his charge with his sword, since he couldn’t use Yama. He hasn’t mastered Yama to a level where he could control him freely like his own arms and legs.

   Licking his lips, Riddick started to chant a spell and immediately tens of lightning bolts appeared in his arms.

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

        They charged like panthers and struck Alex with an explosive force.


    Alex growled loudly and immediately expanded immensely, if his previous size was equalling a great bear then his present size could easily rival a mammoth.

“Not good” Riddick’s face changed as he saw his appearance.

     Immediately he charged forth and attacked with his sword, imbued with the fire elemental energy it was extraordinarily sharp and ripped a part of Alex’s flesh.

      Right at that moment as if waiting for that instant, Alex, with lightning fast reflexes bit Riddick with all his strength.

“Ahhhh!” A painful cry emerged from Riddick as a part of his left arm was completely ripped off by the sharp fangs.

       However, Riddick couldn’t move as the blood coagulated near his foot while Alex continued to gnaw at his arm.


      A terrifying sound was heard as the left arm under the gnash of Alex’s teeth completely separated from Riddick.

       Water coiled in Riddick’s eyes as the unimaginable pain of being eaten alive struck his soul both physically and mentally. Not satisfied with his recent meal Alex mowed his body, slamming Riddick hard to ground.


       A thunderous sound rang as the huge pile of flesh weighing tons of weight came crashing like a hammer and struck Riddick. The force used was indeed very high, so powerful was the impact that Riddick almost lost consciousness just as he was slammed to the ground.

        But, Riddick knew very well that once he lost consciousness he would die for sure. He wasn’t going to give up, he would live for sure. He wasn’t going to suffer again, he would kill even if he had to eat his enemy alive.

“Dieee.” A furious roar erupted from Riddick as he lifted his remaining arm and stabbed Alex fiercely. Riddick gritted his teeth and emitted all his elemental power like a volcanic eruption, the massive lightning transformed into pillars of bolts while the fire became a pillar of scorching flames drilled through the body of Alex.

       Alex shuddered as two pillars made out of fire and lightning pierced his body but his eyes still had no fear or pain in it. Grinning in victory he opened his mouth and swallowed Riddick whole.

Important decision, So help me…..


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Book 3 – Chapter 14 The death of ******

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The death of ******

           Two tornados of fire and a gale of icy wind collided in mid air while Sebastian stood watching Alexa who nervously stood still as well. It was surprising that she didn’t try to escape when presented with such an opportunity. However, it all began when she tried to struggle free from Lucius.

         Lucius and Solomon stood beside each other while Arthur stood opposing them in mid air, suddenly Alexa started to escape as if she wasn’t concerned with the battle at all. Sebastian was startled and was about to give a chase but Arthur held him back just in time to witness Lucius forcibly constricting Alexa in his deva realm.

          A formless energy appeared around them blocking all sounds but they were still visible to the eye. A struggle was obvious futile in front of a deva but she nonetheless struggled hard to escape from his clutches. However, Lucius only smiled smugly before dragging her into his bosom and kissing her deeply. The kiss emanated the feeling of strong lust rather than love towards her, it was clear from her attitude and her rejection that they were definitely not lovers but were still involved in a sexual relationship.

          Smiling with ecstasy Lucius declared loudly after removing his deva realm to let everyone hear his declaration, “Any one who comes after her shall die regardless of their intentions. Arthur if you truly wish to protect your grandson then don’t let him come any where near my woman, she is mine, she always has been and she will be mine. If it had been any other person in her place, I wouldn’t have even bothered to reveal myself.”

       Turning towards Alexa he smiled gently and said, “Darling, you should stay still. I won’t let you get away this time at any cost, you should still remember that I was the one who trained you to be a lady so please don’t give me a chance to train you again.”

       Alexa shuddered as she heard this, her almost perfect face always filled with pride became pale with fear.

       Arthur furrowed his eyes while Solomon shook his head indifferently, as they saw this. It was clear that Alexa was controlled by Lucius however, they felt neither pity nor anger towards him. To people of their position, it was nothing to control a peak disciple or two like slaves.

       Now that Lucius obsession towards Alexa was revealed even Arthur didn’t want to take any risks so he ordered Sebastian to maintain his distance from Alexa.

           Arthur was moving like lightning while Lucius took the active role of attacking him supported by Solomon timely attacks. Two devas vs one had many advantage towards the side boasting with more numbers, this was true even if the combined strength of two devas didn’t match the first one.

      The reason for this was the two deva realms, combined they gave many diverse attack patterns, this was their biggest asset in a battle against a more powerful enemy. Lucius and Solomon were thus confident in their abilities to deal with Arthur, however they never considered one other possibility.

            Arthur was like a cunning fox who always hid his true strength, he never revealed it even against Solomon because he never really wanted to kill Solomon but only wanted to thoroughly cripple him. This was neither pity nor indecisiveness but because Arthur understood that he had been wrong in his judgement.

       Ever since Sylvie had woken up and guessed the location of Riddick, Arthur began to realise that Solomon may not even had anything to do with the incident concerning Riddick. This was proved as Alexa, the one who killed Riddick turned out to be a spy in disguise and a woman of Lucius control the one responsible for seriously injuring and almost killing Riddick that night in the forest.

       So Arthur would have preferred to leave Solomon alive if he didn’t interfere in the fight, but the damage was already done. The Hyde sect boasting its power as one of the strongest sects on Sky continent now lay in ruins filled with countless corpses and gallons of blood flowing out of jade castle painting the surrounding snow with a crimson colour.

        Lucius was haughty and thought that he was definitely at an advantage but he wasn’t. Even though he was always reasonable and knew his limits, he was still bound to earthly possessions. Alexa had been his playmate for a long time but she escaped from his clutches and wasn’t found no matter how he searched for her, once he found her he was again reminded of her hot body, her smooth curves which once laid under him, in his control so he decided to confront Arthur.

         Arthur who stood coldly like a death reincarnate was contrary to their expectations wasn’t tense at all, he was like a king who didn’t bother to deal with peasants.

         A insignificant small fire appeared in Arthur’s hand as he stood still, Lucius laughed loudly as he saw that Arthur was using a simple elemental attack. The elemental attacks were not weak but if they did not possess the insights into the true way or dao of the elements then they were nothing but mere attacks in front of the mighty devas.

            Solomon was however more careful as he had already fought Arthur to know that he was neither careless nor haughty as he projected himself to be. He knew that Arthur was cunning and was never to be trusted but he wasn’t going to warn Lucius because he would be his shield protecting him from whatever Arthur had prepared for them.

       Lucius was a deva who was trained in Forbidden Isle, however he disguised his aura and appeared like a peak disciple when he was on Sky continent to prevent the overseer to act against him. There was a unwritten rule that the devas of forbidden Isle weren’t allowed to interfere in the matters of Sky continent, it was true for Asgard as well. The immortals of Sky continent were forbidden to act against the mortal empires of Asgard.

       Being a deva of Forbids Isle he generally looked down upon the devas of Sky continent so he took out a fiery red sword and smirked in satisfaction as he saw the small insignificant flame in Arthur’s hands.

       Though Lucius was acting on an impulse, the abundance of experience he acquired after countless struggles wasn’t ought for nothing. He had already clearly observed the powers of Arthur while he stood hidden near the battlefield, his original plan was to kill the winner of the fight and seize the chance to gain control over an entire territory of Sky continent.

         According to his calculations, Arthur was exhausted while Solomon was in even worse condition. Thus both of them should not have the power to deal with him but as an insurance he took upon the offer of Solomon. Guaranteed by reason Lucius charged not at all caring to be aware of the other factors which may reverse the situation.

        Arthur narrowed his eyes as he saw the approaching Lucius, a cold look flashed in his eyes as he saw his carelessness. It was wrong to assume that every deva was cautious because there would always be fools no matter at what level they are and Lucius was one of those.

        The small flame didn’t emit any aura nor did it boast extraordinary power however only one person other than Arthur knew the original power of the flame, Sebastian. As soon as the battle began Sebastian charged at high speed away from Arthur, the clever Solomon who kept an eye on the entire battlefield didn’t miss this and ran away at a much higher speed.

      Unaware of the danger, Lucius used his fiery flame sword and executed a series of three strikes in a triangular fashion making a triangle of flames around Arthur, with a smug smile he roared fiercely and dived straight into the fire triangle.

    Suddenly his body began to emit enormous amounts of fire essence and he began to glow like a burning star.


            A loud shout emerged from Lucius who suddenly enlarged into a flame shadow of a python and completely enveloped the bewildered Arthur.

     It was a attack which utilised the hint of Dao( true way ) he gained in the laws of fire, the insight he gained states that the fire devours everything. It was a extremely terrifying law but the level of mastery one had over that Dao was variable among different experts, if one didn’t have enough talent then even if he gained a talent insight into a powerful law of nature it was useless in his hands.


         Wild laughter rang out in the battlefield as Lucius who used his entire body to envelop Arthur began to laugh loudly. With a pitying voice he said, “I thought that you would at least try to resist Arthur but because of your foolishness you have become a easy prey. Had you been outside of my aura of influence you might have survived but now that you have been trapped you will definitely become fodder to satisfy my flames.”

            The entire battlefield field was filled with deadly silence as the magical beasts saw their King devoured by an enemy while Solomon stood afar confused by the reaction of Sebastian. He had thought that something extraordinary was going to happen but it ended peacefully without even a bit of resistance from Arthur.

          Sighing in relief he began to approach Lucius while Sebastian who stood afar suddenly revealed a small smile on his lips.


            A Terrifying amount of fire exploded forth from the inside of Fire cocoon, revolving like a cyclone it immediately engulfed the Lucius whose flames were like a tiny ant in front of a mountain of flames.


        A scream resounded in the entire battlefield as Lucius screamed pitifully under the assault of the flames.

        Solomon who was approaching Lucius was struck by the exploding flames and was viciously smashed to the ground. It was no exaggeration to say that the destructive deva class power released from the fire tornado would have directly killed him if he wasn’t cautious enough to envelop himself with his power.

        Arthur who still remained nonchalantly in his previous position causally moved his hand, Lucius who was screaming madly began to slowly turn into ashes. In an attempt to save himself he began to use all of his powers but all was for nought as the flames continued to devour him.

     Arthur who finally observed his struggle sighed a little and said, “Lucius, do you really think this old man wouldn’t have a trump card or two after all the millennia I lived through. You maybe powerful but you are still too immature, the true power of an individual can never be estimated by simply watching from afar. Solomon was cautious enough so he now lives but you, on the other hand thought that you could kill me with that little Dao you gained in sight into.


          Suddenly his face which held indifference turned serious but a dangerous smile appeared on his face, with a sneer he said, “I will show you the same Dao you gained insight into but at a level where you can’t even fathom it.”

           The fire which was rampaging in the battlefield suddenly condensed and a low whistle began as a terrifying amount of wind essence also started to converge near him.

           Narrowing his eyes Arthur murmured, “Tornadic Inferno”


      A Hollow sound resounded as the revolving wind and fire merged together forming a bright red screen which started to attract everything within its sphere of influence with an astonishing attractive force.

       Lucius who was already devoured partially by simple fire stood no chance and was directly annihilated to smithereens.

         Solomon who now understood the true difference in power between himself and Arthur, stood still laughing at his misfortune but Alexa still didn’t give up and immediately began to flee.

         Sebastian who saw this laughed coldly and started to chase her but every being in the battlefield along with Arthur and Solomon halted in their tracks as a terrifying deathly aura assaulted them like a verdict from the ruler of heavens .

        It was aura of the king which would one day shake the heavens.

Title : The death of Lucius.


Book 3 – Chapter 13 Interference

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Interference :


        A Loud explosion shook the hall while the resulting tremors caused cracks on the floor as Levi charged like a lion with his axe, he was unstoppable and the red robed elder Sigmund was beginning to sweat profusely as he escaped the axe by a hair breath multiple times. Sigmund was completely overwhelmed and was loosing in every attribute compared to Levi.

        Sigmund face however still held the same expression as he faced an unstoppable force, with a loud voice he declared, “All disciples, attack the enemy at once. Don’t let these two fuckers leave the Hyde sect alive.”

     The beginner disciples around the Hall were shocked as they heard this, intervene in a fight, this was absolutely impossible with their strength. They were simply used as cannon fodder yet, they couldn’t go against the words of Sigmund. In the next instant hundreds of immortals charged towards Sebastian and Levi who were both like Slaughters of Hell.

         The upper most floor of the jade castle which held the remaining red robed elders suddenly became quiet as the same message rang in their minds, an another red robed elder snorted coldly and said, “Looks like a formidable enemy has come, however, inside the Jade castle we have absolute advantage in numbers. Why should we play fair? Elders order all your direct subordinates to gather immediately, we are going for a mass hunt.”

          Instantly five black robed elders and twenty white robed elders image flickered and they disappeared while the red robed elder whispered something to the remaining red robed elder and disappeared along with them.

     Levi who was fighting fairly became enraged as he heard the message of Sigmund, his face twisted and his old face which held the maturity of the wise suddenly became mad with extreme fury.

    He roared loudly and said, “Sigmund, is this how you fight. To save your own ass, you sacrifice children and in such large number. I believed that you possessed at least the wisdom of a child but all you have is that vile heart of yours, since this is the case, I shall make you regret your decision.”

      Sebastian who was cloned into hundreds of persons by the combined wind essences twisted his sword and instantly tens of wind clones flew like missiles attacking any and all disciples who reached near the formation.
        While at the same time, inside the formation of clones, Alexa was battling for her life. After a while, she had no choice but to admit that the formation was beyond her ability to understand so she began to defend against the multitude of attacks hoping that she would be presented with a chance when the remaining elders arrive.

         She had been in the Hyde sect for a long while and knew the way in which it would deal with an enemy, it was the inevitable that an enemy would be trapped and killed if he ever falls in one of their traps. However, the Hyde sect had far too many immortals so it was not an exaggeration to say that they raised these individuals to be used as soldiers. So the order from the Sigmund didn’t cause her to feel any pity towards the disciples.

         Sigmund roared and charged straight for Sebastian as he now had a clear idea regarding his background. He now knew for certain that Sebastian must be one of closest individuals to Arthur Welkin and if he managed to capture him, it is possible to use him as a bait to lure Arthur into a trap.      

       Levi was trapped in a vortex of immortals who used all kinds of spells and martial arts on him, momentarily binding him as Sigmund charged straight towards Sebastian. Alexa eyes grew cold as she saw Sigmund charging straight towards her, a small charm suddenly appeared in her arms as she waited for her chance.

       As soon as Sigmund reached five metes outside the formation, a cold light flashed as in her eyes as she thought, “It’s time”. The small charm crumbled in her hands and simultaneously a small flame appeared on the back of Sigmund startling both Sebastian and Sigmund.

      However, everything happened in a serious and the figure of Sigmund disappeared only to appear in the place of Alexa. He stood still while Sebastian was dumbfounded as he saw this, a second later, a loud angry howl shook the hall as Sigmund roared.

” You bitch, how dare you to use a divine token against me. I will kill you.”

        Sebastian woke up from his stupor only to watch Alexa escaping at high speed towards the windows present in one corner of the hall. He was momentarily stunned but the next moment he roared loudly and said, “Don’t even think about escaping you Vixen.”

      The Padma vyuha instantly crumbled as he broke into an explosive run. Sigmund who saw this only laughed coldly before he retrieved his black staff and charged straight towards Sebastian. He was furious so he discarded the idea of capturing him alive and directly aimed for the kill.

       However the next instant a axe came like thunder seaming carrying the might of heavens and directly smashed into his head.


         Under the might of the one of the strongest divine ability Vajra, space started to trembled while Sigmund head was smashed into a pulp. The backlash of immense force which struck his body further smashed it to smithereens.

        Alexa who was escaping at high speed gulped nervously as she saw the disfigured corpse of Sigmund, however she had no time to spare as Sebastian was hot in her pursuit. Reaching the window she directly flew into the battle field followed by Sebastian who unhesitatingly drew his saber and released multiple saber energy blows from behind in hopes of stopping her.

      Levi who smashed the red robed Sigmund to pulp turned around to face the remaining immortals who stood like statues, with a loud roar he declared “Any immortal who dares to take a step ahead will DIE.”

        It was bold declaration considering that he stood as one immortal in front of hundreds of immortals. However, not a single person dared to move a step as they saw his imposing figure stepping on the corpse of Sigmund who was once, one of the strongest in the Hyde sect.

         Suddenly multiple figures rushed in from the upper floors, at least a hundred in number, many had a coloured robes to represent their authority. However, who stood out the most was the person wearing a red robe at the fore front of the group.

       Levi narrowed his eyes dangerously as he saw an another red robe while the newly arrived red robed elder saw disbelieving at the corpse of Sigmund lying lifelessly on the floor. The remaining elders were no exception as to them, Sigmund was a tyrannical existence only surpassed by their master and equaled by the remaining two red robed elders.

         Finally after a minute of silence a black robed elder roared loudly and said, “What is there to fear with all of us present here? Even if we can’t defeat him individually, combined we now possess the power rivalling a deva.”

        Turning towards Levi he sneered and said, “Don’t try to act tough bastard, I know fully well that you might have killed Lord Sigmund only because he was careless. Now that you are facing all of us, you should be pissing in your pants. To deal with a no body like you, I alone am enough.”

           The black robed elder took out a grey sword and charged straight while the surrounding darkness essence moved in accordance with his attack. It was clear that he was a rare individual who trained in the way of darkness.
      Moving in a strange manner he used a movement martial skill based on his understanding gained in the way of darkness to suddenly appear behind Levi, laughing coldly his hand flickered and sword pierced straight through the heart of Levi.

     However, the grey sword only passed through air as Levi side stepped to dodge it. The black robed immortal’s face changed as he saw Levi dodging his ultimate attack, however, he had no time to regret his decision as an axe approached him like lightning and directly cleaved him in half.

        Tossing the body of the black robed elder to one side of the hall, Levi stood still like a immovable rock and roared loudly bringing the horrified immortals to the reality, “Who is next?”  


           Sebastian followed like swift wind while Alexa dodged his attack and flew at her maximum speed. Inwardly cursing at her bad luck she started to look at ways to escape from this prediction. She was absolutely sure that she could have escaped as long as she wasn’t trapped in that weird formation since as she remembered that Sebastian should possess speed much lower than herself. However, she couldn’t be more wrong as Sebastian was like a swift eagle who chased his prey to the ends of the earth.

        Multiple explosions took place as the fire and wind essences exploded like a Strom in the skies, these powerful attacks would have captivated and attracted all the immortals present if not for the deva fight going on high in the skies.

           Arthur was like a phoenix, each if his attacks carried a strength of the mighty fire while he himself executed them ruthlessly like a executer. However, Solomon was not at all in a good shape as the supportive charm which was his greatest treasure was slowly losing its powers due to multiple usages.

      Supportive charms were not absolute as they only held a portion of power supplied before to help in time of need. The amount of power they held was limited and their supportive abilities decreased with each use.

        Fighting in the skies Arthur always kept an eye on Sebastian who was also fighting below him, he was keen to prevent any disaster but he didn’t want to interfere as he sensed the extreme hate Sebastian held towards Alexa.

      Suddenly Arthur’s face changed as he sensed a presence close to Sebastian, he didn’t hesitate at all and directly charged towards Sebastian at his maximum speed.

      A vortex of flames appeared as Arthur charged down to meet another flame vortex closing on Sebastian. A huge explosion caused the space to collapse while both Sebastian and Alexa were caught in it.

        However, two shadows flashed and they grabbed both of them and led them out of the flame vortex into the air. Sebastian stood with his face pale with fear as he received a grunt of damage from a deva level explosion while Alexa stood in the arms of a man who had a ugly expression.

     Arthur who managed to save Sebastian in the nick of the time snarled, “Who the fuck are you bastard? I don’t remember ever seeing you.”

         Sebastian who finally recovered form his stupor was startled as he saw the man, with a stutter he said in a low tone, “Grandfather, this presence, it is the same one which attacked his majesty that night when he was in the forests of the imperial Mystic academy.”

       Arthur face twitched as he heard this while the other presence laughed loudly and said, “I see, so you already know me. Oh well! Since it is like this, I can’t let you continue to live. I really didn’t want to clash against you Arthur but today, I Lucius, shall kill you to prevent further interferences.”

      Solomon who approached cautiously suddenly began to laugh as well as he listened to Lucius, with a loud sneer he said, “Brother Lucius, we both share the same objective. Though both of us might not be a match against him individually, combined we possess enough strength to peel his skin.”

       Lucius only glanced at Solomon before laughing aloud and said, “Very well brother Solomon, I see no reason to refuse your help. Today shall be the day the legendary king of Welkin tribe perishes like a moth in our hands.”

       Sebastian’s face growled solemn while a smile bloomed on the faces of the supporters of Hyde sect as they saw an unexpected ally. However, a loud laugh interrupted their thoughts. Arthur laughed loudly and said, “So you are Lucius, you are like a frog who doesn’t know the might of the ocean. One or two devas at your level doesn’t matter much to me, however, you are different. You dared to harm my one and only grandson, he would have died if not for my fast reaction. This alone is enough to make you my bitter enemy.

      I, Arthur swear today to kill everyone who stand in my path. None shall escape my wrath.”